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You CAN end panic attacks, anxiety,
and compulsions easily and quickly
—without drugs or therapy.
Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!
is a proven behavior  modification program that erases panic-response patterns in your mind—and replaces them with patterns of stability and calm

√ Give it a few minutes a day and your panic/anxiety will disappear
√ There’s nothing to learn, memorize, study, or practice
√ You’ll feel results beginning in as little as a few days

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Dear Internet Friend,

Wish you could say this—and the sooner the better? 

“I can’t believe the change in me.”

“It totally transformed my life.”

“No panic attacks, absolutely amazing!”

 “You just can’t imagine what this has done for my life.”

“The changes in me are nothing short of miraculous.”

These are actual comments from panic and anxiety sufferers whose lives have been quickly and wonderfully transformed by a simple audio program that can make even the most crippling panic disorders disappear.

Keep reading and you’ll see many more like them. (Hundreds more, in fact, at our Success Stories page.)

I share these client reactions with you because, to be honest, people who suffer from panic disorder, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors tend to be skeptics of the highest order.

And for good reason.

Trying to erase a problem of this nature can be one of the most frustrating, difficult, and discouraging challenges anyone could face.

Talk therapy and group therapy barely put a dent in it. Self-improvement books, breathing exercises, special diets, herbal supplements—ditto.

Prescription drugs can mask the problem. Maybe even subdue a little. But the side-effects can be awful. You and I both know that.

All these solutions? Bah.

A better way would be to erase the problem at its roots. Condition it right out of your life, in the peace and quiet of your own home, over the course of a few short weeks and months.

And now you can with...

An Accelerated Success Conditioning Program to Eliminate Worry,
Panic & Anxiety and Gain Calming Self-Assurance & Optimism

My name is Mike Brescia and I’m President of Think Right Now! International, the leading personal development product website on the Internet.

I’m proud to introduce to you an almost effortless panic-ending solution that has built an amazing track record of success ever since it burst onto the scene in 2001 — even with the most severe panic and anxiety disorders.

This 2-CD program:

  • Significantly alters your automatic mental processes at the deepest levels, which then naturally and automatically transform your thoughts and behaviors
  • Starts working in days and produces lasting, growing results that continue to improve every aspect of your life as the weeks and months go by
  • Costs less than a single typical therapy session—and many times less than other panic programs—and is backed by a six-month satisfaction guarantee

Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! has helped thousands of people break free of their own personal prison and never look back.

It will work wonders for you, too.

No more paralyzing panic attacks. No more runaway fears. No more obsessing over matters large and small.

Imagine that.

You CAN be the next success story, even if you feel right now like you’re barely hanging on. Just remember this...

Response Conditioning Got You Into This
Fix. And It Will Get You Out of It!

Here’s the truth. Most anxiety, panic disorders, and compulsions don’t just appear out of thin air like a virus. Nor are they something you’re born with and stuck with for the rest of your life.

The primary causes for anxiety and panic are easy to explain and, when properly addressed, can be easily reversed without dangerous drugs or endless therapy.

For most people, panic and anxiety are conditioned responses induced by:

  • Traumatic events
  • Chronic health problems/illness/pain
  • Regular exposure to news of tragedy
  • Daily stress at work or at home
  • Frequent criticism/pressure from others/feelings of inadequacy
  • Loss of loved ones by death or separation

These circumstances generate a world of negative thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs that come to dominate your subconscious mind. The deep-rooted patterns are etched in your brain like a circuit board in a computer.

When triggers in the “outside world” set these patterns off, automatic responses kick in and they simply overwhelm you. It’s real and it’s terrifying. And no matter how much you fight it, the same thing happens over and over again.

It really doesn’t matter what caused your panic problems. Some people may, in fact, be genetically predisposed.

Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Gives You Everything You Need to Transform Your Life Immediately

Check Easy? Check. There’s nothing to learn, practice, or memorize. It works automatically to recondition mental patterns at the root of panic and anxiety—even the most severe.
Check Fast? Check. Many people feel the difference beginning in a matter of days, with results that grow more pronounced as the weeks and months progress.
Check Effective? Check. It has helped thousands of people banish panic and anxiety. In addition to the testimonials on this page, there are hundreds more at the Success Stories page.
Check Research-based? Check. It combines a proven behavior modification method with the cutting-edge Suggestopedia learning technique that makes it work better and faster. The results are amazing!
Check Guaranteed? Check. You have six full months to put it to the test—and you’ll see results in a fraction of that time. If you’re not thrilled, you get your money back.
Check Affordable? Check. It costs only $59.97 plus shipping and handling. That’s less than a visit to a therapist and far less than other panic programs on the market.
Click here to order your risk-free copy. Or call 1-315-436-3057 today!

But more often than not, these patterns are not “passed down” in the genes, but through the parents’ own anxiety-driven behaviors that become imprinted in the child’s mind as well.

What matters is ending them, and it all comes down to this...

Erase These Patterns and the Panic Goes Away. For Good.

It’s as simple as that. And that is exactly what Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! is designed to do, and does so well.

It literally does the work for you.

Using scores of specially composed, timed, and repeated affirmations, Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! conditions your mind at the most powerful subconscious levels to erase the panic and anxiety responses that are programmed into it.

It then replaces these negative patterns with positive attitudes, emotions, and beliefs that infuse you with optimistic and confident expectations no matter what challenges you come up against. 

Impossible? Nope. It’s 100% doable.
You’re probably no stranger to the idea of “bad patterns out/good patterns in,” especially if you’ve been in therapy or have researched anxiety on your own. It looks great on paper but boy, it’s a bear of a task to do on your own. 

And that’s the beauty of Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!...

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.
You Don’t “Work” at Changing. The Program Works on You!

All you have to do is listen. In just a few minutes a day, the re-scripting affirmations in Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! reach your deepest unconscious levels and begin rewiring the faulty thought processes that turn your life upside down.

The program uses two different types of affirmations called Releasing Statements and Installing Statements, which are interspersed with each other as you listen.


“After two nights I began to feel different.”

“One day I was having an interview with an acquaintance and I had a panic attack.  I couldn't breath very well, I felt dizzy and I couldn't think very clearly.  My gentleman acquaintance asked me if I had panic attacks very often and I answered him ‘no.’  

My anxiety was more of a deep constant anxiety.  It would become worse if I drove on the freeway in heavy traffic, if I spoke in public, or if I traveled very far from home.  This gentleman recommended your "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now" CD
So I began listening to this marvelous CD.  I would listen with headphones at night as I was going to sleep.  I would just put the cd player on repeat.  I love the relaxation part and it helps me go to sleep quickly and soundly.  After two nights I began to feel different.  I began to feel less afraid.  I began to feel less anxious.  One great change I noticed was that I had to give an oral presentation at school and I had just a tiny bit of anxiety at the very beginning and that quickly went away.  If you knew me you would know that this is quite a dramatic change. I felt calm and at ease in front of the class.  I could smile and interact with the class.  WOW!
The most miraculous change was after about three weeks of listening, I drove over 5 hours to Las Vegas.  I picked up my husband from the airport and we stayed the weekend.  I had no anxiety!  This is amazing.  I drove in traffic--no anxiety!  I drove on roads I was not familiar with--no anxiety!  I was far from home-no anxiety!  Maybe you should rename your CD to Freedom From Panic and Anxiety because that is how I feel.... free!  This cd has helped my self-confidence.  It is wonderful!  I have listened to the cd for about five weeks now and will continue for a few more to really solidify things for me.  I am so thankful. You are doing great things!”

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Releasing Statements chip away at the negative programming that produces panic attacks and anxiety. They force your mind to let go of the fears, anger, despair, trauma, and feelings of loss and hopelessness that, when triggered, converge to send your emotions spiraling out of control.

You’ll see what prompts all the “I can’t believe it!” letters we receive, because your mind will eagerly accept these re-patterning messages, embrace them, and internalize them as your own.

And the changes that follow will be nothing less than profound. You’ll find yourself finally able to...

  • Break free yourself from all destructive anger
  • Forgive yourself for ever thinking you weren’t good enough
  • Release and forgive all those who’ve left you or hurt you
  • Eliminate all fear of humiliation
  • Stop replaying past failures and mistakes in your mind
  • Forgive yourself for ever feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Stop assuming the worst outcomes for everything
  • Accept mistakes as a normal part of life
  • Release all doubts about your self-worth
  • Leave all feelings of vulnerability behind
  • Completely let go of all your need to be perfect
  • Melt away all harmful tension from your mind and body
  • Free yourself of all jealousy, anger, irritation, and feelings of unworthiness
  • Let go of the pain from the past
  • Release all irrational fears
  • Forgive yourself for all mistakes or errors you’ve made in the past
  • Never again be afraid of ridicule, judgment from others, or criticism
  • Overcome all feelings of despair and hopelessness
  • Enter social situations with unstoppable confidence
  • And a whole lot more...

Even if panic and anxiety have been part of your life for decades, your mind will accept these messages now, at long last. In time the negative patterns will weaken, dissolve, and disappear. And so will the panic and anxiety. Guaranteed.

It’s important to note that Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! is NOT a subliminal tape

Why Avoidance Strategies Only Make Your Life Worse

Many people with panic disorders go to extreme lengths to avoid their panic triggers, knowing full well that it forces them to miss a lot of good things in life.

It’s a lousy coping mechanism, and it’s even worse than you may think.

That’s because  the negative mental patterns that cause panic and anxiety don’t stop at that.

They produce a steady stream of self-defeating beliefs, feelings, and attitudes that poison your life even if you manage to keep panic attacks at bay.

Think about it. What good is “managing” the problem when you’re plagued by failure-oriented feelings like these?

  • I often feel inadequate
  • I am afraid of change
  • I constantly worry about how I’m going to mess up
  • I can’t seem to control my life at all
  • I don’t like trying new things
  • I know I’m going to screw things up
  • I get overwhelmed by the stupidest things
  • I have no control over my emotions and it shows
  • I find myself obsessing over little things
  • I feel like no matter what action I take, it’s wrong
  • I replay past mistakes over and over in my head
  • I always imagine the worst possible outcomes
  • I’m always so nervous I know I must look it
  • I am afraid of meeting new people
  • I’m always afraid of embarrassing myself
  • When things don’t go my way, I fall apart
  • I’m always afraid I’ll say or do the wrong thing
  • I can’t stop thinking about awful things happening

In my research, I’ve come across over 250 debilitating thoughts and beliefs that dominate the mindset of people with panic and anxiety disorders. They run in a constant loop, over and over again, around the clock.

That’s what “avoidance” buys you. Some pay-off!

There is a better way. You can replace these deep-rooted negative thoughts with the most positive and empowering beliefs you’ve ever imagined—and it’s easier than you think. Click here to order your risk-free copy Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! and see for yourself!

program. You hear every affirmation loud and clear, repeated  over a background of specially composed music designed to relax you and enhance your brain’s receptiveness. (More on that just ahead.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you begin Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! you may experience feelings of agitation. Anxiety may even increase during the first week. This is common, and due to your mind rejecting the new ideas about letting go of “familiar” fears. Rejecting change—even good change—is the mind’s misguided attempt to keep you safe and feeling comfortable.

Rapid thought and behavior modification is not always comfortable at first. It does mean, however, that it is working. If you experience an initial increase in anxiety from clearing out the old and installing the new, it should be over within a week or even just a few days. After that—you’re cleared for take-off!

You’ll Live Life to the Fullest — And Stay Panic-Free No Matter What

As the negative thought processes are programmed out, an empowering new thought superstructure is put in their place. The more you hear (and read and write) these affirmations, the more you re-condition your brain to embrace the confident feelings that enable your true self to thrive.

These Installing Statements evolved from our research of over 800 belief and action differences that exist between the most poised, effective, and happy people in the world and those who are suffering with panic disorders.

They infuse you with new, positive, compelling beliefs that drive your actions and behaviors in the direction you want them to go. They will, in fact, unlock the vast potential and abilities you already have inside you right now. They will lead to new action habits and help you...

  • Keep mistakes and situations in their proper perspective
  • Replace fear of change with optimistic expectations
  • Use anger constructively and positively, instead of bottling it up
  • Break free from the physical effects of worry and anxiety
  • Enjoy peaceful and rejuvenating sleep
  • Replace fear of criticism with self-assurance and poise
  • Be confident in your ability to control your thoughts and emotions
  • Move past feeling overwhelmed or “not good enough”
  • Put all mental and physical addictions behind you for good
  • Replace fear of losing control with total power over your emotions
  • Exude poise and self-assurance and enjoy meeting new people
  • Have the ability to handle any challenge you face
  • Proceed with strength and optimism even when things don’t go your way
  • Appreciate everything that’s good and beautiful in your life
  • Remain calm regardless of what is going on around you
  • Habitually visualize happy outcomes in all areas of your life
  • Be bigger than any negative thing that could possibly happen to you
  • Confidently express yourself without fear
  • Enjoy blessed peace of mind in all situations
  • Accept that change is good and helps you realize your fullest potential
  • Know that you have the support of others
  • And much more

Give your brain credit. It instinctively craves health and wellness, so its full and willing embrace of these life-enhancing feelings, beliefs, and attitudes is perfectly natural and understandable.

While dramatic changes do take place at the subconscious level, it is important to note that Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! is NOT a subliminal program. The re-scripting statements are designed to be heard clearly, to take full advantage of Lozanov’s learning and conditioning system.

Nor is it an immersion program that “desensitizes” you to your fears or forces you to confront them. Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! produces safe, natural, comfortable changes that emerge in you automatically on their own.

You hear it, believe it, become it. And here’s a big part of why it works so well...

One of the Most Powerful Conditioning Processes Ever Developed

If Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! was merely instructional in nature, it wouldn’t be any more effective than the countless books and programs that simply explain the problem and map out an impossible course of action to eliminate it.

But Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! does something no other program of its kind does. It uses a special subconscious-altering delivery method to drive the re-scripting statements home and really make them stick.

This completely effortless technique, called Suggestopedia by its developer, famed Bulgarian psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov, has been the foundation of “super-performance” conditioning programs for over 40 years.

It unifies the mind and body together in a stress-reducing process that allows the brain to perform with spectacular ability. It has the proven ability to “install” information into the subconscious mind with superior retention, and up to ten times faster than standard learning methods.

It makes people incredibly more capable of accomplishing whatever they’re trying to do—and that includes achieving even the most dramatic thought and behavior transformations you can imagine.

There is simply no better way to “condition in” mental patterns that let you blast through barriers, and to achieve incredible personal improvement at an accelerated, effortless rate.

You Will Feel the Difference
Beginning in Just Days

What’s the catch? How can Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! possibly deliver on all these incredible promises?

There is no catch, but there is one important requirement that you must meet if you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You have to give Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! an honest chance.

Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! is as Easy as 1-2-3…

True to Lozanov’s proven method, Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! program maximizes your results with:

  1. A brief relaxation period at the beginning of each session, to produce the optimal state of mind for learning and retention

  2. Soothing background music, specially composed within a specific beats-per-minute range, which reduces stress further while lowering your brain waves into the alpha and theta levels

  3. Special pacing, repetition, and varied intonation of the re-scripting statements, a technique shown to enhance and maximize internalization of the material

A typical session with Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! takes about 30 minutes to complete. As you relax and even drift off to sleep while listening, a growing number of your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slow 8-12 cycles per second.

This lowered brainwave rhythm is the Alpha brainwave state, the key to heightened recall and accelerated learning.

If you listen while sleeping, the pacing and repetition of the statements trigger the deeper Theta brainwave state (4-8 cps), where profound emotional changes can occur with great speed.

The more often you listen to Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! while relaxed or sleeping, the faster the new attitudes, motivations, and actions will come into your life. It’s as simple as that—and your results are guaranteed.

Listen to it just a few minutes a day, every day, and you will significantly reduce panic and anxiety in your life and experience new levels of calm, confidence, and brimming optimism. You’ll see these benefits beginning in days and increasing steadily as the weeks and months go by.

The more you listen to it in a quiet setting, the better and faster it will work.

But the truth is, you can listen to Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! almost anywhere, and it will have a powerful and accumulating effect. When you read our Success Stories, you’ll come across clients who listen while they’re driving ... commuting … exercising … doing chores … surfing the Internet … sleeping or slipping off to sleep … during lunch break ... in between classes … you name it.

They find the time and make the time to listen, because the results are so absolutely, positively fabulous. I hope and trust you’ll find the time, too.

And that’s all I ask.

There are no books to read, no rules to memorize, no sessions to attend, no exercises to perform. You get lasting results that come automatically from within, and grow more powerful with each passing day. It can’t get any easier than that!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! a chance, maybe this will:

Our Clients Are BLOWN AWAY by the Results They Experienced!


“No panic attacks, absolutely amazing!”

Thanks for your fantastic CDs! I came across your site and I bought Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now. Wow! All of my friends want to know what I’m on and if it’s legal! I tell them about your site. Most of my family is on Prozac too and lots of my friends are on that or other anti-depressants. So I’m an inspiration for them. I’ve also dropped 11 kgs in weight, bonus!  I’ve started a new job with no panic attacks, absolutely amazing.

My life has changed so much and all because I found your site Mike and could open myself up by listening. WOW! Again, I can’t thank you enough. My kids want to know where I’ve come from. I was there all the time, just hidden under the Prozac. Love and Blessings to you!”

—Donna B., UK

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“The changes in me are nothing short of miraculous.”

“For the past 15 years, I have suffered from post-traumatic stress, along with anxiety and depression as a result of severe and prolonged childhood sexual and ritual abuse.  Over the years, I have been in and out of therapy and have attempted to deal with my issues in a variety of non-medicinal ways, with varying degrees of success.

 After 4 months of listening to the CD's day and night, I am confident in writing to tell you that the changes in me are nothing short of miraculous. It is so wonderful to be reclaiming my life, and to have hope again.  People have commented that they can see that the light is back in my eyes, and it is good to have external affirmation of the positive changes. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your excellent products and your helpful staff!”

—Susan, Canada

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“NO panic attacks since I started listening!”

“For more than 40 years I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.  I cannot tell you how many times my wife has taken me to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack.  I would get tremendous pressure on my chest, like an elephant was sitting on me.  I had shortness of breath; I would hyperventilate, even sometimes feeling pain shooting down one arm or the other and an upset stomach.  All classic heart attack symptoms!  (My father died of a heart attack at age 51, when I was just 25.) 

Twice my wife had to call 911 because I was too weak to even walk to the car to have her drive me to the hospital.  Each time after many tests and two cardiac catheterizations, I was told over and over again that it was just anxiety.  (They told my Dad the same thing, and he went home and dropped dead!)  I was never satisfied.  I took Zanax on a regular basis and still had the attacks. 

After just 30 days of listening to your program every night while I slept, I saw a drastic reduction in the number and severity of the attacks.  After 60 days, the attacks began to come further and further apart.  Now I haven't had an anxiety attack in over three months and NO panic attacks since I started listening!  Your programs really work. 
Thanks Mike, you have relieved much stress in my life and I no longer live in fear of dying suddenly from a heart attack, and I now believe my doctor when he tells me my heart is fine!”

—J. David, UT

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“If I had not experienced the change myself, I'm not sure I would have believed it was possible!”

“I had been having terrible panic attacks and was anxious daily and went to see my doctor.  They immediately wanted to put me on strong medication.  Of course, the first thing I did, was look the medication up on the internet and my goodness, the side affects looked more severe than my symptoms!  I still needed help, desperately, with the anxiety and panic though, and came upon your website when searching for some help.

I thought, what the hay, it sure can't hurt anything to try it, so I immediately ordered your program Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now.

My method for listening was in my car.  Since I drive about 45 min. each way to work everyday, it was the perfect medium for me.  I really liked the voice I was hearing and was surprised after listening for a few days, how I could actually repeat the phrases with the same intonations as the speaker.  I must say, that in the beginning, I was a bit skeptical that anything so simple could work.

Here it is, just 2 months later, and I swear, I'm like a different person.  I find myself approaching challenges in a much more confident and calm way.  I have different "self talk" now and that has made all the difference.  If I had not experienced the change myself, I'm not sure I would have believed it was possible.  I have avoided strong meds and learned new life skills that I will carry with me from this day forward. Thank you, Mike, for making a positive difference in my life, and I'm sure in the lives of many others.”

—Theresa B.,  Suffolk, VA

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Use Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!
Risk-Free for Six Months

That’s right. You have six entire months to use Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! as much and as often as you like with no risk whatsoever.

Here’s what we promise:

Guarantee #1: Your decision to try this program is 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! within six months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: Your purchase at this special low amount of $59.97 is a one-time purchase. This is NOT a subscription program that lures you in with a low introductory price, and then sends you materials you don’t want. You’re under no obligation to buy anything else, and nothing else will be sent to you.

Guarantee #3. Your purchase is 100% private and your privacy is 100% protected. We will never sell or give your name and address to any other company or organization. Period.

Our Six-Month Guarantee sets the bar high for Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! but I’m absolutely confident that the results will speak for themselves.

When panic becomes a distant memory and you feel the growing confidence and optimism sweep over all aspects of your life, you won’t want to give it up for anything.

So why not give it a chance? Click here to order your no-risk copy of Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!

Here’s to a life of being calm, cool, and filled with joy—no matter what comes your way! That life can be yours, starting right now.

Mike Brescia
Think Right Now! International

P.S. Want more information? Click to the How it Works page for a more detailed explanation of the Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning process. Here also is the link to our Success Stories page where you can read over 500 testimonials written by clients who are thrilled with the success they’ve enjoyed with Think Right Now! products.

P.P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed completely and you’re protected by our unbelievable 6-month no-risk guarantee.

While you’re here, sign up to receive my FREE email newsletters that are filled with inspiring success-focused tips and insights. It’s completely free, and your privacy is assured: we will never rent, sell, or share your email address for any reason.

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“Wow, the difference it made!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for what you do, your program(s) not only work and make people better but better people. After 30 years of feeling normal, I suddenly came down with panic. Coming from a family where my father was super "macho" this was not well accepted and the pressure from that only made the problem worse. There’s nothing like anxiety and feeling like a total freak.

I wound up having to leave my job, but was fortunate to have found another one rather soon. My anxiety and lack of confidence made the job a real challenge. I started to see a psychiatrist who put me on medication. My wife bought Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! for me, and wow the difference it made. She bought it to help me out on a personal level, however it made an impact on my job and my relationships as well. I never realized how much I was missing. Ignorance is not bliss when it holds you back from experiencing so much out of life.

I have been listening to your program now for about 9 months. My boss recently offered me a lead position because of my new confidence and attitude. I no longer suffer anxiety or panic, I have been taken off the medication, my outlook on life is so different and my relationships positively reflect my new mindset and I feel great! I feel like I've discovered a part of life I never knew existed. Thank you for everything.”

—Lance L., FL

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“I had no idea it could be so easy!”

“I have a new sense of calmness about entering situations and dealing with on-going anxiety.  I listen each day on my way to work, a 45-minute commute.  When I enter the office, I am ready to deal with people without a battle. I thought each confrontation had to be a battle, but they don’t have to be.  I found I could just ask for what I want and I got it as part of the negotiation.  I had no idea it could be so easy! I used to dread bringing up issues where I needed something to change in the office.  Now, I just talk about it and if I don’t get it, fine, I’ll look for another way. Thanks again!” 

—Marianne C., .Lee’s Summit, MO

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 “I actually look forward to having conversations with people again!”

“THANK YOU! Within days I was able to make plans outside my house without feeling anxious inside. It had been nearly 2 years since I felt excited about going somewhere or planning something ... and actually sticking to it.  Over the past 2 years, I would feel anxiety whenever my cell phone rang - many times my voicemail would fill up.  Then, I would feel anxiety when I'd check the voicemail due to all the requests I'd have to comply with, or calls I'd have to return. 

NOW...I'm back to being able to answer my phone on the first ring, with no worry about what request, question or voice is on the other end.  I actually look forward to having conversations with people again. Its been less than one month since I began using the programs, and I can happily say that I feel better than ever.  I am feeling joy and excitement about who I am and where I am going.  I look forward to, AND enjoy PARTICIPATING in life again.” 

—Kerry B., Wildwood, MO

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 “I feel so much better, I feel alive again.
The fear went away.”

“I tried many different things but nothing worked.  I had this fear inside of me.  I only felt safe inside my own house.  One day I got really angry, I started crying and praying which lend me to the computer.  I did research on how to get rid of anxiety attacks.  The first site that came up was Think Right Now and I found your Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now program and I ordered it. 

I have been listening to the CD since May of 2007. I feel so much better, I feel alive again.  The fear went away, I am once again very active in my life.  Not only did the fear go away but I am happy and excited about life. I have recommended this programs to many of my friends, family and co-workers.  I am truly grateful to Mike and I hope my story inspires others.” 

—Marina, Sherman Oaks, CA

More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes


“This program saved my life!

“I’m 37 years old and have struggled with anxiety and agoraphobia since I was about 14 years old, but managed okay until a very bad period in September 2006. I was dealing with lots of work related stress that was not going away. Then it started to affect my whole life and I sunk in to a terrible depression. It was awful. I was scared to take medication, scared to stay alone, didn't want to do anything or go anywhere, I was off work. My future was looking very bleak.  Life was horrible, getting through the day was a huge effort and I couldn't sleep, I lost 15 pounds in 2 months.  I was tired of feeling this way and nobody had any answers that worked. 

I am a nurse and thought about what would I do for my patients; research the problem and get information. I went on the internet and was very excited when I found your program. I ordered Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now. When it finally came I was apprehensive about trying it but once I did, it was great. I would listen to it when I was falling asleep.  It was only about a month when I noticed and everyone around too how much better I was doing.  Christmas was coming and I actually felt like shopping and socializing. I was smiling and laughing again.  I was doing a relaxation technique one day and my 9 year-old daughter said to me ‘Mom, you don't need to do that anymore, you don't have anxiety anymore.’ I feel this program saved my life. Thank you Mike.”

—Shari, Canada

More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes


“Getting over anxiety is such a major accomplishment for me!”

“I have suffered with panic and anxiety for over 20 years and I thought I would never get over it.  But I have!  I had been thinking about getting a business started for over two years now and fear kept me from achieving my goals.  After about three months of listening to the Dissolving  Panic and Anxiety program, without even thinking it through, I just picked up the phone and placed a call to schedule my first appointment that would get me on the road to starting my new business.  I have now been in business since August of 06 and am very happy with my success. I met a woman the other day at work and we have become very good friends. She tells me that I am the most confident person she knows.  That was the biggest compliment anyone has ever given me.  Later that night at dinner I told my husband about it and he said that I have changed so much over the past year that I am a totally different person. 

The CDs work...You only have to experience them to know. I have recommended them to everyone I know – getting over anxiety is such a major accomplishment for me!” 

—Phyllis T., WY

More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes


“My kids can't believe I am the same person anymore.”

“I am so glad I finally got the Dissolving Panic and Anxiety program. I am only 44 and have felt like 144 for years now. I had made a decision to quit taking my anti-depression medication about 6 months ago because I was constantly developing new phobias. I was so sick of taking medications that I had been on for about 10 years.

The first afternoon I received the CD I wanted to listen to it right away, and realized after a few minutes I'd have to listen to it at night because it was making me feel sleepy. I must tell you I had my first restful good night sleep that evening in I don't know how long.

About 4 days had past and I have to tell you, it brought out so many fears that had been hidden deep inside of me for the last 15 years. I cried and cried and cried and felt so cleansed afterwards. I mean I have made it through alcohol and drug addictions and have made a lot of leeway through other issues and I really thought I had them all dealt with until I started listening to the Dissolving Panic and Anxiety CD.

My kids can't believe I am the same person anymore. I laugh out loud like a child now—I am genuinely happy! My 20 year old says there is something different about my face, as if my face is glowing. When I did my grocery shopping this past week I bought all healthy food.

And social—I had wanted to start back to church for so long now—our church is only about 3 blocks away. Every week my 14 year old would ask me and there was like a mental block there—something inside of myself would just not let me go. I'm going now—and talking to people.

My goal is to take walks by myself—it has been about 20 years since I took regular walks—and I have missed it so much but the agoraphobia and anxiety have always stopped me. I think I will begin this soon because I think I understand now. Saying thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. You just can't imagine what this program has done for my life in just two weeks. You literally have saved my life and you will never know how grateful I truly am.”

—Debbie, Canada

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“I can't believe the difference!  I am a different person!”

“I have been dealing with extreme anxiety my whole life, and it seems that as each year passes, it has been getting worse.  I was afraid to drive, to be a passenger, to speak in public, and play music in my church. 

I was asked to play the piano for the church service because our musical director moved to Florida.  I couldn't say no…but just the thought of it brought extreme panic.  I read your newsletter and decided to take a chance on your Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now

I have been listening to it for about four weeks.  I listen driving to and from work and when I go to bed at night.  I can't believe the difference!  I am a different person!  Yesterday I played the piano at church, and while I was still a bit nervous, I wasn't shaking uncontrollably like I used to.  I found that to be a major breakthrough.  I am going to continue to listen to this audio daily as I move ahead.  Thank you, Mike!”

—Sonja, OH

More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes


“Now I'm sailing high and my personal creativity has returned!”

“I wanted to let you know about the wonderful changes in my life that have happened since I have started using Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now!  A wonderful sense of well being, focus, and inner drive for excellence has returned - and I'm relaxed.  I teach music at a local college: music theory and composition for soundtracks for films.  It is critical that I be able to inspire others and pull them out of their writers block when it hits them ... but who or what helps me?  Good question.

I have been smiling on the outside and grappling with blackness and shapeless terror for sometime — and I could not really put a finger on the cause or the cure.  Through daily use of your material, several times a day at first, the blackness began to lift.  Then I began to see the cause and was able to address the "real" issues and dispel the fantasy shapes that had come to plague me.  Now I'm sailing high and my personal creativity has returned and my students are really very happy with me because I don't have to work "hard" any more to inspire them.  Sometimes a smile, or a gesture is all that is needed as I now exude a confidence that was lacking before. Thank you for your CD - It is a life saver.”


More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes


 “Since beginning your program, I haven't experienced any panic attacks.”

I've been waiting for the right time to send you an e-mail to thank you for your program.  I've looked back on the past 6 months since I've been listening to your “Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now” CD and realize that the time is now.

I am becoming a different person. I was skeptical at first, but figured ‘what have I got to lose?’  I ordered the cd and began listening to it once it arrived. The first time I listened to the cd during the day to find out what it contained.  Many of the statements brought tears to my eyes as I could relate to them.  How did you know how I felt and what I wanted to feel?  By working on my self talk during the day and at night I am beginning to become a new person.  When I first put on the cd and hear the music begin, my body immediately begins to relax and focus.  I truly believe that I am becoming a better wife and mother. I've been learning over the years that my problems are not caused by others, but exist with me. Since beginning your program, I haven't experienced any panic attacks and can better deal with my anxiety.  I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring.”

—Yvonne,  WI

More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes


 “My whole outlook on everything around me became positive.”

For years I have suffered from Anxiety/Panic Disorder, and had gotten to the point where I could not leave my home without experiencing extreme emotional reactions.  Eventually, I ended up staying within the confines of my home for several days at a time without ever leaving.

I began listening to your tape on December 23, 2006, and after about 2 weeks, I began to notice a difference in the way I was feeling inside. Where I once felt a constant tightness, I noticed a feeling of joy and genuine happiness.  At first I didn't connect it with the tape, I was just happy to be free from constant worry and anxiety.  I was truly overwhelmed with this new person I felt I was becoming.  I began to look forward to waking up every day. I couldn't wait to go to bed, because that meant that I would be waking up next.  My whole outlook on everything around me became positive, and I came to have an outlook on life like never before.  

Approximately six weeks after I began listening to your tape came the first time that I felt no panic, anxiety, or negative emotional reaction whatsoever when it came time to leave the house to go the grocery store.  In fact, I was excited about a trip outside the house, and with my love, Jimmy.  As we were driving away from the house I said "Oh my God, Jim, do you know that this is the first time I feel no anxiety at all about doing this?"  He responded, "I knew you were going say that!"

One of my biggest issues, Mike, was the anxiety and panic I felt going into crowded places.  It's been literally debilitating, not to mention the effect it's had on my relationship with Jim.  However, since listening to your tape I seem to have overcome the emotionally provoked reactions I experienced at one time, and may I add, very quickly at that! 

Recently, Jim and I flew to San Diego to attend a seminar.  I won't tell you that I didn't experience some form of anxiety, let's face it, just about everyone getting on a plane these days does.  What I want to tell you, though, the important point of this, is that not only did I go to the airport and get on the plane, fly completely across the country to attend this seminar, but I also got up in front of that room full of people and gave an explanation of a point of the discussion we were on. It was as though I was on "Auto-Pilot", or someone else was me, if that makes any sense.

I participated in the entire event, but the best part, Mike, was that I did all of this with so much ease, that I knew it was your tape, Dissolving Anxiety and Panic Now, that created these tremendous changes within me.  I knew that the only right thing to do was to thank you.

Thank you so very much, Mike, for the difference your tape "Dissolving Anxiety & Panic Now" has made within me and my life. I am a better, and much happier person because of it, and would recommend your program to anyone who is struggling, not only with the disorder I have suffered from, but from any other emotional road block that prevents a them from moving forward in their life, and becoming the best they can be.”

—Marie, Rochester, New York

More Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! Successes

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"My chest felt like a 300 pound person was sitting on top of it!"
"I used to have a very difficult time "talking" myself out of a bad attack. Sometimes it would get really bad and I would need to take my medication.

Thank you so much for your products. Having tried everything under the sun to alleviate my symptoms without having to take any sort of "DRUGS" - your programs are turning into the only "medication" I need."

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Anxiety Now!

"I haven't had a panic attack since I started this program..."
"Life deals us so many issues that doctors often try to help us with by masking them with meds, but we're not really dealing with the problem at hand, just numbing the pain. Your program helps us to realize that the problem is there, yes, but it can be dealt with by simply changing our way of thinking. I LOVE it!!!"

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Anxiety Now!

"My new nickname is "Dr. Spectacular"

"After listening to your program for about a week while sleeping, I was able to clearly see what I needed to do and--instead of stressing out about it--get it done."

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Anxiety Now!

"They gave me some anti-anxiety meds to help me sleep but I felt like a zombie."
"Well I did it! It was very hard and took two months but your program helped considerably. The music is very calming and the statements have given me great confidence. I was able to start functioning normally again and sleep without those drugs, which after taking them for over 6 months is incredible."

The rest of this and other success stories with Dissolving Panic &
Anxiety Now!

"...having a heart rate that raced to 230 beats a minute in the middle of the night while sleeping!"
"It has been approximately six months and I cannot believe that my life is back in my control again, without the fear that my physical symptoms are beyond my control. I had no idea how much negative self-talk I was creating."

The rest of this and other success stories with Dissolving Panic &
Anxiety Now!


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