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A letter to the depressed, anxious, afraid, panic stricken

Hello my friend:

Pain, viruses, injuries, disease, low energy, mental and
physical deterioration...

We are blessed that there are effective medications for these

Medications have and will continue to save many lives.

Without certain drugs, I know that I probably would have been
dead long ago.

It's because of the breakthroughs in surgical procedures and in
drugs that I have a quality of life at all... I am referring
specifically to my spinal fusion surgery in 2002.

Antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs can make people feel
good, too.

But in way too many cases they are handed out like candy to
people who, understandably, are distraught and filled with grief
about a current or long-standing situation in their lives.

Most of these people's brains are not broken. Most. 99%.

And these drugs can have such horrific, permanent effects on a
person's body and brain.

A new client told me recently that she was getting a divorce
and she was so terribly depressed that she couldn't function...
that she cried all the time. She said that her doctor
prescribed an antidepressant, a very powerful drug, that if
taken for a period of time might hijack her body so that she
might never be able to get off of it. Happens to people all the
time. He didn't tell her that though. She didn't take the

So I asked her if she was depressed before her husband asked
for a divorce. She said no, of course not. So I asked her if
in the space of 30 days, did she think that she suddenly
developed a 'chemical imbalance.' She said no of course not.

I said, 'So your depression is all because of how we you are
thinking of the situation?'

She said yes absolutely.

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Now she is using Freedom from Depression Now, Dissolving Panic
and Anxiety Now
, Infinite Joy Now, Real Self-Esteem Now and
Unstoppable Motivation Now, rotating them constantly.

She listens to them softly while she sleeps, while she cooks,
while she drives, while she watches TV, while she showers...

She said she hasn't felt this good since she doesn't know when.
She's still getting a divorce, and she's completely thrilled
about it.

If you are sad, if you are depressed, if you live your life
filled with fear and anxiety, if life has grabbed you by the
throat and squeezed hard, it does not mean that you need to be

What you need to do is learn how to deal with it... naturally,
so that you can become stronger... naturally.

Look at these five programs, and others at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp

They can help you get along, find your place in life and be the
best YOU that you can be...


Here's what I mean...


Hi Mike,

I can't tell you how wonderful I have found your Think Right
Now tapes to be.

I was looking for answers to depression, anxiety and panic I
had been dealing with for years. I have been on several
medications and have had expert private psychological help on a
weekly basis. That helped, but there were still some blocks I
couldn't get by... like anger, and the terrible sad feelings
that would overcome me every so many days.

As soon as I got your tapes I started listening to them during
the day while I was on the computer, and during the time I would
fall asleep at night. I used the 'Freedom from Depression' and
'Dissolving Panic and Anxiety' tapes interchangeably for the
first week.

I thought I was feeling more placid, my anger and panic didn't
seem to be so bad, but I was afraid to say anything to my
husband or my doctor in case I slid back. I continued to listen
as much as I could while doing housework, making meals, and
working on the computer. After two weeks, my husband said, 'You
seem so relaxed -what pills has the doctor changed you to?' Ha
ha! My meds had not been changed, just my attitude! I cannot
tell you in words the calmness that seemed to gradually come
over me. Things that would have bothered me terribly two weeks
prior, didn't bother me at all! I just placidly went on with
whatever I was doing.

Since then (about two weeks) I have been listening to the
Organization and Goals tapes, interspersed with the depression
and panic tapes.

I have much more energy, and have tackled things around the
house I couldn't face before. I also have your 'Think Right Now
Windows Software' program which I run when I am writing in Word
or doing spreadsheets in Excel. Its great!

These tapes have not only put new thoughts into my head, they
have removed bad thoughts from my head. I had some blocks that
were not letting me progress, and my psychologist says 'Whatever
you're doing keep it up!' because now we are forging ahead with
my therapy.

Thank you so much Mike,

J. Batzold


Love you all!

Mike Brescia

P.S. Yes, medications can be necessary. They can be
lifesaving. And they can also be completely unnecessary and
dangerous as can be.

Try natural. Try Think Right Now Accelerated Thought and
Behavior Modification Programs. They can be 'lifesaving,' too.

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