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Grow Your Comfort Zones
and See How Every Step on the Path
to Achieving Your Dreams Gets
Easier, and Easier, and EASIER

The Complete Mental Conditioning Program For Expanding
Your Comfort Zones & Embracing Your Unlimited Potential

Check It actually re-patterns your attitudes and actions using  a proven thought & behavior modification process
Check Youíll soon think, act, and feel like a person who is born to succeed at everything you do
Check The process is effortless—so it’s the easiest first step of all!

Dear Friend,

Fear of success? A textbook would define it as being afraid to take the steps necessary to accomplish something because of fear of the unknown consequences that may result from achieving the desired outcome (i.e. increased duties/ responsibilities, new relationships, fear of losing old relationships, criticism, pressure to perform, etc.)

So when it’s bad enough to stop you from routinely getting what you dream about being, doing and having (and if you aren't very skilled and successful at many things, it is), fear of success becomes something debilitating:

The Great Postponer.

Fearing success makes you sit on your hands while the world speeds by. You spend your life in the same safe place, watching other people get ahead while you put things off and then ponder what could have been.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to enjoy more success in many areas of your life but talk yourself out of even trying, then it’s time to call a time out. Go back to square one.

Stop Learning What it Takes to Succeed...
Start Becoming What it Takes to Succeed

Look, when you believe from the core of your being that you were born to win at everything you do, and when this confidence becomes part of your very fiber, then all your fears will fade away and obstacles, problems, mistakes, and delays will feel like nothing.

Hard to do? Not any more.

No matter what your current frame of mind, that “new” you—the best you- the real you—is just around the corner and you can get there fast with...

The Complete Mental Conditioning Program For Expanding
Your Comfort Zones & Embracing Your Unlimited Potential
Accelerated Sales Success Now!
Anger Management Now!
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Conquering Social Anxiety Now!
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Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!
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Releasing Fear of Success Now!
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I’m Mike Brescia, President of Think Right Now! International. I’m the creator of the world-famous Accelerated Sales Success Now! program and dozens of other thought and behavior modification programs that have helped hundreds of thousands of people live better, happier, more fulfilling lives.

I’m particularly proud of this new program and I can’t wait to hear feedback from my clients who use it.

Why? Because Releasing Fear of Success Now! Does
What No Other Success-Building Book, Tape, or
Seminar Can Possibly Do.

Using an effortless, scientifically-proven thought and behavior modification process, Releasing Fear of Success Now!  actually strips away lifelong mental barriers that stop you from embracing achievement in a healthy, positive manner. It “conditions in” a positive new mindset that makes you extremely comfortable with success and all the changes that accompany it.

The process is simple, yet the results are spectacular.

When you let this audio program do its work, you’ll develop powerful new ‘comfort zones’ that allow your true abilities to flourish like never before.


You’ll live every day infused with enthusiasm and confidence instead of worry and self-doubt, and be focused on moving forward.

Check You’ll see change as a positive and welcome part of success, and feel grateful for your abilities and talents that make it possible.
Check You’ll begin every task with positive anticipation, instead of apprehension, and love accomplishing what others didn’t think you could do.
Check You’ll welcome the challenges that success demands, and always stay cool and calm no matter how big these challenges first appear.
Check You’ll be in complete control of your emotions, decisions, and actions, and let even the harshest criticism from others just roll off your back.

Why Think Right Now! is the World’s Top Personal Development Product Website

When you’re finished reading this letter, please take a minute to visit our “Success Stories” page where you’ll find over 500 pages of thank-you letters sent in from people in every corner of the globe.

These clients are thrilled and even astonished by the incredible results they’ve enjoyed in their quest for personal improvement. Their success is the reason why Think Right Now! is the world’s leading personal development Website. Not empty promises.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! is our latest program for personal achievement, and it will work wonders if you’re ready to take on the world and stake your claim to the rewards in life you truly deserve.

I invite you to use it absolutely risk-free—and then tell us about your journey to success.
Check You’ll stand up for yourself and what you believe in where you never could before and have the courage to do what makes you happy and what it takes to succeed.
Check You’ll welcome the attention that accomplishments bring, and be willing to accept the scrutiny and judgment that success invites.
Check You’ll plan for success in every area of your life and follow through on your plans, and always take pride in doing the best you can.

Sound good? Then buckle up for the ride of your life.

In a moment I’ll tell you more about how Releasing Fear of Success Now! actually helps you overcome your fear of the unknown .. .and helps you become the unstoppable, action-driven, do-it-now person you’ve always wanted to be.
But first, let me tell you more about what “fear of success” means, why it happens, and how it can manifest itself in your life...

Why Being Successful Creates Fear and
What You Can Do About it Right Now

Truth is, almost everyone experiences fear of success at some point or another.

It can be as simple as first-day jitters at a new job or that jolt of nervousness that accompanies the joy of getting a promotion, as suddenly you’re thrown out of your comfort zone into something new.

A  rush of fear-induced feelings can come out of nowhere, grab you by the throat and send your mind into retreat:

  • There’s the fear of change. Worries about increased responsibilities and pressures. Doubts about your skills to handle them. Fear of making mistakes in front of others.
  • There’s the reluctance to be the center of attention. Anxiety over meeting a new group of people.
  • There's the concern about friends and family who may get jealous and grow critical of you and your success.
  • Then, there’s the worry of being exposed as a “fraud.” Unease about all the new situations that await you. Anxiety that you’re not really worthy of the success. 

According to Psychology Today, fear of success is so paralyzing because people believe success might lead to loneliness, jeopardize their current relationship, or even create enemies. Fear of success is the ‘monster in the closet, and it gets bigger. And when fear controls you, your mind will rationalize like crazy just to keep you stalled.

All your own familiar comfort zones never expand. Even if they keep you trapped in a life where you’re financially struggling, unfulfilled, underutilized, and unhappy on top of everything else!

So this consider this:

Bounce Ahead Confidently
(Even if You’ve Always Hated Change!)

Releasing Fear of Success Now! is the first and only personal development program that:

1) Combines Dr. Lozanov’s mental conditioning technique with the power of affirmations to erase the fears and self-imposed restrictions associated with fear of success.

2) Provides targeted affirmations that help to eliminate fear of unknown situations that arise when you grow through focused action and achievement.

3) Makes thought and behavior modification simple. It’s a program you can stick with because it works effortlessly and automatically.

4) Provides prerecorded sessions that easily fit into any schedule. You can even listen to it as you sleep and experience results that seem to come out of nowhere.

Expand your comfort zones fast and pursue your goals with unstoppable confidence. Order Releasing Fear of Success Now

If the pursuit of (or even the thought of) success takes you outside your comfort zone—if you always have to force yourself “out there” to get ahead—you must make your comfort zones bigger.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were 100% comfortable with pursuing success, achieving it, and being able to enjoy all the rewards that come with it?

Amazing Things Can Happen When
You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Your potential is truly unlimited.  And Releasing Fear of Success Now! is a big key to unlocking it.

Unlike other self-help and motivational books and tapes, Releasing Fear of Success Now! uses a clinically proven mental conditioning technique that produces significant change at the subconscious levels where virtually all thoughts and behaviors originate.

Do You Find It Tough to Put Yourself “Out There?”

I am afraid of opportunity because it always means change ... It’s easier not to try so I don’t fail in front of everybody ... Success will bring too much pressure  ... If I succeed, people will expect too much of me ... I don’t like stepping out of my comfort zone ... I’d rather just stick to what I know ... I’m afraid of losing my friends by being more successful than they are ... I’d rather not be in the spotlight ... I’m not a competitive person so I’m not cut out for success...

Your internal dialog can tell you a lot about the deep-rooted beliefs that sabotage your best intentions. And it’s important that you know where it comes from.

If you’re like most people, these negative thoughts were drilled into your head as a child. You likely absorbed so much negativity in your formative years that it’s mind-boggling. To be fair, this negative imprinting isn’t necessarily the result of family dysfunction or bad parenting. It’s just the way that kids are often controlled by older siblings, parents, teachers, and other adults.

According to researchers, for example, a child will be told “No!” nearly 150,000 times before he or she turns 18, even in a reasonably positive household. And that has a lasting impact, no matter how optimistic or confident a person genuinely wishes to be.

Behavioral scientists estimate that over 75% of thoughts that cross our mind are negative and counterproductive. In that mental environment, is it any wonder that “yes I cans” are so easily drowned out by all the “no I can’ts?”

It’s a small miracle when they’re not! 

Negativity is ingrained in us by the time we’re in our mid-teens, and can become the driving force behind self-sabotaging thoughts like these:

I hate being judged by other people ... I’m afraid other people will see me as the fraud that I feel like ... I don’t deserve success ... It takes too much hard work to succeed, so it’s just not worth it ... I’m too old to take a chance ... I’m too young to take a chance ... I’m not smart enough ... I’m afraid people won’t like me if I succeed ... I don’t want to be seen as pushy, self-centered, or bitchy ... I can’t live up to other people’s expectations ...

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to do some mental rewiring.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! is the only success training system in the world that re-patterns the moment-by-moment thought processes in your mind and transforms them to be like those found in the most fearless winners in all areas of life. 

As you listen to and absorb the intensive program material, the frequency and intensity of these fear-based thoughts will fade. You will notice the difference in a few short weeks, often in just a few days.

In time they will virtually disappear.

In their place will be a powerful new set of positive, confident beliefs and attitudes that will make you feel powerful as you're getting things done (succeeding).

Why not see for yourself? Order your risk-free copy of Releasing Fear of Success Now! by clicking here.

Developed by famed Bulgarian psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov, this completely effortless accelerated learning technique (which he named Suggestopedia) has been the foundation of accelerated learning and “super-performance” conditioning programs for over 40 years.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! engages your mind through focused first-person affirmations repeated against a background of specially composed, 60 beat per minute music that facilitates relaxation and receptivity. This holistic system unifies the left-brain, right-brain, and body together in a stress-reducing process that allows the mind to not only absorb information rapidly, but to also undergo deeply ingrained change.

It is not subliminal learning, where all you hear is birds chirping or waves crashing as you lie there bored out of your mind. Accelerated success conditioning is a direct, active system that works fast to re-pattern your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. You’re consciously hear every word, nothing is hidden.

The Amazing Breakthrough that Makes Success Feel GREAT!

Planning it, doing it, enjoying it, achieving it, and then achieving more—it will all become second nature to you without all the emotional baggage that bogs you down now.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! uses a powerful thought and behavior modification technique called Suggestopedia to bring about fast changes in the way you think about and experience succeeding at everything you do.

True to this proven method, each 30-minute session maximizes your results with:

1) A brief relaxation period at the beginning, to produce the optimal state of mind for absorbing and retaining the powerfully focused re-patterning statements. (This can be bypassed for passive listening.)

2) Soothing 60 beat per minute background music, which reduces stress further while lowering your brain waves into the alpha and theta levels

3) Special pacing, repetition, and varied intonation of the re-scripting statements, a technique shown to enhance and maximize internalization (memory) of the material

As you relax and even drift off to sleep while listening, a growing number of your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slow 8-12 cycles per second. This lowered brainwave rhythm is the Alpha brainwave state, the key to heightened recall and accelerated learning.

If you listen while sleeping, you are taking advantage of the deeper Theta brainwave state (4-8 cps), where profound emotional changes can occur with great speed.

It’s important to note: Releasing Fear of Success Now! is not a subliminal program. You are meant to hear every word clearly. The more often you listen while relaxed, the faster your new confidence, strength, and fearlessness will emerge.

It’s that simple—and your results are guaranteed. Just click here to have your risk-free copy shipped to you immediately. 

And unlike counseling that can often take years to really make any difference in your automatic thoughts and emotional patterns, Releasing Fear of Success Now! helps you accomplish remarkable results in very little time, beginning in a matter of weeks if not days.

All you have to do is listen for a few minutes each day

It’s Time To Grab Life by the Horns!

With Releasing Fear of Success Now!—

  • You will feel your self-confidence growing stronger, naturally and automatically.
  • Your “comfort zone” will expand, and you’ll try new things, visit new places, seek out new people, and dream bigger dreams.
  • Fear of criticism and judgment will fade away and you’ll stay in control even when you make mistakes.
  • You’ll be able to keep mistakes in their proper perspective, so you can rebound fast instead of playing them over and over in your head
  • Fear of change will disappear, and you’ll feel more powerful knowing that you truly do control your destiny
  • Instead of that voice that says “you can’t,” a new inner voice will emerge that says, “You can and you will.

    Before You Even Realize It,
    Your Fear of The Unknown Just Melts Away…

There is simply no simpler, easier or better way to gently but firmly erase deep-rooted mental patterns that are holding you back, and to embrace success-driving attitudes and beliefs at the deepest levels, at a super fast rate.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! is all about eliminating even lifelong fears about what succeeding may mean to you. There are no lessons to study, no insights to grasp, no rules to memorize.

Instead, the program cluster-bombs your mind with audible (you hear them) Rescripting Statements, so called because they literally rescript the automatic thought processes that rule your inner life.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! first trains your subconscious mind to reject 11 Mental Patterns of Failure that can manifest themselves in the fear of supposedly successful outcomes: issues like self-image and the feelings of not being worthy of success, lack of confidence, negativity, expectations of not being able to keep the success going, and others (read more about them at our How It Works page).

It achieves this with super-focused Releasing Statements that don’t just encourage your mind to let go of this negative programming, they blast it to smithereens using the Suggestopedic format described above.

Through repetition, they overwhelm and ultimately erase the fear, self-doubt, self-blame, and other limiting mental patterns to the point where their influence over your daily thoughts and behaviors is virtually nonexistent.

As the weeks and months go by, you’ll find yourself striding through life with a confident mindset that lets you:

  • See continual change as good, and embrace it rather than avoid it
  • Welcome all the challenges that wait for you as your successes mount
  • Let even the harshest criticism just roll off your back
  • Accept judgment and scrutiny as things that accompany high achievement
  • Be completely comfortable with all your accomplishments and rewards
  • Let go of the need to be perfect when good is good enough
  • Handle all difficult situations in a relaxed, confident manner
  • Stay cool and calm no matter what chaos is going on around you
  • Naturally see changes and difficulties as small and easy to overcome
  • Keep your distance from people who jeopardize your success
  • Recognize mistakes, setbacks, and delays as part of succeeding
  • Control your emotions, decisions, and directions you are taking in life
  • Have the courage to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in
  • Effectively deal with difficult people and situations without overreacting
  • Welcome all the attention and accolades that your successes bring you

When You Have the Right
Mindset, the Rest Is Easy

Instructional and motivational materials are wonderful, but they don’t get to the root of the problems that so many people struggle with.

Releasing Fear of Success Now! does—and that’s what makes it unlike any other success-building program you’ve ever seen before:

√ It is not instructional in nature—although it opens your mind to embrace all the tools you need on the path to success.

√ It is not typical motivational guidance— although unstoppable motivation is one of its many welcome effects.

√ It doesn’t replace knowledge, skills, and effort—but it will make them pay greater dividends many times over because, finally, you’ll be able to apply yourself with complete fearlessness and confidence.

Why not see for yourself? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Knock away the mental blocks behind the fear of success, and what’s left standing is the real you. The centered, unobstructed, self that is capable of accomplishing practically anything.

When challenges or opportunities knock at your door, you’ll take them on without a moment’s hesitation.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

You’ll Stop Calling “Retreat” and Start Calling “Charge!”

Your responses to these will be positive and confident. They will come to you naturally, effortlessly and automatically.

All this will happen because your comfort zones have expanded right underneath your feet while you barely even noticed.

No other success-building program can automatically condition your mind like this. But sweeping away the negative mental barriers is just the first step.

It’s Time to Put Two Positive Hands on the Wheel

Your fears have been in the driver’s seat long enough, so installing the positive mindset of the world’s most successful people comes next. To do so, a whole new thought framework is created by Attraction Statements that are as empowering and inspiring as anything you will ever experience.

As the Releasing Statements intersperse with and are then overtaken by the Attraction Statements, you are infused with new, positive, and compelling beliefs that drive your decisions, actions, behaviors, and habits in the direction you want them to go.

They drill into your mind the 11 Mental Patterns of Success that include belief in your own ability, the self-image of success, the ability to visualize your success, the resilience to accept setbacks as inevitable, and others (Learn more about them as well at our “How It Works” page). And together, they put you on a clear, steady, relentless path to your goals.

You don’t learn these mental traits or need to push yourself to embrace them. They become part of you automatically and naturally, and work to shape a fresh new life in which you:

  • Feed your mind daily with positive, encouraging thoughts
  • Feel deserving of all the good things your success brings to you
  • Show appreciation for your talents by using and developing them
  • Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and your success
  • Love the process of planning and working towards meaningful goals
  • Seek and accept financial abundance in your life without guilt
  • Welcome the attention and accolades that your success brings
  • Do everything necessary to reach all your most important goals
  • Become a naturally motivated, driven person
  • Always complete tasks in a thorough and timely manner
  • Have the ability to see how things should be and the desire to make it happen
  • Get tremendous satisfaction from even your smallest accomplishments
  • Be happy to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done
  • See yourself as a winner in life, and let each success fuel your desire for more
  • Enjoy the positive pressure that your growing success demands
  • Use every day to learn, grow, and realize your dreams
  • Believe you can achieve anything you want to achieve in life
  • Embrace big dreams and work to make them all come true

The world’s most successful people in every realm of life exude these confident, fearless, and joyful attitudes in everything they do.

Soon you will, too.

You will possess these winning mental traits and rid yourself forever of the worries and doubts that keep you from fulfilling your purpose here on earth.  And best of all, you won’t have to work at it or even think about it because:

All You Have to do to Get Started is Press “Play”…

That’s it. Could it be any easier?

If you can spare a few minutes a day, Releasing Fear of Success Now! will install powerful attitudes and beliefs in you which will drive your actions to a whole new level of achievement in your life.

Of course, this accelerated success program works optimally in a quiet, relaxed setting. Listening before you go to bed or before you start your day is ideal.

However, it will work wherever you can squeeze it into your daily routine — during your commute, in the car running errands, on your lunch break or between classes, you name it. (Visit our Success Stories page and you’ll see all the ways our clients have found to make the time to use and benefit from their programs.)

You can also read and recite the words as you listen (we send you the entire script) and even write down those that resonate deeply within you (or where you need the most help).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you begin Releasing Fear of Success Now! you may experience feelings of agitation. Rapid thought and behavior modification is not always comfortable at first, as your mind may resist clearing out the old “comfortable” habits and welcoming in the new.

If you experience an initial increase in anxiety, it means the program is working. It will subside in just a few days. After that—you’ll be cleared for takeoff and the positive, life-changing results you want will begin to emerge. You’ll never look back!

The more you immerse yourself in Releasing Fear of Success Now! the more you read, write, and listen the sooner you’ll become the fearless, success-driven person you want to be. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t Let the Clock Tick Away on You!

You don’t have to go back to school. You don’t have to wear the therapist's couch thin. You don’t have to attend motivational seminars. But you have to take action now.

With this powerful program you can unshackle yourself from the fears that have stopped you in the past and are stopping you today.

You’ll embrace all that is good about achievement, advancement, success and living well. You’ll close the gap between where you are and where you always wanted to be. Your strong new beliefs will come automatically from within and grow more powerful with each passing day.

If that isnít enough to for you to order Releasing Fear of Success Now! now, consider this:

You’re Protected by Our Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee

Use Releasing Fear of Success Now! regularly and I guarantee that you’ll be thrilled by the winning person you become. Your comfort zones will grow and you will approach life with confidence and drive you’ve never felt before.

You’ll be making decisive changes in your life (and be feeling great about them) long before six months go by.

All I ask is that you give the program an honest chance, and this six-month guarantee gives you every opportunity to do so.

Here’s what we promise:

  • Guarantee #1: Your decision to try this program is 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return Releasing Fear of Success Now! within six months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked.
  • Guarantee #2: Your purchase at this special low price of $34.97 24.48 is a one-time purchase. This is NOT a subscription program that lures you in with a low introductory price, and then sends you materials you don’t want.  You’re under no obligation to buy anything else, and nothing else will be sent to you.

I already know what Releasing Fear of Success Now! can do, and now I want you to see for yourself.  When you feel the fresh drive in your life and the joy and satisfaction of each new success, you won’t want to give it up.

But you be the judge. That’s what our Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee is all about. 

So go for it.  Click here to order your no-risk copy of Releasing Fear of Success Now


Mike Brescia
Think Right Now! International

P.S. If you’re want more proof,  click over to our Success Stories page where you can read over 500 pages of testimonials sent in by clients who are thrilled with the success they’ve enjoyed with Think Right Now! programs.  And here’s the link to our How it Works page again, if you want read a more detailed explanation of the Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning process.

Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed completely and you’re protected by our famous 6-Month No-Risk Guarantee. Don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try? 

P.P.S. While you’re here, sign up to receive my FREE email newsletters that are filled with success-focused tips and insights. It’s completely free, and your privacy is assured.

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