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The Fastest, Healthiest and EASIEST Way To A Refreshing Night's Sleep...

Now Faster, Deeper, Natural Sleep Can Be Yours Every Night…
So You Can Embrace Each Day with
Refreshing New Energy!

No Drugs, Herbs, or Expensive Mattresses Needed

Tranquil Sleep Now! is a breakthrough sleep-conditioning program that helps you drift off fast ... sleep the night through ... and wake up refreshed just the way nature intended—without the grogginess or long-term risks of sleeping pills.

Discover how this revolutionary thought & behavior modification program can be your ticket to easy, blissful sleep and more—greater energy, sharper thinking, stronger immunity, more youthful looks, and a brighter outlook on life. And that’s just for starters!

Dear Friend,

How can something as natural as sleep turn into something so elusive?

Sleep should be easy and rejuvenating, our refuge from the daily grind. But all too often it’s anything but.

We lay awake for hours. We wake up too early and can’t fall back asleep. We reach such a point of sleep anxiety that we almost dread going to bed. We get up in the morning already fatigued.

So why IS getting to sleep and staying asleep such a nightmare? What’s gone wrong?

Short answer:  stress

Long answer:  S  –  T  –  R  –  E  –  S  –  S

No, I’m not trying to be funny. Just making a point. If you’re like most people with sleep problems, your mind is simply overloaded with tension and strain every night by the time your head hits the pillow.

But imagine if you could release the weight of the world at bedtime. Automatically, too, so you don’t even give it a thought. Imagine once again enjoying sleep that...

     V  Comes naturally, quickly, and easily, just like it did when
           you were a young child

     V  Lasts all night long, uninterrupted, free of the tossing & turning

     V  Leaves your mind and body refreshed and ready to take
          on anything

Is that asking too much? No it’s definitely not.

Now you can do all that and something else, too—you can throw those dangerous sleeping pills away for good.

Let me introduce to you a new sleep conditioning program that goes right to the root of your sleep problems and eliminates them.


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It’s called...


It’s Not Your Fault
You Can’t Sleep!

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, don’t beat yourself up over it. Sleep problems are an absolute scourge of our overstressed modern culture—they’re almost impossible to avoid!

As many as 50 million Americans will have trouble falling sleeping or staying asleep tonight. According to one federal study, nearly half of American adults have  experienced sleep problems at some point in their lives.

Studies show that insomnia is closely linked to our levels of emotional stress and often tied to recent lifestyle changes, especially from age 20 to 65. While medical problems like pain can cause short-term sleep disruptions, it’s most often our thoughts and behaviors, not physical problems, that are at the root of chronic insomnia.

Psychological issues can also play a role. For example, people who suffer anxiety problems often have difficulty falling asleep in the first place, while depression sufferers frequently wake up in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. Many people experience both types of sleeplessness.

Whichever form of insomnia you suffer, getting by on 6 or 5 or fewer hours of sleep is a prescription for disaster. The inevitable consequence of sleep loss is impaired performance at every level. It can lead to bizarre behavior, severe drowsiness, thinking problems, emotional issues, lowered immune function, and other serious problems.

If you want to be fully alert, in a good mood, mentally sharp, creative, and energetic all day long, you might need at least 8 hours of sleep daily according to sleep experts. It is not a sign of laziness or weakness in any way; it is merely your body’s way of staying healthy, sound, and mentally strong.

Tranquil Sleep Now! will turn you into a sound sleeper and make sure you get the deep, healthy sleep you need—without any of the morning-after grogginess and other side effects you get from other sleep aids. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Click here to order now.

Tranquil Sleep Now!

The Complete Mental Conditioning Program to Help You Fall Asleep Fast, Sleep Peacefully & Always Wake Up Refreshed and Eager to Start Your Day

Mike Brescia here.  I’m founder of Think Right Now! International, and developer of the proven Think Right Now Thought & Behavior Modification Programs that have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide overcome all kinds of challenges and lead more successful, fulfilling, and happy lives.

Like many new clients, you might be skeptical of 'Success Psychology' and behavior modification at first. You shouldn’t be. Your mind has an incredible ability to adapt and make rapid changes for the better, no matter what your age or personal life story... and study after study proves it to be true.

As for sleep, research has indeed shown that most disorders and difficulties are rooted in the emotional stresses that we allow to spill over into our sleep time.

The key word there is “allow.” I’ll come back to that in a minute.

These stresses trigger the worry, anxiety, and frustration that begin to creep into your head the minute you hit the light switch. Your mind starts racing from one thing to the next. Your finances. Your job. Your marriage. Your kids. Your future. Your past.

Or the mind obsesses over one thing. A work meeting that went wrong, something your spouse said, any conflict, large or small, until the matter is blown up in your mind beyond all rational belief.

Stress also causes you to make unhealthy lifestyle choices that also affect your sleep.  Like drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette before bedtime to help you relax … overindulging in coffee and energy drinks to keep you awake during the day … even processed foods and too many meals-on-the-run.

Before you know it, it’s off to the races in the Toss-and-Turn Derby.

So—why DO we allow our own mind and habits to sabotage our sleep?

We don’t.  We can’t help it.  It just happens.  It’s automatic.

And that, believe it or not, is exactly where the solution to your sleep problem lies.

The mental chatter and mental pictures/movies that gets you all wired up is the result of subconscious processes that have been conditioned into your mind.

Fear, concern, and the rest certainly have their place in your daily life—they’re all emotions rooted in your survival drive—but they can be murder at night if your mind has not been trained to let them go.

You can actually feel it happening …right down to those first pangs of anxiety when you realize it’s going to be “one of those nights.”

The good news? Negative conditioning got you into this fix, and positive conditioning will get you out of it. And quicker than you might think!

Tranquil Sleep Now...
 Is The Surest, Healthiest Way to The Best Night’s Sleep Ever

I know you may not believe it now …but hear me out.

Tranquil Sleep Now! does what no other sleep aid in the world does....

It directly addresses and corrects the actual causes of your sleeplessness, instead of just knocking you out with brain-altering substances like sleeping pills and sleep-aid supplements do.

Tranquil Sleep Now! reaches deep into your subconscious to erase the negative thought,  habits and behaviors that create barriers to deep, restful sleep. It trains your mind to set aside the worries at bedtime so that you don’t bring problems into bed with you.

Then, it fills your mind with a new set of positive, soothing thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that help you slide off to sleep and stay asleep without a hitch.  Just like the people who have never had sleep problems in their lives.

You become a habitual sound sleeper. Just like you used to be.

How does this happen? Tranquil Sleep Now! combines two science-based thought modification techniques that have a remarkable impact on the way you think and act.  I’ll provide you more details in a moment.  But first, I’d like to tell you about…

The “5 Cs” At the Root of Most Sleep Problems

If you’re like most people, you try to live life all at once and you bring it all with you into bed. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Experts explain how the five Cs—change, conflict, criticisms, concerns, and crises—can burden our lives with unhealthy stress. Any of these factors can ruin your sleep faster than you can say “good night.”


Your Sleepless Nights & Groggy Mornings Are Over!

Tranquil Sleep Now! works better than drugs or herbal sleeping pills for no less than four reasons:

1) You get 100% natural sleep—no side-effects. You wake up rejuvenated just as nature intended without the mental fog you get from prescription, OTC, and herbal sleeping pills.

2) You don’t lose control over your night. Ever wonder what you’ll do if there’s an emergency after you take a sleeping pill? It’s not safe to drive, or even leave the house, in that shape! Now you’ll never have to worry about that again.

3) You correct unhealthy mental patterns that trigger insomnia. As a result, the benefits spill over into your daily life—better relationships, a happier outlook, a greater ability to handle daily stresses, and more.

4) It’s the most affordable choice of all. If you’re currently taking any pill or supplement sleep aid nightly, this inexpensive program will quickly pay for itself in money saved.



Look at what you do when you turn off the lights. You play the day’s events over and over in your mind. You mull over mistakes or disagreements. You think about a deadline racing up. You worry about your kids’ grades. You dwell on money problems. Family problems. Work problems. Health problems. Marriage and relationship problems.

Factor it all together, and it’s no wonder sleep is elusive. As the sleeplessness goes on and on, the frustration keeps mounting up:

  • You get down on yourself for being a failure at “sleep”
  • You soon dread going to bed
  • You feel powerless over your sleep problems
  • You just assume you won’t be able to sleep
  • You don’t know how to relax anymore
  • You can’t get comfortable in bed
  • You resign yourself to being an insomniac
  • You don’t think you’ll ever get a good night’s rest
  • Your mattress is too hard and the pillows too soft
  • You have terrible nightmares, so what’s the point

But why, with so much on the line, do these issues take over your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep?

It’s just the way we’re wired.

Most of the 50,000 thoughts that pop into your mind every day are automatic. They’ve been with you for decades – perhaps even a lifetime. They are the product of conditioned negative thought patterns that have hijacked your natural sleep processes.

That’s why just saying “Stop!” to yourself won’t do the trick. And blaming yourself because you don’t have any “internal discipline” is counter-productive, too.

The healthiest, most effective way to correct your sleep problems is to change the unsupportive mental patterns (beliefs, thoughts, attitudes) that lurk behind them.

Sleeping pills and herbal remedies don’t change the underlying causes of sleep problems one iota. Tranquil Sleep Now! does—safely, effectively, and permanently.

It’s as simple as that.

Tranquil Sleep Now!
Beats Sleeping Pills at Their Own Game

Tranquil Sleep Now! breaks the chains of insomnia naturally by targeting and transforming the self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that pop up in your mind when the lights go out.

It is NOT hypnosis or one of those “sounds of nature” tapes that claim to relax you to sleep. Nor is it instructional in nature. It doesn’t tell you what to do, or offer advice and a plan of any kind.

Instead, it combines two proven mental conditioning techniques in a unique audio format that has a remarkable track record for success. (See Success Stories here.)

You listen to the program when you go to bed. Its first immediate benefit is that you are relaxed you with a brief relaxation session. Then soothing, gentle affirming commands are recited against a background of specially composed music that promotes the onset of alpha and then theta brain waves, which signal deep relaxation in the brain.

These positive self-instructions reach your deepest subconscious levels during the course of the 30-minute sessions. As you listen nightly, they gradually condition out the deep-rooted thought habit patterns that trigger restlessness, while conditioning in positive new patterns that encourage natural sleep.

Before you even realize it, these new sleep-friendly belief systems and thought patterns take root, and become just as automatic as the sleep-blocking habits you are battling right now. Your mind will embrace sleep instead of worry, and you’ll ease into slumber more quickly and easily, every night, no exception.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Sound simple?  It is.  That’s the beauty of it….

There are no drugs or supplements to leave you groggy.
No hard-to-follow plans, diets, or regimens.
No counseling to attend or psychological problems to root out.


Drug-Induced Sleep:
It Even Sounds Unhealthy!

Sleeping pills should be an absolute last resort. Instead people are eating them up like candy!

According to The New York Times, 42 million sleeping pill prescriptions were filled in 2006, up nearly 60% since 2000. Many experts worry that doctors and patients are choosing the drug “solution” without paying nearly enough -- or even any -- regard to potential side effects and long-term effects.

While the newer hypnotic agents like Lunesta and Ambien may have lower risk of physical dependency than earlier benzodiazepine-based drugs, there’s no doubt that psychological dependency is an issue.

Severe side effects have been reported for these new “Z” class drugs as well, including bizarre sleeping-walking episodes, short-term amnesia, hallucinations, violent outbursts, sleep-driving, weight gain, nighttime binge eating, driving impairments, next day grogginess, and even higher risk of automobile accidents.  Great!

These side-effects have become such a concern that in 2007, the FDA announced that strong new warnings would be placed on the labels of 13 sleep drugs, and ordered their makers to produce patient fliers explaining how to safely use them.  Isn't that wonderful...

The greatest concern to some experts is that sleeping pills do nothing to address the underlying mental causes of sleeplessness. The powerful “Z” drugs (most notably zolpidem and escopiclone) simply aim at a brain neurotransmitter that is believed to reduce neural activity. They drug you to sleep.

Pharmaceutical companies spent over 600 million dollars in 2006 to promote their sleeping drugs, and bombard us with commercials and advertisements around the clock. They do their best to make you believe that it’s perfectly “normal” to need powerful mind-altering drugs to get to a better night’s sleep.

It’s not, and don’t fall for it!

All you have to do is take a few minutes to listen, relax, recite, and write.

In no time at all, I guarantee a whole new you will emerge and you’ll never look back.

The Revolutionary Behavior-Modification Process  that Makes Perfect
Sleep Possible

To transform your bedtime mental state from one of restlessness to one of peace, Tranquil Sleep Now! uses a powerful conditioning technique pioneered by famed Bulgarian psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

Called Suggestopedia, this completely effortless method incorporates recitation and repetition set against calming music to install information in the mind. It unifies the left-brain, right-brain, and body together in a stress-reducing process that taps the mind’s immense power in ways science has yet to fully understand.

It has been the foundation of mental conditioning and learning programs for over 40 years. It is used successfully in everything from instant-immersion language instruction and corporate training programs to Olympic-level athletic training.

Lozanov’s method makes people incredibly more capable of achieving personal transformations of any kind. Since it works so effectively to install new ways of thinking positively about yourself, it is ideally suited to help your mind embrace beliefs and attitudes that will contribute to healthier sleep habits.

Read more about it at the How It Works page, then ask yourself: isn’t this the better way to approach the sleep problems that are interfering with your life?

How Tranquil Sleep Now! Literally Retrains Your Brain

Lozanov’s conditioning technique is the first part of your sleep solution, and Think Right Now!’s exclusive Rescripting Statements are the second.

Rescripting Statements works like an intensive sleep refresher course for your subconscious mind. When these powerful affirmations are heard over and over again, they reach your deepest levels where they actively restore the reliable sleep habits you once enjoyed.

Releasing Statements are designed to erase negative thoughts, self-beliefs, and feelings that contribute to poor sleep. They carefully target the 11 Mental Patterns of Failure (read about them here) and encourage your mind to let go of the fears, anger, despair, traumas, and anxieties that can send you into the “no sleep” zone.

New patterns are formed through effortless conditioning, so you don’t have to work at anything. The statements work on you.

Your mind hears them, learns them, believes them, and lives them, all in a cumulative process that continues as the days and weeks go by. You’ll soon see that those old disruptive nighttime feelings that were your constant companions have faded away.

You’ll quickly find it easier to...

bullet Dissolve all blocks to peaceful, restful sleep
bullet Tune out all distracting noises when you want to go to sleep
bullet Release all the emotional hurts of the day and of the past
bullet Tune out worries regardless of what is happening in your life
bullet Feel life’s pressures melt away when your head hits the pillow
bullet Sleep soundly even in noisy environments
bullet Relax through the night, even in unfamiliar places
bullet Dissolve all physical and emotional tension when you close your eyes
bullet Sleep undisturbed until your scheduled wake up time
bullet Wake up in the morning refreshed and energetic
bullet Fall asleep any time you want without effort or strain
bullet Make even the biggest challenges seem simple and easy to overcome
bullet Feel rejuvenated and healed in every way
bullet Eliminate mood swings and irritability, because you now have the rest you need
bullet Stop the self-medicating that deadens your senses and makes you groggy
bullet Be free of any habit of worrying while you should be sleeping
bullet Eliminate night-time eating habits that can affect your sleep
bullet And a whole lot more...

Even if you’ve struggled with sleep problems for years, your mind will accept these new beliefs and attitudes and embrace them. The negative patterns that rule your nocturnal world will weaken, dissolve, and disappear on their own.

How Deep, Lasting Changes Come About
With Tranquil Sleep Now!

The power of affirmations has been widely documented in mental health literature. Until Tranquil Sleep Now! however, there has not been a program for insomnia that:

1) Utilizes Dr. Lozanov’s technique to address the core causes of most sleep problems at the most powerful and receptive subconscious levels.

2) Provides specially prepared affirmations that target the mental barriers to sleep like stress, worry, and anxiety and promote positive attitudes and habits that lead to better sleep.

3) Makes the “sleep conditioning” process simple, effortless, and entirely automatic—it’s a program anyone can stick with.

4) Provides prerecorded sessions that easily fit into bedtime routines. In fact, listening as you sleep will accelerate the healthy sleep benefits you get from the program!

Tranquil Sleep Now! does all that and more. True to Lozanov’s proven method, each session maximizes your results with:

1) A brief relaxation period at the beginning, to produce the optimal state of mind for absorbing and retaining the sleep conditioning affirmations

2) Soothing background music, specially composed within a specific beats-per-minute range, which reduces stress further while lowering your brain waves into the alpha and theta levels (which are present during the initial stages of sleep itself)

3) Special pacing, repetition, and varied intonation of the re-scripting statements, a technique shown to enhance and maximize internalization of the material

A typical session with Tranquil Sleep Now! takes about 30 minutes to complete. As you relax while listening, a growing number of your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slow 8-12 cycles per second. This lowered brainwave rhythm is the Alpha brainwave state, the key to heightened recall and accelerated learning.

If you listen while sleeping, the you will take advantage of even deeper Theta brainwaves (4-8 cps), where profound emotional changes can occur with great speed.

Note: Tranquil Sleep Now! is not a subliminal program. You are meant to hear every word clearly. The more often you listen while relaxed or sleeping, the faster the new sleep-inducing beliefs and habits will come into your life.  It’s that simple—and your results are guaranteed. You’re cordially invited to see for yourself with no risk at all.

You’ll Be Amazed By the Way
Your Mind and Body Responds

Let Tranquil Sleep Now! do its work and you’ll never again underestimate your mind’s capacity for profound and positive change.

You will sleep like a toddler again. Every night. No exceptions.

As unsupportive thought patterns are processed out, empowering new beliefs are installed in their place. The hundreds of audible Attraction Statements infuse you with a positive, compelling view of yourself and the world. They plant the 11 Mental Patterns of Success in your mind (read more about them here) and saturate your mind with them until they become automatic thoughts of your own.

The more you hear (and read and write) these affirming statements, the more they’ll enable your relaxed self to emerge at bedtime and help you “shut down” your mind for the night. You’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long.

When you first begin listening to Tranquil Sleep Now! there is a small chance that you may experience feelings of agitation.  This is rare.  If you do, however, it is because the program is forcing your mind to shut down at sleep time... something that it may not be accustomed to doing. 

So there may be some resistance to the habit of falling into blissful sleep so fast.  Rapid thought and behavior modification is not always accepted by the mind at first, as yours may resist clearing out the old “comfortable” routines and welcoming in the new. If you experience an initial increase in anxiety, it means the program is working.  It should subside in just a few days.  After that, you’ll begin to feel the desired results.

As these patterns become second nature, you will automatically...

bullet Understand that you deserve peaceful, restful sleep
bullet Drift off effortlessly when you close your eyes to sleep
bullet Find it easy to relax and fall asleep anywhere
bullet Eliminate habits that can affect your sleep
bullet Think positive, optimistic thoughts before you drift off
bullet Enjoy a full night’s sleep without interruption
bullet Fall back asleep quickly if you are waken up in the night
bullet Feel completely safe and protected in bed
bullet Breathe deeply and silently while you sleep
bullet Wake up feeling rested, energized, and ready for your day
bullet Structure your life so that you can get the sleep you need
bullet Enjoy the most wonderfully happy and encouraging dreams
bullet Naturally wake up at the appropriate time
bullet And much more

Whether you experience short-term insomnia caused by recent events in your life or you suffer insomnia of a chronic or recurring nature, Tranquil Sleep Now! is the safe, natural, and effective solution you’ve been waiting for.

How Soon Will You See Results?

Used as directed and Tranquil Sleep Now! can help you drift off to sleep faster and easier the very first night you listen to it.

But just remember, the deep and lasting benefits that develop at subconscious levels may take several days or even a few short weeks. As time goes by, the benefits that you experience will go far beyond the wonderful sleep you enjoy each night.

When you get the full 7-8 hours of deep, restful sleep each night that your body needs, you’ll happily discover that...

bullet You wake up refreshed and ready for the world, every day
bullet Your overall mood is improved
bullet You enjoy sharper mental focus and concentration all day long
bullet You feel physically stronger and experience less fatigue
bullet Your energy lasts all day long
bullet Your relationships improve
bullet Your enthusiasm for life returns
bullet Your work improves and you grow more time-efficient
bullet You handle the daily stresses of life more easily


Normally, you can use Think Right Now programs anywhere, anytime.  But Tranquil Sleep Now! is different.  Since this is a sleep program, it should not be listened to while driving, while at work, or any other occasion you need to stay alert for -- because you might become drowsy and nod off!

The best, most effective way to use Tranquil Sleep Now is 20 or 30 minutes before bedtime. The soothing affirming statements help relax you, and the specially-composed, 60-beat-per-minute music  promotes alpha and theta brain waves, which opens the mind for super-learning the new belief patterns.

Use Tranquil Sleep Now as prescribed and you'll notice a relaxing effect almost immediately. In fact, you'll ease off to sleep faster and easier the very first night you listen to it. Click here to get this remarkable program delivered to your door within days…and get ready to sleep like a baby again!

You get the drift. A good night’s sleep—not a drug-induced sleep—is the most powerful and essential way to give yourself the daily strength to take on whatever challenges come your way.

REMEMBER: Sleep deprivation is not something to be taken lightly, or considered a badge of honor for working yourself into the ground or worrying yourself senseless.

You know that’s true. Now it’s time to get the message through to the sleep center deep inside your brain, and Tranquil Sleep Now! will do the job.

It is 100% safe, natural and effortless. There are no negative side effects. There is nothing to learn, study, or practice.

Best of all, making time for Tranquil Sleep Now! is easy. It will never interfere with your busy daily schedule for one simple reason: you listen to it when you go to bed.

Your day is over by the time you hit the ‘play’ button. It fits into the time you’ve already scheduled for sleep. And thanks to Tranquil Sleep Now!, you’ll finally get it!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, consider this no-risk promise:

It’s the Only Sleep Solution in the World
Backed By a Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee

First things first—I promise that you’ll experience dramatic improvements in your sleep long before six months or even six weeks go by. You could actually see changes in yourself beginning in a matter of days and even in a matter of minutes.

However, I want to make sure you at least give Tranquil Sleep Now! a try, absolutely risk-free, without some pressure-filled 30-day deadline looming in the background. You’re free to use it six full months without risk to help you bring healthy sleep habits back into your life.

When you weigh the dangers of no sleep (or drug-induced sleep) against the promise of a healthy, deep, and rejuvenating sleep, the decision should be easy. There is simply no better way to erase insomnia and its costs, and embrace the kind of sleep your mind and body so desperately needs.

Your decision to try this program is 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return Tranquil Sleep Now! within six months and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked.

When you feel the benefits of Tranquil Sleep Now! and the deep, all-natural sleep it brings into your life, I’m sure you won’t want to give it up.

Click here to order your no-risk copy now.

Here’s to your good night’s sleep, easily reached and fully enjoyed!


Mike Brescia
Think Right Now! International

P.S. Want more information? Click to the How it Works page for a more detailed explanation of the Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning process.  Here also is the link to our Success Stories page where you can read over 500 testimonials written by clients who are thrilled with the success they’ve enjoyed with Think Right Now! products.

P.P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed completely and you’re protected by our famous 6-Month No-Risk Guarantee.

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