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February 4, 2009

Sara is dating & Grandma is off her rocker

Hello my friend:

The last few months have been some of the most
extraordinary of my life.  We've been working on some new
stuff that will absolutely change your life and your

Over the next few months.  Be watching.

I've also had the chance to talk with dozens of people
who've had the most remarkable stories of change while
using Think Right Now Success Conditioning Programs.

It's thrilling, because unlike the kind of change that
politicians talk about, the kind where you're asked to put
your trust in organizations you've never been able to trust
before, the changes that people are experiencing with the
Think Right Now system is one that starts and ends with
you, the user.

Because, you see, here's the thing.

Most of the biggest, most incredible, stories of success
come from people who've never showed any inkling of what
they finally were able to do...

Most come from people who'd been beaten down by life for
so long and so completely that they had no belief in
themselves to do much.

And then, something happened... an event, a tragedy, an
awakening that showed them that they could... or an event
that forced them to get up and get done what they'd never
been able to get done before... or a realization that
helped them to finally start enjoying themselves, able to
shed old hurts, old fears, old beliefs that kept them small
and unimportant.

But life is too short to wait for someday.

Our time here is too brief to wait for some tragedy to
make us realize that we have extraordinary powers to feel
how we want to feel and to do what we want to do.

The technology exists now that can help anyone to change
their emotional patterns and thus their outer action habits
to be like the most effective, happy, most successful
people in every arena of life.

One family has learned how rapidly massive change can occur.

Here is a brief glimpse into their recent lives:

Hi Mike -
I first started on the TRN program with the End
Procrastination -
http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/procrastination.asp series
and I enjoyed listening to it as it was relaxing and
started to have an effect on me, but not as much as I
wanted until I added the "Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!"
cd to my routine.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp  
As soon as I combined the 2, I really started noticing
differences in my life. 

I started pursuing some of the things that I had always
thought about doing but never actually did, such as, take
an EMT course.  Scary, yes, but I made it through with the
help of your CDs and passed all of my examinations with
flying colors.
I also started dating someone new and am in an actual
relationship for the first time in seven years! 

Additionally, I have just been more clear about and able
to make more decisions in my life.  I feel like,
especially, in the past two years, I had been paralyzed by
the fear of making the wrong decision and I have noticed
over the few months of listening to "Releasing Fear Of
Failure Now!" I can make decisions again, with conviction
and without worrying about if it is the right one.  I just
have a better sense of knowing that the decision I make is
the right one for me, and I haven't felt that way in years!

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

However, the biggest improvement I have seen from the
"Releasing Fear Of Failure Now" CD is actually from my

I had her borrow the CD for awhile and my Grandma had been
afraid for years to go to rehabilitation therapy for her
two hips that she had replaced several years ago.  And so
because she never went to therapy or did the exercises she
needed to do she was basically becoming crippled and had
been using a walker. 

I would say within a month of listening to "Releasing Fear
Of Failure Now" she started going to rehab therapy and
stopped using the walker and is even using the exercise
bike in her living room. 

If you were a part of my family and knew her history and
how she is afraid of EVERYTHING you would know just how
amazing this truly is for her.
Thank you, Mike for your help.  My only decision I need to
make now is which CD to order next. 

Sara Fetyko


MB: Cool, Sara!  Funny that it took mental rehab to get
her into physical rehab.  Now that her old body is getting
in shape, the brain and mind will really begin to astound
you.  Don't be surprised if Grandma continues to astound
you by doing things she's never done before.


Habitual unconscious, deeply held negative beliefs and
thought patterns can be like granite... hard as hell and
hard as hell to eliminate.

Because what we believe can seem real, and we will often
defend our limitations and our problems, and our doubts
even though they might be the biggest load of crap.

Fear is almost always just a protective measure that the
mind serves up to protect us from being harmed in some way.
But it serves little purpose in helping us to grow in most
areas of life.

Stamping out fear is paramount if you want to enjoy your
life to the fullest.

Want to know if you are afraid of something?


Close your eyes and think about doing or saying something
that would give you some desired outcome.  An outcome that
you'd really love to have happen.

Imagine the reaction you'd likely get to your words and


Now, if during that brief little visualization, you felt
the familiar twinges of fear, if your heart raced, if you
started to sweat, if you felt yourself get all flushed...

...then you have fear that is stopping you.

And I'd wager that the fear is not necessary, because the
outcome that caused the fear reaction is not that terrible.
Certainly not bad enough to stop you from doing what you
want to do forever.

It's time to take control and get rid of that fear.

Can you even imagine it?

Not being afraid?

Feeling strong?

You will when you use 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!'

That is what it was designed to do... end the fear of
whatever might happen if things didn't work out.

Get it NOW and you'll see what I mean.


Mike Brescia

PS: Remember that 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!'
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp is still 30% off
the normal price.  But it's going up. 

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