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Anger Management Now!
Success Stories


Hi Mike,

My son and I have been using your Think Right Now CD’s for some time. I purchased your “Anger Management Now” CD for my son.

 To give you a little history, my son is almost 12 years old and legally blind (he only sees in light and shadows which basically leaves him completely blind). He is an A student in the public school system and extremely bright. Last year we moved and he started at a new school and left all of his friends he met since kindergarten.

He began having seizure at the new school. For any child that can be difficult, but for him it was a huge life change and very traumatic. Everyone kept telling me it was normal for him to behave negatively, to become easily frustrated, and even angry, but it was getting out of hand. The principle had called me on two separate occasions because he had slung a chair and kicked a waste basket. The school was being as understanding and as nice as they could be, but I just couldn’t accept that being blind is an excuse to behave so horribly. My breaking point was when a boy at school was trying to help him and he became angry and shoved the boy. I could not tolerate him being so ugly to a child that was trying his best to be a good friend. I didn’t know what to do. I was completely at a loss, I can help him be a good student, but I had no idea how to help someone be a nice person.

I started researching therapists because I felt I was not equipped to help him. I turned once again to your site for myself and considered the Infinite Joy Now CD. That is when I found the Real Self Esteem Now for children (9-13) and did a little research on the suggestopedic learning. I thought it was worth a try. I got the Real Self Esteem Now for children (9-13), Anger Management Now, and Infinite Joy Now.

I decided to start with the Real Self Esteem CD because I felt that most of his frustration came from feeling he was less capable then the other children and that could be adding to his anger. He has listened to it every night while he slept since; we have it on repeat so it plays on low volume all night long from his nightstand. He completed the school year as an A honor roll student and even won an award for reading and earning the most AR Points in the entire school!

He started Middle school this year, which meant a new school again, new friends, and harder accelerated classes. I am not going to lie to you, I was scared to death that we would be going through all of that frustration again and administration has even less patience in Middle school. I thought back to how hard adjusting to middle school was for me and I could see! That is when I decided to trade the Real Self-Esteem CD for the Anger Management CD.  We had his self-esteem under control, but he was getting easily frustrated while doing his homework and it was ending in full blown anger.

He has been listening to the Anger Management Now CD every night for 4 weeks now. I am not going to tell you he does all his homework with a smile on his face (he is a 12 year old boy!) but I can tell you that I when he starts to get frustrated he handles it a lot better. I can actually see him thinking about the situation and then figuring a better way of doing the work, or he will step away from the work that is frustrating him and move on to another subject, without me having to tell him to do so. My son means everything to me and it is a horrible feeling to see how frustrated he gets and knowing how he is struggling everyday. I am so proud of him I could just burst, and to be able to help him learn to handle his anger now, will mean even more when he is an adult.

You have helped me give him a step ahead for the future. You cannot possibly understand the gratitude I feel for you and the help you have given me.

Rina, Tennesse

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Hi Mike,

When I was a kid I got into a lot of trouble of all kinds. I'll never know the reason why I was "different". My parents told me I was "incorrigible" and "belligerent", and I couldn't seem to agree with anyone. I got into all sorts of arguments and fights. I just had to be "right". After a while, I realized that other people didn't behave that way and I wanted to change. I hated being out of sync. I tried everything, professional help, self-help, medication, among more desperate measures.  Paradoxically, it seemed that the harder I tried, the worse I would relapse and blame myself for my failures. The best I could do was try to act "normal" and to keep to myself as much as possible. I just became depressed as a result, hating myself for being incapable of overcoming even simple things.  I lost faith, but I got used to it.

After working with your “Freedom from Depression” CD over the last year, I could feel the darkness lift.  But I still had stupid angry outbursts more often than I was comfortable with. One time I "lost it" over how a car trunk was going to be packed. Other times, I said things I was embarrassed and ashamed of later. It occurred to me that anger is the flip side of depression, so “Anger Management Now” seemed like something I should try and I ordered it. 

I'm getting better at dealing with conflict and having some different opinions. I can tell because people in my life are telling me I'm easier to be around. I always wished that the solution would be simple, but I never expected that something as easy as playing a CD when I go to sleep would help. I noticed results quickly: I wake up in a good mood, I don't get irritated as much and potential arguments seem to fizzle into nothing. And I'm not even trying. When I listen to it more often, I watch myself come up with "win-win" solutions to problems and be able to state alternate or different opinions without fear. It just happened and is still happening. It's great!!  

I noticed that when I DIDN'T listen to the CD for a while I'd start to feel anxious and frustrated again. But by then I had some success, so I wasn't as discouraged. I believe that as time goes on, my behaviour will change and become automatic. I'm just so happy that life is going more smoothly.

Outwardly, my life looks pretty much the same, but inside, I feel a lot freer to enjoy life without worrying that I'll "snap" from holding it all in. I know that even if I have a different opinion, it's ok.  And I can be WRONG, and still survive.  Best of all, I have a growing belief in myself again. 

Nancy, Canada



I’ve bought several of your programs, with “Anger Management Now” being among the most helpful.

I work two jobs and care for a disabled spouse. My reaction to all this is great stress with occasional outbursts that do not change what I need to do, nor the triggers, only how well I get along with people.

I’ve seen therapists at various times that helped me understand the underlying issues, but the issues and my ability to deal with them had not changed much. I have no problem understanding why my outbursts are inappropriate. The problem is being able to refrain from them when I am upset.

That’s where I have found your program helpful. It has given me something to think about. Repeated listens have helped me resist outbursts when my triggers go off. The change was gradual.  I didn’t really notice when I was becoming more resilient. However, there has been a substantial difference in my ability to accept my anger without acting out on it.

This program is well worth the money


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Dear Mr. Brescia,

I have been using your programme 'Anger Management Now' for the past few months. Recently, I was involved in an accident (minor). The car in front of me hit their brakes suddenly, and as a result of which I did the same. The vehicle behind me hit the rear fender causing some damage.

As would be expected, I was angry and having a heated conversation with the person who had hit my car from the rear. We were told by the others behind to park the vehicles to the side of the road, as we were blocking their way. What I did was totally unexpected. I just drove away (still angry).

Since this was an unusual reaction I tried to analyze this behaviour of mine .I then remembered that there
was a statement in your programme that mentioned walking away when being confronted by someone.
 In my case I got away with a minor dent to my rear fender. Since I was the affected individual I did not have to report the incident to the traffic police, which would have further taken away my peace of mind and time as well. I did not react as a person with road rage would have possibly resulting in grievous injury.

Thank you Mike for this very practical tool!



Dear Mike,
In January of 2005, I left my husband of 12 years.  I don't have horror stories to relay about the marriage because the "real horror" started after I left.  I went through two nasty custody battles over my two
daughters.  I was cornered into selling him my interest in our home – a home that MY parents got us into with a generous contribution of HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.  I was forced to suddenly juggle
full-time work and my daughter's lives when I had been able to work part-time before.

I was very, very angry with my ex-husband because most of these events were completely worsened by his hurtful and vindictive actions.  He lied to the Family Court Services counselor about my "mental
stability", he abused the lack of legal paperwork involved in my parents' gift of a down payment to avoid having to pay them back, and he refused to work with me to ease back into full time work to lower support payments.  He hid some of our most valuable and/or cherished items to keep from me, and worst of all, he badmouthed me so severely to our daughters that they frequently returned to me crying and begging
me not to send them back to him.

Boy, was I angry!  We fought constantly, to the tune of a $32,000 divorce process.  I was angry with him, the courts, my attorney, my boss, and sometimes even my kids.  The stress of the divorce and the
anger I carried made it difficult to think of anything else.  I talked to my friends about how angry I was; I wrote in my journal about how angry I was, I found other angry ex-wives to commiserate with.

One of our court-ordered stipulations was that we HAD to attend a minimum of 12 co-parent counseling sessions together, to learn how to parent without killing each other.  In one of our early sessions, anger
was the topic of discussion.  The counselor very gently and informatively explained to us that anger is addictive and feeds off of itself to survive.  He explained that it fires the same neurons in the
brain that get satisfied as those of people with chemical or gambling addictions.  He pointed out (and I was shocked to recognize) that the anger was empowering - it gave me a "high", my adrenaline was boosted, I felt energized, and having this "injustice" to focus on also gave my life more meaning somehow.

The counselor went on to explain that anger also releases the same toxic chemicals into the brain and heart that steroids, drugs, or stress adds to one's body.  He pointed out that I (we) we addicted to an emotion that was doing physical damage to our bodies.

I knew I needed to learn how to stop focusing on my anger, but by then I had been completely and totally ticked off at anything and everybody for two whole years.  I wasn't sure if I was capable of un-learning the

Well, I found your “Anger Management Now” CD in a pile of mail I had misplaced.  Yes, I ALREADY HAD IT!  I just was too angry to remember to listen to it!  I felt like it was divine intervention.  I immediately opened it up and began to play it.  I played it at least three times a day every day for about ten days before our next co-parent counseling session.  Within the first five minutes, the counselor looked at me and commented, "Vicki, you seem much more at ease this session.  Has something changed for you?"  I told him that his explanation of the damage that my anger was doing to me really hit home and that I was "trying out" some techniques to control my anger.  I was embarrassed to admit that I was simply listening to right-thinking affirmations!

I continued to listen and found myself no longer engaging in battles with my ex husband.  I quit writing about all of the rotten things he'd done or was doing in my journal.  I stopped talking to friends and
family about how horrible things were and was able to actually say that we were no longer fighting!

At the next session with the counselor, he'd noticed that my ex was calmer, too.  By controlling MY anger, HE was calming down too!  Partly because he no longer had a sparring partner, but at that next meeting,
my ex admitted that he was so surprised by my turnaround that he wasn't going to let me "out-do" him.  The old, angry Vicki would have been angered and insulted by his comment, but I just laughed.  And that was when I confessed to using your CD.

The counselor was pleased and amazed.  My ex asked to borrow it and I told him there were two CDs in the set and we could just split them and switch off each counseling session.  By the next session, we were
smiling and discussing the summer schedule and working together. 

We have even been to a concert together with our daughters, and went to a movie premier all together.  Now, we are never going to reconcile (and have even discussed that fact without fighting or spewing angry comments back and forth) but we both agree whole-heartedly that controlling our anger with each other was the single most important thing we could have done for our children.  And I owe a HUGE part of that to Anger Management Now.  My daughters are no longer edgy when either of us calls the other household, my family says I no longer look stressed, and even at work recently, someone commented, "Gosh, Vick, nothing really sets you on fire, does it?"  It's like a blanket of coals has been lifted off of me, and I am now relaxed in the cool comfort of fresh, clean air.  The anger was poison, and now it's gone!
Thank you!

 Thank you so much, again,
Vicki B.

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Dear Mike,

I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and put on medication about 15 years ago. One of the symptoms of Bi-Polar is anger. I have always had problems with my anger and have felt helpless to control it or understand what was happening to me. There were well meaning people that told me it was a matter of self-control but this seemed way beyond my control and I could not see any options.

I had been on medication for the Bi-Polar but it did not seem to help with the anger. In the last two years I decided to get off my medication, deal with the issues and learn better coping strategies for life. It was shortly after this time that I came across the Think Right Now website and began listening to ”Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now” because I had a breakdown in addition to the Bi-Polar Disorder and I was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. When the Panic and Anxiety were virtually gone I decided to attack the Bi-Polar head on with “Freedom From Depression Now”and then you came out with the “Anger Management Now” program, I was set.

I listened every night and every afternoon and began reading the 15 statements that I felt I had the most difficulty with daily.

At first I didn't notice much but was determined to stick with it because through my research I had already determined that much of my problems were due to incorrect thinking patterns, garbage in garbage out, and I had gotten such good results with “Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now”. I was a little discouraged because I am not able to "perfectly" do all the things the statements say but overall I feel much calmer and in more control. So I decided to get an outside opinion since I tend to be a perfectionist. I asked my husband and he said I am much calmer now though there are still some triggers he said he feels he is able to communicate with me about a wider range of issues and he feels the level of intimacy in our relationship has improved greatly. I am thankful for an improved marriage and a calmer self.

I NO longer feel helpless and without options and am so appreciative of all the work you are doing by expanding the number of programs available to us.

Donna, California


Hi Mike,

Basically, I have been one of those people that tends to be very laid back with a long anger 'fuse.' Sadly though, once my 'buttons' had been sufficiently pushed and the fuse had been lit the ensuing explosion often turned ugly. Although I never physically harmed my (now) ex-wife I was often verbally loud, abusive, and generally obnoxious.

I consider myself a good, loving father to my two young girls but have had episodes of intense anger with them that really scared me (not to mention them.) My youngest daughter cried incessantly almost every night for the first year of her life and I often caught myself wanting to shake the living daylights out of her once the tiredness set in and my patience had worn thin.

One day my eldest daughter deliberately slammed the door on my youngest girl when they were playing a chasing game, and quite badly injured her finger. I remember losing control, chasing my eldest and spanking the back of her legs several times. After I cooled down and the smoke cleared I was incredibly ashamed and thought to myself "Man, I really have an anger problem and something seriously needs to be done about it."

Later that year my wife and I separated after often losing our tempers and what seemed like endless rounds of heated arguing. She took both my girls back to Japan with her leaving me with a lot to reflect upon.

I had been receiving your awesome emails for some time and when the release of your “Anger Management Now!” came through I leaped at the chance to change that in me, which had caused so much misery in my life and the destruction of my marriage. After the program arrived I lied down, closed my eyes and religiously listened to both CDs everyday for about 3 weeks prior to flying over to Japan to see my girls for the school holidays.

The results were nothing short of incredible. My ex-wife was extremely moody and argumentative almost the entire 5 weeks I spent there. It was like she had pulled out all her notes on how to get me riled up and tried to unleash 8 months worth (the amount of time since I had seen them all last) in the short time I was there. I don't know who was more surprised, when I was cool, calm and did not react to her biting comments, lack of respect and silent treatment. If I did have to verbally defend myself I tended to do so in a rational and controlled way - this was totally unlike how I had reacted in the past with her.

It also seemed that my girls (especially my eldest who tends to be quite 'strong-willed) were trying to test my newfound control and not only did I never resort to spanking them, in 5 weeks of being with them 24/7 I rarely even raised my voice to achieve compliance with them. Needless to say, I walked away very proud of myself and the new self-control I exerted.

Once again, thanks a million Mike and if you get a chance to produce a product on "Positive Parenting" I will definitely be in the long queue to purchase that one.

Warmest regards,

New Zealand

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Dear Mike,

Several weeks ago I ordered your “Anger Management Now” tapes for my 16 yr old son.  He lives with his mother and sister.  Over the past year he has had several episodes of uncontrollable anger, yelling and on a couple of occasions throwing things.  I gave him the tapes and he agreed to listen to them as an alternative to seeing a councilor.  I told him to play the tapes at night while he slept.  After a couple of nights he told me he couldn't sleep with them on so we discontinued their use.

With a little bit of self-honesty I realized (or admitted) part of his "temper problem" could very well be inherited, both genetically and by example. With that thought as motivation I started listening to the tapes myself.  After a couple of weeks of listening a co-worker said to me " You’re so relaxed, nothing bothers you" at first I laughed and said "me"??  After a few minutes of reflection I realized I actually was more relaxed and a great deal less up tight.

The next night I got a phone call from my Ex saying she and my son were in a full-fledged blow out, complete with yelling, screaming and name-calling.  I jumped in my car and headed for their house, about a 20-minute drive.  My normal reaction would be a great deal of irritation and yes, anger.  After a few minutes driving, to my surprise, I realized I was neither irritated nor angry.  I couldn't believe how calm I was.  My head stayed clear and my emotions calm.

When I was about half way there I called and spoke to both of them.  After a brief conversation the crisis shrank down to manageable size and a workable solution.  I turned around and drove home relived and quite satisfied with the way I handled the situation and the example I showed.

There is little doubt in my mind the “Anger Management Now” CD’s played a major role in how I reacted to this situation.  The outcome of that one incident was well worth the price of the program and I am sure my whole family will benefit a lot more in the future.  My sincere thanks...........

John, MA


Hi Mike,

I originally ordered this program for my husband Mark, but would like to tell you my story. I have been using your products for almost 2 years now and own quite a few on the list. This program (Anger Management Now) has been the root core program that has helped me the most. I have had anger issues since I was a child-or for as long as I can remember. I was always a people pleaser who felt like I needed to be the perfect person. I felt I was not allowed to get angry. So, as a child I would hit and throw things out of immaturity as well as not knowing any other healthy way to let my feelings out. As an adult I stopped the hitting and throwing but still felt such rage inside of me when someone or something didn't go the way I thought it was supposed to. I also developed Panic attacks and anxiety (which I also have the think right now programs) because of my unresolved anger issues.

I started listening to the “Anger Management Now” program everyday on my headphones and I cannot describe how many positive changes I have seen in myself. I now feel in control of my emotions and things don't seem so bad anymore. Whenever I feel anger creeping in I pop in the CDs and literally within minutes my mood has changed and is more even. I feel less anxiety and panic because I am not holding in all the angry emotions I once did. I also listen to your CD's every single night and I would not miss one day! I cannot believe how much of a better person I have become due to your products. They are simple yet ingenious! You really have filled a need that the world has been lacking for so long. I was once house bound with fear and anger and now I own a successful business. I even enjoy being with others again (which I haven't for so long). It has also helped me in raising my children because my patience level is where it needs to be in order to be an effective parent. The anger has left and I am a much better person because of it!

Thanks for all that you do, Mike!

Your friend you've never met!
Heather V, IN

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My anger situation is not conventional in that I don’t have a problem with controlling my temper and certainly don’t display behaviour that would have a harmful effect on anyone else! My problem is that if something has annoyed or upset me it will boil inside me for days, even weeks, causing sleepless nights and generally just bringing me down. The incident that led me to purchasing your programme, and ultimately created my success story is this.......

Just 2 weeks before Christmas 2006, my whole world came crashing down when my partner ended our relationship. I was completely shattered and heart broken. Despite this, the split was amicable and very caring etc, and although I was hurting, I understood deep down that, for a number of reasons
it was the best thing for both of us. Just a few weeks after we split, my ex suddenly turned on me. I had no idea why this was, but it absolutely destroyed me. She said some really nasty and heartless things to me but would never give a valid explanation why. During this time I had a complete breakdown and although I hate to say it now, I was actually suicidal. I couldn’t physically eat, or keep anything down for weeks, I lost 3 stone in just 10 days. I never slept and basically just lost the plot. I would go into work like a zombie, not talk to anyone then race to my car at the end of my shift where I would burst into tears
which I’d been fighting back all day! I lived 100 miles away from home and my family would take it in turns to travel down and stay the night with me because I was in such a state that they just were not confident that I wouldn’t do anything stupid, which I’m ashamed to say that if it hadn’t been
for them then I have no doubt that I would have. Eventually all became clear, and it turned out that my ex was seeing someone else at work (we worked together), and this person had been telling her complete, malicious lies about me which explained her change of behaviour.

Well 5 months after we split, I was still far from over her and quite frankly still struggling to cope, so I sold my house, packed my bags and moved back home to be with my family, and away from my ex and her new partner! By this time, all of the pain, upset and hurt had turned into a raging anger boiling inside me. I was angry at everything that had happened after we split, the way I had been treated, the lies that had been told, the nasty things that had been said etc etc etc! There were so many things I wanted to say to my ex, I wanted to scream and shout at her, get everything off my chest, but I couldn’t, I’d moved away and she had moved on. My mind was constantly spinning, I would just go over and over what I wanted to say in my head, it totally consumed me. I started to lose weight again, not sleeping, having suicidal thoughts and generally living in an angry world of my own, fighting angry tears back the whole time.

After 2 - 3 days of listening, my angry feelings intensified as warned on your website, but by the fourth day I had my first full nights undisturbed sleep in 7months, and also my first journey to work the next morning without crying in anger on the way! I never really found it possible to listen to the CD throughout the day, but it would be on repeat every night religiously, and my life and happiness has just gone from strength to strength since.

Everyone has noticed a complete change in me, especially my work colleagues who have since admitted I was very difficult to work with as I always appeared to be on a different planet! I still listen to the programme every night as I have only been using it for approx 3 months now. I do still think about what happened sometimes, but the anger has definitely subsided now and forgiveness slowly creeping in! My personal and social life has completely taken off and I can honestly say I feel happier now than I have ever been. I cannot thank you enough Mike, you really have been a life-saver for me, literally!

Nikki, UK


Dear Mike & Gang,
Your  “Anger Management Now!” CD was so helpful to me that I've told everyone about it.  People laugh when I tell them that my dad gave me an anger management CD for Christmas, and looking at me you would never guess that I really needed it!  I work in a stressful environment and I commute through
the 8th circle of Hell on my way to work and the 5th circle of Hell on my way home.  It's no wonder that I hardly have any patience left by the time I get home!

I'll be honest; when my dad gave me the CD I thought he was judging me.  Who says I have a temper?  Only anyone who's ever been in the car while I'm driving....

I was shocked that after listening to just 10-15 minutes of the CD, I found myself letting other cars merge without so much as honking my horn or a four-letter word.  By the second day I wasn't just cooperating with other drivers, I was being courteous!  Suddenly my half-hour commute no longer seemed like it was taking any time.  I stopped having a panic attack every time I saw a police officer, because for once I wasn't doing anything wrong!

The fact is, I think that this program should be played on all radio stations during rush hour, at least a few days a week.  Believe me, we'd all get to work safe and sound.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this program, which has profoundly affected the way I interact with others, especially when I'm on the road.

Thank you!
TMM in Palatine, IL

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I purchased the “Anger Management Now” CD because I know that the better anger can be controlled, the better off I will be.  I grew up in an environment that was very hostile and conflict ridden. I saw the negative effects of anger between my parents.  From living in that environment I learned that anger does not benefit anyone.  I would not consider myself an angry person nor would anyone I know label me as angry.  

In my relationships, the only time that I would get angry is when dealing with my two teenagers.  And in my mind my anger is to influence my teenager to do the right thing or not to do the wrong thing.  I had an argument with my teenage son, which prompted me to start listening to the CD.  What I began to realize after listening to the CD is that when I would get angry, what I really wanted was to influence him and in order to influence him I need to be more persuasive not more angry.  I also started to learn about teenagers and human nature and that teenagers by definition are impulsive and make choices in the moment, they’re not thinking about anyone else.  This helped me to realize not to take their actions so personal.  From listening to the CD I realized options to deal with the conflict that would be better for me than getting angry.  I am not finished with this area yet.  I just know that anger is not going to resolve the conflict so I need to focus my energy on persuasion, influence, and consequences.

I know that most of the testimonial emails end with everything neatly in order and resolved.  This email is not going to end that way.  Because raising children and teenagers is a process.  For me the process is not over.  This CD has been a tool to help me to mature as a person and better communicate with my teenagers instead of just being angry with them.  I am still working the process.  Thank you for this opportunity to improve my own self and my relationships.

Diane, CA



I bought "Anger Management Now!" a few months ago and have listened to it regularly, in rotation with my 13 other TRN programs (and I've got 3 more on order, which I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of).

I listen to TRN programs roughly between 5 and 12 hours a day, on average, including the time I 'listen' to them overnight when I sleep, which I started doing regularly, in addition to my daytime listening, about 3 weeks ago.

I absolutely KNOW that "Anger Management Now!" is working for me because of the HUGE difference in  the way in which I am handling situations that previously would have triggered serious rage within me.

I drive a cab for a living, and have done so, on and off, for over 32 years. During that time, as you can imagine, I have encountered almost every kind of situation under the sun, both good and bad.

I know with almost complete certainty how I 'used to' handle anger producing situations, and how I'm handling them 'lately', since listening regularly to "Anger Management Now!"

I had a husband and wife, and their roughly 8 and 10 year old sons, as passengers in my cab. I knew fairly early on in the trip that I was not going to get paid for it, because the credit card they were going to use to 'pay' the fare with was almost certainly stolen.

My first 'clue' was that the husband called his wife by a different first name than the name on the credit card they'd shown me near the start of the trip.

My second 'clue' was that they had no identification on them whatsoever to verify that they were the legitimate users of this credit card.

My third 'clue' was that they had me take them from one convenience store to another, buying as many cigarette packages and cartons as they could get away with at each place, irrespective of how much it 
was going to 'cost' them (the cab fare for doing this was going to make the cigarettes way more expensive per pack than buying the cigarettes 'cheaply' in bulk by the carton, or at a place with 'good' 
prices, was going to save them).

After buying all these cigarettes, they 'delivered' most of them to a house full of gang members. Then, after all THIS, when it was outrageously beyond obvious that they were ripping me off, they still wanted me to take them home, which was clear across the city.

Just before I arrived in front of their place, they 'thanked' me for my 'patience' with them, and told me they were going to give me a big 'tip'.

When I got them back home, the wife of the couple 'signed' the credit card slip with a 'different name' than the name on the front of the credit card (I guess she'd 'forgotten' which stolen credit card she was using!).

In the past, had something like this begun to unfold, I would have, very early in the trip, slammed on the brakes and yelled at the whole family to "Get out! Right here! Right now!', or something along those 

This time, even though the fare ended up being $34.20, which is probably the second biggest fare I've been beaten for in 32 years of cab driving, I didn't even bat an eyelash, and I just let them go back into their home without a fuss.

In the past, my outbursts of anger have sometimes caused years of effort and goodwill to go 'out the window' in a flash.

Thank you so much for doing the work you do, so I can have a hope of a better life, without the ever-present fear that someday I'll 'blow it all' (again!) in a blinding flash of rage.

Winnipeg, MB


Hi Mike,

After toying with many titles from TRN, I decided that two areas where my life had been most dysfunctional were anger and anxiety.

After listening to them daily for week or two, I started to get incredible results. Not only did my Anger and Anxiety decrease, but also my interaction with people became much easier and friendlier. Also, my energy levels increased, and my breathing became much easier while at the same time my appetite increased and my love life improved enormously too.

After using it for some time, I realized there were some other deep issues that I was either anxious or angry about, and these have evaporated. I have re-discovered myself in less than two months. Even though these programs will do wonders for you in short term, I would urge people to give it as much as time as possible. I guarantee they wouldn't regret it.

Thanks Mike and TRN, you have done me great service.


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 I'd love to share what has happened since I've been listening to the Anger Management CD’s. The anger that bubbled up for any reason doesn't come so quickly any more.  I don't seem to get angry at the little things anymore.  I don't get angry at my children so often like I used to either, which they love a lot. 

I've started my daughter (12yrs) listening to the CDs also because she has an explosive temper and I can tell a difference already.  We both will continue to listen to the CDs and we will both continue to get better and better daily.  I'm excited to see how are lives will be when we are all through with this anger that has plagued us both our whole lives!!!  I will be starting my son on it also because he keeps his anger inside which causes depression and then one day just lets it all out.  Both of my kids are so different in the way they handle their anger.  I know these CDs are going to change our lives and our family. 

Thank you so much for making these.  They are incredible!!   They are life-savers for my family!!!


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