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Win Friends & Influence People Now! Success Stories

Dear Mike,

An interesting change is taking place in my life. For years I have been afraid of people for good reason. This state of fear prevented me from feeling comfortable in myself and in the company of others. Being hard on myself I fell into a self critical cycle that exacerbated the problem.

I listen to your "Make Friends" cd at least once a night as I fall asleep. Beginning a few weeks ago I noticed a change in my comfort level both in myself and with people in my life. This is quite an improvement. I have been very concerned that my past discomfort limited my networking ability to find work, and also my daughter's social life. This week she received two party invitations, and I have received and accepted invitations to events at which I enjoyed myself instead of just feeling anxious.

Thank you, Eve, MA

Hey There,

My name is Michael Murah and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your Audio Program 'Win Friends and Influence People Now'. I lost my job recently and I must say that it has been a traumatic experience. There was a period of shock followed by a lot of self doubt, anxiety and frustration over my predicament.

I received your programs and listened to them every so often at first. I was admittedly skeptical but I did notice I felt better and able to find something solid in my life. Over the past few weeks I have been listening to the Program several times daily. The programs helped to get me out of the powerless state of mind which had me in a choke hold. Gradually, I have been able to channel those energies I wasted on depression and negativity towards the task of solving the problems that lay before me. I have always thought of myself as a resourceful person but it seemed that in the period before I started using your Program all my facilities had abandoned me. The Audio Program helped me to find that which I had lost.

My wife has commented that she "sees the light back in my eyes which she was beginning to think was lost forever". I have finally begun to get perspective on the self-sabotaging behaviors I have had since early childhood. I look back into my past now and see where opportunity was screaming at me while I saw only hopelessness. Let me tell you, coming to the realization that I have been my own worst enemy for a long time is both deeply disturbing and empowering. I have come to see success in life as getting the tools we need to live healthy and productive lives. Thanks to your program I feel that I finally have something to place in my toolbox.

Mike, Thanks for all you do,
Mike Murah, GA



Good Afternoon,

I have been pondering taking the time out to let you know how effective your products have been to me. However, I'm challenged to consider whether the ways that your products have helped me are similar to others that you've heard from.

The first series that I purchased was Accelerated Sales Success. This broke a shell within me due to the fact that it partly targeted rejection, which is something that has been paramount in my life since childhood. After rehearsing these programs into my mind over a time period of 1-2 months, I found myself being humored by a blind-date not turning out in my favor.

I began to revisit a possibility that I've been pondering over for a few years now: that my problems are very rooted and embedded, and that I needed to tackle them head-on in order to move forward. I needed to truly know where I stand with the issues that your products addressed, and confront them. I needed to acknowledge the things that were really "killing me" emotionally, so that I'd be able to release them and move forward.

At that point, I went back into the Think Right Now catalog and picked out 3 more items: Unstoppable Motivation, Setting & Achieving Goals, and Win Friends & Influence People. I started off with Unstoppable Motivation and Setting & Achieving Goals. When I began to listen to these programs they gave me targeted ideas of where my problems were.

That was just the tip of the iceberg.

I then went home and went to bed listening to Win Friends & Influence People. I mean this in a positive way: That program immediately made me very uncomfortable, upset, and disturbed. At first, all I heard was 'some lady speaking to me about a bunch of things that couldn't be farther from the truth.' Being that I already knew that true problems are dealt with when these programs make you uncomfortable, I knew that THIS right here was where I needed the most help.

I personally felt that I'd be able to better-improve myself if I used this series as a template to find out how I truly felt about several things in my life. I went back into my E-Mail and pulled up the transcript for this program. I then pasted that transcript into a Word document and created spaces in between each line. What I did at that point was simply type the first thing that came to mind when I read each sentence.

A total of 172 questions later, I was finished. I reviewed it a few times to reflect. This was my head - raw and unedited. I discovered that I was very angry; not at anyone in particular, but at people in general. I knew why, too. I was the nerd in school. I was the bullied kid amongst the football players. Throughout my adulthood, career, and even in my interactions with people throughout the entirety of my personal life, the people that I have befriended have been great people with great upbringings with excellent people skills; yet directly in relation to me, they've been a strong source of deep disappointment.

If someone were to stop me and ask me "Juliano, how do you feel about people?" I'd literally have nothing very good to say at all. Let me explain.

One of my problems is that I think too much. And sometimes I like to talk about my thoughts. The problem in that is, amidst everyone that I know on a level personal enough to discuss these things with, none of those people know how to truly relate to what I'm going through. This is because none of them have experienced what I have experienced. In numerous cases, my claims have been undermined, and I've been accused of over-reacting. I was simply told to relax. And because of this, I've pushed most of the people I've met - away.

From that, what ultimately happened is that I stopped discussing things with people, and all of these deep issues dropped roots and festered within me for such a long period of time (10+ years), that it adapted its way into my day-to-day way of life, and I soon forgot that it was even there. Another thing came to mind about how I could use your products to really tackle my buried issues.

One thing that my Monsignor said while I was growing up is that "Open confession is good for the soul." So, I decided to test that out as well. I went into my Outlook and I pulled up a total of 20 people that I know - whether we were close or not. I simply put the Word document as an attachment with a quick introduction, and sent it out. I then realized that I didn't care whether or not they read the whole thing, either. I just needed a way to get all of this "raw data" off my chest.

After I sent that E-Mail, I got into my car and proceeded to head out and get something to eat. I was driving away from my house and heading to the front gate of my housing community, and literally for the first time in my life - I experienced that proverbial "weight lifting off of my shoulders." I never knew what that felt like until that day.

Since then, I have been confronted by the same social scenarios. But none of these things affect my stress levels anymore. I still have the same job-related stress, especially since I'm now preparing for my layoff on April 25th. And my patience levels were strongly tested by a lady in the checkout line at Wal-Mart the other day. It didn't affect me in the least.

Numerous times people have tried to give me advice by saying things such as, "Don't let people get to you," or "You have to learn to let things roll off your back." I've never known how to do any of those things in any point in my life. Those sentences never made logical (or even grammatical) sense to me, until now. I've learned that the act of 'not letting something get to you,' or 'letting something roll off your back' is something that happens naturally. There's no real 'procedure' to it. And you can't do it while carrying unresolved issues. Unresolved issues create emotional 'clutter.' And being that I've had so much emotional clutter within me that has accumulated over the years, the new offenses have had nowhere to 'roll to,' except to roll 'on top' of all of the other baggage that I had been carrying.

It is something new and exciting that I have to now become accustomed to: being put through things that normally create stress and emotional anguish for me - that now do not create anything for me at all. It just goes to show how not only do your products themselves work; but in my case, your products have acted as a template for me to be able to confront, acknowledge, and tackle the true roots of the evils of my emotions of which I would not have otherwise been able to identify myself. It took an added dosage of "acknowledgment," and "open confession."

As I move forward, I've given myself a task of putting myself through the same "assessment" with Setting & Achieving Goals, and Unstoppable Motivation. I'll then move back to Accelerated Sales Success, because I'm now glad to learn that my problems blocking my sales success aren't related to the sales profession itself; instead, they're related to my issues with people… people that I need for success in sales.



Order Win Friends & Influence People Now!

I own "I Love Exercising Now!"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now!"; "Real Self-Esteem Now!"; "Supreme Confidence Now!"; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!"; "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!"; "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"; "Instant Diet Power"; "Instant Workout Power"; "Win Friends & Influence People Now!" and Think Right Now! for Windows. I listen to one of the programs every night. I have "Supreme Confidence Now!" and "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" in my car and Think Right Now! for Windows at work on the computer with the info from all of the above on it.

Where do I begin??? Looking at the list above you'd think I was a mess to start with, but I think it was curiosity that sold me on the first program. I knew from education and my own studies the power of affirmations and repetition. I would wake up in the morning feeling different. My life got better and better. I kept buying more programs. But how was it better? Well, I found myself answering people with lines from different programs or, more importantly, talking to myself with lines I had heard.

I can do anything I put my mind to.
I'm worthy of praise and rewards.
If I can dream it, I can do it.

And I started to believe it. So I tried new things and little by little I found myself getting excited about getting up the next day. I was happy all the time. People would comment about how "together" I was. When my son's girlfriend was having some problems she said she wanted to be more like me so I had you send her "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" Anyways it is hard to be specific because it seems to come so easy. I smile more. I look at situations and know I can make a positive impact. I've lost weight. I joined a gym and a wonderful yoga class.

I am happy with my life and I don't know what more any program could do. When I tell people how I listen every night, they seem skeptical. But people were skeptical of the telephone and television too at one time!

Linda Czerkies, NY


Hello Mike and Others,

I wanted to provide you with an "unusual" and wonderful experience I have had as a result of using your programs.

As a result of experiencing a severe mental/emotional disturbance about 10 years ago I have been seriously undertaking self help processes in an attempt to bring myself back to "life." Help for mental illness is virtually non existent in Australia unless you are filthy rich and can afford the $100 to $200 per hour charged by psychologists and higher for psychiatrists. My experience is that mental illness usually coincides with a bout of financial drought at the same time. Funny about that! I had been very successful in business until this episode occurred. The money disappeared very quickly after that.

I eventually came to understand that my thoughts were creating my life and therefore were creating my problem. Unfortunately, mental illness creates (or is caused by) a constant barrage of very negative, self critical, non conscious thoughts 24/7. No matter what I tried to do - meditation, chanting, visualizing, writing goals, subliminal training, hypnosis, etc, etc, etc - nothing could stop these thoughts constantly pounding my brain with their negative message.

Happily, I recently found your web site and everything has now changed for the better. I started with "Setting & Achieving Goals Now." Then I went to "Supreme Confidence" & "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety, Now." I used these programs for 1 or 2 months each and now I use them all together in "mix and match" mode throughout the day (I have a lot of free time) and cycle them one at a time each night. I am definitely feeling much better and I have been able to get myself back into "active" mode by teaching computer skills courses for seniors as a volunteer. I have also successfully commenced an investment program that I can run over the internet. The "Inner Critic" has been reduced to a dull roar and I can now consciously intervene when it gets too tough or won't shut up. I have found that in stressful situations, which I had to walk away from before, I now have a calmer voice to call on and I feel a lot more balanced and less inclined to have a brain storm of going over and over the conversations and all the possible variants in my head. In the past, these episodes could last for 3 days without a letup. This is good, but read on for the big leap forward!

About 4 week's ago I ordered and received "Win Friends & Influence People, Now." Within 2 weeks, my "old" girlfriend (in both senses of the word "old" as I am 65 and she is 55.) has come rocking back into my life. This happened after a break of more than 12 months and I thought our relationship was well and truly over for good. We are now deep in the process of enjoying the most loving and perfect relationship you could ever imagine. It is pure bliss.

The point I would want to make: Major changes can occur in unexpected ways and sometimes in an area of life that we may not immediately be looking at improving. I started my journey to improve the quality of my life in material as well as emotional terms. Although the material side is improving more slowly - a work in progress - the emotional side of my life has taken this great and wonderful leap forward. I accept this aspect as an indication of major success as a result of using your material. There is not a doubt in mind (and there was until this wonderful outcome) that the other things that I am working on to further improve my life are definitely "happening" albeit more slowly than my "critic" would want.

To those who are also dealing with the demons of an incessant Inner Critic I would say, "Keep pushing the 'play' button just like Mike says. It may take time, sometimes years, but it really works."

I have a carousal cd player and I play all my cds mentioned above for all of the day that I am home as well as playing one only during the night.

Thank you Mike and best wishes.
Stuart, Australia

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