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Success Stories


I am really getting good results with your program "I AM ORGANIZED NOW". I have attracted many great opportunities in my lifetime which I was unable to capitalize on because of a lack of organization. Unfortunately, my husband is the same way. He has a winning personality, but no organizational skills. Our home really reflects this and I have been worried that we are passing on our helter skelter ways to our two children.

Since listening to this program I have followed through on things that I would have run away from. I am able to remain calm and focused while working on several projects. More importantly, I feel that I know what I need to do next in order to accomplish my goals and projects. The most significant progress for me is that I purchased a new car. I have been without reliable transportation since last September. I know this sounds like a minor thing, but for me it's a big deal. Its one of those things that I knew I needed to do, but I just could never get to it. Second big accomplishment is that I spent last weekend looking over my files and preparing to send out bills for work that I've done and not sent out invoices for. This is really a blessing.

I feel more in control in my work life. Now I need to work on my home life. It is truly awful when no one in the house has good organizational skills. I am going to keep this tape running at home and hopefully my house will begin to take shape. I would love to have another tape to give to my husband so that he can keep it playing in the car and at work.

Thanks for doing what you do.
Deborah A. Wash., DC

After the first night of listening to your "I Am Organized Now" program I got up the next morning and went thru my entire house room by room and donated all the extra things that I didn't need to the local YWCA! It was about two trunk loads of things! Talk about freedom! It felt wonderful to be able to free up space and get rid of clutter, and knowing at the same time I was helping many other women and children in need! The next day, I went thru year's worth of boxes of letters that I had been saving and sorted and tossed 99% of them. I saved only those that were extra special. A week later, I rearranged three rooms in my house, with the help of my children to be more organized and to improve efficiency. Then I went thru my dresser drawers and closet and got rid of the clothes that I no longer wear, love or use. It is better to have just those things that really make me feel good, are comfortable and that I love than a whole lot of options. Yesterday, I "tackled" my mending pile and it was done in one evening!
I am working on getting my paperwork organized and I admit it is still the hardest thing for me to do, but I feel like I can and will be able to accomplish it. Next on my list of things to accomplish is to plan each day so that I am efficiently making the most of every moment and living and enjoying my children and their lives, because they grow up too fast! I keep a box on each level of the house that each day I put things in that we decide that we don't want cluttering up our life any more. It is amazing how much less we can live with and be so much happier and it is so much easier to keep up with our possessions. If something breaks, I either fix it, or throw it away, immediately.

Everything is in its place; if it is taken out; it is used, and then put away in its place. The dishes are done after every meal. The cleaning is done as you go along. No leaving messes for someone to clean up after. I am on an extremely tight budget, single parenting and raising three children on my own. Now we will be able to afford to buy a few nicer things instead of a lot of cheap stuff. We are all happier and have more time for each other.

Last weekend was the first time in a long time that I didn't have 100 things pressing on me needing to be done and I was able to just relax and enjoy time together with them and getting to know each other better. I was always one of those people very organized and successful at work, but not at home. I loved creating systems to organize but I wasted so much time doing it and then not carrying thru or keeping up with it. I love one of the statements that starts... There are NO EXCUSES... we just have to do it. So that is what I am doing for the first time in a long time! I have my life back in control.

Thanks so much for giving me the tool to use to make this happen.

Thanks again!
Rebecca Wallace, MN

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My name is Kelly Smith, and I would like to tell you what a huge difference your programs have made in my life. Over the past few years, life has taken quite a few twists and turns, while I had always had a problem with my self esteem; it was at an all time low. It really started to manifest in my singing auditions where I would freeze up, even though I would completely rock the songs in my voice lessons, or when I was practicing at home.

I ordered the Real Self Esteem Now program and started listening to it every night. After a few weeks of listening my auditions skyrocketed, I started booking a lot more jobs. My day job gave me more responsibilities, and I started to be more outgoing. I also started sticking up for myself in situations where I would normally let people walk all over me, and I started to have a more optimistic outlook on the whole.

A few weeks ago I ordered the I am Organized now program and the results are even more amazing! My room, which has always been messy, ever since I was a child, within a week, has been transformed into a neat and organized haven. I always put things away after I use them, and I have found a "home' for all my things. I have also gotten rid of a bunch of things I no longer need. I feel so much more relaxed, calm and at peace in my room. I have also begun to get all of my affairs in order, financially and in my work. I can't wait to see what else is going to happen after I have listened to my new CD for a few months!

Thank-you soooo much!

Kelly Smith, CA

Mike: I want to let you know how much I am benefiting from the "I Am Organized Now" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety" programs I recently ordered from Think Right Now.

I am a Protocol Coordinator in a government office. You either love this kind of work or not, it's not for the faint of heart. We deal with many high-ranking military officers on a daily basis and take care of a myriad of details for them. This includes, but not limited to, lodging, transportation, social events (to include reserving the venue for the event, coming up with a theme, menu & price, producing and printing the invitations, mailing them to the proper people, receiving RSVP's, drawing diagrams of the room layout with table setups, ensuring senior personnel are seated properly at the head table(s), decorating the tables, making place cards, audiovisual & podium setup, reserved parking signs are put out, VIP guests are greeted & escorted to their tables, & more). There are so many details to take care of & this means being organized in my job is a must! Without it things quickly fall apart & you become stressed & this can lead to job burnout in this field quickly. The affirming statements on your programs are head & shoulders above anything else I have heard or read in a book! I listen to them on my commute to work & back home every day (about 20-25 minutes one way). So for at least 45 minutes a day, I am absorbing these statements & I feel more confident to face whatever task is given to me at work & not become anxious or panic if the unexpected comes up.

I have learned to think on my feet more & take care of whatever comes up. I have learned that I can juggle several events or assignments at one time & accomplish so much more than I did before with less stress! I have also become more organized at home now which has helped me to accomplish more in my personal life. I am so happy that I found your website & I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your helping me become more organized & less stressed! Have a great day & keep those great life-affirming products coming our way!

Kate, VA



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