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"Out of every thousand people, the most organized person will probably achieve the most, do it faster with the least amount of effort AND have the most free time..."
I Am Organized Now! can help YOU
be that one in a thousand

If you could just get organized, almost every area of your life would "work"!!

Your career, family and social life, your physical and mental health, athletics, financial areas, spiritual issues...

You name it.

There is not one area of life that organization (and disorganization) doesn't affect massively and directly.


You can think big, have huge goals, be filled with confidence and be motivated as heck to reach your outcomes, but being organized is the thing that multiplies the value of those other characteristics by ten and decreases your anxiety level by twenty! Disorganization causes only stress and hardship.

For most people, getting and staying organized is a real challenge... a simple skill, yet one they can't seem to learn or truly appreciate the value of.

But if you are organized, other people think you are smarter, you do more things right the first time, you achieve more, other people trust you more, you can make and keep more money AND will have more honest-to-goodness free time to do the things you truly love to do.

Are you in here?
  • If you show up late a large percentage of the time

  • If you have stacks of papers and other junk piling up in your car, your home, your office

  • If you constantly lose even valuable items because you forget where you set them down
  • If you rarely use "to do" lists/planners because you think it's too much work
  • If you think that being organized is impossible - or just not possible for you - or worse, you don't even understand what "being organized" means...

...Then there are goals you will never set, jobs you will never get or excel at, people you will never meet, relationships you will never have, trust you will never earn, self-respect you will never gain and dreams (both big and small) that you'll never even come close to achieving.

To understand where these characteristics originate, you will see many sources in the 11 core mental patterns of failure discussed on our home page.

I want to understand!

One of the most mysterious and horrible things about being disorganized is that most people joke about how disorganized they are...

As if it's actually funny.

But the actual costs - loss of career opportunity, financial loss, frustration, anxiety, time loss, arguments, and so much more can affect every single facet of your life.

The truth is, a few simple skills and disciplines that can help make a person "organized" can have the same effect as finding out that there are millions of barrels of oil underneath the ground where you live. It can change your life in every way imaginable.

Just an increased awareness and a bit of discipline can make even the laziest person seem like a brilliant goal achieving machine.

Being organized doesn't take time - it makes time and it saves time. Knowing what to do is nice... being neat and tidy is wonderful but being organized is more than just picking up after yourself after you make a mess.

Organization is:

  • Effectively planning every stage of a project and adjusting plans as needed
  • Making tough decisions when things go wrong
  • Correctly estimating how long tasks will take
  • Delegating and following up with people
  • Paying attention to and remembering where you set things down
  • Being able to say no in order to stay on schedule and keep your sanity
  • Prioritizing daily tasks
  • Being ready to go when it's time
  • Neatness and filing/storage
  • Deciding the best place for things and keeping them there when not in use
  • Remembering what you and other people agree to
  • Throwing out what is not necessary
  • Using foolproof reminder systems
  • Handling interruptions and quickly getting back on task
  • Using the phone, email and other tools to save time and money
  • Staying focused on the task in front of you

But primarily, being organized is just mental discipline...

...The discipline to do the quick, easy but important things that make your days and your life go a hundred times smoother.

Because you can know exactly what to do to make your life organized and run smoothly, but not have the guts or the discipline to do it...

Introducing I Am Organized Now!

I Am Organized Now! was designed to get you and keep you organized.

The purpose of this Accelerated Success Conditioning program is to turn you into a person who is in control of whatever situation you find yourself in, who is always prepared, aware of your actions and who feels at ease and capable wherever you are at whatever you are doing.

It is about creating the 24/7 awareness of the value of being organized.

The most effective, most powerful, most fully awake, alive and creative people are as organized as a fully assembled 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Every area of their lives fits with the other.

All the decisions and actions of the truly organized person make sense.


"I have my life back in control"

"After the first night of listening to your I Am Organized Now program I got up the next morning and went thru my entire house room by room and donated all the extra things that I didn't need to the local YWCA! It was about two trunk loads of things!
Talk about freedom! It felt wonderful to be able to free up space and get rid of clutter, and knowing at the same time I was helping many other women and children in need! The next day, I went thru year's worth of boxes of letters that I had been saving and sorted and tossed 99% of them. I saved only those that were extra special. A week later, I rearranged three rooms in my house, with the help of my children to be more organized and to improve efficiency. Then I went thru my dresser drawers and closet and got rid of the clothes that I no longer wear, love or use. It is better to have just those things that really make me feel good, are comfortable and that I love than a whole lot of options.

Yesterday, I "tackled" my mending pile and it was done in one evening!

I am working on getting my paperwork organized and I admit it is still the hardest thing for me to do, but I feel like I can and will be able to accomplish it. Next on my list of things to accomplish is to plan each day so that I am efficiently making the most of every moment and living and enjoying my children and their lives, because they grow up too fast! I keep a box on each level of the house that each day I put things in that we decide that we don't want cluttering up our life any more. It is amazing how much less we can live with and be so much happier and it is so much easier to keep up with our possessions. If something breaks, I either fix it, or throw it away, immediately.

Everything is in its place; if it is taken out, it is used, and then put away in its place. The dishes are done after every meal. The cleaning is done as you go along. No leaving messes for someone to clean up after. I am on an extremely tight budget, single parenting and raising three children on my own. Now we will be able to afford to buy a few nicer things instead of a lot of cheap stuff. We are all happier and have more time for each other.

Last weekend was the first time in a long time that I didn't have 100 things pressing on me needing to be done and I was able to just relax and enjoy time together with them and getting to know each other better. I was always one of those people very organized and successful at work, but not at home. I loved creating systems to organize but I wasted so much time doing it and then not carrying thru or keeping up with it. I love one of the statements that starts... There are NO EXCUSES... we just have to do it. So that is what I am doing for the first time in a long time! I have my life back in control.

Thanks so much for giving me the tool to use to make this happen. Thanks again!"

- Rebecca Wallace, Minnesota

More I Am Organized Now! Successes
A simple, proven effective approach

Just like all of our Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs, I Am Organized Now! uses the Suggestopedic Accelerated Learning format, bombarding you with audible (you can hear them) mental re-patterning statements designed to help you literally let go of the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that contribute to chaos and disorganization in your moment by moment thoughts and in every area of your daily life.

Over a background of specially composed 60 beat/minute music, each re-patterning statement is in triple repetition to take advantage of how the brain learns best... by hearing information over and over.

[To learn about this accelerated learning format in detail, go to our home page. Then to return back to this page, just hit your "Back" button.]

Using two very different types of statements, Releasing and Installing, your mind will be conditioned to literally re-groove your mental habits.

With first-person present-tense self instructions cluster-bombing your old mind-set, you will be forced to believe and truly embrace a new set of extraordinarily positive realities, ones that you could not be close to having now because they are found only in the most organized, efficient, unflappable people alive.

The Patterns You'll Release

About 30% of the statements you will hear in I Am Organized Now! are "Releasing" statements, phrases that teach your mind to trust, believe and truly know at the level of your soul that you have let go of, transcended, are bigger than, have risen above and are free of any lack of discipline and resistance to organization that creates carelessness, incompetence and chaos.

As you become more infused with and act on these principles of inner and outer organization, you will grow closer and closer to what is possible - and enjoy doing it.

In I Am Organized Now!, you will hear that you have replaced the thoughts, beliefs and lack of discipline that create disorder, confusion, doubt and ineffectiveness with ones that help you create order, efficiency and harmony every hour of your life.

With one statement after another, in triplicate, you will be conditioned to deeply believe that:

  • After interruptions your mind quickly goes back to what you were doing
  • You have dissolved all blocks to being organized
  • You have replaced indecision with calm, focused decisive action
  • You can say no to activities that would overburden your schedule
  • You do everything possible to be free of clutter in your life
  • You sell, throw out or give away all the things you don't need
  • You have no excuse for being messy and disorganized
  • You have more important things to do than waste time watching TV
  • Any habit of accumulating useless and unimportant items is long gone
  • Any reluctance to pick up after yourself is a thing of the past
  • If you haven't used something in a very long time, you get rid of it
  • No matter how full your schedule may be, you get everything done on time
  • You always take the appropriate steps in order to prevent mistakes, setbacks and delays
  • You are a master at creating order out of chaos
  • You have eliminated all clutter from your life
  • All resistance to making hard decisions has disappeared forever
  • You are free of any doubts about your ability to be an organized, effective person
  • You have eliminated any habit of accumulating things you don't need
  • You have dissolved all fears around making tough decisions
  • You can let go of all distracting thoughts to stay focused on the task in front of you
  • You are happy to get rid of the things you no longer need
  • You focus more on your areas of responsibility than on what other people are doing
  • When unexpected situations arise, you stay calm and clear-headed
  • You have replaced all disorganization with effectiveness in every area of your life
  • You know that the difference between success and failure often lies in the smallest details
  • You see things that aren't yet in order as opportunities for you to be even more organized

And a lot more...

How many times have you tried
to get organized?

Yet the misplaced and lost items continue to mount, the closets and drawers still swell. Spring cleaning feels more like Spring Training... completely exhausting! Embarrassment over the mess continues, appointments are still forgotten or start late, overtime mounts.


How many times was it again?

Filing cabinets, shelves, boxes...

Reminder notes all over the place...

They help somewhat, but life keeps piling on more responsibilities and "things."

When you finally become an organized person, you will find that there's no substitute for a constantly aware organized mind steering the ship called "You."

You will find that there is nothing so effective as the repetition of the organized thoughts and beliefs of the most organized people to clear out decades of disorganized thinking.

And I Am Organized Now! gives you that repetition in the way your mind needs it.

Order I Am Organized Now!

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.
Your new beliefs will give you the discipline and clarity of thought that help you do everything better

In addition to releasing your old thoughts and beliefs that cause disorder, to become as automatic and organized as a computer program, you must also embrace the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that create order, peace, safety, harmony and remarkable accomplishments in your life.

That is why in I Am Organized Now!, one right after another each statement aims right at the bulls-eye. Each one targets one of the 22 core mental patterns that controls everything about you including how disciplined and organized your mind is. (To learn more about these 22 mental patterns, read our home page.)

The Installing statements you will hear on I Am Organized Now! are as specific and as empowering as you could ever imagine. They are the beliefs, attitudes and actions of the people who insist on having things run smoothly in their lives.

So not only will you get a private glimpse inside the minds of the most organized people alive, but with every minute you play this program, you will be getting programmed with it.

As you listen to I Am Organized Now!, just like sands though an hour glass, these positive re-patterning statements will be saturating your mind with the most laser-focused attitudes on living an organized life you have ever heard.

As the Releasing statements toward the beginning of the program intersperse with and are then overtaken by the Installing statements, you will be infused with these new, positive, compelling thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions:

  • You enjoy doing the things that keep order, harmony and balance in your life
  • Planning and organizing saves you a lot more time than it takes
  • Before starting any big job, you plan each step
  • Being organized helps you to make money and save money
  • You always have a Plan B in case Plan A doesn't work out
  • Whenever it's time to go somewhere, you are always prepared
  • Being organized is easy for you now
  • You always do your best to plan for all possible scenarios
  • Whenever you make a mess, you clean it up immediately
  • You enjoy maintaining and analyzing your detailed financial records
  • You organize your workflow to meet every deadline
  • You like keeping your home neat and orderly
  • You organize your days so that you can easily get the most
    important things done
  • With all paperwork, you act on it immediately, file it or throw it away
  • You're able to do fun things on the spur of the moment
  • You always keep your work area neat and clean
  • You can focus your attention on one task for many hours without distraction
  • When you finish using something, you always put it back where it belongs
  • One benefit of being so organized is that your life is now in balance
  • You are always thinking 10 steps ahead - that is why you are always so thoroughly prepared
  • No matter how much or little space you have, you always keep it neat
  • On complicated tasks, you can be counted on to keep everything straight
  • You set your environment up so that you can find things quickly
  • Instead of trying to get organized only at the end of the day, you are always organized
  • Your planning and organizational skills are getting better and better every day
  • Your daily routines ensure that you can eat healthy and still get everything done
  • You structure your life so you can do all the fun things you enjoy doing
  • You love learning ways to be better organized and more effective
  • You can decide what clothing to wear every day in just a few seconds
  • You only buy the things that you have room for in your life
  • Being organized and prepared comes easily to you
  • You always plan your travel so that you reach your destination on time
  • You see being organized as a skill that, potentially, could save lives
  • You always work on your highest priority tasks first
  • You keep all your friend's and associate's contact information in a single address book
  • You insist on having organization and order in every area of your life
  • You finish every task and project you start
  • Safety is a primary motivator for being so organized
  • You make time for the most important people in life
  • You can be depended on to return important phone calls promptly
  • You write down all your important commitments in your planner
  • You are a master at finding quicker, easier and more effective ways of doing things
  • You can always be counted on to do what you're supposed to do when you're supposed do it
  • You always seem to run ahead of schedule
  • You get a lot more done by delegating than you ever would by doing everything yourself
  • After interruptions, you can immediately pick up where you left off
  • You always remember where you are supposed to be and when you're supposed to be there
  • Every part of your life is now organized and in order
  • Being organized gives you a lot more free time to do anything you choose to do
  • You can usually find anything you're looking for in just seconds
  • You make time for fun and adventure in your life
  • Everything has it's own place and that is exactly where you keep it
  • You can effectively manage many tasks and projects at the same time

And so many, many more...

Each one installing the core beliefs and attitudes of the most organized people - past, present and future.

All in first-person, present-tense format. All powerfully phrased. All exhaustively researched to address and reverse every possible cause and effect of messiness, laziness, lack of discipline and confusion.

Note: As you can see, this is not some ridiculous subliminal audio program quickly assembled with words "hidden" underneath some music or ocean waves, making it impossible to determine whether there are any words at all under the music/waves. Every statement is audible (you can hear them). So you know exactly what is going into your mind.
The new organized you

With the repetition of the statements hammering away at your mind, more and more this will become the way you see yourself...



And with these new self-beliefs and attitudes continuing to get firmly impressed into your brain's permanent memory, you will be seeing some remarkable changes in the way you feel and act.

This is how our brains work. Repetition of thought creates memory and mastery.

When studying the most organized people, past and present, their systematic, efficient, logical approach to everything they do is striking. Their organized minds are endlessly creative and imaginative as well as structured. This richness helps them to create successful outcomes in nearly every area of their lives.

Infuse yourself with the same core mental patterns and you, too, will enjoy these same characteristics.

As the mental conditioning takes root and as the new you emerges:

  • When unexpected situations arise, you will stay more calm and clear-headed as you make many more wise decisions
  • You will do practically everything better and faster
  • Your trash men will hate you because of the amount of useless junk you'll be throwing away AND you'll have a lot more room in your home/office
  • No more "junk wakes" left behind you wherever you go
  • People will have a much better impression of you - more professional
  • You'll be able to play more... anxiety-free and guilt-free
  • You will make far fewer mistakes, so less having to re-do work - You'll make fewer 2nd trips to the store buying things you forgot on the first trip
  • You will save money by not having to buy things you already own AND on storage facilities that you may not need any longer
  • You will spend less money on things you do not need
  • You will worry less so there will be less stress and strain on your body
  • You and everyone around you will be safer - less likely to be injured from tripping over trash you left laying around
  • You may get promotions, raises and/or make more sales!
  • When it's time to go, you'll be prepared, so you'll arrive on time more often
  • Your creativity will leap - a clearer/calmer mind is fertile ground for great ideas
  • You can have more friends over - no more embarrassment over the "pig sty"
  • You may become healthier, lighter and more energetic because you'll have more time to prepare and eat healthier foods
  • You will be more comfortable and competent in leadership roles

Why will all this happen?

Because you will literally be conditioned to think more like the most organized people in the world every minute of the day.

When new brain connections become formed that command you to do everything in an organized way, you will... like a computer program that performs the same actions and computations the same way every time, day in and day out.

So instead of being confused as to what to do in pressure-filled or open-ended situations, you will do what makes the most logical sense and go on like nothing happened, not shaken up in the slightest.

And when your mental machine directs you to the thoughts and actions that keeps your entire life humming along smoothly, your future could look practically any way you want it to look.

Order I Am Organized Now!

Bonus #1


So that you can get the maximum benefit from I Am Organized Now! you'll get the entire script of the program sent to you via email a couple days after your order has been approved. Not only can you hear the words, but you can read them, too. Plus, if you own Think Right Now! for Windows, you will then be able to simply cut and paste the statements right into your software in less than 60 seconds. You'll even get click by click instructions on how to do that. Is that great or what?

If you order this amazing program before 8:00 AM M-F, it will ship the same day. If you order it after 8:00 AM, it will ship out the very next business day.

We ship fast because I want you to get motivated to achieve your dreams fast... almost as much as you do.

Bonus #2


Here are 20 critical organizing secrets that professional organizers share with their clients. Simple, easy but powerful in their ability to get you organized and keep you that way. These will help lay the foundation for your new organized life. (Instant delivery)

Bonus #3

by Maria Gracia

All at once you will get an entire year's worth of the monthly print newsletter "Simple Organizing Solutions for the Office" (Volumes 1-12) by Maria Gracia, America's foremost expert on living an organized life. Thousands of people are now paying $24.95/year to get it once a month. But you can get 12 issues immediately for free with your order of I Am Organized Now! (Instant delivery)


And best of all...

You Can Try It Risk-Free For 6 Months!

Yes, I Am Organized Now! is backed by a 100% Ironclad 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

That means, you have 6 months to listen to the program as much as you like... or as much as you need. And if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply return the program within 6 months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. There will be no questions asked and no hassles. Your decision to try this program is 100% risk free.

Listen: If you order now, today, I'm confident in just a few days you'll be on your way to getting and staying organized in all areas of life... automatically and without effort. All you have to do is click on the link below that indicates the format you want, and I'll rush I Am Organized Now! to you immediately!


Mike Brescia
Mike Brescia
Chief of Research
Think Right Now International

P.S. By the way, in the opening of the letter I mentioned that you can get the discipline to do the quick, easy but important things that make your days and your life go a hundred times smoother. And that's absolutely true. Even as few as five or ten minutes a day will make an impact. However, like anything, the more you do it (listen) the faster you will improve. And with I Am Organized Now! (like all our programs), it's quite easy to listen for hours a day, if you want. The reason being: You don't have to pay attention to what's being said for it to work. You can listen in the car, while exercising, or while doing just about any other activity... you can even listen while you sleep! So there's absolutely no reason why you can't find the time to improve. And remember, it's effortless. Just pop a CD in, relax, and let it do all the work!

P.P.S. We are committed to serving our customers as quickly as possible. So, if you place your order before 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very same day! If you place your order after 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very next business day.


Hi Mike, 

I can't tell you how wonderful I have found your Think Right Now tapes

I was looking for answers to depression, anxiety and panic I had been dealing with for years.  I have been on several medications and have had expert private psychological help on a weekly basis.  That helped, but there were still some blocks I couldn't get by... like anger, and the terrible sad feelings that would overcome me every so many days.
As soon as I got your tapes I started listening to them during the day while I was on the computer, and during the time I would fall asleep at night.  I used the "Freedom from Depression" and"Dissolving Panic and Anxiety" tapes interchangeably for the first week. 

I thought I was feeling more placid, my anger and panic didn't seem to be so bad, but I was afraid to say anything to my husband or my doctor in case I slid back. I continued to listen as much as I could while doing housework, making meals, and working on the computer.  After two weeks, my husband said, "You
seem so relaxed -what pills has the doctor changed you to?"  Ha ha!  My meds had not been changed, just my attitude!  I cannot tell you in words the calmness that seemed to gradually come over me.  Things that would have bothered me terribly two weeks prior, didn't bother me at all! I just placidly went on with whatever I was doing.
Since then (about two weeks) I have been listening to the Organization and Goals tapes, interspersed with the depression and panic tapes. 

I have much more energy, and have tackled things around the house I couldn't face before.  I also have your "Think Right Now Windows Software" program which I run when I am writing in Word or doing spreadsheets in Excel.  Its great!
These tapes have not only put new thoughts into my head, they have removed bad thoughts from my head.  I had some blocks that were not letting me progress, and my psychologist says "Whatever you're doing keep it up!" because now we are forging ahead with my therapy.
Thank you so much Mike,
J. Batzold

More I am Organized Now! Successes

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I can't even number the times since I got the "Organized" program that I've come up with things to do in my day-to-day life that have absolutely revolutionized my whole routine.  A couple examples: I started categorizing what I wrote in my journal and keeping the entries together by topic.  I can finally find important information I've written down. I outfitted my apartment with shelves so that I can put away the
books and papers that have been lying around, and I've gotten rid of boxes of stuff I no longer use. It still needs work, but it has come a long way, and I have your program and newsletters to thank. It has also helped me immensely at work, where a big part of my job is keeping two other people organized. Files, project lists, spreadsheets - somehow it seems natural to me now
to keep these things ordered, updated, and where they belong! I have learned so much about how to be organized in the past few months.  The audio program and newsletters have given me the focus I need, and I wonder where I'd be right now if I hadn't found your website (buried in paper, most likely!).

Your programs really work. Absorbing them subconsciously helps tremendously, and I've also found that it's extremely helpful having that list of positive thoughts consciously in my mind. So many times when I find habitual negative thoughts popping up, I stop and ask myself if there's a thought from one of your audio
programs that I can replace it with. It's so freeing to have a whole menu of reassuring and productive thoughts to choose from, and to know that it is my
choice and totally in my power to think those kinds of thoughts instead of the other kind.

Thanks for all your help, Mike. I'm so glad you decided to
share your programs with the world.

Thanks, Mike - your programs are really amazing!
Danielle, PA

More I am Organized Now! Successes

Orders placed by 11:00 AM EST ship the same day!
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"I would spend most of my day in bed too overwhelmed with everything to move."
"I also have gotten up out of bed in the morning for about ten days now and exercised for half hour to an hour, and I'm actually enjoying it! My thinking is a lot clearer, and I'm now looking around for things to do. My responsibilities are a lot less overwhelming and I feel like I don't have as many problems. I also have been ringing friends and family up for a chat and have visited a couple of them. I have a new found energy and enthusiasm."

The rest of this and other success stories with Freedom From Depression Now!

"I have been fighting depression for ten years plus now..."
"I have had the strength to resist drinking to forget, I have been walking for exercise and to clear my mind, I have been making good food choices, I am starting to reconnect with family members that I have avoided and I haven't wasted a day watching TV for three weeks. I am moving toward goals of change and growth. I feel great!"

The rest of this and other success stories with Freedom From Depression Now!

"I was on the meds for four years."
"I felt so much better that a few months ago a friend of mine was struggling with depression and was in the hospital for it and when she got home I gave her your "Freedom from Depression Now" program. I haven't missed the program at all. It's wonderful knowing that I've been cured and will never need to go on meds again."

The rest of this and other success stories with Freedom From Depression Now!

"For the first time, I am facing life without fear."
"Whenever a negative thought would come to mind, it was immediately replaced by a positive affirmation from the program. It became difficult to hang on to any negativity. Soon, my whole outlook started to change. I felt more positive about myself and my ability to handle life's challenges."

The rest of this and other success stories with Freedom From Depression Now!

"Every night before I went to sleep, I prayed that I wouldn't wake up the next morning."
"I bought a blank journal book and I dated it "January 2006 to?" This is my "Goals Book." I wrote a list of goals. The things I want and the things I wanted to do before I die. I even smile big as I write them. Some are silly (like eating ice cream flavors I've never tasted). But I was ok with them. I just kept writing and I was smiling and laughing the whole time!"

The rest of this and other success stories with Freedom From Depression Now!


"She has been urging me to go on medication..."

"As a result of your program, I am up first thing in the morning with a smile on my face and spring in my step. I used to fret and fuss over every little concern in my life. I don't do that anymore. I face what comes my way, do the best I can, and am free from worrying."

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