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"You'll Get So Goal Oriented,
Every Single Part Of Your Life
Will Get Better"

If You Want To Be, Do and Have More In Every Area Of
Your Life, Get Setting & Achieving Goals Now!
It Will Blow You Away


In every book, tape or seminar on goal setting, there will usually be the part that gives you the 3 or 7 or 10 steps to effectively setting and reaching big aims in life. If you just follow these principles, it would appear that you couldn’t fail…

...So why do 97% of all people fail to reach any really important objectives, only succeeding (if ever) on the 27th attempt... after years of trying and failing?

It’s not for lack of information. The "how-to" is everywhere.


It's what you think that counts


While it’s true that there are proven steps and principles to setting and achieving even the most challenging of goals, you first have to be mentally ready and willing to do what you need to do to get all your outcomes in life.

Every day. Every hour. Every minute...

...And Setting and Achieving Goals Now! installs the inner drive of the world's biggest goal achievers into your being.

To be effective and happy, you must become someone who can persuade yourself to do the "dirty work" so you can get the rewards you want.

Because it’s only when you can convince yourself to do what you must that those “7 Proven Steps” to effective goal setting will ever come into play.

Only then will you be able to persuade others to help you, make a difference, get what you want and become who you want to be.
That’s what Setting and Achieving Goals Now! is designed to do.

You could know all the steps.

You could plan it all out.

You could know what and who you need to work with.

You could have pictures of your goals all over the place.


... If what you really want deep inside is to have the benefits without doing everything necessary... you’ll never ever come close to achieving even your smallest of desires.


Judy Lin has stopped starting and stopping, starting and stopping and has joined the ranks of the self-employed, starting her own fitness studio for women in West Los Angeles, California.
"I needed a 'many times a day' dose of thinking right... I have integrated a lot of the thoughts that the tapes have planted in my brain. They address problems that I didn't even know I had... I feel this is the best thing I could do. My husband told me that my whole attitude has changed... I'm acting instead of just talking..."
Listen to a few segments of Judy's interview.

- Judy Lin, California

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What Causes Both Success And Failure

You see, over the last 18 years, I've seen literally thousands of smart, brilliant, talented, motivated people fall on their faces over and over again.

And in every single case, after examining their beliefs, attitudes and their emotional patterns, they are "running" some or many of the 11 mental patterns of failure and are woefully lacking in many of the 11 mental patterns of success as it pertains to their specific goal(s).

(To learn more about these patterns and how easily they can be changed, go to our home page now.)


"It's amazing "

"Think Right Now! has become a family affair with us... Some of the things my 15 year old has done through Setting & Achieving Goals has my head whipped back around. It's amazing!"

- Julie Murray, Oklahoma

"I received the Goals program a few weeks ago. My background is in clinical psychology, and have been exposed to the NLP. But knowing what to do and applying it are two different things. What I found with this tape, only after a few weeks of listening to it, is that the incongruence between my actions, and the things that I know I need to do now bugs the heck out of me. I now find myself very uncomfortable if I'm engaged in a non productive activity, like if I'm sitting on a computer reading email, instead of making phone calls.

I've always been the world's greatest procrastinator. I've never sat down and made lists, wrote goals, listing steps on how to achieve my goals, and now I find myself actually doing those things because I'm uncomfortable not doing it. After only a few weeks exposure to your stuff, I'm deeply impressed and am recommending it to all of my people. I love your programs."

- Elmer Blanchard, Arkansas

"I work hard all day, but now I feel totally motivated and lighthearted and I'm enjoying the process. I love the product, and I recommend it to everyone I know. I feel everyone can benefit from these products."

- Jian Tan, California

More Setting & Achieving Goals Now! Successes


You've heard the old axiom that every action is preceded by a thought?

And because it's true, it's virtually impossible to set a big challenging goal that you've never reached before and expect to achieve it without changing in your thoughts, attitudes and core beliefs to support a whole host of new, unfamiliar and possibly frightening decisions and actions.

Make sense?

Well, what each Think Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs is designed to do is modify your thoughts, which change your attitudes, which alter your emotions which change your actions and behaviors.

Our audio program Setting & Achieving Goals Now! is an absolutely amazing, proven behavior modification program that, if used as directed, can literally help turn you into a driven goal achieving machine. And we've made it so simple, anyone over the age of 10 can use it to help them achieve amazing things.

Big claim, I know. I'll prove it.

Repetition is the mother of learning. And Think Right Now! programs use the famous Suggestopedic accelerated learning method created by Dr. Georgi Lozanov to teach your mind the actual mental patterns (beliefs, attitudes, emotions) of the greatest goal achievers of all time.

To learn more about this accelerated learning method, click here to go to our home page.

The most successful people in all arenas of life have two very distinct types of mental patterns.

First, they let the mistakes, setbacks, tragedies roll off their backs. They have the ability to shake off fear and drop old habits so they can continue moving toward their major objectives at full speed.

Second, they have incredibly empowering, enabling positive beliefs and attitudes... the kind that give them the faith, confidence and determination to try and succeed at just about anything they can dream of.

So using two very different types of statements, Releasing and Installing, your mind will be conditioned to literally re-groove your mental habits, to mold you to be more and more like the greatest achievers who ever lived.

With first-person present-tense self instructions, in triplicate, cluster-bombing your old mind-set, you will be forced to believe and truly embrace a new set of extraordinarily positive realities, ones that you could not even imagine having right now.


"...it's been relatively effortless"

"I've used programs in the past that haven't been able to affect the changes. And I had a strong nature in procrastinating, writing things down and get going... Procrastination is something I've struggled with my whole life...But now I've got the motivation to get things done. I listen right before I go to sleep, so it's been relatively effortless."

- Joel Smithgall, Florida

"Mike, thank you for your CD's and newsletter. I purchased three programs, Goal Setting, Sales Success and I Love Exercising. This year, my income has more than doubled - from $52,000 last year to over $116,000 so far (with one more quarter yet to go!!!). I've listened to the Goal Setting tape and enjoy reading your newsletters. I look forward to getting more from your programs and wish you continued good health and happiness."

- David Brock

More Setting & Achieving Goals Now! Successes

The Patterns You Will Release

40% of the statements you will hear on Setting & Achieving Goals Now! are Releasing statements.

These are phrases that teach your mind to trust and believe that you have already let go of, transcended, are bigger than, have risen above, are free of and have been forgiven for doing and not doing things that have created repeated failures in your life.

These hundreds of audible statements are critical to the process of turning you into an incredible goal achieving dynamo. They will help to prepare you to embrace the Installing statements that you will hear as you progress through each of the program's two re-patterning tracks.

You will hear and soon know that you have, indeed, replaced the thoughts and beliefs that create the unwillingness to do what you must with new empowered, motivated attitudes that create determination and faith.

These statements will force you to buy into and embrace these thoughts, attitudes and beliefs:

You feel forgiven - Some of the most common and devastating sets of emotional patterns we've found in those who don't achieve their major aims are guilt, shame, disgrace and embarrassment for not being, doing and having more. While these can be motivators at times, mostly they serve to ruin self-esteem and destroy confidence.

That is why in Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, you will be taught that you have finally forgiven yourself for any and all failures you've had in your life, forgiven for ever lacking direction, for making mistakes and not getting certain things done, for ever doubting your abilities and for ever feeling like a failure and not feeling worthy of making a greater success of yourself. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, you have let it go. With repetition, you will ultimately believe these new beliefs deep down. So you'll feel able to go after whatever dreams you have without the baggage of the mistakes, losses and the humiliations of the past... an important burden to be free of.

No more vague dreams - There are few things that cause you to quit so easily as fuzziness over what your goals actually are and low standards. You've got to know where you are aiming right down to the millimeter. If you do, then you will know if you get off course the moment it happens. Unclear outcomes can not inspire you to greatness. That is why you will hear over and over that you've replaced vague dreams with detailed goals and written action plans; replaced carelessness with attention to details; indecision with certainty in your convictions.

With these new attitudes and habits, you will be preparing yourself for greater and greater challenges and spectacular accomplishments. From now on they won't just be dreams.

You'll know in your heart - The need to be constantly told you did a good job is for babies. It is a pattern we never found in the world's greatest achievers. To them, it doesn't matter what others think about their accomplishments. Always needing to be reassured with pats on the back, with awards and ceremonies to validate your achievements is a sign of self-centeredness and of lack of confidence.

That is why, in Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, you will hear 1st person commands that you are free of the need for extra recognition over and above what doing your best does for you naturally. When you go after meaningful goals in all areas of your life and work daily toward their realization, you will get all the admiration, the credit and whatever else you deserve. You won't have to go looking for it and you won't need to toot your own horn. I guarantee it.

No fear - Fear can be a great motivator, but we've found that the top performers in every field of endeavor spend a lot of time thinking about successful outcomes and planning for it and imagining each step toward their goals. Yes, staying aware of roadblocks, mistakes and potential problems are still a big part of their days, but fear of these things never takes over.

That is why your mind will be soaked with the new belief that you are free of all fear of failure and success in whatever you attempt. With this as your reality, you will be open to go after any dream you could dream. When nothing shakes you, nothing is beyond your grasp, no goal will be too big or too scary ever again.

Just keep hitting the "play" button and it will be so.

Procrastinate no more - No matter what your objectives happen to be, you must always be aware of momentum. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Like a tidal wave, when everything seems to be against you, it's very difficult to turn the tide, to lessen the damage or to get started on brand new projects. But for champions in all fields and disciplines, getting going is not a problem. Turning bad luck into good is what they do best.
That is why, in Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, you will hear over and over and over that procrastination is a thing of the past, that the uglier the task is, the better you like it, that putting jobs off is for other people, not the champion that you are.

And when that is your mental reality, that is exactly who you will be. Then no success will be too big for you to attain.

You accept it all - When mistakes happen, when setbacks inevitably occur, when poor decision are made, when things look bleak, in three milliseconds the average person is blaming everything and everyone but themselves - truly feeling blameless. Most people complain about how hard the job or how hard life is, how it's not their fault, how they "didn't really want to" do this thing in the first place.

But winners in life, those who succeed despite the work involved, despite the problems, the odds, the bad breaks, despite how long it takes... those people accept the responsibility of their actions no matter what. It's not just a great policy for others, feeling responsible is a battery charger, it's attractive. It attracts partners, friends, investors... it engenders trust. But even more valuable, it creates geniuses... people who believe, "If it is to be, it's up to me" achieve more and appear smarter than everyone around them.

That being what we found in the most successful people in all fields of life, in this program you will be bombarded with these attitudes of responsibility. So no more with you point fingers, blame circumstance. From now on, you will get where you are going no matter what direction the wind is blowing and no matter what problems you face. You will ultimately achieve your goals no matter how tough the going may be. You will be the ultimate team player and everyone will want to be on your team.

No "Pie in the sky" - On the list of bad habits that prevents success in all arenas of life, one of the worst has to be the setting of goals that are just so unrealistic, it would take a superhero to achieve them. Now to be clear, there are few unrealistic goals, but there are unrealistic time-frames. For example, losing 50 pounds is possible for anyone that has that much extra weight to lose, but to set a goal to lose it all in a month is ludicrous. It could only happen if you don't eat anything for a month and if you run 5 miles per day. See? Unrealistic. And this habit is as common as the common cold. When you can't possibly reach your objective, it will become obvious pretty quickly, and so you'll quit completely. Failure.

But champions set high yet realistic goals with realistic time-frames, have realistic schedules and have extraordinarily high rates of success.

When you let go of all traces of "wanting it all NOW," you will achieve more faster, with less stress, with more peace and a much higher opinion of yourself all along the way.

Yup, you'll release all these rotten patterns and so many more by using Setting & Achieving Goals Now! as directed.

If you want to achieve more in your life, then eliminating the ways of thinking that stall you, that cause you to freeze, that create fear of failure and success, that make tasks look impossible, that cause you to quit is not an option...

...It's a necessity.

To hammer home the point, imagine you are in a small boat miles from shore and you've sprung a leak. The water is rushing in, filling the boat. You can empty bucket after bucket, trying to get rid of all the water that is sinking your boat, but unless you patch the hole, you're probably going to sink.

That's the way it is with clearing out your unsupportive mental patterns. If you don't get rid of the reasons for the fear or reluctance to doing a specific task related to your goal, you can kiss that goal goodbye before you even begin.

Setting & Achieving Goals Now! can and will help you eliminate the unsupportive blocks inside of you if you'll simply keep hitting the "play" button as you are directed.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.
And it will also finish the job...

The other thing champions in life have in addition to having great unconscious mental "releasing" strategies is owning nearly unstoppable empowering beliefs and attitudes... automatic unthinking habits that make them feel strong, confident and nearly unstoppable.

THAT is what the Installing statements on this program with give you...


"I was often overwhelmed...not any more!"

"Mike, I got a few of your CDs. The one that I keep going back to is "Setting & Achieving Goals ....."
My job is very busy. I was often overwhelmed by it. Not any more. Often in the middle of some crisis the messages would just come to me and help me through (I transcend deadlines, I do the most important task on my list first ....).

I listen to the audios whenever I can and it is like plugging into a friend. They clear my brain and stop my thoughts flying all over the place. The advice is so common sense and practical. Keep up the good work...Kind regards.

- Eileen Mann

"Dear Mike:
I have been using the Think Right Now for Windows program and The Setting And Achieving Goals tape for a few months now. I use the program every day and listen to the tape each night when I go to bed.
Before I started I was not confident in my abilities. I felt I was moving backwards rather than forward in my career and unworthy of attainment. I started setting goals and began writing them down with timeframes. Listening to the tapes and affirmations really helped me think positively and to value and
appreciate myself more than ever before. I now have higher sense of self, worthiness and respect for myself. I believe in my abilities and my learning capacities so don't get threatened or anxious when confronted by a difficult task anymore. I just do it. Last month I applied for a new position, with a higher status, in another organisation which I had believed I could do. I got the job. I am so much more happier within myself and have a higher belief in what I can achieve. I will continue to use Think Right Now to achieve my goals.

Thanks to YOU Mike."

- Neri Osman

"In October of 2002, I started listening to Think Right Now's Setting and Achieving Goals program when I went to bed. I set a target that month to do $30,000 in sales volume by the end of the month. I woke up energized and eager to go to work on achieving my goal... which I did! I attribute my success to a combination of purpose, prayer and technology (courtesy of Think Right Now!). Regards,"

- Robert Vanden Heuvel
Editor, Health & Wellness 45-Second Newsletter

More Setting & Achieving Goals Now! Successes

Your Goal Achievement Foundation

As the Releasing statements on both re-patterning tracks make way for the Installing statements, you will be commanded to embrace a reality that, currently, you may not be able to fathom...

These statements have been specifically designed based on our research of the most effective, big-thinking goal achievers in all fields of endeavor.
One after another, in triplicate, your outlook will be brightened with positive, empowering beliefs and attitudes that run through the minds of the most accomplished people. Just like the axe that fells the tree on the thousandth swipe, these statements will ultimately install in your these realities:

Action - Failures hide from their responsibilities, they don't set goals, they don't plan ahead, they don't anticipate problems and get blindsided by them, they make the wrong decisions routinely, they procrastinate, they waste time in all variety of "IN-activities." They may be "busy," but little or nothing "important" gets done.
If this describes you up till now, don't hang your head.

By listening the Setting & Achieving Goals Now! routinely as directed with it's Accelerated Learning format, this and all the patterns below will literally be installed into you. You will be changing. Maybe slowly at first, but it will be happening. And when the little changes start to add up, you will begin to build momentum. Just as it takes each grain of sand to make a beachfront, your small actions will build and build to create achievements and to create a person who is so goal oriented, it will astound you and all of the people who have known you for years.

Learning - Reaching for and achieving truly big things in life requires not just action, but knowledge - often very specific knowledge. Not knowing what to do or how to do it is a core ingredient in the recipe for failure. Most people fail not because they don't know what to do today, but because they don't go learn what to do tomorrow. It's so sad because the "how-to" is everywhere and much of it these days is FREE. So there is no excuse to fail at anything because of lack of information. But the average person "sees" learning (getting knowledge) as painful drudgery, as boring, as a cruel kind of punishment.

That is why one of the primary patterns installed in this program is a passion for learning everything you can toward the realization of your dreams. Knowledge alone is only potential power. But the right knowledge combined with laser-focused action can attract practically anything and anyone you want into your life. That's why hands-on experience is such a valued commodity in this world. And through Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, your love of learning will grow and grow.

And so will your self-respect, your skills, your opportunities and your accomplishments.

Honesty - Today as always, it's hard to put a price on trust. Because there are so many people just waiting to get one over on "the other guy," it's hard to know who to trust. But because working with others in some capacity is so central to achieving great things, if you can develop and maintain a rock-solid reputation as an honest to the core person whose primary concern is developing win-win relationships, then you've got a huge advantage over just about everyone.

That's why this remarkable audio program will continually hammer the point that you are as credible as can be, as concerned with your relationships as anything else and worthy of enormous trust. And when that becomes what you believe to your core, it will come out in your words, you will multiply your ability to persuade others and achieving your goals will give you more joy than ever before.

Achiever - The single biggest reason that people don't achieve individual goals throughout their lifetimes is that their self image does not match the image of a person who does possesses the goal or who has the qualities to reach and keep the goal.

For example, when someone wants to increase their income from $30,000 per year to $60,000, in order to reach it and maintain it, it is critical that their self image is that of a $60,000 per year worker. They absolutely must feel capable and worthy of this amount of money, not logically, but emotionally. This is not only the most important mental pattern, it's also the most difficult one to change. If you have ever achieved a long-term goal and after a period of time went back to your old ways, it's primarily because your self-image never changed... you still saw yourself as a person who did not have what it took to maintain the new set of habits.

That's why in Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, you will hear dozens of re-patterning statements designed to elevate your self-image to that of a champion, a winner in all areas of life, a person who gets what they want, deserves to get it and who feels great joy on all levels while getting it. When this "Achiever Image" switch gets flipped all the way "On" in you, there is practically nothing that can stop you from accomplishing anything you desire.

Determined - You could have absolutely nothing else going for except desire and you could still achieve the most astonishing things in life. No education, no contacts, no looks, no bloodlines, no talent to speak of... just determination to succeed no matter what. History books are filled with amazing stories of people who had nothing except a cast-iron will to win and so they did.

That is why your mind will be infused with new, powerful beliefs that you will do whatever it takes to reach your major ambitions in life until you take your last breath. Whatever you want, in each area of your life, you will go and go and go until you succeed.

And then you will reach for more.

These are the inner mental patterns of the most accomplished people... people you watch and read about, people who create, people who lead and win, people who you admire and want to be like. And now, with the help of Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, people like you.

Deadlines - The difference between most "home study" courses and schools where you actually attend classes is that the traditional schools have success rates between 4 and 10 times greater than the "go at your own pace" approach. That is also the difference between goal oriented superstars and most everyone else...

...they give themselves deadlines - dates that they must achieve their outcomes by. Dates "set in stone."

That is why this program's Installing statements work to fill you with the attitude that deadlines are a good thing. A great thing. A priceless tool in your goal achieving arsenal. If deadlines only stress you out now, that will soon change.

Soon you will grow to love them, to look forward to them to practically live for them. Won't that be a pleasant change?

Focus - Some of the most difficult kind of losses to accept are ones where you miss your goal by the tiniest of measures... losing on the final shot, losing the promotion because of a single botched assignment, failing a test by one point. There are a million other examples. And they are all painful.

The one common thread in all "close but no cigar" failures is that with just a little more focus, just one hour more of practice, the tiniest bit of attention to just one detail and a crushing defeat would have been a glorious, possibly life changing victory.

For that reason, Setting & Achieving Goals Now! is filled with attitude altering new beliefs that will help you gain laser-like focus on the details related to your most important objectives in life. When the pressure is on, you want to instinctively perform at your best no matter what distractions may be present. And that is what this program was designed to help you do.

Today is the day - Time waits for no one. No day can ever be lived again. Most people literally waste their opportunities by wasting their time and then cry about having no time to do all the things they want to do... and truly believe it.

It's amazing how much impact a few great habits can have on a person's life. Habits like placing a high value on your time. Habits like using spare moments to learn, to finish projects, to do errands, to pick up after yourself, to plan, to organize. Habits that failures scoff at.
Setting & Achieving Goals Now! installs and strengthens this view about the truly enormous value each day brings you with it's affirming beliefs washing over your consciousness with each listen. And when these new empowering beliefs become you at the deepest levels, your value will increase by many times in so many ways benefiting yourself and all those whose lives you touch.

Your best is good enough - The saddest kind of failure is to have done the best you are capable of and still feel like a loser. Sometimes the scoreboard or the time clock simply doesn't reflect the whole story. When you can only "succeed" by hitting a nearly impossible benchmark or only by outscoring a stronger opponent, then doing even the best you are capable of can still feel like failure. But that viewpoint can serve only to de-motivate you, to steal a moral victory.

In most cases, tomorrow will arrive, so that is why this program is designed to keep your enthusiasm and your faith high by helping you to do your best and, just as importantly, to be satisfied with your best.

When you can technically "lose" and still keep going without missing a beat, you will have a life of distinction, a life filled with joy and enormous accomplishment.

Obstacles - Any aim worth reaching for will not be easy. It will have obstacles. There may be people who want you to fail. You may have countries and entire populations against you. You will make mistakes. You'll have setbacks. Poor decisions will be made somewhere along the way.

That is simply the way it is.

People who quit a lot or who never start in the first place, see these obstacles as too much to overcome. They want success to be given to them. They don't want to risk anything at all. But those who give the most and who achieve the most see obstacles as normal, as expected, as just part of the experience of succeeding.

That is why Setting & Achieving Goals Now! is so focused on building in you the attitude that you perform the best when it counts most... that when the pressure is on, you light up... that anticipating and overcoming even the most painful problems is what you do best.

Win-Win - Generally, people will only work with you and help you achieve your own goals if there is something in it for them. Whether they be employers or employees, business partners, family members, friends, or even phone clerks you will never actually meet, you must give people what they want to get what you want in return... even if that thing is just a smile or some other "common courtesy."

If you don't often get the cooperation from others you desire, perhaps it's because you need to focus more on "giving to get."

In this audio, you will hear many statements designed to get you automatically thinking about what you can do to make other people want to help you. When you automatically seek win-win relationships, you will get your way far more often than you ever dreamed possible... all without having to resort to forceful means.

Satisfaction - The rewards of setting and achieving meaningful goals in life can be many. But sadly, way too many people get to where they wanted to go and find that they don't want to be there... even when their new accomplishment has enhanced their life in dozens of ways.

A major difference in these people and the most effective people we studied is that the top performers get more joy out of their accomplishments, they get a lot out simply going after their dreams. Part of their "reward" for succeeding is in the reaching itself. Plus, they see their personal growth inside as just as important as any material benefits they receive.

That is why Setting & Achieving Goals Now! is so focused on creating in you a true passion for being your best and in achieving more than you can even conceive right now.

When you truly love what you do, what you become and what you receive by going all out in life... well, that is what I call a champion!

Note: As you can see, this is not some ridiculous subliminal audio program quickly assembled with words "hidden" underneath some music or ocean waves, making it impossible to determine whether there are any words at all under the music/waves. Every statement is audible (you can hear them). So you know exactly what is going into your mind.
Keep hitting the "Play" button

Yes, by listening to Setting & Achieving Goals Now! as directed, you will get these and many more benefits...

... so many more it's staggering.

With the spaced repetition and the Suggestopedic format, it's literally impossible for you to use this as directed and not be more goal and achievement oriented.

As you continue to play the program while you sleep, relax or just in the background, your thinking will soon begin to change on a conscious level. Your self-talk will begin to be even more positive. You will begin talking yourself into doing more and more instead of talking yourself out of your achievements.

More and more, the time you put into goal achieving activities will feel like invested time instead of drudgery.

You will get work done faster and with fewer mistakes, but when you do make mistakes (oh yes, you will still be human), they'll feel a whole lot smaller...

...as long as you play the program as directed.


"They are awesome"

"Dear Mr. Brescia:
Just a very quick note to thank you soooo very much for your programs!!! I have been looking for these half my life!!! They are awesome. I have wanted to write to tell you that since using 'Goals,' 'Sales' & 'Depression Free' & the Window's program (against your advice to use all at once) something has definitely kicked in and I'm zooming! My energy level is back, my business has picked up to the point my computer has to be replaced; it can't keep up! I've paid off large debt, my house is straighter than it's been in years and I'm well on my way to getting my life back in order! I can't thank you enough!!

Another fabulous point I'd like to make is those 14-17 hour days will soon be history as the "Goals" program is pulling all my thoughts together so well it seems I'm instinctively becoming far more proficient in every area of my life! Thank you!!! I wish you Godspeed and blessings over your entire life!"

- JCecilia "Ciel" Barbee-Poole, Oklahoma

"Dear Mike, Thank you so much for writing "Today Is Your Day To Win". I have ordered 5 of your tapes and I am thrilled to tell you how amazed I am at what a difference they have made. I noticed a change in the first few days. Over the years I felt that if only my thinking would change I would be able to accomplish some of the things I have always wanted to. I was always labeled as LAZY and I bought into that and believed it for many years. I am just now realizing that I'm not really lazy but was just living out of a mind set which I couldn't seem to change. Thank you, Thank you!

I am now setting goals and am on the road to achieving them. This E-mail is proof of the change because before I would have procrastinated and never got around to writing it. I actually cleaned my closet out yesterday and have signed up at a gym to start an exercise program. As I close I must tell you that no one has ever told me 'not to overdo'...in fact it's kind of a joke around my house. Yesterday my husband actually said (and he was dead serious), "Honey, don't try and do too much." When it dawned on us what he had said, we both had a good laugh. Thanks again! I now understand the scripture in the Bible that says, 'As A Man Thinks, So Is He.' "

- Chloe Wilson, Florida

"Hi Mike:

My name is Stanley Ferguson...I live in Alaska. I have "Setting and Achieving Goals and Financial Abundance Now."

Setting and Achieving Goals was my first experience with your program. Since then I've made some serious changes. I'm a business man by nature, but I've always been too nervous to really follow through with any of my plans until I found your tapes. Since I've found your program, I took that huge step - with confidence- and bought into a franchise. I'm so excited because I have not experienced the "type" of nervousness that I've experienced in the past. In the past I would start out with a great idea but shortly after-wards, I would get overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Soon after that I would drop the idea. But with your program I'm still moving forward with a full head of steam.

I've been in my franchise for about six months and I am sooooooo happy. I have not quit. I feel good and as situations arise I handle them with the most upbeat attitude. Before I would've given up and talked down to myself. But never again. I describe myself as the "Former Lion in the Cage" - I'm free to conquer. I will succeed. Thank you and God Bless..."

- Stanley Ferguson

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As the empowering beliefs found only in the most accomplished individuals become part of you through repeated playing of Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, you will experience more success...

Look again at some of the Releasing and the Installing patterns (above) that this incredible Accelerated Success Conditioning audio will produce in you.

Ask yourself if you can acquire those automatic patterns by reading a book or by listening to an lecture.

Have you ever in your life gone to a seminar and found that your automatic, unthinking responses were changed to even remotely resemble those listed above?


Right you are... because it can't happen.

Changing from the way you are now into a superhuman goal achieving machine requires massive repetition of positive thoughts...

...In the same way you learned your multiplication tables as a kid.

...The same way that professional athletes practice the same motions until they're automatic.

The same way Broadway actors practice their lines so they can say them night after night without varying an inflection...

...spaced repetition introduced in the way it is given in Setting & Achieving Goals Now!

There just is no more effective way I know of!

Get this program now and start setting and achieving some truly uncommon goals.


"A lifetime of anguish has simply ceased"

"Mike, I bought Real Self Esteem Now and Setting and Achieving Goals Now back in July 2004.  I also bought a copy of the Think Right Now for Windows software since I'm in front of a computer most of the working day.

I've had the Windows software continuously running at work (and still do).

I don't remember the exact day, but I do remember the moment that I got my first inspiration.  I've been searching for over 17 years for my passion.  I've read every book ever written (just barely an exaggeration) on finding your passion and making dreams come true.  For years  I've felt hopeless in my search.

In April 2003 I took a weekend experiential course. Fast forward to November 2004.  While I was in automatic mode listening to the Think Right Now program I had a simple thought - my first inspiration about my passion.  There I was in my library of some 1500 books, doing what, I don't remember, but 'woke up' to find myself immersed in a book I'd studied 10 years earlier.  And before I knew it, a complete vision of my future played out in my mind's eye.

I believe that due to some combination of the April 2003 course, the Think Right Now program, and 17 years of searching, I got the idea to start my business and, most importantly, believed for the first time that I not only could succeed but would succeed.  A catalyst was needed; the catalyst I got in TRN.  I strongly believe that by using Think Right Now my mind was opened to receive not simply an inspiration, but a complete picture of as well as the mental tools necessary to lead an impassioned life: I had the "THAT's IT!" experience.

It was a complete picture; the first visualization of my future I ever had.  Not a 'what if', but a vision.  A lifetime of anguish has simply ceased.  I believe TRN gave me exactly what I needed.  Best Regards."

- Chris Iannone, California

"Dear Mike: I recently purchased one of your CDs on Setting & Achieving Goals and I am finding it very useful, along with your book Today is Your Day to Win.

I have set some goals and I am making progress. One area where I seem to have a HUGE stumbling block is in the area of love commitment. I have had this issue all my life. I am currently in a 5 year relationship and have had numerous episodes of recurring fear during this time. It's only now after listening to your CD that I have decided to do something about it, once and for all. Thank you for helping me come to terms with this issue. Many thanks for your help."

- Ken Tormey, Dublin Ireland

"Hi Mike, My grateful thanks to you for your CD's and the wonderful work you have done putting them together, truly excellent.

What I like especially is that you have worded the statements in such a way that the dissolving part of the process covers numerous problems, some of which one is conscious of and others that are buried and forgotten. Every time I listen to the CD's "Sales" or "Goal Setting" I am consciously agreeing with them.

This goes a long way to transcending and eliminating any buried and forgotten negatives that were previously programmed. Great stuff! I applaud you! I love you too!"

- Elane Towers, Perth, Western Australia

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And best of all...
You Can Try It Risk-Free For 6 Months!

Yes, Setting & Achieving Goals Now! is backed by a 100% Ironclad 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

That means, you have 6 months to listen to the program as much as you like... or as much as you need. And if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply return the program within 6 months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. There will be no questions asked and no hassles. Your decision to try this program is 100% risk free.

Listen: If you order now, today, I'm confident in just a few days you'll be on your way to becoming mentally ready and willing to do what you need to do to reach all of your goals, dreams and desired outcomes in life... automatically and without effort. All you have to do is click on the link below that indicates the format you want, and I'll rush Setting & Achieving Goals Now! to you immediately!

Mike Vrecia
Mike Brescia
Chief of Research
Think Right Now International


P.S. By the way, in the opening of the letter I mentioned that you can become someone who can easily persuade yourself to do whatever it takes to get what you want in life and properly plan every step of the way...And that's absolutely true. Even as few as five or ten minutes a day will make an impact. However, like anything, the more you do it (listen) the faster you will improve. And with Setting & Achieving Goals Now! (like all our programs), it's quite easy to listen for hours a day, if you want. The reason being: You don't have to pay attention to what's being said for it to work. You can listen in the car, while exercising, or while doing just about any other activity... you can even listen while you sleep! So there's absolutely no reason why you can't find the time to improve. And remember, it's effortless. Just pop a CD in, relax, and let it do all the work!

P.P.S. We are committed to serving our customers as quickly as possible. So, if you place your order before 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very same day! If you place your order after 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very next business day.


Dear Mike,

I have seen such an improvement and I am excited to share what has happened to me since I started listening to Setting and Achieving Goals at the end of December 2006

I'm a junior studying at a University. I wasn't quite sure if the program was working or not for a while. About two weeks after I started listening to it, I clearly wrote out goals for myself in different aspects of my life, and I would rewrite the main ones every morning when I woke (I still continue to do that). However, I didn't know that anything else was really different. In hindsight, I remember that I started writing smaller goals for every day (to-do lists) and I was more disciplined about following through and finishing whatever I had decided I would do that day. I don't always finish everything everyday, but I'm steadily getting better.

One of my main goals was to get a summer internship at a very competitive company. My GPA is good, but not competitive enough to get me a position there, but I kept listening to your program every night and constantly visualizing myself successfully performing steps along the way. They first contacted me for a phone interview. I spoke with a really nice man and he was supportive and I was able to answer his technical questions. At the end of the phone call, he told me he would talk to HR and see what the next steps were. I didn't hear back for about a week, and during that week I was getting really disheartened. I remembered advice about how most people give up before anything is given a chance to work itself out. So I kept listening, rewriting my goals, and visualizing, and then I was informed that I was selected for an on-campus interview here at my university.

This interview was a bit tougher, but I was able to answer most of his questions. 
A couple of days later, I was invited to fly out to the company for the final round of interviews. They put me up in a nice hotel, and I kept telling myself that I was competent. I took your program along with me for more guidance :). I kept visualizing how I wanted the interviews to go and for the most part, they went as I thought they would. There were a couple of things that I wasn't able to answer, but it seems like industry is more forgiving than academia (if you can look it up and have an answer soon, that's good enough for them, no need to memorize technical terms).

Two days ago I found out that they made me an offer! It's an excellent offer for 10 weeks in the summer and I am going to take them up on it! I wouldn't have been able to do it without my Goals CD motivator and those affirmations. I think the key was to not get discouraged along the little steps that are bound to happen. I would attribute my success to your motivation, my heavy studying during the interview process (which your CDs encouraged me to do!) and a little bit of luck. Well, luck favors the prepared, I guess!

I am beginning to see that I really can achieve the goals I set. In the past, I would set goals and I would achieve some of them, and not the others, but now I am beginning to see that the reason for that was because I hadn't committed myself to them with a single minded focus.

This success has inspired me to continue working on academic goals for this semester (even though I was tempted to enjoy a couple of days off). I am finding a focus and a guiding force in my life that is working with me to make me happier! I find that I am doing more, but enjoying everything more. Thank you so much Mike!!

I am really thankful for your programs. Thank you!!!

It is the great guiding organizational force for my whole life right now, and it is always there to keep me motivated.

Many thanks, Megan

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Hi Mike,

I used to be a dreamer and a chronic procrastinator and my life was a mess because of this. I would have great ideas and plans but instead of actually DOING something about them I’d put it off to some other day in the far future. In fact, I can’t tell you the date I bought your incredible “Setting and Achieving Goals” CD as I had that information stored on my PC, I ”put-off" backing up my computer and then lost all the info when my system crashed.

I knew I had a problem with procrastination and goal setting. I had bought some books on beating it but of course I didn’t read them immediately…I put it off! {Then I moved house and couldn’t find them when I finally decided I’d check them out!}

I bought your “Setting and Achieving Goals” CD - a couple of years ago but needless to say, I only listened to it once. Then I put it away to be listened to again…at some future date.

I stumbled across it again in June 2005 and decided to give it a go. Things were pretty bad, my life seemed to consist of a million and one things that I had put off and now needed to be sorted ASAP. The stress was really getting to me. I started listening to the CD before going to sleep at night and I also played it in the background as I worked during the day. Immediately I felt much more relaxed after listening to it.

Then, over the next week or two…I can’t explain it properly in words but… I just started DOING!  All of a sudden, I was ploughing through all those little tasks that had been hanging around my neck like an albatross.

I hadn’t consciously sat down and decided I was going to get going…it just seemed to creep up on me! Then I effortlessly moved on to the bigger tasks I’d been procrastinating over. I made lists of goals I wanted/needed to accomplish and then I worked on them…all without any of the usual resistance I had been plagued with.

Now when I come up with an idea, I effortlessly start researching and developing it. Since I started listening to your CD…

…I’ve started my own company and will soon be able to fire my boss!

…I’ve written 10 eBooks and am currently working on another

…I’ve launched 5 websites

…I’ve started selling products on eBay

…I’ve gotten engaged to my long-suffering girlfriend Tina

…I’ve learned to drive

…I’ve started a diet…and stuck with it

…I’ve paid off all my debts

…I’ve cleared “the million and one things” that I wanted/needed to do.

So essentially I’ve achieved more in the last 14 months that I had achieved in the previous 30 years…WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!

I am CERTAIN my success is all due to your THINK RIGHT NOW “Setting and Achieving Goals” CD.

Now when I come up with an idea, I effortlessly start researching and developing it…safe in the knowledge the dream will become a reality :)

Thanks Mike, Thanks for changing my life!
Colm Burke, Ireland

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"Today I am a successful business owner and run my own fitness company."
"I was researching the internet and found your website. I bought the "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program. I listened to it every night. After listening I would seek out new challenges, because I truly enjoyed them. I gave away accounts, I found bigger accounts. I realized the only limits I had are the ones I have adopted on my own."

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"I was able to finally focus on what was important to me and to make it happen without making any excuses."
"When I listened to Setting & Achieving Goals Now at the beginning of this year, I noticed that my motivation and confidence increased dramatically especially after the first month. I would never quit or procrastinate and I had more positive energy and confidence in my ability to accomplish my dreams. It also gave me the energy to consistently focus and follow up on both my short term and long term goals."

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"Right now, I am unstoppable!"
"Right now, my success seems to be much more in focus, and clearly doesn't seem to be any work. I can work 15-16 hours a day and not get tired. I really am motivated. I've accomplished some things that people would only dream about."

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"I now have higher sense of self, worthiness and respect for myself."
"I believe in my abilities and my learning capacities so don't get threatened or anxious when confronted by a difficult task anymore, I just do it!"

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"Without any effort, I've started focusing on what I've wanted to achieve in my life."
"I spend less time watching television and have joined swimming and badminton classes - placing more importance on my health. Because I have confidence in the future, I am willing to keep trying rather than simply giving up or procrastinating. I am more energetic and I can go the extra mile."

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