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You asked for it, you got it

Hello my friend:

Over the last three to six months more and more people than
requesting more and more case studies and success stories from
people who've used Think Right Now programs to help them change
their automatic unconscious thought processes, beliefs,
attitudes and actions.

That corroborates with a report that I read recently about what
people are looking for online... more and more, people want to
know what other people are doing so they can learn what they
want to learn and do what they wanted you in the shortest amount
of time possible.

In the case of think Right Now Programs,
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com many people need to know that
they are not alone... that there are other people who experience
very similar problems and challenges, and want to find out if
Think Right Now programs can truly help.

So more and more, we will be sharing the thousands of stories
that come in to us from people all over the world about how they
used the programs and the remarkable changes they experienced as
a result.

The only thing that is ever altered in any of these stories is
grammar and spelling, especially in the cases where the person's
first language is not English.  Oh yeah, one other thing...  We
take out or alter words that would not make it through spam

So without further ado...


Hello Mike & everyone,
I'm writing to tell you about my success with using your
'Eating for Excellent Health Now' CD My over-eating was causing
me lots of grief emotionally as I would feel terrible about myself
and physically as I was slowly depleting my health.  I would
binge primarily as a result of monthly hormonal fluctuations and imbalances--a vicious circle as the overeating, and consumption
of sugar, caused more imbalances in my system.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.
I began listening to your 'Eating for Excellent Health Now' CD
the beginning of November.  It is now almost March and I do
believe I can say it has worked, and I'm amazed and pleased!!
I listened to the CD twice a day the first week or two, then a
minimum of once a day (at night) after that.  Now I listen only
overnight (I got a continuous play CD player just for this
purpose!) as I have begun another program in my car for the
Almost immediately (in a day or two) I felt a noticeable calm,
as others have reported.  Even when I did binge early on, it
actually didn't bother me!!!  I noticed it, but didn't have huge
negative emotions.  The binges got fewer and fewer, I started
cooking for myself (hadn't done that in *years*), and buying
more fresh and organic, regardless of the price, which had been
my excuse not to buy these things before.  I always had felt I
didn't have the time or money to eat right, and my cravings
would usually push me to grab the easiest thing to eat, which
was almost always high carb, pre-packaged junk.
After 3 months, I could honestly say I was eating healthier,
without it being a strain on my time or budget.  It felt very
natural!  Do I still eat sugar or overeat?  I have, but smaller
portions, it's getting rarer and rarer AND, emotionally it's
like no big deal.  I almost neutrally observe my behavior, and
just don't do it again!  Plus it's just not that fun anymore.
That's an amazing change in my thinking, as I was so heavily
emotionally (and negatively) invested in 1) planning to eat 2)
overeating 3) stressing that I had done it.
Thank you, this program works!

Susan Marino, IL


Mike: I love stories like this because they show that little by
little, with repetition and conditioning of a brand-new thoughts
and beliefs and attitudes, you can not only come to believe
something new, but those new beliefs and attitudes can and do
affect your decisions and actions without increasing anxiety in
the long run.

Most people, because they can't conceive of the possibility of
feeling differently about something that they currently feel
strongly about, assume that it can't happen.  But everyone has
experiences where you felt one way about something, but with new
information, you came to believe something else and your
decisions changed as a result.

Onward.  This is fun.


Dear Mike,

First let me say this: You know you have an addiction when even
the thought of death because of it doesn't stop you from your
addiction.  That's how food is for me.

All my life, I have had this obsession with food.  What's worse,
I can't find a specific time in my life where I can point and
say, 'There, that's where my food obsession started.'  I've
stolen money for food.  I've stolen food.  I think about food all
the time.

I am considered obese, and I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,
of which one of the symptoms/causes is elevated insulin.  That,
of course, will lead to having type 2 diabetes if I don't get it
under control.
I have tons of books on my shelf about eating.  'I eat because I
was abused.  I eat because I'm lonely.  I eat because I didn't
get enough hugs.'  All those books gave me great insights into my
eating, but it didn't stop me from overeating.

Enter 'Eating For Excellent Health.'
I just saw my doctor, and because of your tape, I have lost 11
pounds!  But more important, I don't have that desire to eat
everything I see.  I don't think about food at all, and in fact,
sometimes I have to remind myself to eat so my blood sugar
doesn't go too low.  For the first time, I know what it means to
feel my stomach rumble from hunger.  And what's really weird,
even when my stomach is empty I have to force myself to eat,
because it's just not on my mind!

I've been listening to the CD for about a month.
One day I was standing in the kitchen, and my mom said, 'Wow,
you really lost quite a bit.  And this is just from listening
to that CD?'  I told her, 'Yes.'  So I have a feeling she will by
buying from you, too!
I also listened to 'Financial Abundance Now' and I am now
investing at least $50 of my monthly income in a
tax-deferred retirement plan.  I have also subscribed to a
financial magazine I read as soon as I get it.  And the
incredible thing is, I don't really have to 'work' at doing
this.  It just comes naturally, as if I was born to do it all
I can foresee, in the very near future, of having all your CDs.
So, over the New Year's holiday, I went out and bought a 5-CD
Changer so I can put many of your CDs on and play them all
through the night.
You are doing so much good work.  You are changing people's
lives.  I know, because you've changed mine.

Thank you so much,
Valerie Schaeffer


Mike:  This is what true behavior modification is all about...
it's not forcing someone to change their behavior against their
will.  It's about changing all of your unconscious automatic
'unthinking' habits, the ones that you just automatically do
without even having to think about it.

Well that's all for today.


I love you all,

Mike Brescia

P.S. If you are tired of trying to force yourself to do things
that you don't want to do, and forcing yourself to not do things
that you do want to do, make the leap.  Do it NOW. 
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com 


If you send us a detailed success story/case study about any of
our Think Right Now! or Instant Inner Power audio programs, you
can choose any Think Right Now! or Instant Inner Power audio
program of your choice. Just send an email with your story and
you get an audio of your choice - simple.  You only pick up the
tiny shipping & handling.  As soon as we get your story, we'll
send you your choice of program immediately, if not sooner.

To be clear about this, 'I love your programs, they've helped
me a lot.' doesn't count.

To receive your audio program, send us:
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We now do this in order to pass on 'best practices' to other
people who own the same programs.  If you'd like to include a
picture (optional), just send it along with your email.

Just send your story to support(at)thinkrightnow.com  and give us
your choice of Think Right Now audio program.  We'll then
take care of arranging to have it shipped to you.


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