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Eating For Excellent Health Now!
Success Stories

Dear Mike,

Your book and programs have made a remarkable difference in my life. You entered into my life two days after I was turned down by my insurance company for bariatric surgery. I had undergone all the testing and was denied the day before surgery was scheduled. All I could do was pray for God's answer to my weight dilemma. Two days later I received a newsletter from a website I subscribe to and you were the sponsor for that week.

I went to your website and read all the information on the Eating for Excellent Health Now program. I ordered that and your book and within one week of receiving the program and book, faithfully playing it every night and reading the book the way you prescribed a wonderful thing happened. I can no longer eat Hershey Bars. Now, that in itself may not seem like much, but I would eat a giant size bar each and every day and sometimes two of them. I am 5 feet 3 inches and weighed over 250 pounds. I was gaining weight by the minute. I also lost my appetite for chips and pretzels after that first week. I now weigh under 220 and am slowly losing my weight. I eat grapes, bananas, apples and healthy salads. My salt intake has been reduced.

I am in no hurry now for the weight to come off because I am doing it the healthy way and I know it will continue.

Kathleen L. Hamilton


Dear Mike,

I used your Weight Loss program for about a month, and then I had to move out of my house and go help my mother, who was having health problems. I spent eight months in my mother's home, in a stressful situation, and despite that, during those eight months I lost about forty pounds, and have kept it off for the six months I have been back home.

Thank you so much! I have tried a million diets all my life, and though I have lost about four tons in my 58 years, this is the first time I have ever kept it off.

Finally, something that works! Thanks to you I looked great at my son's wedding in June!

Thank you,
Elana Schachter, Israel



Dear "Think Right Now:"

I would like to share my experience using your 'Eating for Excellent Health Now' program.

I purchased the program out of desperation and fear that my life was
spiraling out of control. I was stuffing myself and binging on junk food
around the clock. For some reason I binged to make myself feel loved and happy. When I ate cookies, chips and cake, it was like having a party in my mouth, I loved that feeling. It was an adrenalin rush that sky-rocketed my mood. A few hours later, however, I felt nauseous and disgusted with myself.  The heartburn was awful, and I hated that bloated feeling.

I slowly realized that my overeating was an addiction. It was almost a form of self-hatred and sabotage, but I just couldn't stop. One night, I consumed a dozen donuts, a pack of ice cream, a liter of 7-up, and half a pizza. I passed out and woke up laying in my own vomit. It was gross, and I knew that something had to be done. I didn't want to live like this anymore.

I prayed for the willpower to stop binging. I started reading weight loss books form the library, but felt like they did not address the emotional issues that I was dealing with. I kept yo-yo dieting... starting, stopping and then giving up. It was just too hard to stick with a diet plan. One night, while surfing the net, I came across your "Eating for Excellent Health Now" program.

I have been listening for three months now and have experienced dramatic changes in my eating habits. I no longer binge on food, nor have the desire to do so. I threw away all my junk food and replaced them with fresh fruits and veggies. I bought a new juice machine, now I drink fresh carrot juice and other whole foods. I've lost 25 pounds. I went from a size 14 to a size 8. I used to weigh 170 pounds, and now I'm 145. I started exercising too, and have a whole new lease on life. What I noticed most of all is that unpleasant events, circumstances and people no longer trigger the urge to eat.

Thank you for this wonderful program; it was just what I needed to make a change in my life.

Zoey Anne Vanvalkenburg, SC

Dear Mike,

On my birthday this year I unknowingly bought myself the best birthday present ever. I ordered the "Eating for Excellent Health" program. All I did was press play before I went to sleep and something amazing has happened in the last five months.

I have lost 13 kilos with what I can only describe as no effort. I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and it feels like I have tried every diet and program ever suggested and even invented some myself.

It is not until now through this program that I have really seen a difference. It is more than the physical difference though. Before this program if I lost weight, somehow I still felt overweight. Now I think like a slim person, even though I still have some weight to lose. I now act like a slim woman. I eat like a slim person. I am a slim person. I have not only dropped 4 sizes but I have also dropped a whole lot of baggage related to my appearance that weighed on me for years.

My self-confidence and self-esteem have soared, I love going to the gym, wearing sexy clothes and walking with my head held up high. I love the compliments - oh let them never dry up and I know that this time it's going to last forever because I haven't only changed on the outside, but more importantly, I have changed on the inside too.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Order Eating For Excellent Health Now!


Dear Mike,

I love Eating For Excellent Health Now!  I have taken off and kept off 72 lbs and now working on my next 28 pounds!!

My blood pressure has gone from 148/98 to 116-120/78-80. My cholesterol is down from 225 to 165. I don't have to take any medications!! (I'm 54 years old.)

I teach fulltime and am a Spanish translator for my school. I've marketed my husband's work nationally and have begun to slowly build our net worth again. (All this after losing our life savings of $780,000 in the .com crash of 2000!!) I've become a state trainer for ESL. (No more anxiety in front of crowds!!) I've convinced my older daughter to go back to college to finish her degree and go on to grad school while we help care for our 4 yr old granddaughter. (Her husband works fulltime and takes 2 classes a semester now, too!!) The list goes on and on and on.

When people ask me how I can get up at 5:00 a.m. to work out from 5:30-6 every day, translate on my computer for an hour, get to school and work with 57 kids in kinder-2nd grade all day, lift weights after school 2 days/week, come home to do QuickBooks for my husband's business, work in our vegetable gardens and 2 acre yard--I send them all to Mike's website!!!

Thanks for all that you do!

I can't wait to see what I'll do next!!

Vicki Goodman


Good afternoon Mike,

I had my annual physical this morning, and it was the best I've had in
years! My weight is down; my LDL cholesterol is down; my HDL cholesterol is up; my blood pressure is a lot better; my blood chemistry was awesome; and my pulse is down around the boredom level. Pretty good, eh?

Think Right Now rules all!

Warm regards,
Peggy Durbin



Dear Mike,

I've used Eating for Excellent Health Now program for three months. I listen to it in the car and while on walks.

I knew the mechanics of losing weight. I knew the steps of action I needed to take. I wrote down my reasons why I was embarking on a lengthy weight loss journey. I joined a health club, made a schedule to workout and threw out all the unhealthful food and filled my pantry with healthful choices. I couldn't get myself past my defeated
attitude. I'd done this before and failed, how was this time any different? How was I going to pick myself off the floor after a binge and get started again? How would I get myself to stick with this long enough to make a difference?

Enter into my life the "Think Right Now" audio program for eating right. This program has had a life changing effect. It helped me forgive myself of past destructive behaviors, move beyond my failures, and built a hope for a future where I am confident that living this way is easy and natural. Who would have thought that I would be eating vegetables because I liked them instead of just because they were on the daily meal plan? This program has helped me to enjoy a healthful lifestyle.

I am not on a diet, but I am losing weight and have a satisfying life. I can forgive myself for slips and move right back to eating healthfully. I can enjoy the process and feel positive about the commitment to living well. I am so excited about these changes!

Thank you for the Think Right Now audio program!

Thank you,
Sandra Marquardt,MN

Dear Mike,

I have been listening to your "Eating for Excellent Health Now" program each night as I go to sleep for over three months.

I have lost 8 lbs., more importantly; I have been able to pass by holiday goodies for the first time in my life! At thanksgiving, I had only one helping of each dish - instead of lingering at the table and filling up plate after plate.

This program is slowly changing many areas of my life. I used to "need" a sugary snack before bed. At some point in the last few months...I discovered that I was no longer having that snack.

I have recently picked up my yarn and crochet hook again and have been making wearable gifts for friends and family instead of my usual holiday baked gifts.

I find that I have more energy now to play with my kids. I enjoy being with them more now.

It's been a slow gentle change, but I have faith that this time it will be a LASTING change.

Thank you so much for your programs!

Kristy Young, MN

Order Eating For Excellent Health Now!

A little over a month and a half ago, I bought "Eating for Excellent Health Now!" and "I Love Exercising Now!" and I began playing them daily, alternating the two programs, and after about two weeks of listening I started eating better and going for walks pretty much every other day. Since that time, about 3 weeks, I have lost 9 pounds, and I continue to eat healthier and find ways to add exercise to my day. Thank you!

Boston, MA

I use the "I Love Exercising Now!" program. It took a couple of weeks to get going, but once it did it was pretty much unstoppable. It's an amazing product. Once that started to take hold and had results for me I ordered "Eating for Excellent Health Now!" and "I Am Healed Now!" and both of those have had a very good impact in my life. I'm very, very happy to have found this line of products. Mike, thank you for making such a great difference in my life and I look forward to any new products that you might be turning out there.

Northridge, CA


Since I can remember, food has served as my security blanket. Whenever I felt hurt, or lonely, or stressed-out about some deadline that I didn't think I could meet, I used food to temporarily block out the negative emotion and anxiety. But over the years, the pounds kept piling on which made me feel worse about myself. I wanted to take control of my life, and I knew it was going to take much more than a quick-fix diet to solve the problem permanently. Surfing the web, I came upon Mike's homepage one day and decided to give "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" a shot.

Two weeks later I actually began noticing some significant changes. I was laughing at myself one night when I caught myself thinking 'when I'm comfortably full I stop eating,' which is one of the messages on the tape, and I had actually put my fork down and stopped. I noticed that I began leaving food on my plate on a regular basis and I was eating much smaller portions. I was very happy and encouraged so I decided to order several other TRN programs.

Of those "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" is probably the most useful one for me. I only listened to it as I slept and got ready in the morning, and when I was winding down at night and it was so easy. It didn't involve any effort at all on my part and I found myself with lots of new energy, bouncing off the walls and for the first time in a long time. I felt in complete control of my life. I started projects early and finished them on time. I learned to prioritize; I felt confident in my ability to succeed. I started to make a lot more friends, too. I was really happy--deep down happy-- and I no longer had to turn to food for comfort. At last, after so many years I felt like I finally controlled the food that I ate, my food no longer controlled me.

Austin, TX

I want to talk about the TRN program that helped me the most, and that's "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" I'm writing about that one because I'm a diabetic and eating right is more of a life and death issue for me than it is for most people. Because of the diabetes, I started using the programs some time ago, and was wondering if I was getting the results. As I go through life now, I realize how simple it was. The change was so subtle that I really didn't attribute it to the TRN CD's until I began to think about HOW the changes took place.

The changes have taken place over a period of time, and right now I'm thinking about the things that I'm eating and things that I'm NOT eating and it really has made a difference in my life. I really would like to let people know that TRN does work!!

Baltimore, MD


I ordered a couple of TRN products, the "Eating for Excellent Health Now!" the "I Love Exercising Now!" the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" and received the bonus, TRN for Windows software. I've been happy with the products. I've listened to the Goals one once so far. I haven't really listened to the exercise one yet, because I'm trying to focus. I've been listening more to the "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" one. I've been playing it at night as I'm going to sleep and I've enjoyed it.

It's both relaxing, and where I've noticed the results (although I haven't listened to it as much as I would like to) is when I reach for a cookie or something else as a sweet, I'm more aware of it now and aware that I have the choice to reach for an alternative of something healthier to eat. I'm impressed with the products and pleased with the quality and very pleased with the service. Everything came quickly and as ordered. No problems with the transaction. I did a DL for the software, and that was easy to install and have not had any problems with that, that has worked fine. I've really enjoyed the products. Thanks so much!

Cincinnati, OH


I ordered the "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" program, and I was wanting to order the smoking and exercise ones also. I really love your product; I lost 28 pounds when I was using it last year. Thank you.

Denise Chapel


Dear Sir,

I purchased several of your products a few months ago. I already practiced relaxation with audio tapes, and I thought yours would make a good addition. I began with the "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" because I was a serious sugar junkie and it was literally killing me. Diabetes runs deep in my family and I was gaining weight, had no energy, was hungry all the time etc. I knew why but I simply could not stop eating sugar.

For the first few weeks I noticed no changes. But then I started listening before I went to bed at night and let the tapes run while I was sleeping. All of a sudden, I just stopped eating sugar. Period. I have been sugar free for three weeks now, have lost 10 pounds (20 to go), I'm eating more vegetables and I feel better in every way. I didn't think your product was going to work at first but I stuck with it and I was totally surprised. Now I look at candy or cookies and I just look the other way. I see them as what they are - something that could kill me. Thank you very much; your programs really do work.

Beth Hodge


Order Eating For Excellent Health Now!


An update: I have now lost 65 pounds! I have another 10 - 15 lbs to go and will then be at my ideal weight! One year ago I was wearing a size 20 and I am now a size 8 to 10. That's incredible! If that wasn't enough, I have had more success than I ever dreamed of at my job and was offered a promotion that they begged me to take. I have never had that happen before. I have received over a $5,000 increase in my salary as well as a substantial bonus for accepting the promotion. I would have never believed that a change in my thinking patterns would cause me to be an entirely different person!

Thanks, Mike - love to you and yours,
Candice Kirts



I have been listening to the "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" program for a couple of months now. I am so happy with the results! I find that I am not snacking anymore. I no longer order unhealthy meals when I am eating out. My cravings for sweet and salty foods have disappeared! When I shop I only choose healthy foods, and I read the labels to see if there are any additives. I feel so powerful and in control now.

I am looking forward to starting the next programs in my collection.

Thank you so much for helping me to be free.
Nicole, Australia

My name is Nicole Carvajal and I live in Europe!
In 2002 I went to Chile to visit family. While I was there, I had 5 sessions of NLP to help learn how to change my eating habits, and to get to know myself better. When I returned home I felt insecure and tried to find some support through the internet. I found THINK RIGHT NOW and soon I purchased the program "Eating for Excellent Health Now!"

Since then, I am more aware of what, when and how much I eat.

I am now 5 kilograms lighter, and am on the way to achieving the ideal weight.

I wish you all the best.

Thank you!
Nicole Leiden, Holland


Hi Mike,

My name is Betty Norman. Last Dec. I purchased "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" and left it going all the time. I have had a weight problem all my life. I have always had a difficult time staying on any weight loss program. This March I decided without thinking about it to start a weight loss program and I have been at it ever since. I have lost 25 lbs. The only difference was the messages on the computer and I thank you .

Betty Norman [grateful in Canada]

A Big "HELLO" from South-Africa!!!
I am a student and I am so glad to hear about your book!!

Fighting a battle with bulimia for over 6 years, I started to page over the web to find something, anything that could give me some guidance, some help, some inspiration.

And then I found your address!!!! I e-mailed you and wasn't very hopeful because I thought that your advice and stuff would really be boring. But as it turned out I enjoy it very much and your advice works!!! I learned that YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK and that EVERYTHING YOU DO, IS YOUR CHOICE... YOUR DECISION. That has helped a lot.

I'm very proud to say that I can't be labeled as a bulimic anymore because I don't "qualify". I realize that I still have to battle with food and maybe will for life, but you give me insight and help me to think right.... and with that I can fight any war!!!

Thank you very much!!!!
Riana Klein


Thank you so much. I have lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks and have been exercising 6 days a week. Thank you! Thank you!

Dan Landis

I ordered four of your programs about a month ago. I have been listening to "Freedom From Depression Now!" and "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" I had to write and let you know that I have made a HUGE turn around. I had gotten to the point where I wasn't excited about anything. Everything just seemed to be such a problem and not worth the effort. Getting out of bed was about all I could handle. I was starting to get scared of how I was going to do my job and handle my responsibilities.

Well, I am now excited about my life again. I have goals, things I really want to do. I am enjoying going out and meeting people again. I feel like I can do anything that is required of me. I can handle whatever pops up. It's so strange - my mind is filled with possibilities. It used to be filled with how difficult everything was. I can't thank you enough. I feel positive and happy now. I am going after life with a gusto I haven't felt in years.

P.S. I am also eating A LOT less than I used to. Food really isn't even an issue anymore. I just don't think about it that much. I don't know how much weight I've lost, I don't weigh myself everyday. But I do know that food is not an issue anymore. WOW! What a relief!


Order Eating For Excellent Health Now!



Thanks very much. I really appreciated this last newsletter. You are really motivating and inspiring. I just wanted to drop a short note.

For several years I had Chronic Fatigue and related health ailments, such as food allergies (Could not breathe through nose until I stopped eating dairy). While on vacation in August I listened to your "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" program and for the following weeks I was able to cook for myself with ease and stick to the diet for an extended period of time. I worked on letting go of that which does not serve me or where I see myself going.

Now, I am completely well. I had severe memory loss in addition to the fatigue and that is nearly all recovered. Thanks so very much for your contribution in my steps back to health! Next I will use your sales tapes for my business!

Warm regards,
Jennifer F

Hi Guys,

I bought two products from you recently, "Think Right Now! for Windows" and "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" It's been about 2 weeks for the Windows program and 1 week for the CD. I am surprised and delighted to say they are working. I just wanted to say a preliminary thank you. I am certainly not haunted by cravings to eat all night and I am satisfied after supper which is also unusual.

I don't know how you do it - I've read your website so I 'know' how it's done - but it still seems too simple. I will certainly purchase more programs when I am further along the road to health. I listen to the CD at bedtime and generally on the train in the morning when I have a 45 minute ride, also on the way home at night. So I usually listen 2-3 times a day. I fall asleep sometimes but I hope that it is still going into the old grey matter.

Thanks again and I shall update you as I progress if that would be okay.

Isabel Coles
PS: I am also drinking about 2 litres a day most days - from 0 litres. Wow!



I purchased Eating for Excellent Health, Setting and Achieving Goals and Real Self-Esteem about three months ago. I have battled depression and eating issues for 10 years or so and was, and have been, at the end of my tether for so long. I have been to everyone, read all the books, tried-all the diets, been to 'Louise Hay' weekends etc. Really, I had tried everything , not just for my benefit but for my 4 children and 3 step-children's' benefit, for my ex-husband and my husband now. It all becomes so difficult to know when you are doing the right thing and if you have tried hard enough. A complex mix of too much information and anxiety over whether you have the right information. Guilt, anxiety and depression all roll into one and you have no idea what to attempt next.

Fortunately while trolling the Internet looking at 'self help' sites, I stumbled over your site. And, I must admit, read it with trepidation and that feeling of exhilaration that 'This might be the one!' and also the other feeling of 'Here I go again!' But I persevered and made the judgment as to what to tackle first. I went with the eating as that always seems to drag me down the worst. If I could get a handle on that and feel better with my heath maybe then I can work on other areas. So the Eating for Excellent Health CD has been a part of my life for three months now. In the car, in bed, on walks and at the computer, just quietly burbling away into my ears. And, yes, it does make a difference. Not earth shattering, no dramatic weight loss in just a week, but a quiet change as to how I view food and my relationship with it. I now choose more healthy options, I can now do without, I have better dinners, even when in a rush, I am drinking more water. My health is definitely improved, quietly with no fuss.

Jo Brosnahan ,
Balaclava, New Zealand

I really appreciate the Think Right Now programs. I have been using them for several months. First, I purchased the program for window since I do a lot of computer work. Within a week, I noticed my thoughts changing. I was so excited I ordered again--this time "Eating for Excellent Health"--I started sleeping with a tape player next to me---on the outside of the bed so it wouldn't disturb my husband.


Again, it was amazing. One of the phrases says: "When I am full, I stop eating." or "When I am satisfied, I stop eating."  I'm not an easy to convince person---but within the first week, I noticed the phrases coming into my mind at the appropriate time--I also was astonished to notice that when I would usually continue eating without thinking---I would stop and lay down my fork when I was satisfied.

These programs really work. Thanks for the programs!! I tell all my friends about them--they work.

Thank you so much,
D. Gonzales
Yuma, AZ

Live each day as an inspiration to yourself.

Order Eating For Excellent Health Now!



I am a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, so I understand how reprogramming works. I started with the "Eating for Excellent Health" program, which I would let play all night at low volume while I slept. After about a week, I noticed that my behavior was changing. Without even trying, I had started buying different foods, and was passing up on my former bad choices.

Then, maybe a month later, I was scheduled for extensive surgery, so I switched to the "I Am Healed Now" program. I had been told that the recovery period would be 6 weeks. I was ready to get back to work in 4 weeks.

I also lent the "I Am Smoke Free Now" CD to a heavy smoker friend of mine. He has just started using it, so it's too soon to see results. But he has told me that he liked it a lot, and wants to let his sister use it when he's done with it.
I will be recommending these programs to my clients to help them accelerate the changes they are aiming for.

Thank you for this marvelous tool...


I have been listening to the Eating for Excellent Health Now! program for a couple of months now. I am so happy with the results!

I find that I am not snacking anymore. I no longer order unhealthy meals when I am eating out. My cravings for sweet and salty foods have disappeared! When I shop I only choose healthy foods, and I read the labels to see if there are any additives. I feel
so powerful and in control of my eating habits now.

I am looking forward to starting the next program in my collection.

Thank you so much for helping me to be free.


Nicole, Australia


Dear Mike,

I've been listening to your "Eating For Excellent Now" program for five nights and I am already seeing myself make some different food choices and am much more able to resist temptation for eating late at night.

The program is so relaxing that I am usually asleep before the relaxation part at the beginning is over, so all of this is going into my head while sleeping.

Thank you so much for this product. I will soon be ordering the one related to exercise (I need to release about 90 pounds). But I want to really get the full effect of this one for a while.

Thanks again!

Cindy W. Fagan

Hello Mike,

I have been listing to your "Eating For Excellent Health Now" program.
I play the program each night, at first I thought well this isn't working, until I noticed a glass of water in my hand. hmmm I said. How did that get there? I NEVER DRINK WATER..NEVER. To my surprise it was very refreshing, and fulfilling, I am still drinking it.

I have noticed a difference in my attitude towards myself and I don't have depressed thoughts at all so far. I dress now instead of staying in pajamas all day, it is really a miracle.

My grandsons come and stay with me some, and at first I did not play them while they were here. I have sense changed that policy. An amazing thing happened. Going threw the drive threw at Wendy's, I get the fruit and diet, or bottle water, and give them there choice of what the want. All three of my grandsons have changed from French fries and soda to fruit and milk or water. It is amazing.

I have purchased a Gazelle machine. Now I just need to get on the machine to do the exercise.

Just in the few weeks that I have been listing to your programs I have lost 15 pounds. I was 265, 3 weeks ago and today at a Dr.'s appointment I weighed in at 250.

Well, just a quick note to let you know how I'm doing.

With much respect,



I would like to thank you for the success I am currently enjoying using your "Eating for Excellent Health" audio program. To give you some background, approximately a month and a half ago I went to a hypnotist to quit smoking. The hypnosis worked fine and I had no problems staying away from cigarettes but I was thinking about (and patronizing!) Dairy Queen and every other fast food retailer incessantly.

I could feel the fat piling on and I was desperate to find a hypnotist that could help me with my weight problem. During an internet search for local hypnotists I encountered the "Think Right Now" website. The idea of a subliminal program I could use while using the computer appealed to me greatly so I ordered "Think Right Now" for Windows as well as the "Eating for Excellent Health" program.

I have used both these programs for approximately three weeks - I listened to the program just before going to sleep - and my attitude towards food has definitely changed. I have not been back to Dairy Queen or any other fast food restaurant since
then - instead I look forward to having my daily salad bar lunch.

Not only am I able to stay cigarette-free, I am also losing weight in a healthy, gradual fashion without feeling deprived.

Rebecca Simonzi
Bellevue, WA

Order Eating For Excellent Health Now!


Dear Mike,

For several years now, I have been very interested in developing into a better person. I have gone to seminars, read tons of books and tried to follow what seemed so clear to me. However clear the idea, though, I never was able to follow thru.

After lots of hard work, and excruciating effort, I had accomplished a few very minor positive changes. It was great, but still I had the feeling that if it took that much to accomplish these small things, I'd be dead before I made any real ground with my biggest challenges.

For a while now, I have been battling with weight. I've had about 50 pounds to lose for the past 5 years, and no matter what diet book I read and tried, or what extreme exercise I forced myself to do, I never was able to keep the weight off. The strangest thing was that I would get to a point where I was really starting to look good, and feel great, and all of the sudden, I would lose all drive and end right back where I started.

Three weeks ago, my Mom and I ordered your "Eating For Excellent Health Now!" program. The first three days of listening to it I actually craved more junk food than I would normally. I thought, well, this doesn't seem to be working quite the way that it's supposed to...but then I woke up on the 4th day. WHAT A CHANGE! I actually jumped out of bed to go work out, when previously I wouldn't have been able to move at that time in the morning. I planned my meal for that day, it included only nutritional foods like fruits, vegetables and a protein shake.

After a long day at work, I still had the energy and motivation to go to the grocery store, pick out only healthy food to fix at home and actually fixed it...happily! I have never experienced dieting where I didn't feel like it was dreaded or forced. I actually look forward to eating only things that benefit my body!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You're a life saver!

Angela Taylor


I'm currently listening to "Eating Healthy" and that has also been pretty amazing. The things that have bound me in the past, it's like a bail coming up and I'm able to detach myself from food and be able to just make conscience decisions, but not have it become the focus of my entire life.

This is an AWESOME way to cure problems without beating yourself up entirely as you go through it. I have recommended it to my daughters, to my mother, to anybody that I can possibly talk to. I think it's the most awesome thing in the world because our brains are constantly recording things. I would consider any other type of information that came through Think Right Now and would also consider using them at a later date.

Shay Freeman- Kansas City, MO

A couple of years ago we purchased a few of your programs and didn't really make use of them and they ended up in a drawer. Three months ago we decided to begin using them. Knowing that we had several "issues" we wanted to work on in our lives, we also decided to purchase all your programs. We wanted the whole library to choose from as each of us has various "issues" we wanted to work on which I will not go into at this time.

Our 11 year old son chose to listen to Eating For Excellent Health Now! Our son used to eat anything - when he was a preschooler people would ask how we got him to eat so healthy-- as in fresh broccoli, etc. My response was just that he liked it and chose to eat these healthy items. We even sent his lunch to school with him so he would get healthy, nutritious foods. He would take things like sliced turkey & snow peas in his lunch. However, around the age of six he began to get picky - saying things like "I'm not into broccoli anymore" and he would never eat that item ever again. He also began to complain about certain textures or flavors - there were even certain foods he would only eat fixed a certain way (he has sensory integration issues).

Things progressed until he was down to eating very few items. We went through the whole range of responses as parents from "if you do not eat what is on the table then you do not eat" - he went over three days once without eating. He was throwing up sick by then.

Then we decided to just let him be and not give him any attention for his eating habits - hoping he would get sick of the few items he chose to eat - didn't happen. We never cooked special for him - he cooked/fixed his own few items. This was all a huge problem for the family as other people just didn't understand (well mom and dad didn't either!)

Right before he began listening to Eating for Excellent Health Now! he had gotten to where at times he would literally cry because there was nothing to eat and he was sick of the same old thing but he did not like anything else. We took him to the grocery store and told him to find something new and he wandered the isles and did not come up with one single new item. Hence he was willing to give your program a try.

He has been listening for two months now - he plays it on loop all night and listens most days one time through with headphones on. We suggested the headphones as we felt that would be a way for him to be more focused on it.

Here are the results so far -

- He is beginning to just automatically ask for a taste of this or that.
- The other day he went to the refrigerator got an apple, sliced it and ate it! He didn't even act like it was anything different. He has not eaten a piece of fruit in several years and yet he just casually got it and ate it.
- Another time we were sitting on the couch together. I was munching on raw, whole almonds and he began to eat them too.
- He is drinking more water.
- He is asking to eat with the family (mom & dad) even though he will still eat his own meal he has fixed; he will ask if we can all eat together.
- When we eat out he is more amenable to various choices than before - before it had to be one of 4 restaurants. He will even say "It's your turn to choose. I'll see if I can find something on the menu I am willing to try."
- Other responses to new foods are "well it's not great, but I can eat it."

There are numerous other instances of his eating better and I wanted to share this with others as I know that if this program works so well with a super picky 11 yr old with sensory integration issues it can help others.

He is continuing to listen to the program. I also purchased the Self-Esteem for his age level and that is what I'm going to encourage him to listen to next.

Lisa Wendell, Mo

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Dear Mike,

I have ordered five of your programs "Freedom From Depression Now", "Setting and Achieving Goals", "I love Exercising Now", "Eating For Excellent Health Now" and "Real Self Esteem Now" and I am thrilled to tell you how amazed I am at what a difference they have made. I noticed a change in the first few days. Over the years I felt that if only my thinking would change I would be able to accomplish some of the things I have always wanted to. I was always labeled as LAZY and I bought into that and believed it for many years. I am just now realizing that I'm not really lazy but was just living out of a mind set which I couldn't seem to change. Thank you, Thank you! I am now setting goals and I'm on the road to achieving them.

This e-mail is proof of the change because before I would have procrastinated and never got around to writing it. I actually cleaned my closet out yesterday and have signed up at a gym to start an exercise program. As I close I must tell you no one has ever in my lifetime told me not to overdo anything... in fact it's kind of a joke around my house that Mom will never overdo anything... but yesterday my husband actually said and he was dead serious, "Honey, don't try and do too much". When it dawned on us what he had just said we both had a good laugh.

Thanks again! I now understand the scripture in the Bible that says, "As a Man Thinks, So Is He".
Thanks again,

I own "I Love Exercising Now!"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now!"; "Real Self-Esteem Now!"; "Supreme Confidence Now!"; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!"; "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!"; "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"; "Instant Diet Power"; "Instant Workout Power"; "Win Friends & Influence People Now!" and Think Right Now! for Windows. I listen to one of the programs every night. I have "Supreme Confidence Now!" and "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" in my car and Think Right Now! for Windows at work on the computer with the info from all of the above on it.

Where do I begin??? Looking at the list above you'd think I was a mess to start with, but I think it was curiosity that sold me on the first program. I knew from education and my own studies the power of affirmations and repetition. I would wake up in the morning feeling different. My life got better and better. I kept buying more programs. But how was it better? Well, I found myself answering people with lines from different programs or, more importantly, talking to myself with lines I had heard.

I can do anything I put my mind to.
I'm worthy of praise and rewards.
If I can dream it, I can do it.

And I started to believe it. So I tried new things and little by little I found myself getting excited about getting up the next day. I was happy all the time. People would comment about how "together" I was. When my son's girlfriend was having some problems she said she wanted to be more like me so I had you send her "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" Anyways it is hard to be specific because it seems to come so easy. I smile more. I look at situations and know I can make a positive impact. I've lost weight. I joined a gym and a wonderful yoga class.

I am happy with my life and I don't know what more any program could do. When I tell people how I listen every night, they seem skeptical. But people were skeptical of the telephone and television too at one time!

Linda Czerkies, NY


Hi Mike,
I love your newsletter. You always seem to hit the nail on the head as far as my own life issues have gone, it was actually uncanny. I have bought several of your Think Right Now programs ("I Love Exercising Now"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now"; "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" and "Real Self Esteem Now") and the new 60 beat music CD's which I listen to while I am studying. I admire your life principles, and I try to incorporate the idea of asking myself ..."what can I do for this person?" into every day.

Love your newsletter and your other products! Keep doing it!!
Thank you with much love and light,
Claire Tait

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