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2007 Recent Articles
July - Sept 2007
Man loses an entire person - 138 pounds - without surgery or drugs
Betcha you didn't know this about your brain on psychiatric drugs
End anxiety and panic attacks now
He was an idiot, but still sold like crazy
Helping a Bosnian concentration camp survivor
I can I can I caning th
Unlearn poor self-esteem - 3 case studies
Gorgeous, smart, rich and never make mistakes
Today only... sorry
Make instant gratification work for your success
For the next 3 days only
Where to get your calcium
The 3 step method to wipe out debts and put dough in the bank
Price jumps up on 'Fearless Public Speaking' at midnight
Social anxiety - public speaking fear confusion
Friday prices go up 20% - Conquering Social Anxiety Now is here and discounted
They can all sell + sales success stories
Go sell something today - and get paid
The one thing that matters most
Lose 4" of belly fat fast
Nurse cured of anxiety and depression with Think Right Now
What life lesson was in PGA commercial #2
Former social phobic runs for public office
One PGA commercial gave a million dollar education
Watch or don't watch the scale
Huge sale ends today - and another public speaking case study
Case Study: Fearless Public Speaking eliminated the terror
Black Belt Sale
School is always in
Fearless Public Speaking
Last chance for bigger savings on Laser Focused Concentration Now
The Wall commercial - and Fearless Public Speaking Now
Your fate is what YOU say it is - what say you
Case study: Girl can finally sleep peacefully
Dog fighting
Childhood friend now off anti-depressant
If you can get used to car bombs...
Everywhere you go, there you are again
Spot the 9 errors and you win
Wife ends panic attacks - husband keeps hitting record low weights
Turn pain into pleasure
2 TRN case studies - motivation & confidence patterns
Learn this and you'll be way ahead
Chronically out of work heavily medicated 44 yr old now supports herself
Is it a pill or your mind that is helping
What he said floored me
Is it possible to get organized and STAY organized
Where is your mental track taking you
Holy Moly am I organized
You are NOT full of crap
Bird drops 28 lbs (13 kilos) and 4 sizes
Your independence day

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