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Success Stories

Dear Mike,

What lead me to the point of trying to find a system to improve my life was that I had literally lost everything that mattered to me due to my low self esteem and it wasn't the first time. I had met the man of my dreams but he was eventually turned off because he discovered I was a pessimistic doormat who hated herself and was chronically mentally self-abusive. I lost my dream job, my lovely penthouse overlooking the ocean and was rapidly running through my savings. Finally, in a dark moment of desperation, I showed up on my best friend's doorstep, broken inside and out.

To stabilize my moods, I had to go on heavy anti-depressants because I had become clinically depressed. My former lover actually told me when he broke up with me I was the single most damaged person he had ever cared about and that he had never met someone so addicted to vicious self-perpetuated mental destruction. When he looked into my eyes and told me I didn't deserve the torture I put myself through and that I should get some help, it was like a knife plunging into my heart! That hurt to hear, much less to imagine it was something someone I loved saw in me.

Having come from an abusive childhood, it was very hard to see myself as a person of value. At 35 years old with a graduate degree, a successful career as a commercial artist, and with numerous other talents, I still cringed every time I looked in the mirror. I had tried in the past to address my complete lack of self-esteem & self-confidence but nothing seemed to work. I saw an unattractive, fat, stupid, timid woman whose only tenuous chance for happiness lay in clinging to a man who could fill the void I felt in my soul.

Because the wounds I had carried my entire life had turned me into a person with a negative outlook on life, I drew tragedy to me like a magnet. I thought about the worst and the worst would occur on cue. I knew something had to change or I would die unhappy, alone and caught up in some dreadful crisis. I realized I had to learn to like myself or I would never be able to achieve my goals. That's what led me to investigating self confidence, happiness & self esteem on the Internet. It was a lucky day when I found Think Right Now!

I had already read scores of books on the topic which although helpful did not curb my daily routine of mental abuse. I had been a member of your email newsletter for about a month, but because my new job didn't start until next month I was very low on cash. So in a bold move of generosity, my dear friend bought me the three programs I most wanted (Real Self Esteem Now, Supreme Confidence Now and Infinite Joy Now) as an early Christmas present. Needless to say I was thrilled!

I awoke the first morning after listening to your "Real Self Esteem Now" program, feeling better than I had in months. It was as if a weight had been lifted from my mind and my soul's hemorrhaging has slowed if not stopped. I felt energetic and motivated, actually almost giddy. I was able to get all my Christmas shopping & present wrapping done which I had dreading because I couldn't afford to spend lavishly as I normally do. Despite my fiscal limitations, I actually enjoyed Christmas shopping more than I ever had. I sang carols in the mall and smiled at strangers - something I never ever do. I felt positively luminous!

Over the next several days, I rotated my programs and began to truly see amazing changes in myself. I felt like a new person and it felt so natural and wonderful that it was almost hard to see the connection between how I felt & how dedicated I was to playing the programs. Then something amazing happened! The man who took the time to tell me to change my life before it was too late came back telling me he missed me terribly and that he hoped we could start a new business together (we belong to the same industry) and are close friends.

Although I didn't have the money to start the venture, out of the blue my brother asked if I wouldn't like to pursue my own business rather than taking the job I was waiting to start. He then offered to loan me the needed start up capital! Changes started happening
minute by minute. New opportunities presented themselves and I felt like a kid in a candy store. The abundance was almost embarrassing. I started hearing from old friends who told me I was someone they always admired for my sweetness & kindness. Lots of men began to ask me out on dates. I was offered a flood of new jobs, when originally I had only one single offer of employment. And best of all, the man who helped me to see I needed to change my life through his tough love, asked if he could spend Christmas with me!

I feel like I have a brand new life and it's a life filled with opportunity instead of darkness. I feel like things will go my way instead of worrying what unwanted event I will have to "survive" next. I can't tell you how I am looking forward to the future. I
can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks Mike for all that you do. You saved my life.

Nikole Johnson, NY



I am an artist. One day I was talking with another artist about how I
wanted to paint these glorious colourful paintings but I couldn't seem to find the motivation to do so. She looked at me and said "you have to be happy in order to paint that type of painting". That shocked me. This total stranger could tell that I was unhappy just by looking at me. Not only that, but my inability to paint and create was at least partially due to my unhappiness.

I immediately went on-line looking for information on how to be happy and I found your site. Not only did you have a program to help me but it was "on sale". I immediately ordered Infinite Joy Now.

When I first received the Infinite Joy Now CD I listened to it 3 - 4 times a day. I also listened to it while I "watched" the music on my Windows Media player. It has this visual theme called "Ambience: Anon" that looks like you are going through a tunnel in time to the words. I found, that since I am an artist, the visual connection really had impact for me.

I noticed a major difference in my behaviour within two days. Prior to
getting the CD I was irritable, short-tempered and had anger problems.
After listening to the CD for 2 days I noticed that I had much more patience and I wasn't snapping at everyone anymore. I went from being irritable and angry most of the day to having maybe one or two angry moments a day.

The best part though was my desire to paint came back. I am currently working on two paintings and I have researched at least 4 others. That is the best gift of all.

I continue to listen to the CD at least twice a day. Usually in the
afternoon and when I go to bed. My husband must have noticed the change in me because he asked if he could listen to it as well.

Brenda Scott


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I use the program "Infinite Joy Now" regularly now for four weeks when I wake up at 5:30 am and in the middle of the night if I have trouble sleeping and also most nights when I am working on my computer.

I have noticed a sense of more joy, happiness, energy and enthusiasm. A willingness to stay on at work and prepare for the next day and actually enjoy the process. I teach at a secondary school in Christchurch NZ and some of the students are very difficult. I am more able to focus on what I like about the job rather than what I don't like.

Best of all, the greater alignment I have with my inner being has meant that I have attracted the possibility of a great new job in the far north of NZ with the school right on a beautiful beach.

Grant Richards



I purchased your "Infinite Joy Now" program two months ago. I found myself extremely unhappy about going back to work after maternity leave. I had my second baby and I never expected the emotions I would go through once again when it came time to return to work. After three months off, you can imagine the attachment you form with a child this tiny and to hand he over for someone else to "rise" is the hardest thing a mother could ever do. He also is a breastfed baby so it made it even harder on both of us and his separation anxiety he was going through made me very upset. With guilt, I dropped a
day at work to be with my baby more. I felt really torn to walk away from my job for an extra day and become part time when we have financial responsibilities, so you can imagine with the post-partum setting in and all my emotions I was exhausted at the end of the day and sleeping early every night.

I bought your "Infinite Joy Now" program and after a few months of listening every night, I find myself happy where I am at. I get to be home most of the time with my baby and still work part time and I know I am where I need to be for the time. I still am listening and plan on purchasing more of your programs.

I was very skeptical, especially not having much time to even listen to the cds. However, I am now very pleased. Thank you for helping me see things from a different view.

Cheryl, MI


Dear Mike,

I have been a faithful user of your programs since 2002. I sent you my original story which is shown on the front page of your home page. I listened to "Eating for Excellent Health Now!" so much I wore it out. I have every single program you have.

When I am feeling down, I listen to "Infinite Joy Now!" When I need motivation, "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" I listen at night and CANNOT go to sleep without listening to a program. I was having some infection problems and listened to "I Am Healed Now!" and that alone sets me on the road to recovery.

I have lost weight; I have more abundance, gratitude, joy, money and peace since listening to your programs. I have referred people to your programs and they too have found success.

I am thoroughly convinced that working from the inside out approach is the way to success in life for any issue anyone may be dealing with. We start with number one and then push it into reality. Your programs are the instruments that till the fallow ground and make it ready to receive the good seed that produces good fruit in lives.

There are a lot of programs out there right now, but thinkrightnow.com is the way to work on those core beliefs that are not serving you. It gives you the material to challenge those negative aspects of ourselves and produce the positive thought patterns that will help all of us become the creative force of our own lives.

All the best,

Candice J. Kirts, SD

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