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Make Every Single Minute
You Stare At Your PC Screen
A Personal Development Minute!

Think Right Now's Proven Accelerated Learning Technology
Effortlessly Trains You To Do Everything Better, Faster and
Easier By Using Your PC, Just As You Do Now


If you're like most people, you know you must take specific actions if you're going to make your life better. The challenge is motivating yourself to take them on a consistent basis... blasting right through your fears, even eliminating them, so you can make those big dreams come true. Knowledge alone rarely translates into the action habits that will transform your life.

If you're to enjoy the things that winners in life do, you must share their beliefs and attitudes, which create the emotions that drive them.
If you own some, or even many, self-help information products that didn't stop your panic and anxiety, and didn't help drive you into taking the appropriate actions, then Dr. Teri Mahaney's proven Think Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning Software For Windows® may just become your favorite "secret weapon" in your quest for a more fulfilled life.

How can it accelerate change and help you do what you want to do without fear and anxiety?

Think Right Now for Windows software re-patterns your thoughts so you really truly believe, from deep inside yourself, that you'll absolutely succeed, no matter what your goal is...

And you'll be able to take the appropriate actions without drama or fear.

It helps you to stop re-running all your past mistakes in your mind and replace those scripts with mental pictures (instructions) of you succeeding. This subtle yet profound shift in your mental functioning will blow people away when they see your new found confidence and strength of mind.

Confidence and expectations of achievement will be high all the time, no matter what you're tackling.

"Lose weight, build self-confidence, quit smoking, succeed in business, develop your memory, and
establish loving relationships.  How?  Don't do a thing; just sit in front of your computer as usual."
Natural Health Magazine
So Effective We Guarantee It

You are what you think about...

And Dr. Mahaney has helped develop a software program so effective at changing your core beliefs about your own abilities, that you'll literally become someone different. We're so sure of it, we back Think Right Now with a No-Risk 12 month guarantee of satisfaction.

That's right! No matter what you want to achieve, I'll bet the entire investment in the program that you'll love it so much you wouldn't dream of asking for a refund.

» Do you want to eat right but haven't ever been able to stay on a healthy regimen? Need to exercise but can't stay motivated?

» What about relationships? Can't seem to make them work?

» Have you got some bad habits that you just can't quit?

» Are you a student or going through training at work? Does the flood of information get overwhelming?

» Do business and money decisions seem to be more and more difficult in this intense economic environment?

To enjoy the same daily successes that life's winners achieve, you need to be conditioned to unconsciously, automatically think similar thoughts...

...Because a thought comes before every action.

Software For Your Mental Computer

Just by sitting at your computer, like you do now, the Think Right Now Suite For Windows software can literally "install" in you the same moment by moment thoughts and attitudes about smoking as a non-smoker, about food and exercise as a slim, healthy person and about failure and money as the ultra successful...

...plus a whole lot more.

When you begin to think, believe and feel like a top performer in whatever area of life you want to change, then you will naturally take the same actions as those people... and your problem will vanish.

Whenever your old problem or temptation comes up, you'll tell yourself to do the same things world-class performers tell themselves to do.

And you'll do it... like they do. Naturally and easily.

Now, I know you're probably a little skeptical. And that's natural. But let me give you a few reasons why you should believe it.


Dear Mike,

I was a real mess when I first discovered Think Right Now, having been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and on heavy meds and self medication for 14 years, never getting better, always worse.
One day while on the internet I stumbled across Think Right Now for Windows and decided to give it a try. 
I was starting to see some small changes in my thinking and the way I was reacting to some situations, I decided to try some of the audio programs. I started with I Am Smoke Free, Supreme Confidence and Unstoppable Motivation Now.

During the early months of using the audios and software I started paying close attention to your emails about meds and the mental health community and thanks to you I decided it was time for me to take responsibility for my own life. I started reading up an all the meds I was taking and soon discovered that all of
the symptoms I was being treated for were known side effects and I got just a little upset when I found out that one of the so called "mild" side effects of one of my medications was rapid death and that diligent blood monitoring was required while taking that specific medication,

I had been taking it for three years and my blood had NEVER been checked once!
As my confidence begin to grow I started questioning and challenging the authority of my mental health specialist and suggested that I might have a sleep disorder upon which I was told that I only had sleep disturbances, common with mental illness and that I just needed to take more pills to sleep better at night.

I was also told that the concept of a sleep disorder and a mental illness being two separate issues that could not be successfully treated as one disorder was totally absurd and was promptly threatened with hospitalization in a mental ward if I continued to challenge his authority.
Against the wishes of my psychiatric nurse practitioner I
consulted one of the leading sleep specialists in the nation and after a sleep study was informed that I have a severe sleeping disorder and was in serious condition, that all of my so called mental health symptoms were the direct result of walking around
in a perpetual state of sleep depravation for years and that the meds I was taking were worsening the sleep disorder.
In July of 2005, I made the decision to go off all medications. I'll admit that it was a little scary after 14 years of being told that I would have to take medications and be in therapy for the rest of my life to attempt this but I had to find out once and for all.
For the next four months I gradually went of one medication at a time, some of which were highly addictive, one after another. Withdrawing and detoxing for four months was not a lot of fun and I could only wish the experience upon those who caused it.
Long sedated emotions started waking up and day by day the emotional roller coaster and life in general started getting better. The reassuring, comforting voice as I went to sleep dreamed and awakened seemed to let me know that everything was going to be alright and got me through it all.
By November of last year I was completely med free for the first time in many years. When I told my therapist that I was med free and that it was my last visit he really came unglued.

He tried to intimidate me, tried to push my buttons, tried to get me to lose control and the whole time I could hear this little voice inside my head saying "I can remain perfectly calm no matter what the situation" and I did, which made my therapist even madder as he paced around his office yelling at me and thumping his PDR still trying to convince me that I knew nothing
and that he was God. I simply smiled, shook his hand, thanked him for his time and walked away a free man.
My list of accomplishments and rediscovered, long forgotten, passions since I started using the Think Right Now products is endless and continues to grow on a daily basis. My house is reorganized, the overstuffed garage is now becoming a workshop, I no longer fear people and society in general, I've lost 75 pounds and that's just from the Windows software messages, can't
wait to begin the Eating For Health audio and the list goes on and on. I now have the confidence and belief in myself to start doing the things I've always dreamed about but never had the courage or motivation to do.
I Am Motivated Now back to back throughout the night and when I woke up the next morning I got up, had my morning coffee, went over all my old to do lists and in one day I went about the house and finished up all the little projects that one says "you know, one of these days I'll need to take care of that."
After 20 months I am a completely different person yet I still have a ways to go. I don't even like to think of where I would be  today, or if I would even still be here at all, if I hadn't started using the Think Right Now products.
Thank you Mike and everyone else at Think Right Now Intl.

J. Spickelmier

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Two Reasons To Take This Seriously
#1: Dr. Teri Mahaney, the author of Change Your Mind - A step-by-step guide to re-pattern your powerful subconscious mind, is one of the geniuses behind this incredible visual software program.

A former college professor and dean, Dr. Mahaney's star is glowing brightly in the personal development community. Recently, she spent a week with peak performance consultant TonyxRobbins, training dozens of his multi-gazillionaire clients, and even Tony himself, in re-patterning their limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks.

These days Dr. Mahaney is in high demand, doing training seminars and interviews three and a half weeks out of every month, training large groups in some of the most cutting edge mind technologies.

#2: Subliminal suggestion works...
          ...IF the information reaches your senses.

Now before you bring up the box of subliminal tapes you have in the basement that never did a thing for you, I’ll let you in on a secret…
I’ve got a few boxes of them.

Toward the end of two decades of failure and indifference, back in the mid 1980’s I became interested in breaking my cycle of failure. So I bought a number of subliminal audio tapes.

After listening to them day and night for two years, my relationships were still horrible, I was totally miserable and my sales income was non-existent... so I was forced to live in my van.

And I found out my experience wasn't unique.

Numerous recent studies have been done and they all conclude the same thing…

...that commercial subliminal audio tapes cannot deliver a verbal message loud enough (underneath music, waves or white noise) to make the eardrums vibrate. And if your ear drums don't vibrate from the sound of the words, all you're doing is listening to music or ocean waves. It might sound nice, but it's doing nothing to help you in the pursuit of your goals.

To see the 7 common reasons that prevent subliminal audio tapes and CD’s from working, click here.

But after I began using the accelerated learning techniques that Think Right Now For Windows is based on, my career began to skyrocket, and every other area of my life started to change for the better, too.

Within two years I became the top earning sales executive in the world in the hearing testing and instrumentation field.

Within a few more years, I had shattered industry sales records in two other completely separate industries. I had literally morphed into a completely different person from the one I was for over twenty four years... starting from below zero to being on top in a remarkably short period of time.



After many, many years of trying different self help programs, books, CDs, etc. I finally stumbled upon your CDs and the Think Right Now for Windows program.  I ordered several CDs and the Think Right Now for Windows program and could hardly wait to get started.

I have been using "I Am Organized Now" and "Unstoppable Motivation Now", along with the Think Right Now program on my computer.  I took the extra steps of putting the statements from the CDs onto the Think Right Now program.

Now, one thing you must understand:  I am one of the most disorganized people you would ever meet.  Even my kids make fun of me.  My disorganization was to the point where it was costing me money, due to lost bills, missed deadlines, etc.
As soon as I received the CDs I copied them onto my MP3 player to make it easier to listen to them any time.  I usually listened to them at night, but I also would carry my MP3 player around with me during the day and listen as much as I could, sometimes several times a day.  The Think Right Now software runs on my computer all the time, as an added reinforcement.

The first thing I started to notice, almost immediately, was that I was getting irritated at my "piles" around the house and things laying out that weren't put away.  This was a big step for me, as previously I just didn't care.

As I continued using the audio files (I copied them to my MP3 player to make it easier to listen to them any time), I found myself wanting things to be organized and even enjoying getting things put in order.  This is probably the first time in my life that I "wanted" things to be proper and in order.  I believe that using both these programs together helped keep me wanting
to continue.

I have now been using the two CD programs and the software for about 9 months.  For about the first 3 to 6 months I listened every single day, sometimes multiple times, then as I started being more confident in my organizing and planning skills, I started listening somewhat less.  I do still listen on a regular basis (a few times a week), just to "keep up" since I was such a chronic pack rat.

These CDs and software have been a miraculous help in my life. I cannot thank you enough for developing this technology!

Thank you for everything,
Joy Hill, IL

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The Eyes Have It
Visual subliminal self-instructions like those used in the Think Right Now Suite For Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7), have decades of clinical and university research showing that they can and do register with your eyes and do affect beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.
"Anything consciously perceived can be evaluated, criticized, discussed, argued, and possibly rejected, whereas unconsciously perceived information meets no resistance or qualification by the intellect."

-Wilson Key, Author-Subliminal Seduction

To help you begin to feel the force of what the Think Right Now For Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) software can do for you, check out this brief overview of one of those studies, conducted at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago, IL done with a simple 8mm movie projector -- as reported in the Spring 1996 issue of Education.

150 Freshman & Sophomore students were randomly selected to participate in a study

75 students were put in a control group. 
This group individually watched a simple video showing the numbers 30 through 50 in numerical order, one at a time – each number on screen for 5 seconds each. Each 5 second period used approximately 500 frames of film. The entire sequence was 10,500 frames, lasting  1 minute and 45 seconds.

The other 75 students, the experimental group, saw the exact same film, with one subtle difference.

In their film, 5 additional frames with the number 39 were inserted; each new frame was on screen for 1/100 of a second. A single frame was spliced in 5 separate areas... before the first number 30, and then after numbers 35, 40, 45, and 50. Since the spliced in number, 39, was on screen for only 1/100 of a second, this number was below the conscious threshold of awareness.

Results:  After viewing, all 150 students were individually instructed to write down any single number that came to mind between 30 and 50.

In the control group (with no extra 39's spliced in) of 75 students, the number 39 was written down by 2 of the 75 students – 2.7% of the responses.  

In the experimental group of 75 students, the number 39 was written down by 42 of the 75 students. 56% of the responses. 11.8 times that of random chance. 

The number with the greatest difference between the two groups was 39, the experimental group choosing it over 2000% (20X) more often than the control group.

The researchers concluded that the visual spliced in number 39 did indeed influence the answers of the students…


I’d say!

Yet the number 39 was only on the screen for a combined total of 5/100ths of a second longer than any other number.

That’s impressive!!

That’s the power of spaced repetition. That kind of automated delivery of powerful, life changing self-instructions is what you’ll own with Think Right Now (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) on your PC.

To read the details of the study, click here.


I am a great organizer.  I have a talent.  I can take anything
and make it work...everywhere but in my home. 

I have also thrived on the philosophy that I can do it
tomorrow.  I have always excused my mess with sound reasons, "I have 4 kids, we only have 1100 sq. feet, it'll only get messy again, etc" When I would clean my house, and get close to getting it organized, I would panic.  I turned into the super beast.  I got so uptight from having a clean house, that I would literally shut myself down and sabotage the place, it wound up looking worse that it did before I started.  I have tried everything from FLYlady (which I love) to Sidetracked home executives, etc, but I was fighting it from the inside.

I had been doing research for a while, looking for something,
anything that could help me.  My husband, although not good at helping keep it that way, is a neat freak.  He hates life when everything is not in its place, and makes it very loudly known.

So about 4 months ago, I bought Think Right Now for Windows, End Procrastination Now! and I am Organized.

I cannot tell you what a difference they have made. 

I began by putting the CDs on my MP3 player so that I could
play them continually at night.  I listened to one or the other
disk in the car every chance I got.  I entered the sayings from the two audios into the windows software, since I do medical transcription, I am at my computer a lot. 

Within 1 1/2 weeks of beginning the program, I had found that everyday I was finishing something else.  I got through filing that had been piling up for 5 or 6 years.  All of the bags of clothes were gone through, the left-overs given to charity. I textured my wall in my family room, painted it, and finished
that room. It had been a work in progress for literally 2 years. I laid the tile in my kitchen which had been a gaping hole of concrete for almost a year.  I found every closet, cupboard and drawer in my house clean and organized, My desk is clean almost every night, usually before I even get up to go do something else.  My dishes are done, and my family room has not been a mess since the day I finished it.  I have found that I have a peace that I can't explain.

I can no longer walk past something without picking it up.  I
feel a peace from having a clean house that I NEVER imagined would be possible.  There are still a few projects that remain to be done, but the major ones are done.  My husband is happier, I am happier, my children are happier, and the stress has left my home. 

My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years, she
told me one day, April, never quit using that program.  I have
always loved you, but I love talking to you now.  You are so
positive and upbeat now.  Anything that makes that change in a person has got to be good!  My mother is constantly telling me now how proud she is of me (this is huge as I didn't receive that praise when I was growing up).  But, more important than that, I am proud of ME.  It really doesn't matter what they think.  I have found a sense of who I am. 

We are now expecting baby #5, and for the first time ever, I am not stressing over all the projects I can't do due to my high- risk pregnancies.  There is a calm assurance that all is well. Your programs are the answer to my prayers. I tell everyone I know about your programs, I have bought several others and lent them to friends.  Thank you for waking up one day and deciding to follow your dreams.  I am working on becoming that person.  I still have a ways to go, but I know I can do it!!

April Davis

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Your Life Is A Mirror Of Your Thoughts

Like it or not, the words we say to ourselves and what we focus on about life, about ourselves, and about others shape our beliefs, attitudes and feelings. Think of your thoughts as the keyboard... the data entry to your mind (Your mental computer).

When you center your attention (the data input) on...

--how you're not good enough

--what other people have done to you

-- how unfair life is

--worrying about the worst possible outcome...

... at the direction of your thoughts, chemicals that act like powerful depressants surge through your body, causing you to become even more frightened, depressed and worried as the moments tick by.
Whenever these kinds of thoughts are allowed to "pop in", you simply cannot perform at peak levels in any area of your life. If it's allowed to go on habitually, consistently positive outcomes become impossible. Your incredible potential, along with your happiness, can turn non-existent.

It's very common...

It's this single mental habit... the focusing of too much attention on what is or might be wrong, that's destroyed more dreams and bright futures of more people, living and dead, than all other habits combined.

The beliefs and attitudes that allow these vicious thought habits to flourish develop over time, and can come from many sources including...

-- Criticism or any particularly painful past event(s)

-- Your body's appearance or physical limitations

...They can feed off one another, spinning you out of control until anxiety and self consciousness literally take over your whole being.


"I'm off all medication..."

"I was on anti-depressants for 4 years and was on the verge of losing my job before I got Think Right Now For Windows. My marriage was total crap. And two of my kids didn't even talk to me any more. It's been over a year now, and I just got a promotion (I can't believe it), I'm off all medication, and my family is my family again. It wouldn't have happened without Think Right Now. I'm deeply in your debt."

- Bill Rawlings

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Change Thoughts, Actions Will Follow...

Our inner thoughts and feelings, if allowed to change, can transform a lifelong loser into a champion in every sense of the word.

Think Right Now For Windows helps you...

» Focus on what's good in your life, instead of what's wrong

» Blast through your doubts to adopt habitual "I Can" beliefs which will steer your career and your relationships where you want them to go.

» Enjoy your hours and days, making life a fun, rewarding adventure, just like people who seem to enjoy life so naturally...

Think Right Now can help you effortlessly conquer your fears, and succeed every day even if you've failed repeatedly.

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What Is Think Right Now! For Windows?
Think Right Now Accelerated Success Software For Windows is 33 programs in 1, which can run on any Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 Windows based PC.

It has just two main functions...

The software's primary function is that it briefly flashes, on your computer screen, 1,000's of visible statements of affirmation. It does this in the background while you work in any Windows based program, even while you're on the Internet.

Every time you turn on your computer it's with you, no matter what you're doing.

With just a one-time click of your mouse, you can set the flashing affirmations to be on screen from as little as 1/1000 second to up to a 1/2 second each. That's 500 milliseconds... ...50 times longer than in the study that you read about earlier.

So in case you had any lingering doubts, your mind will most certainly register these statements. You can also set it to have as little as one second in between messages.

Just in case you don't see small print so well any more, you can set the text to be as small as 6 point and up to 56 point. On monitors that are set at 600 X 800 resolution, 56 point text is nearly an inch tall.

33 Powerful Change Programs In 1...
...And you get them all.

Plus, you're not restricted to using only a single category at a time. If you want, you can choose multiple categories simultaneously.
So let's say you want to lose about 50 pounds...

All you do is click the Eating Well file, the Exercising Regularly file, and support them with some Confidence and Self Esteem files and you're on your way. A couple mouse clicks and you're done. Then, every single time you turn your computer on, Think Right Now is with you.
To see a screen shot of the Think Right Now Window (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) with a simple explanation of the settings and the categories, click here.

If you want to stop smoking or change your beliefs and habits around money, maybe you want to use your time better and stop procrastinating...

Click, Click, Click.

And then just use your computer like you always have.

That's all it takes.

And you can own Think Right Now's 33 programs plus get some incredible FREE bonuses for less than what some companies charge for two subliminal audio tapes or CD's that are 99.99% sure to do absolutely nothing for you, according to dozens of published studies.


"I was able to get off and stay
off the meds..."

"My husband got Think Right Now software for me for my anxiety attacks. Psychologists have been working on me for years, but I still would get deathly ill at the prospect of going out to the movies or a restaurant. "Happy pills" helped somewhat but when I tried to wean myself off them, my mood swings were like the WWF. With Think Right Now software, it took a few months, but slowly I was able to get off and stay off the meds. It's a different life now, for sure. I missed out on a lot. I still can't believe that a piece of software is what helped me. It's truly a miracle.

God Bless You,

- Joanna Grace, Tennessee

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Scripts Proven To Move You
For over 15 years, Dr. Mahaney worked individually with over 400 clients in custom designing re-patterning scripts.

Everything has been tested. Feedback occurred daily. When something worked, it was expanded. When they didn't, it was changed and tested some more... until the scripts created positive change in everyone.

That's how Think Right Now scripts were designed to get to the root of difficulties (and they can be many), clearing them, so that you're building upon a solid foundation of belief. Dr. Mahaney found that this is the only way to get fast, predictable results that last forever...
The kind of results you want.

Accelerated Learning Baroque Music Speeds Your Results... Makes Them Last
Think Right Now For Windows comes with a simple music selection dialog box, which you may use to choose some, none or all of eleven pre-installed music files. These selections are "Baroque" pieces that range from 55 to 65 beats per minute. At your option, your selections play continuously as you work in any Windows program-even while you're on the Internet.

16th century composers like Bach, Vivaldi and Handel wrote what is today called "Baroque" music, which uses slow Largo movements that have rhythms of 50-65 beats per minute.

The Music Helps Develops Super Memory

The world's most revered accelerated learning researcher, Dr. Georgi Lozanov first discovered that when special "mathematical" slow Baroque music was played he could induce in students a state of alert relaxation where symptoms of stress evaporated and rapid memorization occurred.

Today, Dr. Lozanov's methods are the foundation for accelerated language learning programs, corporate training courses and continuing University research & classes in dozens of countries around the world...

What happens is this...
As you're working or playing on your PC, your pulse will begin to automatically synchronize with the music (it only has to be loud enough for your ears to register the rhythm) and then...

An increasing number of your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slower 8-12 cycles per second rate. Typical waking (beta) rate for most people is 13-27 cycles (pulses) per second. This slower brain wave rhythm is known as the Alpha brainwave state.

Research on people with high IQ's indicates that more areas of their brains vibrate all the time at this slower 8-12 cps alpha level than those with average and low IQ’s.


Recently, a study was done at UC Irvine's Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 36 undergraduate students were given spatial reasoning tests on a standard IQ test. Each student listened to Mozart's sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448 for ten minutes before the first test. Before the second test, they listened to a relaxation tape. And before the third, they sat in silence. The average scores for all 36 students were 119, 111 and 110 respectively.

Now obviously, they didn't increase their IQ's by nine points in just 10 minutes. They were more relaxed. Thus, they could access more of the information they already had in their minds. However, with repeated exposure to the largo movements of Baroque music, other studies have shown that IQ's do indeed go up permanently.

By using Think Right Now For Windows, you can stay in sync with this special rhythm for hours every day.

At very least you'll remember everything you're doing on your PC better... including all those confidence and performance boosting affirmations that Think Right Now is flooding your mind with. So all your new affirmations (beliefs) will be more firmly embedded in your mind and heart.


"I just feel on top of the world."

"... I have a whole book shelf of subliminal tapes for everything from weight loss, procrastination, time management, being wealthy, self esteem, you name it. I got it. But my life still didn't work. After sitting at the computer for about five hours a day for 11 months, I've quit smoking (13 yrs), taken up exercising, lost 27 lbs., and got engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. I just feel on top of the world. I'm so happy, it's disgusting! Your program is great and I appreciate what you're doing.

Thanks a lot,"

Chris Ackley, Arizona

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Why it Creates Change
Two primary activities our brains engage in when we're thinking is in affirming our beliefs and asking questions, using pictures, sounds and feelings to give us sensible references that we can understand.

"To affirm anything is to state that it is so, and to maintain this as being true in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Repeating an affirmation is leading the mind to that state of consciousness where it accepts that which it wishes to believe."

- Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) from The Science of Mind

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Here's a few examples of how, moment by moment, we affirm our old established beliefs and affirm new ones all day long:

Negative Affirmations: Language of Failures

  • I’m not ready for this
  • There’s no way I’ll get that done on time
  • I need a cigarette
  • I’ll never lose this weight
  • She won't go out with me

Every single time we think and say things like this we're affirming it, making it more true every time. We believe a little bit more every time. This is why long time habits are difficult to break.

Neutral Affirmations: Simple Statements of Fact

  • That's a blue dress
  • It's 9:45 PM
  • I’m a personnel manager
  • That tree is 30 feet tall

Positive Affirmations: Language of The Successful

  • This is going to be easy
  • I forgive you
  • I feel great when I’m running
  • I'll drop this last 20 pounds in a flash!
  • I’m beating this cancer – I don’t care what they say
  • What a beautiful day!

Every time these kinds of thoughts are given to our subconscious mind through our conscious thoughts or our unconscious awareness, they become more true for us. We believe them more every single time we are exposed to them.

So, you see...

You are affirming your beliefs every minute of every day... simply by thinking.

If you change your affirmations (your thoughts), you change your life...


"Think Right Now is absolutely amazing!"

"During my 24 yrs as a smoker, I tried to quit what seemed like 100 times. It was part of me and no matter what I did - the patch, meetings, acupuncture, gum, nothing worked. I stopped using all those things partly because they cost me a mint and I was still smoking. But with Think Right Now, it was with me every time I turned on the computer.

It took about two weeks and I started to decrease the amount I smoked. And by the eighth week, I was almost smoke free. That was four months ago, and I haven't really thought about cigarettes at all. Heck, this program has got me exercising 4 days a week, too. I don't know what else I can say other than Think Right Now is absolutely amazing!

Thanks a bunch,"

Tony Andersen, Minnesota

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How Does It Motivate You?
Let's back up for 3 seconds...
We've already established that your eyes do pick up the flashing affirmations, right? It's important that you understand that, so...

If you've only skimmed through the page 'till this point, click here to read the summary of the results from the Daly College study.

You are what you affirm. Your thoughts (affirmations) are your beliefs...
In the first person (I, me), Think Right Now will flash carefully designed emotionally charged self-instructions in the categories of your choice.

It's like you're doing the talking.
-- You'll be telling yourself to release all the garbage that's held you back.
-- You'll be encouraging yourself to enjoy the actions that will transport you to your goals.
-- Your doubting self-talk will be smothered by encouragement.
-- Gone will be the anxious, fear-filled self-talk of failure and lack, and in it's place will be hope and anticipation of success and freedom.
-- Hundreds of thousands of times, through the visual affirmations quickly flashing on your screen, you'll be pushing, encouraging and cheering yourself on.
-- Effortlessly, you'll be teaching yourself that your limitations are tiny and your strengths are great.
-- You'll be convincing yourself that your past problems and mistakes don't matter anymore, that you should release them and focus on feeling great... right now.
-- You'll be telling yourself that life is awesome, and today's your day...
And after seeing these emotion-packed, new, success affirming statements for weeks and months every time you're at the computer, you'll be the best that you that you can be!

...And happy to be it.


"I never get that fear feeling
in my stomach anymore"

"I'm stunned and relieved to be able to write to you today about my results with your program. Last year I developed an uncontrollable racing heart beat and no matter what I was doing I just had the feeling it was going to flop, be a failure. I can't explain how miserable each and every minute of every day was for about 8 months. I just couldn't bring myself to take medications for these feelings.

Using Think Right Now For Windows and reading the affirmations just before I fall asleep has been like a powerful drug. How does this work? Why don't you hear more about this kind of thing? Within days I was feeling better. Within a few weeks I felt better than before the shakes started. I never get that little fear feeling in my stomach about anything any more! Everyone should have this on their computer...


- Laura Philcox, Texas

More Think Right Now! For Windows Successes

Information Alone Doesn't Change You
Dozens of follow-up research studies of ‘self-help’ book buyers by the publishers themselves over the last 30+ years reveal that, in spite of some miraculous success stories, over 95% do not get the results they wanted to get when they bought the information product, gear or stuff to put on or in their bodies.

Unfortunately, this is true of even the greatest, most authoritative self-help books of all time.

Most audio tape and video training programs do only slightly better, even though they can be listened to while doing other things, like driving.

You're probably living proof of that yourself, aren't you?

Spaced repetition is the key to success in learning and changing your behaviors. As shown in the study at Daly College and others like it, visual subliminal spaced repetition works to install new materials in your mind.

Don't you remember information that you've heard or seen 50 times a whole lot better than information you've seen only once?
Seeing the information 100 or 1,000 times helps you remember it even more, doesn't it? How about 100,000 or a million times? This is what Think Right Now does!

One exposure is not enough.

The missing component with most self-help information products is, unfortunately, they don’t come with a built-in automated mechanism that keeps pouring the information, the motivation and the encouragement into your mind. They offer no automatic way to change the limiting patterns, which you run daily, that have been giving you your disappointing results. The greatest information in the world can’t help you unless you're exposed to it repeatedly.

But that’s exactly what is necessary for you to make and keep the changes you want!!

...And that's exactly what Think Right Now For Windows does.


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Get at least 10 times your money's worth!
What’s really amazing is that for all 33 programs, the Think Right Now Suite For Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) is only $44.97 US for the instant download. (See our order page to see today's currency conversion rates).

That works out to less than a dollar per program for the download!

Any current How-To book costs $20-30. And the likelihood that you'll read it the necessary 5-10 times is near zero.

The boost you get from seminars that cost $100's of dollars is usually short lived.

Many companies charge over $25.00 for a single one category self-help tape that you'd need to play hundreds of times for you to mentally own the material.

Even the cheapest self-help and subliminal tapes cost $12.00 each plus shipping. So if you were to get 33 tape programs from some bargain dealer, you’d spend over $400.00 with the shipping!

You can't lose with our
Better Than Risk-Free,
12 Month Money-Back Guarantee
Because of her unparalleled results for a number of years now, Dr. Mahaney just flat out expects everyone to change. After all, when your beliefs, attitudes, emotions and the things you say to yourself support your emotional and external goals, your chances of success are multiplied many times. And automating the process by having it with you every time you turn on your computer, further increases your chances of success.

So what risk are we taking by guaranteeing Think Right Now (Windows  11, 10, 8, 7) for a full year?

That's right. Almost none...

So any time, for any reason in the first 365 days of getting Think Right Now For Windows, you can ask for and receive a prompt and courteous refund... No Questions Asked. What better reason to use this incredible life changing product?

Act Immediately And Receive
The Following 4 FREE Bonuses...
Since Think Right Now software can mean so much to you in your life, I want to give you this added incentive to say YES today!
If you order right away, you'll receive these free bonuses:

Free Bonus #1:

Bonus Category... Stress Reduction.

When files in the Bonus Stress Reduction category are selected, in the first person, you'll be reprogramming yourself to:

  • Dissolve and release all anxiety, stress, worry and tension, actually enjoying the many moments where you used to feel frightened

  • Be at calm and at peace whether or not you're in control or know the future, even when things aren't going your way

  • Enjoy a multitude of physical benefits due to lower stress levels, including lower blood pressure and fewer headaches

...and much more!

Free Bonus #2:

Free software upgrades for life. You'll never feel the irritation of having to buy expensive upgrades with the Think Right Now Accelerated Change Software for Windows. When new versions are released, you'll get an email with instructions on getting your new program.  Simple!

Free Bonus #3:

Free additional 60 bpm music files for life as they’re created, emailed to you directly. You start out with eleven and over time, you’ll have dozens of 60 bpm "mathematical" tunes to keep you at the optimum state to receive your mental programming.

Just a single tape or CD with this special rhythm will cost you $12-18.00 apiece. And you'd have to remember to turn it on. Think Right Now Midi music files can be set to turn on every time you turn your computer on, recycling automatically by themselves.

Free Bonus #4:

New affirmation category files emailed to you as they are created. So 34 is just the beginning. In no time, you’ll have 70, 80, 90 categories and more; all filled with 40-80 new powerful attitude adjusting, action producing, emotion altering statements of belief.

There shouldn’t be anything Think Right Now for Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) won’t do for you. That makes this a one time investment with nothing more to buy ever!


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All Yours To Keep
The Stress Reduction Affirmation file, and Your Day To Win ezine are yours to keep and continue even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our iron-clad money back guarantee.
Why We Give So Much
It's simple, really. We want to be part of your family. We're working feverishly on many new products... And if you love the Think Right Now Suite For Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) and the Free Bonuses as much as our thousands of users in over 50 countries, you'll be more likely to try our other products, won't you?
Don't Decide Now. Use It Risk Free!
Take the pressure completely off yourself. Take full advantage of the guarantee...

Order Think Right Now now and use it for up to a full year, without risk. You'll get all the FREE Bonuses listed above if you order right away.

Let it help to erase the limiting beliefs that have stopped you from achieving your goals. Start conquering your fears by changing your self talk today. You could start to feel and act differently in a few days - but it may take a few months for you to really get where you want to be. That's why we give you a whole year!

And any time before the 12 month trial period is up, if you aren't totally satisfied, just ask for a refund and we'll cheerfully, without question refund your entire investment. And you get to keep the free bonuses.

Ordering Think Right Now For Windows
is Safe, Easy, Secure... and Fast!
Today, it's so easy. If you can save a file to a directory, you can download Think Right Now.

With cable or DSL, you'll have it in about 6 seconds.

Want a Back-up Copy?

Many people want to have a back-up in case they sell their computer or it crashes. But since Think Right Now has only two functions and was designed for easy adjustments, it's extremely small in size.
So it can quickly and easily be saved to a standard writable CD.

You don't need any special software to download... And even if you’re a beginner who just got your first computer today, you can be using Think Right Now in less than 10 minutes from now.

As soon as your order is approved, you'll instantly be sent to a page where you'll IMMEDIATELY get your software program.
In less than ten minutes from right now you can be getting programmed for success. ...And your life will be changed forever.

Get It Now!
Your partner in change,

Mike Brescia, President
Think Right Now International, Inc.
P.S. If you're thinking that Think Right Now for Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) is like subliminal tapes -WRONG!  There is a world of difference. Click here for a feature by feature comparison.

P.P.S. We've listed a number of the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Click here to check them out. If your question isn't answered there, give us a call. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is here to talk with you.

P.P.P.S. Remember, with Think Right Now For Windows (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) you get a Better Than Risk Free Guarantee. Your order isn't complete until you're completely satisfied... for a full 12 months. And you get to keep all those valuable bonuses no matter what!


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The rest of this and other success stories with Win Friends & Influence People Now!


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