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September 26, 2007

Man loses an entire person - 138 pounds - without surgery
or drugs

Hello my friend:

The expectations, hopes and dreams that people have in
their lives, while providing road maps for where they want
to go, can also create what appear to be gigantic walls
that look too high to ever be scaled.

The bigger our dreams get, when our desires are well
beyond what we have ever achieved, it IS exciting.  Sure...

But what happens MOST OF THE TIME is that our biggest
dreams are so beyond what we can imagine ourselves
sacrificing for, working toward and achieving, in a very
short period of time, if we haven't gotten anywhere
"measurable", it becomes frustrating and MOST OF THE TIME
people quit.

Same thing is true for our programs.

Here's what I mean...

Because many of our clients do experience near
instantaneous changes in their attitudes, the people expect
the "clouds to part" right away and if they don't, they get
frustrated and quit before they ever really get started...
the exact same attitude and "inaction" that got them in
their situation in the first place.

To illustrate the point, imagine a tall office building is
being built.  It might take months of working on the
foundation, all the stuff below the ground before any
"real" progress is seen by even the people working on it.
It's not exciting working on foundational stuff.  I know.
Believe me.

In all areas of life, we want the juice.  We want the
excitement.  We don't want to travel to the party, we want
to snap our fingers and be AT party.

But in life, and that goes for our programs as well, you
gotta lay the groundwork.  

Case in point...

Here is a man who got himself to a stage where he weighed
over 600 pounds.  Hardly even imaginable for most of us,

Imagine how hard it would be to re-program the thought and
attitude patterns and self-image of a person who let
themselves go that far.  The words "eating disorder"
doesn't even scratch the surface of what is going on.

Yet with a little persistence, even he made radical
changes in his actual thoughts and beliefs about food and

Here is the short story he sent in to us within the last


 I am a man who weighed 645 pounds when I started
listening to your CD's.  I was desperate to try anything
after trying everything else to lose weight, so when my
wife told me about your program, I figured I would give
them a try.  I listened to eating for excellent health now
for 2 weeks then gave them up.
 My wife talked me into giving it another try.  I played
eating for excellent health now and Real Self-Esteem Now
every night.

After about two months, I was not interested in eating my
favorite binge foods anymore.  My family was shocked when I
would leave food on my plate at a meal!  I joined a weight
loss group (again) and this time I am able to stick with
it!  I know I couldn't have done it without your programs,
Mike!  They are an answer to my prayers.

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 I don't even like the taste of the junk food I used to
crave!  Since listening to Eating For Excellent Health Now,
I have lost 138 pounds and I am still losing weight!  I
don't need any pills or fad diet to do this, I feel better
now and I am looking forward to feeling even better!  When
people ask how I am doing it I tell them I listen to a
great CD that helps me change my thinking and I recommend
your CD's to them. I am planning to get many more of your
Think Right Now! programs soon.  Thank you very very much
Mark Kasten


M.B: It's inspiring, no doubt.  But there is a lesson. 

Pay attention to it and you will grow in ability and

Ignore it and all the junk in your life will stay right
where it is now.

The lesson is not that you need to be persistent.

Everyone has heard, "If at first you don't succeed - try,
try again."  We've all heard that.

But how many people follow it?

Anyone who is not wildly rich AND fabulously fit AND happy
as heck to face each and every morning AND excited by all
their challenges, etc. does not follow this basic rule of

And that includes about 99.9% of the world's population.
It's almost impossible to achieve... unless you let go of
all the junk... all self-imposed limits.

You see, without altering your thought patterns, without
having a way to empower your attitudes, without abundant
belief systems, nothing changes...

And so we are left with excuses.  Hollow false excuses
that we really truly believe.  But still just excuses.

If you stick with your dreams, push on toward your goals
and keep the faith in yourself, you will ultimately arrive
and have a good time doing it.

Hopefully, I can get Mark on the phone soon and maybe we
can all hear how he's doing and hear how he did what he's
done so far.


Mike Brescia

P.S. If you can't even imagine yourself successful in some
or many areas of life, powerful, confident, motivated,
fearless... get over to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  NOW
and learn what Accelerated Success Conditioning is.
Limits can be erased.  And it can be easy. 


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