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"Your Self-Confidence Will Rise
Dramatically, Absolutely...
Your Credo Will Now Be,
'I Can Do It!' "

The human brain is thousands of times faster and more powerful than the most advanced computer. It's always learning.

And you have one.


You have amazing abilities and resilience built into you through many centuries of evolution. You can achieve remarkable things. You have the power to summon empowering emotions and success producing actions through the power of your mind.

But unless you believe it...

...Unless your underlying core beliefs are that you can indeed handle most any situation you are faced with; and unless your typical first thought in challenging, difficult or new situations is "I can do this," then you will live a life of fear, devastating failures, pain and losses you never heal from, embarrassment, depression, anxiety, senseless worry and lame excuses.

And worse, no matter how many successes you enjoy in your life (big or small), because you also have your share of less than successful experiences (mistakes, failures, setbacks, delays), you will feel 100% justified in your self-doubts, in feeling helpless in many situations and in worrying about what horrible tragedy will befall you next. So medication or alcohol to the rescue! You justify your "I can't" lack of self-confidence in one word...


But your self imposed limits are not "real."

They're just dreams... perceptions. Just pitiful ways of seeing yourself.

What else could it be - when others, seemingly, with a whole lot less innate intelligence, skills, looks and "common sense" than you beat you in everything.

Where does it come from when someone with fewer resources keeps picking themselves back up after dozens of terrible failures to finally succeed?

It's self-confidence. Belief. Faith. Trust.

Yet confidence, faith and certainty are nothing but emotions that come from a way of "looking at" a situation.

And so are doubts, insecurity and skepticism.

But where does doubt come from and how can it be overcome?

In our research comparing people who live with faith in themselves, with self-assurance and conviction and those who, in many areas of their lives, are beset with hesitation, fear, and feeling victimized by life, there was nothing whatsoever to indicate that people who have little self-confidence have far fewer abilities, intelligence, physical gifts or opportunities than those who enjoy even the very highest levels of success in many areas of life.

And they had no greater challenges and tragedies.

Yes, of course, there are cases of extreme beauty, opulent family wealth, extraordinary physical speed/strength, remarkable intelligence or innate social abilities that can give people what appear to most as self-confidence early in life.

But interestingly, we also found that in those "lucky" people, their built-in advantages did little or nothing in helping them succeed (peace of mind you feel in doing your best) in their lives. Quite often they have no greater self-confidence in areas outside the ones they got "lucky" in.

Yup. Many of the most beautiful people are the shyest; most people with the greatest "God-given" physical abilities never come close to fully utilizing them; many high-level geniuses end up working in menial jobs; many of those born to great wealth can't even survive on their own without Mommy and Daddy's support.

And history books are absolutely full of stories of the most impoverished individuals with few or no special gifts who have risen up to be some of the most happy, healthy and successful people ever.

What this means, we found, is that no matter what happens to you in life, good or bad, it's how you think about it which determines what you do about it, that in turn builds (or kills) your overall personal self-confidence.

And when you don't feel capable, you don't have accomplishment...

...no matter what advantages you were born with.

What you could have in abundance, though, is fear, frustration, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, panic attacks, anger, envy, dishonesty, excuses, feeling stupid and incessant worry.

"So how does a person become a 'glass half-empty' person, a negative person, a person who always finds fault, a person who always finds a reason why something won't work, a shy person, someone, a depressed person, a person filled with fear at the most inopportune times?"

A few answers are found below...
  • Physical disfigurement (real or perceived)
  • Too short/too tall, Too young/too old, Too weak/too slow, Too fat/skinny
  • Hair (color, length, too thin, too frizzy, too straight, too curly, bald, etc.)
  • Crooked/big/small teeth
  • Mistakes made, Emotional outbursts (anger, envy, fights), reputation
  • Character issues (lying, cheating, stealing)
  • Losing money (business failure, gambling, being cheated, overspending)
  • Job loss/no raise or promotion (downsizing, poor performance)
  • Being teased/picked on, Physical abuse (beating, rape, etc.)
  • Being object of harmful stories (either true or untrue)
  • Being threatened (told ahead of time what someone wants to do to you)
  • Not having any/much money (not enough to do what you want)
  • Dirty/rundown home/neighborhood, car, clothes, physical appearance
  • Injury/disability, Sickness/illness/disease
  • Divorce/break-up, Losing someone who helped/supported you
  • Physical/mental disability, low I.Q., Speech impairment
  • A dislike for school/studying - a desire to waste time (TV is a big culprit)
  • Drug/alcohol use/abuse
  • Lack of experience at something you are forced to do

These are the most common experiences in a person's life that can and do erode their self-confidence (both situational and general).

These events/situations can be immediately devastating or it can take many years for them to wear down the self-belief in a person.

But they don't have to at all...

Every single person alive experiences at least some and usually many of these potential confidence killing situations during their lives.

Yet there are many people who own many of these traits and/or have endured many of these situations and STILL have a high level of self-belief and certainty about their chances of reaching their most important goals and biggest dreams in life.

Those are the people whose mental patterns we studied when developing the Supreme Confidence Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Program.

What is especially noteworthy is that very few highly self-assured people in any area of life actually read manuals on how to become confident. For the best, succeeding and the resultant soaring confidence comes naturally.

Sure, you can learn about self-assurance from a book. But having a window into what confidence is and feeling it deeply, truly, in your soul is like the difference between hearing a description of a sunset and seeing it yourself.

A perfect example of this, unfortunately, is the millions who read the Bible daily, pray daily and profess to have great faith yet they still suffer from panic, anxiety and depression... Proof that in millions, sadly, their faith is shallow. Even though they read and pray daily, they get little comfort or strength from it.

So the challenge with trying to boost self-confidence, for most people, is that the issues at the root of low self-belief are most always viewed as conditions... as permanent, as fact, as absolute, something that cannot be changed. That is why simply reading a book, going to therapy and/or doing a few mental exercises or gaining competence at a narrow set of tasks often does little or nothing to boost self-confidence in all areas of life.

Supreme Confidence Now! is not a how-to manual. It's a behavior modification program that can install the minute-by-minute innermost thoughts and core beliefs of the most self-assured people who ever lived.

So if you want to give, be, do and have more and if you want to get the maximum amount of joy possible out of each and every day without mind altering drugs, then using the proven Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning technology found in Supreme Confidence Now! could be a super smart move.


"...a miracle started to happen."

"I ordered Supreme Confidence Now! just about as soon as it came out and was so excited about it since I had recently realized I did not like myself, just lost a job I have always wanted after only two weeks, took another test and failed it, was yelled at at work etc...etc...

I knew it is what I wanted and I try to use the affirmations and listen all I can to the CD. At first I rejected what was on the CD and then it caused anger, then I would quote an affirmation in the program in my conversations. Then a few days ago a miracle started to happen. I realized I have some talents that I had had before and stopped using. I also realize that I let what others think influence me to much. And I realized last night that I am a worthwhile person and a good person to know and be around! I have not felt that way in years! My sweet sister told me today on the phone that I am sounding like the old fun Karen. It made me tingle inside. I am coming back, I felt dead for so long and am coming back and I say a big "YES!!!" Anyway, thanks!"

- Karen Deem, Utah

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Introducing Supreme Confidence Now!

Supreme Confidence Now! was designed to assist anyone who gets stopped dead in their tracks on the way to doing things that would be a total blast. It is for anyone who has great responsibilities and needs to be brave as well as just look brave. It is for shy people and people who are depressed and anxious. It is for people who want to perform when the pressure is on... to stop choking.

Because those problems are usually just symptoms of feeling unable to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

Hey, happiness and enthusiasm for living isn't rocket science.

In a nutshell, it comes from accomplishment and confidence in your abilities with some modesty thrown in for good measure.

Your goal in using this program should be to explode your awareness of your enormous abilities.

Because when you are aware of your skills and talents at a deep level of mind, you will grow and be better able to use them to become a powerful person who can think and act quickly.

Keep in mind, though, that it is not the purpose of this program nor is it even possible for it to get you to feel stronger than the wind. You will not be able to "leap tall buildings in a single bound." So there is no danger in using this program as directed.

A simple, proven effective approach

Just like all of our Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs, Supreme Confidence Now! uses the Suggestopedic Accelerated Learning format, bombarding you with audible (you can hear them) mental re-patterning statements designed to help you literally let go of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that contribute to the behaviors like shyness, drug abuse, indecision and panic. Over a background of specially composed 60 beat per minute music, each re-patterning statement is in triple repetition to take advantage of how the brain learns best... by hearing things over and over.

[To learn about this accelerated learning format in detail, go to our home page. Then to return back to this page, just hit your "Back" button.]

Using two very different types of statements, Releasing and Installing, your mind will be conditioned to literally re-groove your mental habits.
With first-person present-tense self instructions cluster-bombing your old mind-set, you will be forced to believe and truly embrace a new set of extraordinarily positive realities, ones that you could not be close to having now...

Because they are found only in the most self-confident people who ever lived.


"As a man thinketh, so is he "

"I'm Mr. Skeptical when it comes to things like this but I can't believe the quick changes happening in me. A couple of weeks ago my wife was telling me about people learning and retaining information better through music. She had some "mouse test" story to tell me. My response was something like, "We're not mice."

Anyway, the next day I was going through some e-mails and saw your e-mail. I glanced through and read something about confidence. The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7 that as a man thinketh, so is he. So I thought I'd try it. Well, to make a long story longer, I started listening and from the first day I noticed a desire to get things done.

I'm flying around at work looking for things to accomplish with great confidence. I'm the general manager of the business and lately I had lost my drive, my confidence, and my ambition. I'm getting it back and then some.

I'm relaxing with that sweet ladies voice, that leads you through the tape and it gets me ready to take on the day. It's an awesome change in my mind. It's just what the doctor ordered and yet I don't have to pay a doctor! Yeah!!! I'll be recommending your company to those that I come in contact with. I guess thanks is in order!"

-Tom Richardson

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The Patterns You'll Release

About 40% of the statements are "Releasing" statements, phrases that teach your mind to trust and believe that you have let go of and have been forgiven for a lot of crap... all the crap that is poisoning your mind and feeding the beliefs that you don't have the ability and can't do a lot of things you most certainly can.

You will hear that you have, indeed, replaced the thoughts and beliefs that keep you quiet and docile with ones that get you to say and do all the things you dream of.

One statement after another, in triplicate, you will be deeply instilled with these beliefs:

  • You embrace the challenges & risks of everyday life, each one making you stronger & wiser
  • You feel truly that in every difficulty there is a solution
  • You accept all criticism for what you can learn from it, using it as motivation to pull out the best you have to give
  • You are willing to make mistakes & endure short-term setbacks in order to win in life
  • All thoughts of failure have faded to black
  • Not everyone is going to like you and you are OK with that
  • You are free of all malice toward those who didn't believe in you
  • You deal with problems immediately while they're small
  • All doubt in yourself has disappeared, replaced with supreme confidence
  • You can see beyond all problems to the wonderful success that awaits you
  • You can let setbacks roll off your back
  • You refuse to ever be held back by fear
  • Even when you aren't at your best, you are confident you will reach your outcomes
  • You love deadlines because they show what you are capable of
  • All indecision is gone
  • You can think clearly even under extreme pressure
  • You see mistakes as the best teachers you could have
  • You see no problems, only opportunities to learn, grow and succeed
  • You admit your mistakes and work hard to avoid them in the future
  • All shyness is completely gone
  • You are forgiven for being self-critical in the past
  • You conquer stress by staying focused on your purpose
  • Your confidence can squash all doubt and negativity from others
  • All fear of the future has been replaced with excitement and enthusiasm for it
  • All anxiety surrounding your responsibilities has dissolved
  • You see all of life's difficulties as learning experiences

And so much more.

You could search your whole lifetime for a tried and true way to help you feel more competent and capable overall. And in your search, what you would be told, in part, is that you need to let go of the junk holding you back. You will be told that you need to think and feel like those statements above.

Great advice.

But now you have to do it.

That is what Supreme Confidence Now! was created for.

It simply helps makes you aware of and believe what is already true.

No amount of berating yourself, no amount of talking, no amount of alcohol or drugs can help you build such a strong foundation of solid empowering set of beliefs under you ABOUT you than Supreme Confidence Now!

Without this kind of mental barrage hammering away, ripping out your old ways of thinking about yourself, you are like a shipwrecked castaway clinging to a piece of wood. Because success doesn't guarantee you will gain the overall self-confidence you desire. There are lots of wealthy people, famous people, beloved people who died tragic deaths because they had little appreciation for what they'd achieved in their lives.

Use this proven system. You have nothing to lose. Use it like your life depended on it...

Because it may.

Order Supreme Confidence Now!

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.
Your new beliefs will make you
act and feel like a champ

The Installing statements you will hear on Supreme Confidence Now! are as positive as you will ever encounter. They are the language used by individuals who accomplish more than 50 average people combined.

And that is no exaggeration at all.

So not only will you get a private glimpse inside the minds of the most cool, calm, poised, secure people alive, but with every minute you play this program, you will be getting programmed with it.

As you listen to Supreme Confidence Now!, just like sands though an hour glass, these positive re-patterning statements will be filling you up and filling you up with the most powerful "I Can Do It" attitudes you could possibly imagine.

As the Releasing statements toward the beginning of the program intersperse with and are then overtaken by the Installing statements, you will be infused with new, positive, compelling beliefs like these:

  • You trust yourself more and more everyday
  • You make difficult decisions with ease now
  • You look at big goals as just sequences of small easy to achieve steps
  • You can adapt to any surroundings you find yourself in
  • Your growing confidence is pulling you toward your dreams
  • The voice inside your head is always positive and encouraging
  • You have a good sense of humor about yourself
  • You are filled with optimism and hope
  • You can learn anything quickly and easily
  • You are open to all opportunities available to you
  • You can successfully handle any challenge that comes your way
  • You recognize and appreciate all your accomplishments
  • You look at people when you talk to them
  • You expect to succeed at everything you do
  • You are willing to take intelligent risks in order to succeed
  • You enjoy the challenge of learning new things
  • You appreciate successful people for what they can teach you
  • You can always talk yourself into staying calm no matter what
  • Your eyes are open to your enormous capabilities
  • You are a sharp, bright, intelligent person
  • Your confidence grows with each accomplishment no matter how small
  • You take the time required to do things correctly
  • You have the character and strength of will to say no when you should
  • You place more importance on what you can do than what you cannot
  • You can think fast on your feet
  • Instead of waiting for the right circumstances, you always create them
  • You are in complete control of your thoughts and emotions
  • You are able to see many ways of solving problems
  • You love the competitive nature of every day life today
  • You always give your best effort regardless of your role
  • You can be assertive and still be considerate of the feelings of others
  • Your value is 1% what you can see and 99% what you cannot
  • Your age, no matter what it is, is always an advantage to you
  • You only see remarkable success and happiness in your future
  • You are at ease speaking to any size group of people
  • You always prove your critics wrong, whoever they are
  • You are at your best under pressure
  • You stand your ground when you believe in something
  • Every success you achieve fuels in you the belief you can do even more
  • You constantly improve at everything you do
  • You are a genuinely likeable person
  • You have the confidence to go after your dreams full speed
  • You were born to win

These and many, many more...

Each installing the most critical beliefs and attitudes of the most positive confident people - past, present and future.

All in first-person, present-tense statements. All phrased as positively and as strongly as your mind could imagine. There literally is nothing that could be added and nothing that could be taken away.

Note: As you can see, this is not some ridiculous subliminal audio program quickly assembled with words "hidden" underneath some music or ocean waves, making it impossible to determine whether there are any words at all under the music/waves. Every statement is audible (you can hear them). So you know exactly what is going into your mind.

With this more and more becoming the way you see yourself, there are going to be some phenomenal changes occurring in you.

How could it be any other way?

When studying the most confident people, past and present, their self-assurance didn't stay hidden. Their every action reflected it.
And so will yours.

  • As your old attitudes wither away and your new ones blossom, it will be more natural for you to take yourself less seriously and laugh more.
  • Your ability to speak to any size group of people should jump dramatically.
  • You'll procrastinate less and do more.
  • You'll work faster but make fewer mistakes. But when problems do crop up, the answers will come faster and with less effort.
  • More often you could be the person others go to first for advice. And more often than ever before, your advice will be heeded.
  • Less and less will you get rattled by unforeseen events.
  • With your self-confidence growing, stress (a side-effect of low confidence) should plummet.
  • You will quickly earn more respect from the people who matter. But on the downside, you could earn the scorn of those who are threatened by strong, confident people.
  • That is why there are a number of re-patterning statements that aim at the goal of programming you to become (even more than you are!) a genuinely nice person who likes others.
    Well, there's nothing left to do now except to put this program in your cart and get it on the way so you can create a better, more confident you!

"...the changes have been unbelievable"

"I've been listening to Supreme Confidence since it came in the past few weeks and the changes have been unbelievable!

I've had more energy. I've had more motivation. I've been calmer. I've had very little trouble sticking to my healthy eating goals, and have seen my binge eating nearly disappear despite a stressful work project. My mood has improved so dramatically, that I'm scheduling a doctor's appointment to go off of my anti-depressant. I've been sleeping less and still have oodles of energy. I had a HUGE project at work to complete in too little time and I've taken it in stride. In fact, I am very proud of the results. I've exceeded my expectations and my boss's expectations of what we could accomplish. I've spent more time on my appearance. I've gotten some exercise every day (most days after a full work day). Then in the evenings I've been a whirlwind of activity at home. It is so amazing!!!

At first I didn't attribute the changes to the CD. I figured I was having a couple of good days. But now that it has been every day, I've realized it IS the CD. The changes are absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see how much better and better my life becomes as I continue playing this CD. Thank you for your hard work!!!

Thank you and many blessings to you!"

-Lori Manning

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And best of all...
You Can Try It Risk-Free For 6 Months!

Yes, Supreme Confidence Now! is backed by a 100% Ironclad 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

That means, you have 6 months to listen to the program as much as you like... or as much as you need. And if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply return the program within 6 months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. There will be no questions asked and no hassles. Your decision to try this program is 100% risk free.

Listen: If you order now, today, I'm confident in just a few days you'll be on your way to creating self-assurance in all areas of life... automatically and without effort. All you have to do is click on the link below that indicates the format you want, and I'll rush Supreme Confidence Now! to you immediately!

Mike Vrecia
Mike Brescia
Chief of Research
Think Right Now International


P.S. By the way, in the opening of the letter I mentioned that you can become a confident, capable person in all areas of life. And that's absolutely true. Even as few as five or ten minutes a day will make an impact. However, like anything, the more you do it (listen) the faster you will improve. And with Supreme Confidence Now! (like all our programs), it's quite easy to listen for hours a day, if you want. The reason being: You don't have to pay attention to what's being said for it to work. You can listen in the car, while exercising, or while doing just about any other activity... you can even listen while you sleep! So there's absolutely no reason why you can't find the time to improve. And remember, it's effortless. Just pop a CD in, relax, and let it do all the work!

P.P.S. We are committed to serving our customers as quickly as possible. So, if you place your order before 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very same day! If you place your order after 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very next business day.

Orders placed by 11:00 AM EST ship the same day!
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"Somehow, something feels different, deep down where it really counts."
"There is a difference between intellectually understanding something and emotionally understanding it. The latter is when we make real changes. I believe your programs cause a deep down emotional change, not just on an intellectual level. I've grown up a shy introverted person, and I've always known that I could use more confidence."

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"Sort of like an Anti-Virus program and firewall for the brain."
"To be honest when I ordered your program, I was really expecting just another self-help "rah-rah, you can do it" program. You know - one I could listen to, get an uplifting feeling for a while, and then set it down next to the other dust collectors in my library. Boy was I wrong."

The rest of this and other success stories with Supreme Confidence Now!

"In the past four critical deadlines for our projects, I did not panic and was able to meet every one even if our client caused the delay.
headline here"
"I make sure I greet everyone at the office good morning with a smile...I also noticed I reserve comment now instead of criticizing people. Everyday seems easier and something to be appreciated at the end of it. I now worry a lot less than before. I have started to save more aggressively from my salary. My wife also noticed I do a lot more chores now than I did before."

The rest of this and other success stories with Supreme Confidence Now!

"All of a sudden I felt a surge of confidence and took over for my boss."
"I did very well in the presentation and he flashed me a grateful look and also thanked me personally after they were gone. I am much more confident on the phone and I am connecting with my prospects better than ever before."

The rest of this and other success stories with Supreme Confidence Now!

"I was actually looking forward to going in to work!"
"I noticed a growing confidence as I talked with my customers and felt that I could help them solve their problems. I also started feeling less negative in other areas of my life. I "knew" that I could do a good job and that I could handle any problem that came my way."

The rest of this and other success stories with Supreme Confidence Now!


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