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You and your big heart

Hello my friend:

Recently I heard about a movie that was supposed to be an
inspiring comedy called 'Mystery, Alaska,' so I picked it up.
It carries in R rating, so it's not one for the kids.

There was one scene in the movie that was touching, and at the
same time provided a huge lesson for everyone.

One of the main characters, Bailey, was very heavy.  He joked
about it often.  He was a sweet guy who would do anything for
anyone, and everyone loved him.

But he died of a heart attack.  He was around 50 years old.

The most touching scene was at his burial where the sheriff did
the eulogy.  He told a story of a friend who once asked Bailey
how he got to be so fat.  He answered that every time he met
somebody he liked, his heart would grow a little.  And there was
just so many good people in Mystery, that his body had to
expand to accommodate it.

We all come in various shapes and sizes and colors and looks.
And the measure of each and every one of us is truly what is
inside, not out.

And when we don't take care of ourselves, our minds and our
bodies, we could leave the world too soon, with our music still
inside us.

We created the behavior modification programs, Eating for
Excellent Health Now
and I Love Exercising Now in order to
help people become healthier in both their bodies
and they're minds.  I say healthy in both body AND mind because
when your body is in pain and isn't operating at its peak, you
don't feel very good emotionally either.

For a very high percentage of people walking around depressed for
years, it's simply the result of poor diet and not enough of the
right kind of physical activity.  That's a fact.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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There are so many studies on the benefits of eating more
vegetables, on drinking more water and on the negative effects
of boxed, canned and bag foods that we hardly need any
more studies to prove what is good and what is bad for us.

The knowledge is there now for anyone who wants it.

So just knowing what is good and what is bad for your health is
not the issue.

The issue, as always, is not what to do but in doing what we
know is right.

The people who are fit, strong, lean and who will live long
lives are those who can say no to these unbelievably good
tasting chemical concoctions designed only to make profits for
the companies who create them.  Because in health as in every
other area of life, it's knowledge and self-discipline that
makes the difference.  Today more than ever, with jobs and
hobbies that force us to sit still more often and chemical
potions disguised as food promoted to us at every turn, it's
difficult to become and stay healthy.

That's why today more than ever, if you want to stay healthy
you need to internalize the beliefs, the attitudes and the
standards held by the healthiest people alive today.

We need to have higher personal standards in order to not be
victims to profit hungry 'food' processors and fast food joints.

There's nothing more frustrating than to be face-to-face with
some 'food' that tastes great and not be able to say no, even
though you know it's horrible for you.

Same thing with working out...

Getting fit and strong is no mystery.  It's a simple thing to
do.  There are books and videos and personal trainers and health
clubs and home gym equipment...

The difficulty is not in learning what to do. 

It's in getting yourself to do it.

You can be the nicest person...

You can be the wealthiest person...

You can be the most attractive person...

You can be the happiest person...

You can be the most popular person...

But if you can't get yourself to eat right or exercise
regularly, you are going to experience way too much physical and
emotional pain.  And way sooner than necessary, people are going
to be standing over your grave telling stories about you.

Choose health.  Choose life.

Think Right Now can help.


I love you all,

Mike Brescia

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powerfully emotional states, you need Instant Inner Power
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