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March 13, 2009

Today the 30% savings end (+2 emotional successes)

Reminder: Friday is THE last day that you can get Releasing
Fear Of Failure Now! http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp
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Hello my friend:

Good evening!  Hope all is well.  Things are fantastic
here in balmy (not) Syracuse!  As we're flying up to the
final hours of the 30% off discount on 'Releasing Fear Of
Failure Now!,' we're getting flooded with more stories that
people are sending in about it.

Just phenomenal...

One thing you'll note in the story below, and this is
consistent with the most effective, successful people in
all disciplines of life, is that they don't need a coach,
parent, teacher or boss to push them like most other people
need it.

The people who do and become and have more are driven from
inside their own mind.  They get themselves to do what must
be done.  No outside force or circumstance is necessary.
They feel how they want to feel every day.  No one else
encouraging them is needed to make them feel better.  They
are self-directed.

That is what self-control is. Self-control.

No drugs needed to get high or to feel courage.  No drink
needed to be happy.  No food needed to feel good.  It all
comes from within the mind.

That is what Think Right Now Accelerated Success
Conditioning does... it puts you in control of you.

The programs help to condition your mind so that you
affirm (believe) what you need to, in order to do what you
must... all without being miserable.  Wow, huh...
accomplishment without feeling like you are deprived. 

Because what is the sense of climbing to the top, or in
having the body you want or in getting a degree, or a
relationship, etc. if you are miserable and wishing you
were doing something else the whole time?  That's a recipe
for anxiety, depression, and an early departure.

So as you are reading the stories below, note that the
changes that the people experienced came without willpower.
No teeth grinding.  No harsh discipline.  No crying about
'why do I have to do this?' 

No.  All the new habits become fun, instead of dreaded.

Here's Gina Maybury's story.


Dear Mike,
I would like to tell you some of the ways your Think Right
Now! programs have helped our family.  I found your website
last summer when I was searching for a way to help my 16
year old daughter. 

Teachers had been urging me to have her tested and drugged
for ADD/ADHD since kindergarten.  I resisted, because she
is very creative and musically talented, and I did not want
drugs to impact that part of her personality. 

She learned how to compensate by working longer and harder
at her homework, and received average grades in average
classes.  However, for her junior year, she signed up for 4
AP level courses, in addition to a very demanding extra-
curricular schedule of musical and theater activities.  I
knew this would be difficult if not impossible for her to
succeed at without help. 

So I decided to purchase Laser-Focused Concentration Now!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/concentration.asp for
her, and the results were spectacular.

She has kept up with the greatly increased workload, and
she has made the honor roll both quarters.  She has made
great strides musically, has become 2nd chair first violin
in her school's highest orchestra, and has been offered
many opportunities to perform outside school.
At the same time, I also purchased I am Organized Now!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/organized.asp for myself. 

As a 53 year old stay at home mom, I was finding it harder
and harder to keep up with the daily tasks of living. I
found it hard to make decisions, and found I had no time
and energy left over for the larger goals I needed to
accomplish:  handling my parents' estates, handling our
investments, preparing a townhouse for rental, losing
weight, and supporting my daughter's career goals as a

I found this program helpful primarily in improving the
management of my home.  I found myself wanting to clear up
clutter, keeping the house neater and tidier without
effort, and getting rid of many things we no longer used. 

I was very heartened by my progress, but still not able to
work on my big goals.  So I ordered more of your programs.
I tried a number of them; End Procrastination Now,
Effective Time Management, and Setting & Achieving Goals,
among others, and while I felt they were changing my
mindset, I wasn't seeing the progress I had hoped for.  I
kept feeling like I wasn't reaching the underlying problem. 
When I saw Releasing Fear of Failure
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp I thought that
this might be the root problem, and hoped that it would
unblock me. 

I am definitely seeing positive results.  It gives me a
structure or framework for the other programs. While using
this cd, I find that the statements from the other programs
I've tried keep popping into my head, and proving useful. 

In the past 6 weeks, I have accomplished a great deal.  I
now have a written plan of the goals I wish to achieve over
the next 6 months, and have broken it down into the steps I
need to achieve them, and the timetables I wish to meet.  I
am busy trying to plan a special vacation for my husband,
daughter, and myself, and I feel that this is just the

Thank you for helping me to get back on track!
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.


Gina Maybury


MB:  No problemo Gina! 

You see what I mean about self-directed behaviors?  The
key to gaining and KEEPING positive inner and outer habits
is to make them automatic, knee-jerk reactions that don't
have to be pondered, debated, weighed, or even thought about.

No... just BAM! Instantaneously feeling like doing what
you need to do and doing it with no fear or worry, just joy.


Let's move on...


This next story was sent in my Monika.  I'm not publishing
her last name because... well, you'll see.  I don't want to
be in the middle of a messy situation.  But what you'll see
is how 'Releasing Fear of Failure Now!' can help to
concentrate the power that is sometimes dormant inside of
each of us and sometimes purposely kept locked away by

Here's Monika's story.


Dear Mike,

I'd like to have e-mailed you sooner to tell you about my
success with Releasing Fear of Failure
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp but my life has
dramatically changed in the last few months and I had to do
everything I could just to survive.

My life as a single woman used to be successful and happy.
I started my PhD studies, I traveled around the world, I
had real friends...everything I wanted.

Unfortunately, I got married to a man who has changed into
a selfish, controlling man. When I was pregnant with our
first child, I was full of hope. He and my mother-in-law
have destroyed all my plans and turned my life into a

I discovered that before we got married, my husband had
huge debts and alcohol problems, but it was too late by the
time I found out. We had money problems. My husband didn't
want to talk and he preferred to disappear for entire
weekends. I had duties and my husband only had pleasure and

I could not sleep, I could not breastfeed our baby, I
could not even decide how to decorate our house without
permission, everything I cooked was not good enough, I was
depressed and under constant pressure and criticism from my
husband and his family. When I tried to say "no", they
responded by telling me "you have to say yes". They treated
me like a child. They made plans for me and decided my

From that moment on, I knew what the words "domestic
violence" meant.
I ordered your CD as soon as I was able and only listened
to it during the daytime hours when my husband was at work.
For our 7 month son this CD worked as a lullaby. After a
few weeks I could focus my mind on positive things and I
could begin to dissolve my depression and deep hidden
anger. I made plans to find an organization or people who
really could help me.

Listening to "Releasing Fear of Failure" was like a
journey to the island of hope. I felt stronger. The
affirmation statements still play in my mind. They give me
strength. They motivate me to move forward and fight for my
rights and the happiness of my child. 

I realize that I'm on a new path now. It won't be easy to
find the state of mind called "harmony" but I'm willing to
learn and give myself a chance.

The biggest changes in my life after listening to the CD
are that I left my husband.  My son and I left States to
escape my husband and we are safe now with friends.

I have continued my PhD studies and I'm not depressed
because I can imagine my bright future.

All these changes that I mentioned could not have happened
without Releasing Fear of Failure. It helped me take my
first steps forward. I have transformed my paralyzing fear
into my motivational power.  

Compared to my past, my current emotional state is so much
different.   I'm not afraid to ask and look for help. I
don't feel hopeless anymore. Most importantly, I know my
personal value and I feel stronger. I know I deserve love
and happiness.

Thank you for your help in discovering the hidden power in

I wish you all the best,



MB:  Monika, I see a VERY bright future for you.  When an
adults lose the fear of consequences that at one time
looked so horrible and see them for what they really are...
avenues that lead to growth and power, then taking wise
risks and making appropriate changes becomes easy.
Effortless, actually. 

There is no fear.  No doubt about what is the best thing
to do.

Fear is the great stifler of potential.

It's how governments control entire populations.  Fear is
a powerful tool that people use to control one another.

To be truly free, you must not be afraid to fail at the
things you want and need to do.

And 'Releasing Fear of Failure Now!' can set you free.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp

Get it NOW and any other Accelerated Success Conditioning
Programs you want at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp


Mike Brescia

PS:  Less than 24 hours and it's all over.  The 30% off
discount on 'Releasing Fear of Failure Now!' is ends at
midnight (Friday night).
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp

PS:  Also 30% off right now is Releasing Fear of Success
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfos.asp
So today you can blast your fears while saving HUGE!

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