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How to get over it - whatever IT is (case study included)

Hello my friend:

Here is the success story I promised earlier today.

You want to feel smarter? Want to have total self control?
Want to be happy, living with no regrets, totally fulfilled?

Below, you'll see why I say that Think Right Now Accelerated
Behavior Modification Programs are the best... leaving
pretenders in the dust.

TRN programs are NOT created out of my experience (99% of all
'how-to' books/tapes are created out of the experience of the
author - 'Do what I do')... Think Right Now programs, though,
are created from uncovering the beliefs, attitudes and actions
of those who are the best of the best, people who feel fantastic
doing what they must do to achieve what they want to achieve in
all areas of life.

Here you go:


I fell into a hole and hit rock bottom like never before.

Toward the end of 2005 I decided to start my own home
remodeling and repair business. I did all my homework, read
books on the business end of the trade, read way too many boring
IRS articles, studied sales and marketing approaches, and then
proceeded to prospect for work so I could start with a backlog.
All was going great and work was being lined up and scheduled.
The last big step, I informed my employer, at that time, that I
would be leaving his company in the early spring of 2006. It
was working out to be a smooth transition as I hoped.

In mid May 2006, one week before my scheduled departure date, I
suffered a brutal injury from a fall that kept me from doing any
work for two full months. I lost some of the work that I had
previously scheduled, but still had enough to go for it. It
wasn't fun though, Mike. There were too many things that I
couldn't do without suffering, either during or after,
physically. I was refusing work that I wanted to do and could
do before.

My spirit and emotions were now being crushed.

The end of the summer and or into early fall I got Lyme disease
and had it long enough before diagnosis that I suffered some
side affects, arthritis in both knees and muscles that just
don't have the stamina that they used to. I can't do what I love
anymore and have invested so much time and money into doing.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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I sat at home for months, mad at the world, mad at the
circumstances, and with no desire to do anything. This made all
things worse. I was falling apart, my family was falling apart
and my wife being the only one working was not paying the bills.
I NEEDED HELP! I hit the internet for self-help and motivation.
It was not long before I found your website. It was fascinating
and intriguing, but I'm a skeptic and had little funds to
warrant spending anything. I called your office to talk to
someone about these programs and ask some questions. My heart
is broken because I can't remember the name of the person that I
talked to, but I can tell you that she was PERFECT! Open,
honest, and knowledgeable.

Later that day I was on the internet to max out another credit
card. I purchased Unstoppable Motivation, End Procrastination,
I Am Organized, I Am Healed, & a music title.

I impatiently waited for the delivery which was only a few
days. I was in bad shape and didn't know where to start when
they arrived so I mixed them up all day and all night. In less
than a week I had an urge to read, and did so with no desire to
watch the pathetic TV. Not even hockey games that I enjoy.

I kept listening and reading. My truck was in shambles, my
home office was a wreck, my basement was pathetic with tools and
stuff thrown everywhere, and my work trailer was jammed full
like a shed with wheels. In another week and a half or so I
woke up energized and ready, early at that. I splashed my face,
got dressed, and made some coffee, passed by the books that had
almost become addictive, and ventured downstairs to the office.
I must have stood in the door for 10 minutes or so, just
staring. With no thought, I did it. By late afternoon it was
entirely clean and organized. Stuff put away, thrown away,
filed, and looking great. Now I could read and listen some more.

I woke up the same way the next day. The basement took me a
few days but it was done the same way I did the office and I was
a bit sore. I recouped a couple of days, still reading and
listening to these programs that have obviously put me on fire
because these things are getting done with little or no fore

I still didn't want to go anywhere or see anybody, but guess
what? 5-6 days later my trailer was clean. Mike, you're
assisting in a miracle now.

As of just a week ago, a big decision was made, the business is
done. I am selling tools and equipment and have done so rapidly
and strategically so as to skip over the emotions. During this
process I have put together a great resume, been to four
interviews, and won them all. With the help of you and your
programs, that I will continue to use, I will move on and
succeed with one of the options that have been created. I still
have a ways to go to be the old me, but it is happening.

I really don't understand it, I crash coursed these programs,
but I've only had them for less than 2 months. I feel
comforted, relaxed and positive with what's happening. You have
obviously been blessed and are blessing others. Thank you so
much and please keep up the good work and sending those success
stories out. I read them all.

Mike, 2 of my interviews were sales related. WOW! One of them
was even to sell remodeling and construction projects, the trade
that I know. As of right now I am favoring that one depending
on how the company resolves some things that I have inquired

Thanks so much again.

Kevin Prada


M.B.: Kevin, you are operating at a very high level right now.
You are doing something that most people cannot and will never
be able to do. That is ignoring what has happened to you,
forgetting about it, letting it go, rising above it all. Until
you got those programs, it's clear that you felt devastated,
angry and frustrated unable to make decisions and take actions.

I am so thrilled and proud to have been an integral part of
your recovery and success. What you have set in motion will
have a positive impact on you, your family and probably hundreds
of people that you will meet and positively influence over the
course of your life. Thank you. Letters like yours give me even
more belief and determination to help more and more people.
Thank you so much.


Massive, gigantic changes in your emotions, attitudes and
actions can take place rapidly...

All you have to do is begin and stick with it.

Love you all!

Mike Brescia

P.S. Any and all changes that you want to have in your life
come down to changing your thoughts... that change your
emotions... which change your actions. No change in your
thoughts means no changes in your actions. No changes in your
actions means everything stays the same as it is now. All
changes start and end with you... no one else. If you do not
believe this, you will have a life filled with misery. No ifs
ands or buts. If you believe it, at least you are facing in the
right direction. YOU have a chance to be what you want to be.

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