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Freedom From Depression Now!
Success Stories

Dear Mike,

I purchased "Freedom From Depression Now" program. I experienced a difference my very first night. Since that first night, two months ago, I have become a true believer!

I had experienced a lot of loss in the past two years and have had serious health problems, also. Feeling powerless about my life, I fell into a deep depression. I have had horrible side effects from anti-depressants and realized I needed to go in search of an alternative to drugs for my depression. I found your site and your programs. Although my intuition said to buy the program, I didn't put all my hopes into it being the solution to my depression, but I was open to it.

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have been incredibly altered from listening to the "Freedom From Depression Now" audio program!!

I am like a person coming out of a dark closet and who can now feel the warmth of the sun and see the blue sky overhead; it is a new world for me since using this program!!

I wouldn't even consider going to bed and not listening to my program. I wait for the part that says "I'm feeling good!" and I say it with the program. Now I wake up in the morning and the first thought I have is "I'm feeling good!" I think that's totally awesome!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

I'm having great dreams…dreams of harmony and happiness and connection with others…great dreams, the like I've never had before.

I tell everyone I know who is having a struggle in their lives about your site and your great audio programs. My dearest friend has breast cancer and, after hearing my testimony about my success with your audios, she bought your "I Am Healed Now" program. I'm so thankful that she will be able to reap the benefits of your audio program!

I went from a person who felt hopeless and powerless and completely isolated, to a person who offers hope and light to others! I find that many people - family and friends - are calling me when they are in crisis and seek my calm, comforting perspective on their struggles!! I could never imagine this would be possible 3 months ago! It is truly a 180 turn-around in my life and, "Look Ma - no drugs!!"….ha ha ha ha!!

Oh, and did I mention my sense of humour has come back, also?!!

Thank you for saving my life (I mean that from the bottom of my heart!).

Gratefully yours,
Peter S.

Dear Mike,

I am a college student. You may think I am too young for this type of program, but I am not. I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety 2 years ago, but have had the symptoms much longer. After trying the self-help books and website suggestions, and seeing no results, I knew I had to try something different. Luckily, I came across your website.

I have been listening to Freedom From Depression Now! and Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now! for over a year now. I just listen to the CD's at night on a portable CD player. The results are remarkable! I am excited about facing a new day, living life fully, and closing each day with the satisfaction that I lived at my highest ability. Oh yeah, my newfound confidence has led me to pursue a new career. I am going to give back and help others with the diseases that plagued me so horribly, depression and social anxiety. The benefits of the CD's are clear. All I can say is, thank you Mr. Brescia!

Kenton Hargis, IN

Dear Mike,

I've listened to your program "Freedom From Depression Now" for the past six weeks nightly. I've had chronic sleep problems now for over five years and I'd never know whether I was going to have a good or bad night's sleep (mostly bad) and whether I'd have the energy to get through the next day. However, now I do - it's good, no not good, great!!!!

Twenty days ago I made the decision to come off my anti-depressants. I used to take 40mg per day; I'm now taking 25mg. I feel wonderful. I should be totally off them by the end of January 2006. I've been taking these for over three years now - but not for much longer.

I'm actually getting my life back!!!!!! And it feels like nothing on Earth!!!!!!

I want to thank you for all of your wonderful work. You must be touching so many peoples' hearts all over the World and helping them so much too.

With Love and Thanks to you Mike

Freedom from Depression works for me!

Hi Mike - Finally getting my act together to write you a big holiday THANK YOU.

I have been using your "Freedom from Depression Now" program at night and then again in the morning for several months now, and I just cannot get over the results.

I don't know if I was clinically depressed or not, but certainly was having issues that I was worried I might need medication for - weeping over nothing, not wanting to do much other than sleep, constant negative thoughts going on in my head... the list goes on.

I can say after just a week of the 'double-listening' (night and morning), I felt so much better, and STILL DO. I no longer weep for no reason - jump up out of bed after my morning listening session, which I gladly plan to begin early enough so my day will get going - no longer crave a nap in the middle of the day. I feel much less stressed out over work demands and actually just see them as challenges that I am lucky to have before me.

My marriage and relationships with my kids are both improved, and dealing with some folks that previously totally stressed me out is no longer an issue!

I see so much promise in what you are doing - please keep it up!

Jennie Oyola, MA

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Mike and all the people who made it possible,

First of all Thank you, your program "Freedom from Depression Now" has contributed to the most profound transformation in my life.

In 2003 after immigrating to Canada my wife told me she did not need me anymore and our marriage was a big mistake. It was a devastating blow on top of difficulties in adjusting to new country with no job, not many family or friends and no sweet past. :-)

To make the long story short I was shattered to the very foundations of my psyche and was totally frustrated with no energy to enjoy life. I was not very productive at work, I dreaded going there every day, I was not pleasant to be around, I did not want to see
people and be seen.

But I did not die and I knew there should be a way out. I read all the right books including Covey's Seven Habits, I read tons of on-line resources, I was seeing a practitioner and I was spending big money trying to put some energy and drive back into my life. Nothing worked.

This situation continued for about eight months. I finally stopped seeing a practitioner because I felt it was waste of money and I was getting discouraged as nothing seemed to work for me.

I don't remember how I stumbled upon your website. I learned about your "Today is your day to win" book and your audio programs. I decided to give it a try. I started reading your on-line chapters and I started making the flip cards with the affirmations
and read them everyday.

I ordered "Freedom from Depression now" program. By the time the program and the print copy of your book arrived in a week or so I was so empowered that I felt really great. This was exactly about a year ago at this time. I vividly remember how I made certain plans for this past year. I did not know if I would be able to fulfill those plans. I made plans to exercise regularly, I made plans to get more productive at work and I made plans to make sure that I am part of my daughter's life who is not with me anymore. Now when I look back and see all my plans fulfilled 100% or more I am giving a big credit to your book and your program.

Your program brought out the energy to achieve those plans. I've been going to the gym two/three times a week for a year now. I have been promoted at my job, and I have started the legal process to make sure I am part of my daughter's life. All of it with a smile :-) and all of it with a lot of support I give to others. All with ease and vigor I could not imagine was harbored in me!

So thank you for all your great work you are doing! Thanks for creating programs on every imaginable behavioral problem and thank you for being there for people like me. Thank you for empowering me and making my life and the world better!

All the best for this year and years to come!

Alex Todorov, Canada


My name is Michael Murah and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your Audio Program 'Freedom from Depression Now'. I lost my job recently and I must say that it has been a traumatic experience. There was a period of shock followed by a lot of self doubt, anxiety and frustration over my predicament.

I received the program and listened to it every so often at first. I was admittedly skeptical but I did notice I felt better and more able to find something solid in my life. Over the past few weeks I have been listening to the Program several times daily.

Your program helped to get me out of the powerless state of mind which frankly had me in a choke hold. Gradually I have been able to channel those energies I wasted on depression and negativity towards the task of solving the problems that lay before me. I have always thought of myself as a resourceful person but it seemed that in the period before I started using your program all my facilities had abandoned me.

Your audio program helped me to find that which I had lost. My wife has commented that she 'sees the light back in my eyes which she was beginning to think was lost forever'. I have finally begun to get perspective on the self-sabotaging behaviors I have had since early childhood. I look back into my past now and see where opportunity was screaming at me while I saw only hopelessness.

Coming to the realization that I have been my own worst enemy for a long time is both deeply disturbing and empowering.

I have come to see success in life as getting the tools we need to live healthy and productive lives. Thanks to your program I feel that I finally have something to place in my toolbox.

Mike Murah,Georgia


Hi Mike,

I ordered your "Freedom From Depression Now" program to combat my depressive thoughts. They were like a tape running on a loop inside my brain. I had read about your "Freedom from Depression Now" program in one of your emails and thought, "I'll fight fire with fire. I'll "tape over" those negative thoughts with positive ones."

I started using the program at night, listening to it as I fell asleep. The morning after my first listen I woke feeling light-hearted. This was a significant change after one listening as my depression often felt like a heavy weight on my shoulders. My day - for the first time in years - did not start with a weary sense of dread. I had just started a new job and along with the light-heartedness, I felt a sense of calm versus the anxiety I often feel when I start a new job. I felt a significant shift after one listen, and I couldn't believe it!

Because I liked what I was feeling, I continued to listen to your "Freedom from Depression Now" program - every night at bedtime for the next eight days. By day thirty one I was on the phone with my friends, telling them how differently I felt and raving about your program.

I told my therapist about it, and she was very impressed. For about a year now, she has been urging me to go on medication. I did not want to medicate myself and this became a rather sore subject between the two of us. My therapist listened to me extol the benefits of your "Freedom From Depression Now" program and at one point said, "I can hear the difference in your voice. You sound so much lighter."

Let me tell you about the benefits I've received from your "Freedom From Depression Now" program. First and foremost, the negative tapes in my head no longer play. That's huge, because they have been playing for most of my life. As a result of your program, I am up first thing in the morning with a smile on my face and spring in my step. I used to fret and fuss over every little concern in my life. I don't do that anymore. I face what comes my way, do the best I can, and am free from worrying. I sleep much better now; I fall asleep soon after the program starts and wake up refreshed in the morning.

I used to isolate myself, now I'm far more social and outgoing. I found myself introducing myself to people in the hallway at my new job - something I never did before. And this is huge too - the sadness that was part of my monthly PMS has disappeared. I used to cry at the drop of a pin for the entire week before my menstrual cycle began. Now, no more tears. I'm not kidding. I just don't "go there" anymore.

I continue to listen to the program about once or twice a week - as a tune up. I'm telling you, as soon as I put your program on and hit play, my entire body starts to relax and feel lighter. It's incredible.

Victoria Gallucci, NJ

Order Freedom From Depression Now!


I ordered four of your programs about a month ago. I have been listening to "Freedom From Depression Now!" and "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" I had to write and let you know that I have made a HUGE turn around. I had gotten to the point where I wasn't excited about anything. Everything just seemed to be such a problem and not worth the effort. Getting out of bed was about all I could handle. I was starting to get scared of how I was going do my job and handle my responsibilities.

Well, I am now excited about my life again. I have goals, things I really want to do. I am enjoying going out and meeting people again. I feel like I can do anything that is required of me. I can handle whatever pops up. It's so strange - my mind is filled with possibilities. It used to be filled with how difficult everything was. I can't thank you enough. I feel positive and happy now. I am going after life with a gusto I haven't felt in years.


P.S. I am also eating A LOT less than I used to. Food really isn't even an issue anymore. I just don't think about it that much. I don't know how much weight I've lost, I don't weigh myself everyday. But I do know that food is not an issue anymore. WOW! What a relief!


I originally purchased your "Freedom From Depression Now" and "Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now" programs almost two years ago. A few months later; I purchased "I am healed now."

I have had chronic pain issues for many years. This limited my interactions with every aspect of my life. It also introduced me to panic, anxiety, and depression. Two winters ago, I saw my life as more bleak than I had ever known it to be. The infamous black hole of depression absolutely engulfed me. As the process continued; the panic and anxiety attacks and constant pain became my spiral of living.

I searched the internet daily for people like me so I wouldn't feel alone. I researched every conceivable program, supplement, and "cure"..... some I tried, some I disregarded. Nothing I tried worked. I survived that dark winter on herbal anti-anxiety remedies, determined never to be at the mercy of prescription meds again.

I made a decision that my internet research might better help me if I looked for subjects that might motivate me, inspire me, and pick me UP instead of depressing me further. I came upon Mike Brescia's website and read and re-read it. It was too good to be true.

All of these sites were just well written sales pitches - this I "knew". But I took the leap of faith and ordered Dissolving panic and anxiety now. My spirits rose, knowing that I had made a decision that I hoped might work to bring my mind, and in turn, my life back into balance. I received the program and listened to it faithfully for a month. I didn't think anything was happening.

I then realized something: I found myself talking to people and the words coming from me were not the me I, and others, had known. I spoke more positively, I found myself showing and feeling more optimism. I began to see the negativity that people think and speak on a daily basis, and it reinforced what the CD was "telling" me every night as I slept. I then incorporated the "Freedom From Depression Now" program; and within a few more months, I found myself no longer experiencing panic attacks at work- in fact, I started looking FORWARD to going there and working with my clients.

I used these programs interchangeably for approximately nine months; and then started the "I Am Healed Now" program. This is the core CD for me, I believe. I needed the Depression and Panic & Anxiety CDs to bring me from the deepest part of my despair. But the I am healed CD is a foundation for my higher level of total wellness. I have listened to this CD nearly every night for about a year now.

In this time frame, I have become more aware of better eating and sleeping patterns. The myriad symptoms (fatigue, sleeplessness, pain, anxiety, irritability, to name a few) that usually accompany chronic pain syndromes seemed to gently fall away.

They are an amazing sleep aid!  Beyond this, my thinking is truly different and this is how I know it doesn't even matter if I hear the entire program r sleep through it.

It took me many, many years to be where I was those two winters ago- miserable and in pain, physically and emotionally. Two years later, I am in a place I never thought I'd be. I have strong goals and a growing business. I feel better now than I did 10 years ago and I'm working on improving that! I never find myself researching the woes of chronic pain, anxiety and depression on the internet any more. Instead I'm all about motivation, success, and bringing joy to my life!

Shirley Philbrick, ME

Dear Mike,

Your program "Freedom from Depression Now" program helped me get off Prozac, eliminate suicidal thoughts, and cure my depression in 43 days!"

I had been suicidal at one point and my doctor put me on medication. I felt so much better on the medication that I couldn't get off it for three years.

Every time I tried the mental loop of "bad thoughts" came back and I went back on the meds. After trying several subliminal programs I discovered that without hearing any positive affirmations my mental loop was free to run its course.

I used the 'Freedom from Depression Now' program and straight away felt better because the affirmations are always audible. I used the program every day for 43 days and felt happier and lighter than I can remember.

The results were exhilarating and better than I imagined. In fact it completely changed my thought pattern. I am now depression free for nine months. I love life. And I strongly believe Mike Brescia is the genuine article. I am forever in his debt.

Craig Perry, Australia.

Order Freedom From Depression Now!


Dear Mike,

I had been having difficulties with meeting my boss' expectations last year. We had started on a bad foot in October 2003 -- my first day working for her was only two days after I was in a car accident and had a tough time figuring out a new job while recovering from a back/neck injury that I tried to ignore.

When I listened to your "Freedom From Depression Now" program I was struck by how some of the affirmations really made sense in a way that I hadn't realized before. I didn't realize that depression could be related to feeling powerless to change circumstances that did not meet my needs.

I didn't notice anything particular -- not right away. What I did notice, however, was a hugely improved way of relating to my boss. I didn't worry about her so much... What she thought of me or whether she was happy about a particular thing. I just did my job. About two weeks later, my boss mentioned that I'd been "doing a great job lately."

Months later in my review she noted that she was not sure what I was doing differently, but that I should keep it up. That my performance was better, I was calmer, and actually working/struggling a little LESS about work and keeping up better with my family obligations.

I don't know what it could be, except for listening to the Think Right Now "Freedom From Depression Now" program. I highly recommend it.

Thanks, Shari Carle, TX

Hi Mike,

I have fought a life long battle with depression and liked to think that I 'managed' for the most part. I realize now that I have spent most of my life in a miserable struggle. Last year things took a nasty turn for the worse. I had a breakdown and thereafter suffered severe clinical depression for many months. I see my GP regularly, take medication and have regular appointments with a psychotherapist. I was off work sick for an eight month period.

I discovered your site while searching the web for useful information for depressions sufferers; it was one of the most important finds of my life.

I listen to your "Freedom From Depression Now" program three times a day; morning, early evening and before going to sleep at night. I found quite quickly that this worked well for me.

I was terrified and I mean literally terrified of starting work again. I still have days when I wake in the morning with that same dreadful fear; sometimes I don't sleep the night before because I am so afraid. Listening to your program really helps, it calms me down and I can deal with my life and put thoughts and fears into perspective. I have come to think of your program "Freedom From Depression Now" as a good friend. The thoughts and messages go with me into my work and my home life.

When I stopped being so afraid of dealing with the issues in my life, stopped procrastinating, broke them down into doable chunks and got on with it my whole life became so much easier.

I have always wanted to do was write a mystery novel; I love reading this genre when it is well written and I've always liked to think I had a half decent book inside me. When the illness came along and chopped me off at the knees I felt I would never complete a day's work again let alone write a book. I was wrong, everyday I spend my lunch break working on my first novel. I am now into the fifteenth chapter. I have also written ideas for the next two novels.

These and so many other things make me realize that I have so much to be grateful for in my life. The words I listen to each day on the 'Freedom from Depression Now' program have helped me realize this. I now see myself as a person who achieves what I set out to do. There are no insurmountable problems, only areas I haven't finished dealing with yet.

I have wonderful people in my life and you are one of them, the fact that we have never met is irrelevant.

I said I would try not to go on too long and I'm afraid I did anyway; a few short words couldn't possibly have told you how much you have helped me.

With heartfelt love and best wishes to you and yours and for all you wish for in your life.

Chris Newsham, England


Dear Mike,

I am 66 years old and my husband has Parkinson's disease and I am his sole caretaker. You can imagine that I had a need for your "Real Self Esteem Now" and "Freedom From Depression Now" programs. I purchased both of the programs and started playing them every morning before I got out of bed and every night when I went to bed.

I inevitably went to sleep and never heard the last part of the programs. I believed that I was not benefiting at all because I was convinced that I HAD TO STAY AWAKE to soak in the affirmations. Weeks passed and suddenly, and I DO mean suddenly!!!! one morning while I was making breakfast I heard myself humming Dixie! I was shocked! Dixie? Of all the songs for a born and bred Yankee to be humming the last one would be Dixie.

From that day on I became aware that my "attitude" was changing a little more each day. I began playing your music CD's during the day and studying harder with a better level of energy. (I have been studying Currencies/Forex trading with a mentor for 3 years.)

I realized that everything about my every day was different... better, more up-beat, more hopeful. I felt better about ME, about life in general, less a victim.

Then I ordered more of your programs, Setting and Achieving Goals, Accelerated Sales Success and Financial Abundance. After all I was training myself to enter into one of the most stressful and difficult of positions, that of a "Forex Currency Trader"!

I started faithfully 'going to sleep' listening to these new programs.

Did they make a difference? You bet they did! The only example that I can give you is that within six months I "graduated" from being a "student" of trading to having people travel in from other states to spend a day with me to learn what I could show them about
the studies on the trading charts!

These programs are the difference between, an old depressed, worn-out woman who didn't believe tomorrow even was worth waking up for, and someone who listens to music, is actively trading Forex markets (very successfully I might add), teaching other people and STILL doing all the work necessary to be a caretaker of an invalid!! I dance in my living room to music, I have lost about 32 pounds, (not because I had a program for the express purpose but because I just like myself better and want to look as good to other people as I look to myself.)

Nancy English Vinal, Nevada


Order Freedom From Depression Now!

Dear Mike,

I ordered the Think Right Now "Freedom From Depression Now" and "Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now" Before I bought these programs I was having what I thought to be really bad panic attacks, to the point where I could not get in my car and drive by myself. My doctor told me that this could be the start of menopause, and some anxiety, but I just felt horrible all the time. My doctor wanted to give me pills to take, but I didn't want them. I was having a lot of stress in my life at that time. My husband's health has been deteriorating from diabetes and osteoporosis, I had my two daughters getting married within 7 weeks of each other, and I work full time.

When I decided to order your programs I was at my wits end. As soon as they hit my mailbox I opened them and listened to them, followed the relaxation techniques, and immediately started to feel something different about myself. I listened to the Anxiety program at night while I slept for the first month. I started to exercise again, and from then on I have been listening to it every morning when I get up to start my day. After the first month, I was able to drive by myself and go shopping by myself; it was amazing. This program has been a godsend for me.

I now take it on all my trips away from home. I am never without it. As a matter of fact my counselor I have been seeing for several months asked me to borrow it, and she has ordered several from you to use for her other clients.

Thank you so much for the caring and support.

Jayne Fenstermaker



Dear Mike,

Your Think Right Now Audios & Paperback book have helped me immensely at work. I've made some of my best presentations at work since absorbing the information from Think Right Now. I've tried many other things to help me like Toastmasters & other reading & audio series on public speaking but none have made me excel to the level of the Think Right Now programs.

My boss has stated twice now in the last two weeks in front of my peers at meetings how impressed she has been of me over the last two weeks. What a confidence booster! Self esteem is soaring upward now! I have work associates asking me to speak at their meetings on different work related topics. I feel more important & special inside. Talking in front of groups has never been one of my great assets or talents. I fear it at times. I was nervous inside which hurt my performance.

The only way you can get better at things you fear is to just do it more often. I'm finally increasing my confidence level in front of my peers & just relaxing & being myself. Thank You Think Right Now!

James Turski, Ohio

Dear Mike,

I ordered your "Freedom from Depression Now" program and I was so surprised when I noticed a subtle shift the next day. When I woke I felt lighter, less anxious and I had slept better. After a day or so I also found that I had lost my sugar cravings and that is HUGE! All this from a program for depression, go figure. For the first time in several years I am sleeping without the help of the sleep aids I had been using, herbal and/or prescription. It has made such a difference for me. It's been just a couple of weeks and my energy is back!

I look forward to working again, and I feel so much more positive. I am noticing the joyful things in my life again. Here is something I never expected and something I am so grateful for, I am making better choices about food because the cravings are gone.

I feel more refreshed when I wake up and if I wake up during the night I can fall back to sleep faster; felt less anxious right away and no longer experiencing anxiety and nervousness; have lost my sugar cravings; don't feel irritable; my self esteem has improved 100%; more energy; feel more positive about my life

Mike, thank you for this program, you are truly a gift from heaven. I am spreading your message to everyone; it doesn't have to be so tough, put Mike under your pillow and feel better!

Terry A, CA



Dear Mike,

I received your Freedom From Depression Now two weeks ago. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy listening to the CD. I have struggled for many, many years with long-term, low level depression, and more recently with acute clinical depression. My spouse left me, taking all of our cash (over $150,00) and assets in his name. He then spent ALL the money on an attorney attempting to gain sole custody of our three lovely daughters with supervised visitation imposed on me. I was left drowning in debt trying to hire and attorney to defend myself. As you can imagine, I felt as though I had been run over with a hundred Mack trucks! In the end, I remained the primary caretaker for our daughters, and now I am trying to put back together the pieces of my life that remain. I attempted to enroll in a research study at the National Institutes for Health as a means of generating some income. I was informed that there were two groups in the study: (1) those with a genetic component for depression and (2) those without the genetic component for depression. I was also informed there was a good chance given my family history, that my depression was genetically influenced and that the group with a genetic component was full. They were not allowed to tell me what the test results were, but I would be called only if I were needed for the group without the genetic component for depression. I gave a blood sample for DNA testing, and was never called. I began to wonder if there were any hope for me as I had struggled for so many years and had so many odds against me.

I should mention that I am medically retired from the United States Marine Corps and suffer medical conditions that cause tremendous pain and fatigue. Sometimes it's hard to know if I am depressed due to the illness or if the illness is worse due to depression! I tried taking anti-depressant medication. These medications caused me to be hurled into a major depression. They cause me to sleep nearly 24/7 - I could hardly stay awake. The more sleepy the drugs made me, the more drugs the doctors gave me. They assumed that I was becoming more depressed and that I needed more drugs. This went on for a year. I was finally able to stay awake during the day when I stopped taking the drugs, but I had a hard time convincing the doctors that the medication was causing the excess sleep.

After a few days listening to Freedom from Depression Now, I noticed that I was spontaneously awakening at 7 a.m. with a desire to get out of bed and get the day going. My main inner drive these past many years has been for sleep. Every morning I would say "If only I could sleep a few more hours." I am beginning to show a drive to accomplish some of the more mundane tasks that would previously overwhelm me - a load of laundry or cleaning out my car, for example. Even the fact that I am sitting here at the computer early in the morning before my children awaken is a testimony to my healing.

I particularly want to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL affirmations. I was surprised that there were so many varied affirmations, and I am touched by the loveliness of the wording. Sometimes when I'm with my children, I offer to listen to a CD of their choosing, thinking that they would prefer something else. But they interject quickly that they want to hear Freedom from Depression Now too - they love listening to it as much as I do.

I wasn't sure which CD to buy first - I have so many challenges right now. I settled on the Freedom from Depression Now CD because it was all that I could afford. As you can tell, it was money well spent!

I listen to the CD every night - I turn it on before I get into bed and let it play and repeat throughout the night. If I am getting ready for bed or taking a bath at night I will turn it on before I actually go to bed and get an extra 30-60 minutes of listening. I will also let the CD continue playing in the morning as I am getting ready for my day. About 2-3 times a week I will play the CD while I am working in the kitchen. I take the CD with me daily in the car and get additional listening time in when I am able.

I can't thank you enough for your part in my healing.

Annette M. Yunker

Order Freedom From Depression Now!


Dear Mike,

About 3 weeks ago I received your "Freedom from Depression Now!" program. I have listened to it faithfully every night, in the middle of the night when I can't sleep and in the morning when I wake up. I have been fighting depression for ten years plus now, my mother is bipolar (takes multiple meds) and my father took his own life with a shot gun in February of 2003. Needless to say this "thing" was handed down to me. In the past I have had lots of up and down days. On days when I am up I pray that it will continue to the next day. On days when I am down I have a hard time facing my life and my loved ones.

Everyday I feel guilty about not being able to live my life to the fullest. I always wish and pray for something to just make me change... I don't keep in touch with my family, I waste day after day not accomplishing anything, I eat lots of fast food, I drink lots of rum, I lay on the couch, I don't exercise even though I know it makes me feel better, I don't like bright sunny days because I feel guilty that I am laying in the house. My house, my finances, and my life are a mess because I get overwhelmed by everything and never move forward! Until the past three weeks...

I started feeling better immediately after listening to this program. I am scared to stop listening to it because of how good I am feeling and I am scared to lose this feeling of well being. I have had the strength to resist drinking to forget, I have been walking for exercise and to clear my mind, I have been making good food choices, I am starting to reconnect with family members that I have avoided and I haven't wasted a day watching TV for three weeks. I am moving toward goals of change and growth. I feel great! I don't want to lose it!

Very Sincerely,
Candy Austin, CO



Dear Mike,

I've been listening to the "Freedom From Depression Now" program over the past few weeks. Here is an actual experience and when I tell people, I explain that it's not just that you don't think the same--but PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY, you don't react the same ---and that is what is so FREEING---YES FREE-ING.

I worked as an assistant to one of the top directors to our company. We worked on grants and big stuff, translate that as STRESS!!! When my boss would call me into her office to meet with her, I would physically feel my stomach pull in to a knot. This stopped after me starting listening to the "Freedom From Depression Now" program. I now feel comfortable with my superiors. Two weeks after listening to the program I noticed when I was called into my boss's office, my body stayed in an emotionally and physically neutral state. No clenching into a knot in my stomach.

I realized it later in the day. Your programs WORK!! Try them and you will notice a big difference in yourself---get freedom!

Sincerely, D. Gonzlaes

Dear Mike,

I have only had your "Freedom From Depression Now" program for a short while but immediately when it arrived it went straight into my walkman and I listened to it every night and am still continuing.

I found it easy to get on with FREEDOM FROM DEPRESSION and change has been coming, slowly at first because I had masses of 'excess baggage' that had to be cleared. The most radical change for me has been gradual acceptance of myself as a real loving caring person; things have become a lot easier without my actually noticing and a gradual daily but small improvement in self-esteem.

This may not sound a major life-changing event but believe me I was bullied, told that I was worthless etc. and so I will continue with FREEDOM FROM DEPRESSION until all the old 'worthless' beliefs are dead and buried and I can set off with a new and worthy set of principles and a rock-sold belief system.

Thank you THINK RIGHT NOW, it is a brilliant concept and it works.
Petrina, London UK


Dear Sirs,

I am currently using your "Freedom From Depression Now" program and am noticing some really good results. I have only listened to it a few times, but am seeing the difference in my behavior. I am on medication for depression, however this program really helps.

Here in New Jersey, we have not had sunshine for a week, and it has been rainy and downcast, but I feel so calm about it, as if whatever the day brings I can handle. I find myself laughing for no reason, and just feeling lighter in general, whereas I usually feel a heavy sadness, a heavy weight I can't describe because of my thoughts. This program is awesome, I can't thank you enough for the relief it gives me. I usually can't do much during rainy weather because it turns me off, my appetite and my motivation, but I am now able to do light tasks and make the most of my time regardless of the forecast. Feels better!

Ever yours,
Ruchira Felton

Dear Mike,

I ordered your "Freedom From Depression Now" program last fall, at a time when I was suffering a particularly tenacious bout of depression. I listened to the program at least once a day, usually when going to sleep.

It only took a few weeks until I wasn't feeling depressed any longer. Instead of wasting energy in depression, I was able to focus on an important personal project which took off beyond my expectations and is now keeping me active and busy. At first I found the statements on your tape somewhat difficult to understand and accept.

The background soundtrack is deeply soothing and relaxing. Within a short time, I found myself consciously repeating some of the positive affirmations from the program. That's when I knew I'd overcome the "demons"!

Since using the program, I've had one brief period of the blues, but have not relapsed into a full-fledged depression. I feel good, and more than that, feel that I have reliable tools for maintaining a healthy mental state.

Best regards,
Susan, Paris, France


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Dear Mike,

One and half years ago I purchased the "Freedom From Depression Now" program. I listened to it every night before bed for six months at first, then a couple of times per week since then, and I can truly say that I feel much better. I have been fighting depression for 20+ years, seen numerous counselors, been on several different drugs, but I feel your ideas have helped me a lot.

Thanks, Arlyn

Hi Mike,

A little over two weeks ago I ordered Freedom from Depression Now with the idea… what if it helps?! I'm not sure why I didn't acknowledge my depression sooner, probably because I grew up in the "just buck up" era and didn't think anything like that could apply to me.

I have been getting your ezine for quite some time and when I finally looked at the description of someone depressed, I saw myself. I also saw myself in many of the testimonials. Normally a positive, active, healthy, high achieving mom/grandma/ entrepreneur, I simply was not myself. I couldn't sleep, was not motivated, always sluggish, irritable, and the worst thing was my self esteem had taken an incredible jolt. I simply did not recognize the person I had become.

I ordered Freedom from Depression Now and I was so surprised when I noticed a subtle shift the next day. When I woke I felt lighter, less anxious and I had slept better. After a day or so I also found that I had lost my sugar cravings and that is HUGE! From a CD on depression, go figure. For the first time in several years I am sleeping without the help of the sleep aids I had been using, herbal and/or prescription. It has made such a difference for me. It's been just a couple of weeks and my energy is back! I look forward to working again, and I feel so much more positive. I am noticing the joyful things in my life again. Here is something I never expected and something I am so grateful for, I am making better choices about food because the cravings are gone.

Mike, thank you for this CD, you are truly a gift from heaven. I am spreading your message to everyone; it doesn't have to be so tough, put Mike under your pillow and feel better!

Terry A, CA



Dear Mike,

What can I say except thank you for putting in so much research and time into developing your Freedom from Depression program. As the CEO of a not for profit health charity in Australia I deal with hundreds of health professionals every day. I have been working in the health industry for over 25 years. I run a mental health program providing psychological services to hundreds of patients in Eastern Sydney and I suffer from depression myself.

My marriage broke down recently and I was severely depressed. Not wanting to go public with my own mental health problems I set out to find something that was low cost and could help me get through the rough patch. I can't remember how I found your program but I am very glad I did. I listened to your "Freedom From Depression Now" program as many times as I could in the first couple of weeks, especially when I went to bed. I first thought it was a bit weird having affirmations repeated in a slightly different tone with emphasis on different words, each one three times but when you are feeling depressed you are willing to try just about anything. The results were astonishing.

I was very surprised to feel significant changes after using the program for only four days. My thought patterns felt very different. Originally I was a bit skeptical. How my thinking has changed is very difficult to explain but what I can say is that it was worth giving it a go. What did I have to lose? A few dollars!

After listening for only one week I was able to confidently make some decisions about my future. My self esteem was no longer in pieces and I felt like a human being again. I know it sounds too good to be true and I have no reason to give you any unrealistic praise but the more people that know about your programs the better off the world will be.

I think the major benefit has been that I feel different. Not just a bit different but amazingly, substantially and considerably different. I understand that thinking and feeling are two totally different concepts but when you are thinking right you naturally feel better.

So in summary Mike, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me more
than you can imagine. I would have no hesitation in recommending your program to anyone who wants rapid, life changing results.

Kindest regards

Kevin M Reid, Australia

Dear Mike,

When using "Freedom From Depression Now throughout the evening when I start seeing signs of being bored or taking life for granted, I will put this program on and the next morning I notice an attitudinal shift of being grateful and seeing the magic of life once again. After playing this program very low during the evening on auto play I see the following results:

I am very optimistic, positive and grateful and whenever I see signs of depression I will stop and write in my blessing book all the wonderful things that have happened that day. It has become a habit now to write down all the miracles and blessings in my book which has made me more aware of the blessings surrounding us every moment when we just take a few moments to notice and to be aware.

I am very grateful to have this wonderful support. Thanks so very much,

Mia Margaret

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I've been using Freedom from Depression now for about 3 weeks. I can already see changes in my life. Depressive thoughts occur to me, but tend to "slide off my shoulders" much more easily. I especially like the music component of the program. When I am tempted to get into "dark circles in my mind", I can start replaying the music, and this helps. I teach high school math in a very tough urban school. The program has really helped me to remain steady and focused on success, in spite of the difficult circumstances around me.

When depressive thoughts come, they tend to melt away, or at least melt away much more easily.

Linda Arnold, AZ

Hi Mike,

I have suffered a lot of trauma in my life and have always found that by dealing with it on an internal level, that is, changing my thinking and becoming refocused on the positive, I can achieve my goals. I have completed my training and assignments and qualified as a Life coach in 2004. In 2005 I completed my training and qualified as an NLP practitioner and have been in the process of setting up my own business. In December of 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the help of your Freedom from Depression and Dissolving Panic and Anxiety programs, I am focusing on making a full recovery and not feeling like such a victim. I am now my own best client and am using the Think Right Now online programme and CD's to change my thinking and help me on my spiritual healing journey. I intend on being a better human being and a better coach to my clients at the end of this journey!

Many thanks for the great work which has been of huge benefit to me.

God Bless You,
Bernie Coffey




I'm 32, grew up East Coast and moved out to L.A. to be an actor at 23 yrs old. I was doing fairly well, working hard booking stuff here and there, but I often felt afraid, lost, and ANGRY. At 27, I was doing yoga 5 days/wk, meditating, praying, eating healthy - just about all veggies - a super healthy guy. Out of the blue I was diagnosed with a very cancerous (adult medulloblastoma) brain tumor. The tumor was successfully removed and I got a boatload of radiation to my head and spine, not to mention a year and a half of chemo. The whole time I had a great attitude and "knew" that I was just passing through. I used to say, I don't have cancer, I've just got this thing in my head. The real problems started after my chemo was done. I was basically starting from ground zero in Hollywood. Having been around for years and not having done anything in awhile, my muscles had all atrophied so I felt weak and vulnerable, and I had little desire or qualifications for anything outside the entertainment industry.

I struggled for a few years, unhappy and making my wife miserable. I finally found your Freedom From Depression Now program. I have seen huge gains, and in many ways I am back to my old self: seeing the silver lining in every dark cloud, setting goals and achieving them, and enjoying my life. We now have a two year old son who is fantastic and I wrote, produced, and starred in my own super low-budget movie that is now getting distribution; we hope to have it in Blockbuster by this summer!

Thanks for your help, Mike!!
Sincerely, Jamie Gannon


I was a health mess (won't list all the issues here), had spent many weeks in the hospital and many more weeks in rehab and went home a week ago yesterday. I was scared to death and scared about the quality of life I no longer felt I had.

In addition to some supplements, my daughter told me she sent a portable CD player and 2 of your programs: I am Healed Now and Freedom From Depression Now. I played I am Healed Now for hours upon hours, literally 24-hours per day from Thursday afternoon until 2 days ago when I had literally worn out the CD. It was skipping and getting stuck too badly to listen to anymore. On Monday morning I woke up feeling "good" for the first time in a long time and it had hit me that some of the affirmations were things I needed to focus on. I have always been a very negative person and because these programs are geared toward developing a positive attitude, I feel they are definitely helping me realize that I can heal myself and not give in to others telling me I will never be able to live alone or take care of myself. I've been very independent most of my life, but unfortunately have made many wrong choices.

The program I am now listening to, Freedom from Depression, together with the other program has given me a more positive outlook on life. I'm very grateful to have these tapes in my life. They have given me a lot of encouragement. I know that I need the Self-Esteem program next, as that is and has been one of my big issues -- lack of self-esteem. I will listen to the Freedom From Depression until I burn that one out too. By the way, I have been walking around without my walker for the last 3 days. I'm now doing my own laundry, showering by myself and I know I will be fully healed...Thank you for making these wonderful CD's!

Alicia Diamond, NJ


Hi Mike,

I'm so excited to finally write to you. Oh gosh, I don't even know where to start. Please read my entire letter. I don't know if anyone has had as quick and as weird of a success experience as I have, but hopefully you can share my story to inspire others.

I've been using two of your programs - Freedom from Depression Now & Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now for about seven weeks now 24/7, (its true).

But let me go back way before that. I have been battling with depression and anxiety/panic attacks since I was a child. The anxiety/panic attacks I attributed to my mom's genetic gift to me. It runs in the family. The depression was an unwanted side effect of all the abuse - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - which my father had inflicted on me and my sister.

So, as you know, my adult life reflected all that negativity. I have attracted situations and people in my life that allowed me to relive all the negative "stuff" I didn't want to relive. All the emotions I relived and felt over and over again. But, each time, it was worse and deeper than before. Depression and Anxiety were just two of the culprits. They were really bad. Every night before I went to sleep, I prayed that I wouldn't wake up the next morning. Then I would get mad at God because he woke me up and gave me another day to live. It was that bad! And, of course, it affected everything else in my life - job, relationships, friends, you name it. 2005 was the year that broke it and I really did hit rock bottom. I lost my job.

My volatile and co-dependent relationship ended with the jerk blaming me for everything. We were engaged but, in reality, he never intended to marry me. Just wanted to shut me up and still keep me around. I lost my apartment. I had to live in my car for about 2 weeks. A 1993 Honda Civic! This car was so old that the suspension didn't work anymore. Every time I drove, it felt like the bottom of the car was scraping the ground. Then my car broke down and was beyond repair. So I had to sell it to a junkyard just to get a little money. I had to stay at my parents until I "got back on my feet". All this happened just in the first 10 months of 2005! I locked myself in the bedroom and wouldn't go out. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I spent a lot of time online looking for jobs and at the same time feeling unmotivated, worthless and empty.

I don't even remember exactly how I ended up at your website. I know there were days when I would be crying while searching for jobs online. I think on one day I was so desperate that I searched for something and, somehow, I got to your website. I scraped up whatever money I could and ordered 3 programs - Depression Now, Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now, and Financial Abundance. This was back in late December.

On January 3, 2006 I passed out and banged the back of my head on the tile floor. I suffered a contusion (bleeding in the brain). I also had extremely low blood pressure. The paramedics took me to the nearest hospital, and then transferred me to another hospital which specializes in Neurological cases. I was considered in critical condition. At this point, I literally wanted to die. I closed my eyes and just prayed over and over to let me go. So, it wasn't a happy new year for me. I thought I would start the New Year fresh by listening to your programs. But, now that this happened, I thought it was a sign of what to expect in the year ahead. What a way to start a new year!

The doctor had released me to go home after less than a week at the hospital. My case wasn't surgical but it was still very serious. The programs already arrived by the time I got home. I didn't listen to them right away, because I was still in shock from everything. Depression, Anxiety, every possible negative emotion was running in the red zone. Physically, I was already in bad shape. But mental, emotional and spiritual pain made it worse. I felt so lost.

At home, I was bed-ridden. The pain was excruciating. I would get dizzy with the slightest movement. I couldn't even talk much because it hurt so much. It seemed like everything I did was connected to the pain in my brain. Let me describe how painful it was... Open your hand. Then place it on the back of your head, like you would hold a basketball. Press your palm hard into your head. Then close your hand and grab as much hair as you possibly can. Then pull back as hard as you can, as if you are literally pulling all that hair off your head. That's what I felt 24 hours a day!! The only way I could stop feeling the pain was to take painkillers and sleep. So I slept a lot.

One day I thought. If I'm going to "lie in bed all day", I might as well just listen to them (the cds). While I slept, my cd player was constantly playing. The only time it would stop was when I would stop it because I had to go to the bathroom. And, every time I wake up, I would switch back and forth between cds...then back to sleep again. So, I guess you could say that my bed-ridden condition was a blessing in disguise. I really did listen almost 24/7!

Both Freedom from Depression and Dissolving Panic & Anxiety were extremely powerful. Even from the first time I listened, I already sensed something shifting inside me. not just in my head, but also in my heart. Now at about 7 weeks, the internal shift has been significant - Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. I am hopeful, calm, and grateful. I laugh more, even though it hurts my head to laugh. I stopped crying after the first week of listening to the cds. I feel more at peace now, like "everything is going to be ok".

I bought a blank journal book and I dated it "January 2006 to?" This is my "Goals Book". I wrote a list of goals. The things I want and the things I wanted to do before I die. I even smile big as I write them. Some are silly (like eating ice cream flavors I've
never tasted). But I was ok with them. I just kept writing. and I was smiling and laughing the whole time!

I still have the swelling in my head and there is still bruising in my brain. My head still hurts and I still get dizzy. But these are all "Physical" stuff. I've conquered the mental, emotional, and spiritual in one big blast. Now, I am ready to conquer the physical stuff. That's why I just ordered I AM HEALED NOW!

Whew! Honestly, I never pictured myself writing any testimonial before I listened to the cds. Now, I feel lighter. Hopefully you would be able to share some of what I wrote with others. You really are a "Chosen One". What you do is your calling and mission. I know that you have helped others to "BE" the Chosen Ones of their own. But it's up to us to find that path or purpose of what we are chosen for.

Thank you again for doing what you do and for healing so many people world wide.


T.B.R. California, USA


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Dear Mike,

I have been battling with depression since my teens. Finally, at age thirty three, I sought professional help. Therapy was a slow and painful process; however, it did help alleviate most of the symptoms. Unfortunately, even after three years, I was not completely free of the depression. I was just able to manage it better. After searching for another alternative, I found your website. Three months ago, in November of 2005, I ordered the "Freedom from Depression NOW" program, listened to it every night, and it truly changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.

After the very first night of listening to it, things started to change for me. Whenever a negative thought would come to mind, it was immediately replaced by a positive affirmation from the program. It became difficult to hang on to any negativity. Soon, my whole outlook started to change. I felt more positive about myself and my ability to handle life's challenges. I had more energy, felt less overwhelmed, and began to truly see ways to make changes in my life that were right for me. The best part was that people around me started to notice the changes as well, especially my wife. Depression, by its nature, hurts more than just the sufferer. By freeing myself from the depression, I was lifting a tremendous burden from those who love me, too.

Let me say that it does take a certain amount of determination to beat depression. Luckily, your support team was excellent. After the first month, I had a hard time listening to the whole program. I was "rejecting." I emailed your support team and followed their advice. In a matter of a couple of weeks, I was back on track. Ultimately, I achieved in a few months what years of traditional therapy could not yield. My therapist agrees that now I am no longer depressed. I have you and your team to thank for that. I hope my story will inspire others to take the first step and finally rid themselves of this devastating condition.

Thanks to my new found freedom, I am addressing other areas of my life that I want to improve. I am considering several options for a career change, as I no longer feel that I am stuck with my lot in life. I am able to see opportunities to become more fulfilled. My life is brighter and lighter. For the first time, I am facing life without fear. I have begun exploring issues regarding my relationship with members of my family. I am learning to trust myself and not to seek their approval or the approval of others. I am also learning to deal with criticism, taking from it what I need to improve myself, but not letting it beat me down. Even though I have been successful, I continue to listen to your program regularly as it keeps me anchored in being positive and optimistic.

My therapist suggested that I also need to strengthen my self esteem to avoid regressing back into depression. That is why I would like to try your "Real Self Esteem Now" program. I believe that it will be integral to my long-term success. Thank you for all the good you and your staff do.

Sincerely, James, Ohio


Before I used the Freedom from Depression program, I often thought that I did not have the right to be happy when others around me were angry or upset or the world wasn't perfect for other people or there was war in the world. I decided that I can be happy when others are not, and I've just pursued my own interests and interests with my daughters and I'm just a much happier person than I used to be. I began to see results within a couple of weeks.

Lisa - Eagle, ID

Think Right Now has become a family affair for us. My 15 year-old son is listening to "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" and it's been amazing. He's gone from an unmotivated youth in just 30 days to creating concrete goals that are realistic. Saving his money for a car, got the job and everything. It's amazing. Some things just turn my head back around.

My husband is listening to "Freedom from Depression" and in less than 30 days, he's no longer immobilized for the entire day. He's able to bounce back within hours. He doesn't beat himself up repeatedly over mistakes, and he's able to enjoy his life more and more as we go on.

I'm currently listening to "Eating For Excellent Health" and that has also been pretty amazing. The things that have bound me in the past, it's like a bail coming up and I'm able to detach myself from food and be able to just make conscience decisions, but not have it become the focus of my entire life.

This is an AWESOME way to cure problems without beating yourself up entirely as you go through it. I have recommended it to my daughters, to my mother, to anybody that I can possibly talk to. I think it's the most awesome thing in the world because our brains are constantly recording things. I would consider any other type of information that came through Think Right Now and would also consider using them at a later date.

Shay Freeman- Kansas City, MO


Dear Mike,

Henry Ford once said "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." I agree with that statement so very much. I was struggling with depression for probably most of my life and started taking medicine for it five years ago. I was on the meds for four years. For the last year that I was on the meds, I listened to the "Freedom from Depression" program occasionally. At that point, I didn't need to hear it very often and so I would alternate with other programs. After going off the meds I occasionally dealt with slight down moods. Then I would listen to your "Freedom From Depression" program at night while sleeping. It WORKED!

Within a day or two, I no longer felt myself going down the negative thought producing world of "I don't deserve to have good things happen to me" and "I'm not good enough". I continued to listen to the program to prevent a relapse. I listened for a few weeks and then started listening exclusively to the other programs which are about eating right and finances so they were not at all related to the depression.

It's been many months and I haven't felt down at all. I felt so much better that a few months ago a friend of mine was struggling with depression and was in the hospital for it and when she got home I gave her your "Freedom from Depression Now" program. I haven't missed the program at all. It's wonderful knowing that I've been cured and will never need to go on meds again.

Thank you very much for all that you do and keep up the great work.
Eternally grateful,
Ellen, IL

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Hello Mike,

My name is Maddy and I am a HUGE fan of your Think Right Now audio programs!!
My life has changed in so many ways from using your audio programs it's hard to be specific, as I have yielded the benefits of using three of the programs - Freedom from Depression, Setting and Achieving Goals and I am Smoke Free Now.

I swear by the Freedom from Depression program. It has totally turned my life around and I no longer have any depression...truly a miracle, and I send you blessings for this.

Setting and Achieving Goals has really given me a boost and I am slowly, but surely moving in the direction of my dreams, and have no doubt that I will accomplish that which is my heart's deepest desires.

Now, for the hardest thing I've ever wanted to accomplish in my life, and something I never thought I could overcome - smoking! Since listening constantly to 'I Am Smoke Free Now' I am happy to tell you that I have been nicotine free for 1 month and 2 days!!!! My addiction to nicotine has been my life's worst inadequacy, and I am over the moon about having quit and staying quit. Healing this addiction is doing so much for my life...so many changes...so many challenges...yet such an opening to healing my life in so many ways.

Mike, the work you are doing, and the miraculous effects it is having on peoples lives all over the world, well...God bless you, is all I can say...God bless you!!!!

Thank you for being so committed to your work and to your passion; I am so very grateful for all that you do!!!!

With great sincerity,
Thank you so much!!

Maddy Anderson, CANADA


Your Think Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs are rocking my world. I sent for your "Freedom From Depression Now" program, and it was no less than FANTASTIC.

Back in November 2005 I was at a very low point in my life. I was fighting a habit that was getting the best of me. I Prayed and Prayed for God's help. I saw your programs and asked God to help me with my problem by using your programs. I listened every night before going to bed. I even fall asleep listening. Within two weeks I felt victorious and that I had turned a corner. I didn't have the urge to continue the bad habit.

It has been four months now and I am totally free. I used to dream of inventions years ago, but being depressed I no longer dreamed of these things. I now dream again of new inventions, I am happier, and I feel that there is nothing that I can't do. The program has given me confidence beyond belief.

Thanks again, it feels really good knowing that I am FREE.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I've got almost all your programs. I've been listening: at night going to sleep; in the morning sometimes, upon waking; whenever I'm 'on a drive' in my car. I started out with "Freedom From Depression Now"; moved on to "Setting and Achieving Goals Now". I then ordered "Real Self Esteem Now" and loved it. I can't remember the one I'm listening to now, but it homed-into me even deeper than the others, more appropriate for me at this time. Like some deep, wonderful, nourishing food for my Mind and my Spirit, even for my Soul. Deeply, deeply nourishing.

I've felt more and more an ability to connect at will with my subconscious mind. I've been training myself (for a very long time now) to relax consciously during the day. I've felt a greater ability to 'slow down' inside, to look and listen, to hear the voice that's currently playing in my head, to decide whether I want to be on 'autopilot' or to step off that path and be more 'choosing in the moment'. That's working for me more and more. I'm into practicing and learning to teach others EFT, and that's a great toolset to use with your CD's and programs, I find. I have to tell you Mike that I am so grateful to you for how you shared yourself so openly with us in your book.

I love your newsletters. It is as if you are talking just to me. Your thoughts were like my own. That's the power of 'releasing' with EFT, too: getting to the thoughts, and tapping and releasing the tied-up energy with them, and by doing so I release myself to Action. I don't think I'm out of the woods yet; but the dips down aren't so deep anymore, and I'm feeling truly supported by new thoughts that are seeping into and popping up into my thinking. When I don't know 'what else to do' at any moment in time, I just start listening to a TRN CD on my portable player, and I feel re-grooved and get back on track to being the person I truly want to become.

I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks and a big dose of gratitude your way for giving me access to messages that are truly powerful, empowering, and are helping me to change my life in the direction I've been wanting to for 37 years now. I've had big dreams all my life, and wondered how I was ever going to be able to realize any of them. Now I know how.

Thanks so much, Mike.
Jeff Merson


I listen to the programs either in the morning or afternoon and again when I go to bed. I listen to both programs everyday, two hours a day. Before I got your programs I would spend most of my day in bed too overwhelmed with everything to move. I had blocks to doing just about everything, including brushing my teeth. I'm happy to say that I start my day now being grateful for a few minutes. It wasn't till a few days after I was doing this that I realized that it was on the program to start your day being grateful for what you have.

I also have gotten up out of bed in the morning for about ten days now and exercised for half hour to an hour, and I'm actually enjoying it! My thinking is a lot clearer, and I'm now looking around for things to do. My responsibilities are a lot less overwhelming and I feel like I don't have as many problems. I also been ringing friends and family up for a chat and have visited a couple of them. I have a new found energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you. I'm only 27 years old and this has been I great burden on my life for a long time. It feels like a miracle. It's only been sixteen days. I can't wait to see how I feel, and how much my life has changed after ninety days.

Kind Regards
Anne Clarke, Australia


Order Freedom From Depression Now!

Dear Mike,

I have had several setbacks in the last few years. I lost my husband to stroke, then in November of 2005 my mother past away. I was left pretty devastated by these deaths and due to a back injury and subsequent pain I had to retire from my profession.

At this point I went into a deep depression. Although I am a person of faith and prayer I could not seem to shake the depression and get my life back in order. I let things go that should have been taken care of and became more apathetic and uncaring.

I was searching for some reason to keep going. I started to subscribe to the Think Right Now Newsletter in December 2005. After a short Time, I ordered the freedom from Depression Now and Dissolving Panic and Anxiety programs. I began listening to these tapes at least once a day. Soon I was back making a to-do list and actually setting my alarm to get up and get some tasks done that should have been done months before. During this time of depression and worry I have put on a lot of weight thru inactivity and indifference. The next month I ordered I Love to Exercise Right Now and Eating For Health Right Now. I have begun to listen to these programs in my car and when I go to bed.

I have a long way to go, but since listening to the programs I am rapidly improving and moving in the right direction. I have started losing weight, attending Church regularly again, and taking an interest in hobbies that I had lost interest in. I am finding it easier to make important decisions and anxiety and worry are not my constant companions since listening to the programs. Thanks for letting me know that no situation is hopeless and that anyone, any age can have a better tomorrow if they can "Think Right."

Thanks Again, Mary


Dear Mike Brescia:

Let me thank you for your programs!!! They are a godsend!!! I have ordered "Freedom from Depression Now!", "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Financial Abundance Now!" and have been using them religiously. Wow... they are dynamite for the mind. I am a board certified hypnotherapist from New York and moved to Colorado to take my profession (game) to the next level..,

I have seen major improvements in myself since utilizing your technology such as:
a) I've eliminated blaming self and others for the lack of success and progress in my life
b) Said good bye to the shame others game
c) See the source of my compulsive addictive behavior and corrected it.
d) I have increased awareness of mood swings, frustrations and fears and have made adjustments in my internal and external attitude.
e) By increasing focus, visualization and the proper level of acceptance to financial abundance, I am able to recognize opportunities more readily and execute my plans.

Thanking you again for everything!

Sincerely yours,
Ronnie Dozier

I listen each night when falling asleep. Since I've received "Supreme Confidence Now" I've set my timer to continuously loop the CD program for two hours each night. I listen to the affirmations while I get ready for work in the morning. I've been using these programs for several months. I've used "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" and "Freedom From Depression Now!" off and on and felt some improvement, but I had a hard time really committing to them. (Serious depression makes it hard to do what you need to do). I've been listening to "Supreme Confidence Now!" since it came in the past few weeks and the changes have been unbelievable!

The benefits are astounding. I've had more energy. I've had more motivation. I've been calmer. I've had very little trouble sticking to my healthy eating goals, and have seen my binge eating nearly disappear despite a stressful work project. My mood has improved so dramatically that I'm scheduling a doctor's appointment to go off of my anti-depressant. I've been sleeping less and still have oodles of energy. I've had a HUGE project at work to complete in too little time and I've taken it in stride. In fact, I am very proud of the results. I've exceeded my expectations and my boss's expectations of what we could accomplish. I've spent more time on my appearance. I've gotten some exercise every day (most days after a full work day). Then in the evenings I've been a whirlwind of activity at home. It is so amazing!!! At first I didn't attribute the changes to the program. I figured I was having a couple of good days. But now that it has been every day, I've realized it is the program. The changes are absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see how much better and better my life becomes as I continue playing this program. Thank you for your hard work!!!

Thank you and many blessings to you!
Lori Manning, TX


Dear Mr. Brescia,

Just a very quick note to thank you soooo very much for your programs!!! I have been looking for these half my life!!! They are awesome. I have to tell you since using "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!", "Accelerated Sales Success Now!", "Freedom From Depression Now!" & the Think Right Now! for Windows, something has definitely kicked in and I'm zooming! My energy level is back, my business has picked up to the point my computer has to be replaced; it can't keep up! I've paid off large debt, my house is straighter than it's been in years and I'm well on my way to getting my life back in order! I can't thank you enough!!

Another fabulous point I'd like to make is my normal schedule of 14-17 hour days will soon be history as the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" program is pulling all my thoughts together so well it seems I'm instinctively becoming far more proficient in every area of my life! Thank you!!!

I wish you Godspeed and blessings over your entire life!


Cecilia "Ciel" Barbee-Poole

Dear Mike,

I have ordered five of your programs "Freedom From Depression Now", "Setting and Achieving Goals", "I love Exercising Now", "Eating For Excellent Health Now" and "Real Self Esteem Now" and I am thrilled to tell you how amazed I am at what a difference they have made. I noticed a change in the first few days. Over the years I felt that if only my thinking would change I would be able to accomplish some of the things I have always wanted to. I was always labeled as LAZY and I bought into that and believed it for many years. I am just now realizing that I'm not really lazy but was just living out of a mind set which I couldn't seem to change. Thank you, Thank you! I am now setting goals and I'm on the road to achieving them.

This e-mail is proof of the change because before I would have procrastinated and never got around to writing it. I actually cleaned my closet out yesterday and have signed up at a gym to start an exercise program. As I close I must tell you no one has ever in my lifetime told me not to overdo anything... in fact it's kind of a joke around my house that Mom will never overdo anything... but yesterday my husband actually said and he was dead serious, "Honey, don't try and do too much". When it dawned on us what he had just said we both had a good laugh.

Thanks again! I now understand the scripture in the Bible that says, "As a Man Thinks, So Is He".
Thanks again,
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