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The Complete Mental Conditioning Program That Gives You Total Control Over Food at Last!

“You’ll Make the Right Eating Choices Without a Struggle… Your Health and Energy Will Soar… and You’ll Finally Feel Extraordinary!”


The World’s Most Powerful Thought and Behavior Modification Program For Healthy Eating Will Help You:
V Embrace healthy foods and habits that will transform your health, lift your emotions, and fill you with energy
V Develop unstoppable self-discipline and motivation
to achieve your health goals
V Overcome eating problems and break unhealthy junk food addictions and fast food habits
And all you have to do is...USE THE PROGRAM!

New Enhanced Version—Try It for Six Months Risk-Free!

Dear Friend,

This very day, millions of people will begin a “healthy diet” filled with high hopes and expectations. Unfortunately, they’re in for a bumpy ride.

And you know why.

They’ll start out with the best intentions but will soon feel miserable:

>> Because they feel deprived of the emotional comfort that food and eating provide...

>> Because they give in to cravings then feel guilt-ridden about the overeating and sneaking junk foods... 

>> Because they feel frustrated when they backslide into the same old unhealthy eating habits that cause pain and suffering...

And soon theyíll be right back where they started -- eating junk, feeling lousy, looking even worse and taking many happy, healthy years off their life.

Most of them will be in for a disappointing experience, but not you.  Not this time.  Because, as of today, you don’t have to go down that dead end street ever again.

I’d like to tell you about a way to start fresh—and start right—and literally eat your way to renewed health, your ideal weight, boundless energy, less pain and a happier, longer life.

You can finally break the spell that food has over you and it couldn’t be easier with:


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The Complete Mental Conditioning Program for
Developing Healthy Eating Habits For A Longer, Happier Life

I’m Mike Brescia, President of Think Right Now! International.  Our Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs have helped customers worldwide improve their lives in countless ways.

Eating For Excellent Health Now! has earned rave reviews from our clients, even those who have struggled for years with eating disorders and weight problems they couldn’t overcome no matter what they tried.

This mental conditioning program effectively re-programs your mind with empowering self-beliefs, strengthens your willpower, and creates motivation like you've never experienced before.

Its proven thought and behavior modification process targets your mind's conscious and subconscious levels where your lifelong eating habits are formed. It helps you to replace negative beliefs and attitudes that cause unhealthy eating habits with the healthiest, most positive attitudes about food and eating imaginable. 

You WILL eat healthier.  And for the first time, you'll like it.


"I chose life over death"

Before After

256 lbs.

160 lbs - 96 lbs lighter and
hardly looking like the same

I took off 96 pounds in 18 months and have not (and will not) regain it. I only stepped on scales when I had my yearly physical. My last one showed my 55-year-body has no significant maladies or worry points. I speed walk about 12~15 kilometers per week, always run up stairs and escalators, and never take the elevator, if my floor is on the Fourth Fl. or lower.

My eating is based on the 80-20 principle; that is, 80 percent water-based foods and 20 percent solids or dead foodstuffs. I stay away from all oils, butters and sugars, and I cook my vegetables in a boullion base or Japanese "dashi."

I still eat too much and too fast - the two flaws which could cause some doctors and experts to say "gotcha " - but after three adult rebounds I understand the needs of a formally obese person.

Support is helpful. But along with support, I suggest that you tell your readers to use the following mantra: "I may be up and I may be down, but food is never the answer. It's a friend who knows his place in the scheme of things."

One final note, I have come to believe that formerly fat people cannot gradually attain moderation and thus increase the intake of the past foods which can be attributed to their fatness. It is better to say that overeating cannot be controlled indefinitely, but the 80-20 formula will allow you to maintain your near-ideal weight forever.

. . . I haven't had a pizza slice, a cookie, a scoop of ice cream in two years - but I chose life over death."

- Richard Posner, Japan

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Sound Impossible? It’s Not…and Here’s Why

Let’s face it: most people think of “healthy eating” as deprivation, or starvation, or a purgatory of eating "rabbit food" for the rest of their life.

It is none of those things …in fact, eating for excellent health opens the door to a lifetime of so much more: more energy, more confidence, better self-esteem, a leaner, better body, a better sex life …

And that’s just for starters!

But here’s the problem: Many people learn to use food as a way to make themselves feel better.  Without you even being aware of it, you find that itís next to impossible to handle depression, anger, loneliness or stress without turning to food, which gives instant pleasure and satisfaction like practically nothing else.

Unfortunately, your subconscious mind convinces you that...

  • Food makes your physical pain diminish
  • Eating is an acceptable response to a loss
  • Food can take away your emotional discomfort
  • There is no pleasure as good as the kind eating gives you
  • Food is an appropriate reward for having to endure something you donít like
  • Food is a reward for good behavior
  • Food is love

The truth is, forcing yourself to “eat healthy” will be a constant uphill battle if your inner self -- your subconscious mind -- isn’t on board with the plan.  No amount of pushing yourself will change that, but this powerful CD program and its manual will—safely, quickly, and effectively.

When you use Eating For Excellent Health Now!...

  • You will stop depending on food as a source of emotional comfort, and view it instead as energizing fuel for your healthy body.
  • The emotional triggers that prompt over-eating, under-eating, bingeing, eating processed chemical-laden "food-like" substances and other eating problems will gradually diminish and lose their power over you.
  • You will discover an iron will and desire to eat only the most wholesome foods, in the healthy amounts you need.
  • You’ll no longer obsess over what you’re “missing out on,” and stop rationalizing stupid food choices or making excuses for yourself.
  • You’ll eat only until you feel comfortable and not a bite more.
  • Youíll stop rewarding or consoling your pains with food.
  • Your determination and persistence to continue your healthy new way of eating will override any old patterns of giving up at the first signs of adversity.
  • You’ll stop beating yourself up and killing your motivation every time you have a “weak moment,” and bounce back with renewed determination.
  • You will come to believe that you are worth whatever so-called "effort" it may take to make the healthiest food choices and keep making them.  

And as amazing as all these positive changes will feel to you...

This Transformation Will Happen Naturally Inside You

Read that again.  Thatís the ultimate key to your living a long, healthy productive, happy life.

Making a conscious effort to change your eating habits will only take you so far if you try to force new habits upon yourself.  The old bad habits may stop temporarily, but they’ll be back.  They always come back when you try to suppress them.

How Eating For Excellent Health Now!
Conditions Your Mind for Effortless Success

Like all Think Right Now! programs, Eating For Excellent Health Now! uses a powerful thought and behavior modification technology called Suggestopedia to bring about fast changes in your life.

Developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov, it has the scientifically-proven effect of virtually burning information into the subconscious mind.  Plus, it helps you absorb material 5 to 10 times faster compared to standard learning methods -- which means you get incredible results fast.

A typical active session (there are actually 7 ways to use it!) with Eating for Excellent Health Now!  takes about 30 minutes to complete.

1) You begin with a brief relaxation period. This helps produce the optimal state of mind for absorbing and retaining the powerfully focused affirming re-patterning statements.

2) Next, you’ll hear specially-composed 60-beat-per-minute music that helps put you into the “alpha” brain state.  This is where brainwave rhythm vibrates at a slow 8-12 cycles per second, and it’s the key to heightened recall and accelerated learning.

When you enter the Alpha state, stress evaporates...Your pulse automatically synchronizes with the music…and your brain soaks in new information better and more effectively than ever before.

As you keep listening, you’ll eventually activate even deeper subconscious brainwave patterns, known as the “theta” state, of 4-8 cycles per minute. This is where deep, emotional changes become weaved into the fabric of who you are.

3) Finally, each re-scripting statement is repeated three times using special pacing and varied intonation.  Research has shown that this special repetition helps enhance and maximize your internalization of the material.

This triple-play of music, repetition, and affirmations produce lasting results because they alter the deeply-ingrained mental "triggers" that control what your attitudes and actions will be. Like all Think Right Now! programs, Eating for Excellent Health Now! uses this behavior-modification method to literally program the desire, motivation, and willpower to achieve your eating goals into your mind.  

Which means you don’t have to work at changing yourself. The program works on you.

Important note: Eating for Excellent Health Now! is NOT a subliminal program. You are meant to hear every word clearly. The more you hit the audio play button and use the other conditioning techniques, the faster the positive thoughts and behaviors of a healthy, motivated, and self-disciplined eater will emerge in your life.  It’s that simple—and your results are guaranteed. You’re invited to see for yourself with no risk at all.  Just click here.

That’s why, for example, 95% of weight-loss dieters ultimate regain all of the weight they worked so hard to lose.

Or people whose eating habits under stress go completely haywire despite their best intentions... turning to sugary, salty, high-fat, high-calorie foods to give them comfort.

Eating For Excellent Health Now! works to make these health-destroying habits disappear entirely.

How? By changing the underlying mental patterns (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions) at the root of overeating, compulsive eating, bulimia, junk food addictions, and all other unhealthy eating problems.

The process is effortless, relaxing, and automatic, yet it literally changes the way you think and feel about food at the deepest levels -- and in the most positive and empowering ways imaginable.  One way to use this program is to simply relax and listen while the program does the work. It embeds new beliefs in your mind through repetition—the same way all habits and patterns are formed.

The Scientific Behavior Modification Process
Behind Eating for Excellent Health Now!

The active sessions feature three integrated components:

  • The audible delivery method which uses a world-renowned technique called Suggestopedia to accelerate subconscious retention of the powerful affirming new beliefs and attitudes you hear. Developed by famed psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov, it has been the foundation of performance conditioning programs for over 40 years.
  • Releasing” Statements that gently force you believe you've already let go of negative scripting at the root of food compulsions and unhealthy eating habits. They pave the way so you will be able to accept the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you’ll need to achieve even the most challenging healthy eating goals.
  • Attraction” Statements that install the most positive, empowering new beliefs, attitudes, and emotional triggers in your mind that make it easier to embrace healthier eating habits—and to keep moving toward your goals with unstoppable determination no matter what.

Over the coming days and weeks and months, the changes that take place in your mind and in your actions will amaze you:

  • Encouraging inner "self-talk" will become automatic, so you’ll find it infinitely easier to make the right choices through the day: the salad over the cheeseburger ... the spring water over the soda.... the fresh fruits and vegetables over the processed foods, and so on.
  • You’ll be able to resist temptation.  You’ll easily wave off the extra servings, the desserts, the sugary snacks, the fast-food lunches, the high-fat meats, you name it.
  • Eating For Excellent Health Now! Is For Anyone Who Wants To:

    Revitalize their physical and mental health with the power of nutritious, wholesome foods and the smartest eating habits.

    Live longer by falling in love with foods that that help prevent heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions.

    Improve digestive health by phasing out junk food, processed foods, and other poor diet choices that diarrhea, constipation, pain, and sleepless nights from maladies like Crohn's Disease, Colitis, IBS, Acid Reflux, Diverticulitis and other nasty digestive problems.

    Prevent and even reverse diabetes with fresh and wholesome foods that promote healthy blood sugar levels.

    Achieve lasting weight loss without dangerous diet pills or costly diet programs.

    Overcome depression, anxiety, and insomnia—all of which can be aggravated by junk food and unhealthy eating habits.

    Improve concentration and brain power with wholesome foods that support the mind on all levels.

    Restore energy, vitality, and a bright outlook with a diet that delivers glowing good health from head to toe.

    See for yourself how Eating for Excellent Health Now! can easily and painlessly transform your eating habits for a lifetime of better health. Click here to order now!

    You’ll let go of unhealthy eating habits like gobbling food down or eating past the first feelings of fullness, and gravitate to habits that speed your path to greater health, energy, and vitality for a lifetime.
  • You’ll  be attracted to eating right food for the first time in your life … no more comfort eating, or even “under-eating” because you’re too stressed or too busy.
  • Best of all, you’ll genuinely create healthy new beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that take root within at the deepest levels of your subconscious.  And they’ll  make a huge difference even if you’ve had eating problems your entire life! 

Are You Ready to Finally Break the Spell Food Has Over You?

The first order of business is diminishing the power of unsupportive mental patterns—and that’s where dozens of Releasing Statements take charge.

These powerful affirmations target all the negativity that can keep you locked in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits—like self-doubts about your inner strength and abilities ... deep-rooted expectations of failure ... feelings of low self-worth ... or anger directed inward for letting yourself go.

These negative mental patterns will absolutely chain you down in the deepest rut and prevent you from moving forward.

But not anymore

The audible Releasing Statements in Eating For Excellent Health Now! chip away at your negative self-beliefs pertaining to your food choices until their power over you is completely erased. They help break the link between emotional needs and eating so that you can comfortably approach food without giving in to compulsions. You'll be able to:

  • Eliminate any habit of using food as a reward or a consolation
  • Replace temptation to overeat with an unwavering commitment to health
  • Turn off the volume on any discouraging inner self-talk
  • Be free of any habit of eating for emotional comfort
  • Say “no” to any unhealthy food every time, no matter how good it may taste
  • Resist the pressure to eat what everybody else is eating
  • See and smell foods without craving them
  • Refuse junk food and sweets without feeling deprived
  • Forgive yourself for not always making the perfect dietary choices
  • Be free of any desire to eat when you’re really not hungry
  • Become free of any food addictions or compulsions
  • Forgive all those who don’t support you in achieving your health goals
  • Feel wonderful when you decline foods you shouldn’t eat
  • Look in the mirror and see a gorgeous "you" looking back
  • Be willing to give up certain foods in order to enjoy superb lifelong health
  • Be free of any temptation to overindulge in foods you should not eat
  • Choose natural, healthy food over junk food every time
  • Be honest with yourself about which foods are healthy and which are not
  • Always make healthy food choices regardless of what others are eating

You’ll know Eating For Excellent Health Now! is working because you won’t have to force yourself to “enjoy” eating healthy.  Because you'll enjoy it like never before without having to try.  And you don't need to be forced to do something you love, right?  Your love for healthier food will begin to emerge naturally, on its own. Your self-talk will become increasingly optimistic, supportive, and motivating, even if you’ve been weak and beating yourself up about it for years.


"The pounds are coming off quickly"

"Since I can remember, food has served as my security blanket. Whenever I felt hurt, or lonely, or stressed out about some deadline that I didn't think I could meet, I used food to temporarily block out the negative emotion and anxiety, but over the years, the pounds kept piling on which made me feel worse about myself. I wanted to take control of my life, and I knew it was going to take much more than a quick-fix diet to solve the problem permanently. So I ordered "Eating for Excellent Health Now!" Two weeks later I actually began noticing some significant changes. I was laughing at myself one night when I caught myself thinking 'When I'm comfortably full I stop eating,' which is one of the messages on the tape, and I actually put my fork down and stopped. I noticed that I began leaving food on my plate on a regular basis and I was eating much smaller portions. Needless to say, the pounds are coming off quickly. It was so easy. It didn't involve any effort at all on my part..."

- Rita Castriotta, Texas

"I'm a diabetic, and eating right is more of a life and death issue for me than it is for most people. When I think about the things now that I'm eating and the things I'm not eating, I know that it has made a tremendous difference in my life... It really does work."

- Gary Walker, Maryland

"Mike! I just wanted to write to you to say you're incredible! I got 'Eating For Excellent Health' about three weeks ago and my refrigerator is now filled with fruits and veggies. I've already lost 14 pounds, but even more impressive is that, even though my diet has changed completely, I don't have the feeling of giving anything up. I don't dream about food like I have for so long.

For years, my whole life has been focused on food, food, food. I tried everything and I just kept gaining more weight. Now, I don't see how I can fail to lose the next 40 pounds. I don't 'think' fat any more. I now 'THINK RIGHT' about food! Thank you, thank you & thank you some more!"

- Allen Karlik, Georgia

"...At first, the pressure I felt to start eating healthier foods and stop when I was comfortable started to get to me. I didn't like it. But then it didn't feel so bad. Then I started to eat a little different. Again, it felt kind of odd. Something seemed not right. But I kept listening. And now, I really like eating less and saying no to the snacks and sweets. My husband likes the changes in me, too! 20 lbs. down, 20 to go. Thanks, Mike. You've saved me from myself."

- Kathy Wilkinson, North Carolina

"Last week, I ordered 'Eating For Excellent Health Now.' I can't say enough good things about it. In 4 days, the changes in my thinking and eating habits are just unbelievable. I can't wait to see my results after I receive my exercise CD."

- Beverly Toledo,, Illinois

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Getting rid of the negativity can do wonders—but that’s just the first step.  To become the healthy person you desire to be, you must replace your negative thought, belief and attitude patterns with positive ones or else the old habits will take over again in a flash.  That’s why this program...

Installs Positive New Attitudes So That Nothing
Can Stop You From Eating Your Way to New, Vibrant Health!

Why Poor Food Choices Will KILL You

It’s not a question of “if,” it’s a question of “when.”

When you pack your diet with refined sugar, white flour, trans fats and saturated fats, sodium, chemical flavor additives, preservatives, and coloring agents, you’ve set the stage for a mountain of health problems that will ultimately cut your life short.

I don’t mean to be blunt about it, but there it is.

Weight problems are the first and most obvious, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. A diet of fast food, junk food, snack food, and processed foods will put you on a one-way road to:

  • Constipation, irritable bowel disease, and other gastrointestinal woes.

  • Lack of energy because you’re bogged down by carbs and fats that sap your strength instead of providing it.

  • Poor concentration and drowsiness because extra blood is diverted to digestive processes to break down the junk you’re eating.

  • Diabetes triggered by sugar-rich diets that put a huge strain on your pancreas.

  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health issues triggered by poor nutrition and chemical food additives.

  • Cardiovascular disease thanks to the fats and cholesterol that clog your arteries.

  • Liver failure brought on by excessive fat, cholesterol and sodium. Cancer triggered by a lifetime of chemical additives, carcinogenic preservatives, and foods stripped of their nutrient value.

  • And on and on and on.

You can change your eating habits and start living a healthier life, and it’s never too late to start.  So why not make your first step really count? 
Click here to get Eating for Excellent Health Now! and give yourself the support & help you need to succeed!

Being in pain sucks.  And being ill with disease and sickness is no way to go through life.  Healthy eating is the gateway to the happy and fulfilling life you desire because, without a doubt, your health is the most important thing in your life. 

Good health gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams and do all the things that poor health won’t allow. Bad eating habits, whether it’s eating your way to obesity or malnourishing your body with junk food, will throw your health out of balance and ultimately rob you of so much that life has to offer.

It’s no secret that nutritious, wholesome foods can transform even the sickest, dying people into vibrant, healthy people filled with life and energy. 

So why is it so difficult to stop your old eating habits and develop healthy ones?

Good intentions only get you so far.  To change a lifetime of eating habits and build lasting healthy attitudes about food, you need a solid inner support system that includes:

  • A firm belief in your ability to make healthy choices in your life
  • A strong self-image of yourself as healthy and vibrant
  • The conviction that your health goals are 100% possible
  • The motivation and persistence to stay on course, no matter what
  • The understanding that setbacks are inevitable but not permanent, so you can move on no matter how many small setbacks you face
  • A constant focus on the enormous benefits you're enjoying as your health continues to get better and better

That may sound ridiculous and impossible, but it’s not — because dozens of Attraction Statements in Eating For Excellent Health Now! program these self-empowering traits into your mind like software onto a hard drive.

The steady repetition of these positive health affirming self-talk statements and self-instructions will transform you into a motivated, driven, and confident person who is able to:

  • Always be in control of your decisions and actions relating to food
  • Choose natural foods because you know they’re key to your well-being
  • Gain tremendous satisfaction by sticking to your healthy eating habits
  • Fall in love with the foods that keep your body healthy, energetic and pain-free
  • Need only a small amount of food to feel emotionally satisfied
  • Enjoy the process of preparing tasty, healthy meals
  • Always be aware of how much you’ve eaten at any given time
  • Eat right because you respect your body and value your health
  • Choose health over convenience in every food-related decision
  • Enjoy the taste of healthy, nutritious, natural foods
  • Feel worth whatever effort it takes to achieve and maintain excellent health
  • Only eat foods that are healthy and nutritious
  • Trust yourself every time to choose foods that are good for your body
  • Be in complete control over what and how much you eat
  • Do whatever you must to maintain excellent physical health
  • Have the discipline to eat the right foods in the right amounts
  • Choose foods based on how they effect your health
  • Be proud of your commitment and dedication to a healthy lifestyle

As you press the “play” button – and read and write the affirmations -- Eating for Excellent Health Now! will help you feel more connected to your body. You’ll eat with greater mindfulness, awareness, and satisfaction. And you’ll feel energy and vitality coursing through your mind, body and soul like never before.

The Secret to Becoming a Lifelong Healthy Eater

If you’ve been fighting eating problems of any kind for years or even decades, you might think you’d need a miracle to get over the top and finally win your battle.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The secret to healthy eating success is changing the mindset that is hard-wired in your brain—and you don’t need years of expensive therapy or pharmaceutical drugs to do so.

Eating For Excellent Health Now! makes this happen quickly and safely through a process that can completely transform your attitudes about food at the deepest levels of your mind.

The words you'll hear on this audio program will alter the unsupportive thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that keep you trapped in a cycle of unhealthy eating and install the mindset of the world’s healthiest people in their place.

So instead of DIScouraging your efforts, your subconscious mind becomes an engine driving you to the actions and behaviors needed to embrace a healthier diet and a healthier life.

The choice really is yours.

You can stay trapped where you are, or you can lift yourself up and out with surprisingly effortless ease.

You can keep thinking that you'll never be able to change your diet, or you can replace the self-doubts behind the fears with rock-solid confidence and commitment.

You can listen to the “little voice” that says you can’t, or you can find the voice that says you can and you will—and nothing will stand in your way.

Give Eating For Excellent Health Now! a chance to give you the life you really want. Just click here. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

The Golden Key To Unlocking Your Healthy Future

Whether your goal is to rejuvenate your body and soul with wholesome foods that truly nourish ...

Cure digestive problems, fatigue, depression, and other conditions caused by unhealthy diets ...

Or protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases that can prevent you from enjoying your life and kill you too soon...

Eating For Excellent Health Now! will make lasting positive changes in the way you think, feel, & act when food is near.


It will boost your weight loss efforts, too! Along with a healthy eating and exercise program, Eating For Excellent Health Now! can help you reach your weight-loss goals faster by filling you with unstoppable motivation, self-discipline, and willpower that you never dreamed was possible, especially for you.  And this time, you'll be able to keep the weight off permanently.

Whatever your goals, this program helps you achieve them because it puts your mindset in a powerful position to succeed.  Remember all the times when you chose the wrong foods and paid for it, ate too much, ate nothing at all... think about how you hate (or just don't enjoy) the many foods that are so good for you...

And admit that you can't do it on your own...

So why wait another minute to embrace a healthier diet that will add vibrant years to your life?

Click here to order Eating For Excellent Health Now! now. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you begin Eating for Excellent Health Now! you may experience slight feelings of agitation. Changing lifelong behaviors is not always comfortable at first, as your mind may resist clearing out the old “comfortable” habits and welcoming in the new.

If you experience an initial increase in anxiety, it means the program is working. It will subside in just a few days. After that—your motivation and determination will grow, and your attitudes about food and eating will begin their dramatic transformation for the better. The positive, life-changing results you want will begin to emerge, and you’ll never look back!

When it arrives, follow the simple instructions.

It’s easy and it takes just a few minutes daily to work its wonders.  And rest assured, it will be the most exhilarating few minutes of your day.

You can do all this without risking a dime, because...

Eating For Excellent Health Now! is
Yours to Use Risk-Free For Six Months

Use Eating For Excellent Health Now! and I guarantee that you’ll be thrilled by the results.

You’ll create endless willpower and motivation to gain control of your diet, and you’ll enjoy all the energizing benefits of healthy, nourishing food inside your body.

You’ll enjoy an active, fulfilling and independent life where you look good, feel great, and are confident enough to take on the world.

You will finally silence that “little voice” inside that says you can’t help yourself and you’re powerless to resist temptations.

Even if you’ve eaten how you do now since you were a baby, you’ll permanently change your diet habits, and like it.  Soon be eating the same way as the healthiest people on the planet.

You CAN help yourself and you DO have the power to change.
Eating For Excellent Health Now! is your key to unlocking it all.

But you have to try it if you want all these amazing benefits to happen for you.  Our six-month guarantee gives you every opportunity to succeed where everything else has failed.

Here’s what we promise:

Guarantee #1: Your decision to try this program is 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return Eating For Excellent Health Now! within six months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: Your purchase at this special low price of $34.97 is a one-time purchase. This is NOT a subscription program that lures you in with a low introductory price, and then sends you materials you don’t want. You’re under no obligation to buy anything else, and nothing else will be sent to you.

Guarantee #3: Your purchase is 100% private and your privacy is 100% protected. We will never sell or give your name and address to any other company or organization. Period.

Eating For Excellent Health Now! has helped thousands, and now I want you to see for yourself. You be the judge. That’s what our Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee is all about. 

You can change the way you eat and the way you think about food forever.  And it starts right here. Click here to order your no-risk copy of Eating For Excellent Health Now! today.


Mike Brescia
Think Right Now! International

P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed completely and you’re protected by our famous 6-Month No-Risk Guarantee. Don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try?

If you’re still thinking it over, click over to our Success Stories page where you can read even more testimonials written by clients who are thrilled with Eating For Excellent Health Now! And here’s the link to our How it Works page, if you want more details about the Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning process.

P.P.S. While you’re here, sign up to receive my FREE email newsletters that are filled with success-focused tips and insights. It’s completely free, and your privacy is assured: we will never rent, sell, or share your email address for any reason.

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Dear Mike,

I came across your website in January while looking for inspiration for my clients.  I was impressed with your story and intrigued by the products offered.  Since I have seen cognitive behavioral therapy work over and over again, I decided to try this for myself (you can't do your own therapy!).  I ordered the program “Eating for Excellent Health Now”

Since January, I have lost 16 pounds and have found that making the choices for healthy food are much easier.  I have not yet begun the exercise routine I
need because of a foot injury, so my weight loss has been solely the effect of changing my thinking about food.  I listen to the program every night when I go to bed.  The best side effect of this habit is that it acts as a sleep aid, too!  I just hear the first measures of the music and I drop right off to sleep.

When I began this I doubted seriously that I would be sending you a success story, however, I am eager to start the exercise program.  Thank you for making this possible.


Donna Murphree, Texas

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