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"Burn the Mindset of The Greatest Leaders Into Your Brain, and Your Ability to Motivate and Inspire People Becomes Limitless!"

The Leader's Mindset Now! conditions your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes automatically. You don't just learn what it takes to be a great leader...
...you literally BECOME one.

You'll think and act like a 'born leader' who commands true respect - and can show people the way to success beyond their dreams!

Hello Internet Friend,

Imagine installing the winning attitudes of today's most accomplished leaders in your brain, like software on a computer.

And imagine internalizing all the abilities great leaders have - vision, discipline, people skills, confidence, decisiveness, respect, focus, courage - and making them second nature.




Your job and your life would never be the same, would it?

Now you can - with the only leadership training program in the world that literally re-patterns the moment-by-moment thought processes in your mind and transforms your responses and actions into those of a powerfully effective leader.

I'm pleased to introduce...

The Complete Mental Conditioning Program For Creating Leaders Who Get Results While Building Respect, Trust & Loyalty From The People They Lead

My name is Mike Brescia.  I'm President of Think Right Now! International and developer of the world-renowned Accelerated Sales Success Now! program and many, many other behavior modification programs that have transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Now it's your turn to thrive.

The Leader's Mindset Now! will install a confident and capable mindset into, using a proven accelerated learning process that no book, seminar, or video program in the world can duplicate.

With each passing day, more and more you'll exude the presence of a leader who can inspire people to do their best, achieve their goals, and work together as a team to tackle the challenges you set before them.

And you'll lead by setting the best example of all.

At the same time, the program erases the mental obstacles that block you from reaching your full potential-whether it be lack of confidence, a reluctance to be assertive or critical, or bad habits like indecisiveness and procrastination.

The Leader's Mindset Now! will make leadership second nature to you. The full spectrum of mental traits that define leadership are woven into your very fabric.

The cost? Amazingly, it's about the price of a good business lunch for two!

And here's the real clincher: you can use The Leader's Mindset Now! for six entire months risk-free. That means you don't risk a penny if you're not 100% satisfied by the results you experience.

At Last-A Leadership Program That Does
More Than Just Talk About Leadership


Indeed, The Leader's Mindset Now! is a professional thought and behavior modification program that actually retrains your mind at the deepest subconscious levels.

It works by replacing a lifetime of negative "scripts" that have been programmed into your mind with the positive and winning beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and inner dialog found in the world's most successful leaders.

The process is effortless, yet the results can be spectacular. When you use The Leader's Mindset Now! as directed, you develop a powerful state of mind that allows your true abilities to flourish like never before. Great things happen:

  • You'll go to work each day infused with enthusiasm and confidence instead of worry and self-doubt, and be guided by purpose and principle in everything you do.

  • You'll inspire people with both your words and your actions, and earn the respect and admiration of those you lead.

  • You'll take on tough problems and confrontations rather than postponing them, and always be appropriately assertive and diplomatic at the same time.

  • You'll make smart choices and take decisive action, instead of getting mired down in delays or making reckless decisions you'll regret.

  • You'll teach, encourage, and motivate your people in ways each individual needs - and always say what you need to say in the way it must be said.

  • You'll conduct focused and productive meetings, and keep multiple projects running like clockwork instead of sliding into chaos.

  • You'll stand up for what you believe is right, confident that you're doing the right thing for everybody - your organization, your team, your family and yourself.

  • You'll bring out the best in everyone around you, and be totally comfortable in a leadership role-even when it puts you in the spotlight or on the hot seat.

You may not even be aware of this major shift in automatic mental processes at first, because your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are silently and gradually transformed from the inside out.

But they'll become evident soon enough when people begin looking to you for guidance and support, more and more. The days of second-guessing yourself will be long gone, replaced with thoughts like, "Wow. I handled that great."

All mental barriers to your success will be cleared away for good. Which raises the question:

Do You Know What's Really
Holding You Back?

You inherited a lousy staff. Senior management won't support you. Your deadlines aren't fair. You can't pay enough to attract good workers. Your team is filled with backstabbers. Your budget is too small. The workload is too big.  No one will listen to you.  You haven't been given a chance. 

Did I miss anything?

Actually, it's none of the above.  And you know that.

Automatic excuse-making is an obvious roadblock people place in their own way. But it's just one of a whole host of self-defeating mental patterns that can pull the rug right out from under you.

See Why Think Right Now! is The Most
Traveled Personal Development Product
Website in the World

When you're finished reading this letter, please take a minute to visit our "Success Stories" pages where you'll find over 500 thank-you letters written by people from all walks of life, and from every corner of the globe.

These clients are thrilled and even astonished by the incredible results they've enjoyed in their quest for personal improvement. Their success is the reason why Think Right Now! is the world's leading personal development Website. Not empty promises.

The Leader's Mindset Now! is our latest program for personal achievement. Whether you're in a leadership position or you want to be, this 2-CD program will work wonders for you. I invite you to use it absolutely risk-free-and then tell us about your journey to success in a few short months! Order Now.

These negative mental habits accumulate over a lifetime. And to be perfectly honest, they're not necessarily the result of family dysfunction, parenting mistakes, or anything bad at all.

According to researchers, for example, a child will hear the word "No!" nearly 150,000 times before he or she turns 18, even in a reasonably positive household. That's got to leave a mark, and it does - leading behaviorists estimate that over 75% of thoughts that cross our mind are negative and counterproductive!

Negativity is ingrained in us by the time we're adults, and can become the driving force behind limiting thoughts and beliefs like these:

  • I really work best on my own
  • I don't deal well with change
  • I don't like giving up control
  • I'm not good at offering constructive criticism
  • I dislike conducting meetings
  • I don't know how to inspire teamwork
  • I'd rather put off making difficult decisions
  • I am a pushover when workers make excuses
  • I'm just not a born leader
  • I'm not a very good communicator
  • I can't persuade people very well
  • I hate negotiating
  • I get angry when people make mistakes
  • I get too caught up in office politics
  • I let small problems throw me off track
  • I get so bogged down in details that I lose sight of what is important
  • My political skills are weak
  • I don't network well
  • My people have no loyalty to me
  • I dislike delegating
  • I'll never be an effective leader

Our research team has cataloged over 900 core limiting, disempowering beliefs, thoughts and attitudes  like these, volunteered by managers, executives and people from all walks of life who have some types of leadership roles.  They are as common as the day is long.

We both know that negative beliefs
like these become self-fulfilling prophecies

At their best, they'll freeze you in ordinary mediocrity.

At their worst, they'll trap you in a prison of self-doubt, incapacitate you as a leader, and harm you emotionally and even physically.

They'll chip away at your competence and confidence. And until you pull the plug on them for good, your effectiveness as a leader will be fatally compromised.

Your career advancement will grind to a halt.

Using The Leader's Mindset Now! is as Easy as 1-2-3

True to Lozanov's proven method, The Leader's Mindset Now! program maximizes your results with:

1) A brief relaxation period at the beginning of each session, to produce the optimal state of mind for learning and retention

2) Soothing background music, specially composed within a specific beats-per-minute range, which reduces stress further while lowering your brain waves into the alpha and theta levels

3) Special pacing, repetition, and varied intonation of the re-scripting statements, a technique shown to enhance and maximize internalization of the material

A typical session with The Leader's Mindset Now! takes about 30 minutes to complete. As you relax while listening, a growing number of your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slow 8-12 cycles per second.

This lowered brainwave rhythm is the Alpha brainwave state, the key to heightened recall and accelerated learning.

If you listen while sleeping, the pacing and repetition of the statements trigger the deeper Theta brainwave state (4-8 cps), where profound emotional changes can occur with great speed.

The more often you listen to The Leader's Mindset Now! while relaxed or sleeping, the faster the new attitudes, motivations, and actions will come into your life. It's as simple as that-and your results are guaranteed.

While dramatic changes do take place at the subconscious level, it is important to note that The Leader's Mindset Now! is NOT a subliminal program. The audible re-scripting statements are designed to be heard clearly, to take full advantage of Lozanov's learning and conditioning system.


It's Time to Unleash The Leader Inside You!

Earlier, I promised you that The Leader's Mindset Now! will literally install the winning beliefs, thoughts and attitudes of the world's best leaders in your brain, like software on a computer.

But first it has to override the negative patterns that were installed there first - and it does.  Like gangbusters!

Using proven thought modification techniques, The Leader's Mindset Now! trains your brain at the deepest subconscious levels to release and reject the 11 Core Mental Patterns of Failure (you can read more about them at our How It Works page). It achieves this with a series of powerful tools called Releasing Statements.

Releasing Statements force your mind to let go of lifelong "programming" that blocks your success and ambitions. They chip away and ultimately erase the fear, self-doubt, self-blame, and other limiting mental patterns in your life until they no longer influence your thoughts and behaviors one iota.

And it works.

Limiting beliefs are flushed away. What's left is the best version of you. The centered, unobstructed, radiant self that is capable of accomplishing almost anything and everything.

As the weeks and months go by, you'll find yourself developing a new frame of mind that allows you to easily and effortlessly:

  • Embrace change and growth in every area of your life
  • Handle the inevitable challenges that come with being a leader
  • Come up with creative solutions to even the most difficult challenges
  • Replace indecision with courage and decisiveness
  • Disagree with someone without being offensive or feeling defensive
  • Keep your composure even when others are losing theirs
  • Get people to think in terms of possibility instead of limitations
  • Use mistakes and setbacks to help you learn, grow and improve
  • Make clear-headed decisions even under the most intense pressure
  • Be willing to fight for what you believe is right
  • Make hard, unpopular decisions in order to succeed
  • Become immune to the negative effects of fear and worry
  • Eliminate all barriers to effectively asserting your ideas and opinions
  • Dissolve all blocks to delegating effectively
  • Let even the harshest criticism just roll off your back
  • Let go of distracting thoughts to stay focused on tasks in front of you
  • Be free of all fear of failure in your life
  • Work effectively and get along with even the most difficult people
  • Be free of any habit of putting off difficult tasks
  • Dissolve all blocks to clear, effective communication
  • Replace all self-doubt with unshakeable confidence

When problems knock at your door, you'll tackle them in the right order. Even if you're suddenly swamped all at once.

That's because your first thoughts and responses will be positive and confident. They will come to you automatically, naturally, and effortlessly.

No other leadership-building resource can condition your mind like this. But sweeping away the mental barriers is just the first step ...

Installing the Winning Mental Traits of a
Leader Comes Next -and Just as Easily

Where negative scripting was rooted, positive scripting is planted. A whole new thought superstructure is created by Attraction Statements that are as empowering as anything you will ever experience.

As the Releasing Statements intersperse with and are then overtaken by the Installing Statements, you are infused with new, positive, and compelling beliefs that drive your actions and behaviors in the direction you want them to go.

These Attraction Statements condition 11 Mental Patterns of Success into your brain that will attract the life you desire like a magnet. (Learn more about them as well at our "How It Works" page). You don't have to learn these mental traits; they become part of your life automatically and naturally.

Soon they will positively influence how you respond to situations, people, problems, and events in your day-to-day world. You'll become the trusted leader who can:

  • Accept and embrace all the responsibilities of being a leader
  • Attract great people who want to learn, grow and succeed
  • Celebrate and share the success of a well-deserved victory
  • Make accurate, split-second decisions
  • Always communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Know when to talk and when to listen
  • Teach and delegate willingly
  • Balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the group
  • Recognize, appreciate and reward top performance
  • Project the image of confidence in all situations
  • Give people the knowledge and tools to do their job and then let them do it
  • Ask for and get what you want
  • Help people accomplish more than they ever thought they could
  • Expect the best from everyone around you and usually get it
  • Always keep the big picture in mind
  • Be an excellent judge of talent and character
  • Encourage people to be creative and solution oriented
  • Positively connect with people on an emotional level
  • Create systems and environments that allow people to do their best
  • Continually develop and sharpen leadership your skills
  • Encourage people to believe in themselves and strive for excellence
  • Speak comfortably to any size group of people
  • Take complete responsibility for decisions and actions
  • Be guided by purpose and principle in everything you do

The world's most effective, successful business, civic, and political leaders, coaches, teachers and parents exude these confident attitudes and feelings in everything they do.

Soon you will, too.

You will possess these winning mental traits and become the person that other people naturally follow. And best of all, you won't have to think about it or work at it, because:

Leadership Qualities Emerge
in You Automatically

The Leader's Mindset Now! blasts a bunch of leadership myths right out of the water. The truth be told-

check You don't have to be a "born leader" to become a great leader. Nor do you need to be extroverted or have great charisma.
check You don't need an advanced degree in management, or psychology insights worthy of Sigmund Freud.
check You don't have to develop leadership the hard way, through years of trial-and-error and learning from costly mistakes and setbacks.

But there's got to be a catch, right?

Wrong. There's no catch.  And your part couldn't be easier.

When You Have the Leader's Mindset,
The Rest Comes Easy!

When you have the confident mindset of a leader, you'll apply all the tools at your disposal like a master.

And that's what makes The Leader's Mindset Now! unlike any leadership program you've ever seen before:

check It is not instructional advice, although it builds true leadership skills naturally like nothing else can.
check It is not typical motivational guidance, yet it empowers you far more than any seminar or video/audio program pep talk.
check It doesn't replace knowledge, skills, and effort-but it will make them pay greater dividends many, many times over.

Why not see for yourself? You can use The Leader's Mindset Now! risk-free for six months. Click here to order now.

If you can spare just a few minutes a day, The Leader's Mindset Now! will install these powerful attitudes and beliefs in you which, in turn, will take your behaviors, actions, and responses to a whole new level of success.

That's all it takes, because this revolutionary leadership program incorporates:

The Most Powerful Accelerated Success Conditioning Process Ever Developed

If The Leader's Mindset Now! was simply motivational or instructional in nature, it wouldn't be any more effective than hundreds of leadership books and resources that don't change the way you think or act at all.

But The Leader's Mindset Now! does something no other management skills program in the world does. It uses a special subconscious-altering format to deliver the re-scripting Releasing and Attracting Statements to your brain.

This completely effortless method, called Suggestopedia by its developer, famed Bulgarian psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov, has been the foundation of accelerated learning and "super performance" conditioning programs for over 40 years.

This holistic learning system unifies left-brain abilities, right-brain abilities, and the body together in a stress-reducing process that allows the mind to perform with spectacular ability.

It has the scientifically proven effect of literally installing information into the subconscious mind and speeding retention of material by a factor of 5-10 times compared to standard teaching methods.

And it makes people who use it incredibly more capable of doing whatever they're trying to do.

This Superlearning technique has revolutionized accelerated foreign-language instruction. It serves as the basis for corporate training by companies such as Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Verizon, Eastman-Kodak, and Westinghouse, to name a few. It is even used in the training of Olympic-level athletes.

As the delivery vehicle for the re-scripting statements, Lozanov's revolutionary method enables The Leader's Mindset Now! to accomplish amazing results in very little time.

There is simply no better way to condition your conscious and unconscious mental patterns in a manner that allows you to be free of what currently holds you back, and to effortlessly embrace and achieve your goals at an accelerated rate.

You Will Notice a Difference
Beginning in Just Days

Use The Leader's Mindset Now! just a few minutes a day, and you will sharpen your leadership abilities and skills to a whole new level.  You'll see benefits beginning in days and increasing steadily as the weeks and months go by.

You can use The Leader's Mindset Now! almost anywhere, and it will have a powerful and accumulating effect on how you think and act.

You can listen while you're driving ... commuting … exercising … doing chores … working … surfing the Internet … sleeping or slipping off to sleep … during lunch break or in between classes… even while watching television.

You get the picture.

With this program's incredible flexibility, there's nothing holding you back from reaching your full potential as a leader.

There are no books to read, no rules to memorize, and no complicated exercises to perform. You get lasting results that come automatically from within and grow more powerful with each passing day.

If that isn't enough to sway you into giving The Leader's Mindset Now! an opportunity to help you grow as a leader, maybe this will:

Use The Leader's Mindset Now!
Risk-Free for Six Months

That's right. You have six entire months to use The Leader's Mindset Now! as much and as often as you like with no risk whatsoever.

All I ask in return is that you really give it a chance.

And, most importantly, that you do away with any preconceived notions you may have about limitations, both in yourself and in the people you lead (or want to lead).

If you do, you won't be sorry.

Here's what we promise:

Guarantee #1: You have six full months to use The Leader's Mindset Now! If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the program within 6 months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked. Your decision to try this program is 100% risk-free.

Guarantee #2: Your purchase at this special low price of $59.95 $ (plus $6.90 shipping and handling) is a one-time purchase. This is NOT a subscription program that lures you in with a low introductory price, and then sends you materials you don't want. Rest assured you're under no obligation to buy anything else, and nothing else will be sent to you.

Guarantee #3. Your purchase is 100% private and your privacy is 100% protected. We will never sell or give your name and address to any other company or organization. Period.

Our Six-Month Guarantee sets the bar high for The Leader's Mindset Now! but I'm absolutely confident that the results will speak for themselves.

When you see how people respond to you in a positive new way, and when you feel the growing confidence it brings into your life, you won't want to give it up for anything.

So why not give it a chance? Click here to order your no-risk copy of The Leader's Mindset Now!

Here's to your success!

Mike Brescia

Mike Brescia
Think Right Now! International

P.S. Want more information? Go to the How It Works page for a more detailed explanation of the Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning process. Here also is the link to our Success Stories page where you can read over 500 real person testimonials written by clients who are thrilled with the success they've enjoyed with Think Right Now! products.

P.P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed completely and you're protected by our remarkable 6-month no-risk guarantee.

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