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"The automatic way to become a more calm, even tempered person that can avoid and let go of frustration and anger by simply wanting to...

"Anger Management Now" is a revolutionary program designed to help even the meanest SOB let go of the patterns that cause irritation, frustration & problem anger

Yeah, it's that amazing.

You see, anger is a lethal poison. Even if you have all the talent and promise in the world, a short fuse and a hot temper can turn you into a nobody- someone that nobody wants to be around.

It's as simple as that.

And the sad truth is that many people don't understand how much their simmering anger patterns have contaminated and continue to infect their lives. Too often people won't deal with it until it's way too late.

You know how quickly unchecked rage can do damage. But even scarier is how many different ways anger can come out. And they are all destructive.

I felt sick to my stomach

When I began going over our research on anger and saw all the ways it can destroy people's lives, how it poisons relationships, how it corrupts corporations and governments and how it might one day even destroy our entire way of life on earth, I immediately felt sick.  Getting inside the mind of an angry person and seeing the options available to people when they have "standard" anger patterns firmly set in their personalities is very disturbing to say the least.

Studying the core beliefs, thought processes and attitudes of the worst kind of people… killers, rapists, muggers, child abusers, thieves of every stripe…

From people who simply feel outraged at what they perceive as injustices done to them (and others) who inappropriately take matters (and sometimes the law) into their own hands…

All the way down to the those who "only" spread false rumors; or people who get so pissed off, they can't forgive others for their mistakes; or people who use vehicles as weapons out on the highways; or people who make promises to others with no intention of ever keeping them, just to get even; or people who seem to think that any time is a good time for an argument.

And I thought to myself, WOW, the average person you meet might be just a "snapped straw" away from "going Postal" at any moment.

Save Your Relationships Now

So I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that 'Anger Management Now!', over the years, will save many a marriage, many friendships, keep families together, keep teams together, keep corporations humming along, assist thousands of therapists with their clients and possibly even go a long way in saving our planet from someone who never crossed over to the "Dark Side."

'Anger Management Now!' has already transformed many other members of the Think Right Now community. These people are no longer suffering and causing others to suffer. Their success stories are dramatic.

But understand this: if you have an anger problem yet don't recognize and admit that you're not in control of your emotions, I can tell you that these words will miss their mark. And you will always remain pissed off and feeling pissed on forever.

So let's see...

How To Recognize If You Have an Anger Problem

Here are some of the most common signs of problem anger.

  Road Rage: Yelling, swerving, using a vehicle as a weapon
  Bullying: Treating other people like they are worthless
  Throwing/ Breaking things: Taking out your frustration (or revenge?) on yours or other people's property
  Sarcasm and Teasing: Showing people (in a humorous way?) how stupid or ridiculous you think they are
  Pouting: Feeling sorry for yourself, not cooperating just to get your way, creating guilt trips
  Slamming doors/ Stomping feet

Criticizing others: To hell with being politically correct, power trip

Saying, "You're right" but not meaning it: Seething, gets you out of a situation you are uncomfortable with/shuts them up fast


Condescension: You feel superior to everyone else and tell them about it in a nasty or sarcastic way


Interrupting: Your opinion counts the most; a form of bullying


Lying: Sneaky revenge, making up/spreading rumors, making promises you never intend to keep


Emotional abuse: Continually putting the same person down/ controlling/ threatening them repeatedly


Domestic abuse: Continual physical and/or mental cruelty toward those you live with


Yelling: Creating fear and/or submission through threatening volume


Body tension: Squeezing fists, clenching jaws, flexing muscles, turning red, stress


Withholding affection: You'll show them who's in control, lack of forgiveness, revenge


Starting arguments/fights just "for fun": Getting a "high" or a "rush" at the expense of others


Moral superiority: Believing you "have a right" to be outraged and are justified in your destructive actions


Showing off: Being the "tough guy" to impress others


Grumpiness/moodiness: No awareness or concern about how you are coming across to others


Plotting revenge: Planning elaborate schemes to get back at your enemies


No forgiveness or forgetting: Hanging onto the hurts of the past


Masochism/Sadism: Addiction to hurting others and/or being hurt


Martyrdom: Enjoying making others feel guilty by playing the victim, way to get attention/sympathy


Low self-esteem: Hate yourself because you are stupid, worthless, ugly, lazy… a doormat


Stubbornness: Refusing to acknowledge being wrong or let others have their way


Glaring: You can't hide your disdain for others, keeps people at a distance


Swearing/name-calling: Signal that the gloves have come off


Threatening others with harm: Physical, mental, financial, property, loss of freedoms/choices


Sighing/rolling eyes: Outer show of disrespect, contempt and/or frustration, listening is over


And many more

Here is what will happen-maybe it already has

If you exhibit a fair number of those common signs of problem anger, consider the consequences if you don't change.

Anger can:


End your marriage/romance


Destroy your friendships/working relationships


Stunt your career and thus your financial growth


Land you in jail


Cause you heavy fines and legal fees


Give you higher insurance rates and costs to repair property


Isolate you from your family


Isolate your family from others


Push you into long-term depression


Cause anxiety and panic attacks


Destroy your self esteem

  Cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Increase your medical bills (Dr. visits, medicine, surgery)


Cause drug and alcohol abuse

  And maybe worst of all, it will keep you from being happy and fulfilled every day… like you deserve to be.

You Can Conquer Your Anger… Here's Living Proof

In January 2005, Vicki B. split with her husband of 12 years. What followed was a living nightmare.

Vicki went through two nasty custody battles over their two daughters… She lost all financial interest in the home they shared (which Vicki's parents loaned hundreds of thousands of dollars for - and never got back) and was suddenly faced with juggling a full-time job and being a single mother.

She was furious. Outraged. Infuriated.

Attorney's fees climbed to over $32,000. Her husband tried to convince the Family Court Services counselor she lacked "mental stability." He hid some of her most cherished family heirlooms.

Even worse, he badmouthed her so severely to their daughters, they frequently returned to her crying and begging not to have to go see him any more.

She was angry with everyone around her. Her husband. The courts. Her attorney. Her boss. And even her children.

She complained to everyone and anyone who would listen, wrote incessantly about her anger in her journal, found other ex-wives to commiserate with and basically fell apart.

Before it was over, she lost two years of her life to an all-consuming anger that destroyed everything in its path. She was helpless against her rage.

In his attempt to help, their court-ordered counselor tried to help Vicki understand that anger is actually addictive, and feeds off of itself to survive. In fact, it fires off the same neurons in the brain that gambling and chemical addictions do. He told her that focusing on the "injustice" she felt actually made her, at times, feel powerful. It made her feel like her life somehow had more meaning.

Vicki was addicted to an emotion that could have caused permanent, long-lasting damage to her body.

Unfortunately, knowing this didn't help. No matter how hard she tried to stop being so angry, she couldn't. And none of the advice her therapist gave her had any real results.

Then one day everything changed...

Vicki started using Anger Management Now! and ten days later, she amazed the counselor at how calm she was in the presence of her husband. Vicki's change was overwhelming and undeniable.
Her anger was literally evaporating.

And it was effortless...

Introducing Anger Management Now!

Anger Management Now! wasn't designed only for extreme cases like Vicki's.

It was designed to effortlessly alter the core beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes that create frustration, irritation, mild anger and even extreme rage, regardless of the cause or how long a person has had these patterns… even life-long anger.

"I played it at least three times a day every day for about ten days before our next co-parent counseling session. Within the first five minutes, the counselor looked at me and commented, "Vicki, you seem much more at ease this session. Has something changed for you?" I told him that his explanation of the damage that my anger was doing to me really hit home and that I was "trying out" some techniques to control my anger. I was embarrassed to admit that I was simply listening to Anger Management Now!

I continued to listen and found myself no longer engaging in battles with my ex husband. I quit writing about all of the rotten things he'd done or was doing in my journal. I stopped talking to friends and family about how horrible things were, and was able to actually say that we were no longer fighting!

At the next session with the counselor, he'd noticed that my ex was calmer, too. By controlling MY anger, HE was calming down too! Partly because he no longer had a sparring partner, but at that next meeting, my ex admitted that he was so surprised by my turnaround that he wasn't going to let me "out-do" him. The old, angry Vicki would have been angered and insulted by his comment, but I just laughed. And that was when I confessed to using your CD.

By the next session, we were smiling and discussing the summer schedule and working together. And I owe a HUGE part of that to Anger Management Now!

My daughters are no longer edgy when either of us calls the other household, my family says I no longer look stressed, and even at work recently, someone commented, 'Gosh, Vicki, nothing really sets you on fire, does it?'

Thank you so much."

Vicki B.

More Anger Management Now! Successes

Obviously using Anger Management Now! won't stop life from coming head-on at you at 100 miles and hour.  Life is most definitely not fair.  It can't guarantee that you will never get mad or irritated again. You are human after all, not a robot. And life is anything but predictable. And you don't want to be a doormat… a wimp who can't or won't defend themselves when necessary, in whatever way necessary.

But what will happen can feel miraculous. Without much effort at all, you will feel yourself transforming (and not subtly) in as little as ten days.

Permanently Rewire Your Thought Patterns

Many characteristics are passed down genetically from parents to children.

Anger is not one of those things passed down.

It's a learned pattern of behavior...

So sedating even a chronically an angry person with drugs is, at best, only a short term fix when someone is in the throes of a violent outburst, and not something you want to do long-term.

Therapy doesn't usually do enough quickly enough. Talking about what makes you angry often makes it worse. Trying to will your anger away won't end patterns that have been hardwired in for many years.

When people rely on these methods, they usually end up feeling defeated with even more anger directed at themselves for their inability to control it. But it's not their fault. The simple truth is, anger is learned.

But you can unlearn it and learn new, more peaceful ways to deal with life… and you can learn them quickly.

But the simple proven method described on our home page that makes Anger Management Now! so effective is that it almost takes you out of the whole process! You don't work on our Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs... they work on you!

Like all our Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs, Anger Management Now! uses the Suggestopedic Accelerated Learning format. When you put in the audio CD, you'll be flooded with audible (you hear them) mental re-patterning statements that command and literally force you to "let go" of the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that are at the root of your anger's current power over you.

This combined with our specially composed, 60 beat-per-minute music, each re-patterning statement is repeated three times to take advantage of how the brain learns best... by hearing, seeing and doing something over and over again.

Using two very different types of audible re-patterning statements, Releasing and Installing, your habitual mental habits will literally be "re-grooved." Your anger-oriented mindset will be forced out and your mind will actually learn to embrace new set of positive, peaceful realities.

And because the root causes of your anger are your beliefs and attitudes about the situations and events in your life, not the actual situations or events themselves, you will respond differently inside even if nothing in your world changes on the outside.

The Outcome Is So Profound, Many
People Experience Genuine Shock

Here's why: In only a short while after you start using Anger Management Now!, you'll...

Discover how easy it is to move through life without suffering stress, depression, hopelessness or bitterness

Never again let another person's ignorance, disrespect, or hurtful actions consume you and destroy your quality of life

Learn the true meaning of the happiness that you deserve

Live honestly and openly without suffering from self-destructive and deceptive nature of passive aggression

Save your friendships, your marriage and/or your relationship with your children from ruin

Wake up each day with a smile on your face, no longer feeling like the world's out to get you

Finally resolve the deep-seated hurt and anger that's been continually haunting you from your past

Experience peace of mind you never thought was possible

Easily handle the most difficult situations with no anger at all

Permanently eliminate the sources of your anger that can't be reached through years of therapy, group meetings, self-help books or willpower

Save yourself from ever feeling the need to find solace in drugs or alcohol

Forget what it felt like to walk through life cranky and irritable

Never again experience the helpless out-of-control feelings typical of severe anger problems

Suddenly find how effortless it is to avoid arguments, screaming matches, violence, and the desire for revenge

Completely vanquish those secret desires to "make them pay"

Discover what it means to have healthy, supportive, long-lasting relationships

Destroy the hidden wells of brewing anger that boil even if you think "everything is OK."

Sleep easily without thinking incessantly about what someone said or did "to you"


"The Anger Has Left And I am A Much Better Person Because Of It. You Are A Godsend!"

"I have been using your products for almost 2 years now and own quite a few on the list. This program (anger management) however has been the root core program that has helped me the most. I have had anger issues since I was a child-or for as long as I can remember. I was always a people pleaser who felt like I needed to be the perfect person. Someone who was not allowed to get angry.

I started listening to the Anger Management Program everyday in my headphones and I cannot describe how many positive changes I have seen in myself. I now feel in control of my emotions and things don't seem so bad anymore.

I cannot believe how much of a better person I have become due to your products. They are simple yet ingenious! You really have filled a need that the world has been lacking for so long.

I was once house bound with fear and anger and now I own a successful business. I even enjoy being with others again (which I haven't for so long). It has also helped me in raising my children because my patience level is where it needs to be in order to be an effective parent. The anger has left and I am a much better person because of it!

Thanks for all that you do, Mike! You are a God send! Your friend you've never met!"

- Heather V.

More Anger Management Now! Successes

NOTE: When you start using Anger Management Now!, you might notice some agitation. This is expected in about 15% of the people who use it. The reason for this is that the program is aggressively moving to get you to let go of your anger… and the challenge is, anger has a positive intent.  It is the minds' way of helping you to get and stay in control of what you feel is a dangerous or scary situation. And control can be addicting. In addition, expressing anger can be a way of getting approval from others (from the belief that "might is right"). And because showing anger can serve to keep us safe, it is understandable that anything that pushes to get rid of something that our mind believes is beneficial… well, you see where some resistance might be, right?

Rapid thought and behavior modification methods used in our Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs aren't always comfortable at first. But the good news is, if and when you start to feel any agitation, it means that it's working! And any feelings of agitation should be over usually in less than a week if you are using the program as often as directed.

After that, your mind will have no choice but to fully accept this repatterning. Instead of suffering with your old way of thinking and acting, you will now begin to have new core beliefs about yourself and about life, you will begin to think more positive and happier moment by moment thoughts, your attitudes will be more positive and your decisions and actions will reflect your new emotional patterns.

In fact, more and more, Anger Management Now will make it so that new thoughts and beliefs like the ones listed below will be describing you to the core of your being:

You truly are a calm, even-tempered person

When it's time to let go of anger, you let go of it

You resolve conflicts so that everyone feels understood and respected

You are the only person who controls your emotions

The hurts from the past are only in the past

You embrace the ever-changing nature of your life and the world around you

You bring out the good in other people

Sarcasm, bitterness and ridicule have absolutely no place in your life

Your challenges actually help you to appreciate everything that is good in your life

Your first reaction when threatened with hostility is to walk away

Knowing the negative effects of anger has taught you the value of patience, respect and understanding

You're okay with not being the center of attention

You believe every stage of life should be enjoyed to the fullest

You've replaced destructive rage with a positive, constructive, problem-solving attitude

You've released all negative emotional bondage that anyone or anything ever had on you

You're through wasting time trying to change what can't be changed

You would rather make new friends than create enemies

You believe the way to succeed is by working hard and smart and by competing fairly

You work through every challenge with the faith that everything will be OK

You are open to having friendly and happy people in your life

You know that life isn't always fair and you don't expect it to be

You've replaced dwelling on problems with focusing on what makes you effective and happy

Happiness is your natural state of mind

You've let go of petty grievances to concentrate on what is truly important

You recognize and appreciate your own hard work and sacrifices

You can settle disputes without ever raising the volume of your voice

You believe it is wrong to unfairly criticize other people

You are OK that not all people share your opinions

You can forgive yourself for not being perfect

You are able to express dissatisfaction without becoming angry

You can and do forgive people for their mistakes

You are sensitive to the impact that your words and actions have on other people

You are free of any and all feelings of jealousy in your life

These and literally hundreds more automatic responses will be yours.

"I Can Honestly Say I'm Happier
Now Than I've Ever Been!"

"My anger situation was not conventional in that I don't have a problem with controlling my temper and certainly don't display behavior that would have a harmful effect on anyone else!

My problem is that if something has annoyed or upset me it will boil inside me for days even weeks, causing sleepless nights and generally just bringing me down.

I was desperate for help because I really thought I was going to lose my mind or do something stupid, which is when I turned to your website.
After 2 - 3 days of listening, my angry feelings intensified as warned on your website, but by the fourth day I had my first full nights undisturbed sleep in 7 months, and also my first journey to work the next morning without crying in anger on the way!

Everyone has noticed a complete change in me, especially my work colleagues who have since admitted I was very difficult to work with as I always appeared to be on a different planet!

My personal and social life has completely taken off and I can honestly say I feel happier now than I have ever been. I cannot thank you enough Mike, you really have been a life saver for me, literally!"

- Nikki, age 26

More Anger Management Now! Successes

Choose Peace in Your Life

Just like every other moment of your life, you are, right now, about to make a decision. Like all decisions, this one has consequences. If you do, indeed, have problematic anger patterns, choosing to continue down the path you are on will lead to continued suffering, possibly horrific pain… for you and those close to you.

For your sake, for the sake of those close to you and for the sake of the people you will come in contact with throughout your life, please choose the other way.

Our research into the minds of people who are able to quickly let go of feelings of annoyance, irritation, aggravation and rage, shows it is clear that there are core differences in what they believe about themselves and about life in general.

Their thoughts never go to revenge or injuring people or property.
They want to understand what they don't know instead of being suspicious of everything and everyone that is unfamiliar.
The differences between angry people and those prone to arguments, sarcasm, passive aggression & violent outbursts and those who are not are staggering.

And it has little to do with what has happened to a person in their lives.
As an example, there are many more calm, peaceful people living in "the projects" than there are violent people prone to rage who live in them.
The differences, we've found, is simply how people process what is going on around them, not in the goings-on themselves.

By getting Anger Management Now! and inviting this positive change into your life, you can truly become a completely different person.

Your entire life can be different… Better. Happier.

And to make it simple…

You Can Try It Risk-Free For 6 Months!

Yes, Anger Management Now! is backed by a 100% Ironclad 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

That means, you have 6 months to use the program as much as you like... or as much as you need. And if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply return the program within 6 months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. There will be no questions asked and no hassles. Your decision to try this program is 100% risk free.

If you order now, today, I'm confident in just a few days you'll be on your way to reducing your anger and frustration… automatically and without effort. All you have to do is click on the link below that indicates the format you want, and we'll rush Anger Management Now! to you immediately!


Mike Brescia

Mike Brescia
Chief of Research

P.S. We are committed to serving our clients as quickly as possible. So, if you place your order before 8 a.m. US Eastern Time, it will be shipped to you the very same day! If you place your order after 8 a.m., it will be shipped to you the very next business day.

Orders placed by 11:00 AM EST ship the same day!
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