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Unstoppable Motivation Now! Success Stories

Dear Mike,

The Unstoppable Motivation program is amazing! I am currently in my last semester of law school. As you probably imagine, this can be a pretty stressful time in and of itself, but I was letting life get me down. Over the last three months, I began to feel overwhelmed. I was going through a breakup of a long distance relationship, and I felt
like I had more work than would ever be possible to finish in time for my final exams. I felt like I was drowning in grief over the loss of the person I loved and a huge workload. What was worse was that I thought so much about this girl that it was impossible to do ANY work, let alone the pretty big amount that I was committed to. Or so I thought.

I was checking my e-mail one day and I saw your web page advertised as a banner. I looked it over - some of the claims seemed pretty outrageous... but I decided that I could risk the discounted price for Unstoppable Motivation. I decided to get overnight shipping. When the program arrived I was so happy that I immediately put on some headphones and pressed play! That was six days ago. Since then I have listened to the program at least once every day before going to sleep and sometimes twice or three times.

In the six days since last Friday A LOT has happened. Believe it or not, I am caught up on my school work! I am feeling great in class every day. A smile is almost permanently glued to my face, and the world is full of opportunity and FUN - compare that to seven days ago when I was worried that I might actually cry in class because of my lost love! Oh, and on the subject of my lost love, I love her - unconditionally - and whether or not she ever appears in my life again that is just perfectly fine! Every time I start to feel that pain, I just radiate unconditional love to her. And the pain just vanishes and is replaced with the most incredible warm feeling. My friends are reappearing in my life - I guess they had been getting pretty sick of my SOB story ... and I am having so much fun that I can't believe it. Studying is fun, school is fun, work is fun, exercise is fun, and hanging out with my friends is fun. I have been getting up early to read and study, and going to bed on time. I feel great, Mike, AND IT HAS ONLY BEEN SIX DAYS!!!!!!

Erik Olsen , WI

Hi Mike,

Unstoppable Motivation really works!

My name is Leslie G; I have been using the "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" program for only a week now. I first received the affirmations and began reading them over the Thanksgiving Holiday, then when the program arrived I took a rest on Saturday afternoon and tried listening, and then again before bed. I listen every night and try to listen either in the morning, as I get ready for the day, or at a nap time or in the car. So I get twice a day in.

I am currently separated from my husband, for the last month, who is addicted to rage. I had been on an emotional roller coaster as you can imagine. Some days I don't even want to get out of bed. I have four boys and have not worked full time in the last 13 years (only part-time), so I am of course concerned how to support myself and my kids. My youngest son is 10, and is not taking the fighting and separation well at all, and is in counseling. My 13 year old sleeps most of the day, just depressed. I have been getting the newsletter for a few months now and liked the idea of Unstoppable Motivation, because I get ideas and then get depressed and shut down. I ordered Unstoppable Motivation to help me overcome the de-motivation of the emotional aspects of my life right now.

Since listening only for a week, I have come up with several ideas to use my talents to help others and to give me a new income, teaching Ladies Self Defense. Also, I have begun writing a book that was just a little speck of an idea and is already gaining momentum. I already have most of the first chapter written. Also, I am so enthusiastic about these ideas; people are coming out of the woodwork to help me get into the local colleges to teach this course.

My son, who is having much difficulty sometimes, sleeps in my room with me. I said he could, but he would have to listen to the program too. I asked in the morning if it bothered him and he said, "No mom, in fact, I think it helps me!"

I have a much more even emotional temperament now, even when my husband is around and begins his angry tirades, I am able to just walk away, and not let it get me down. Before I would go to bed and not want to get out again. Even during the day, I find myself re-thinking an automatic thought, and replacing it with one from the program.

One reason the program is working so fast for me is that basically everything on it is true to my core values, the negative influences in my life are not true to my values, yet get a foothold in my conscience due to outside circumstances. This program refocuses my mind on my core values. Anyone who can read the affirmations and realize the truth of them to their core values will have rapid success with this program.

Thanks for a great product.
Leslie G, CA



Hi Mike,

Just a quick email to say a big THANK YOU for helping me get some fun back in my life. Over the past few years I have let my work encompass my life as it was the "safe" thing to do. My mode of thinking was that there was no time to get involved in a relationship that may go wrong if I am too busy with work. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until a client once asked me what my hobbies were. I couldn't think of anything I did that didn't involve work (apart from grocery shopping which really doesn't count does it?)

At that point I knew it was time to do something. I was sitting at my computer thinking "where do I start" when I saw an email from you. I had been getting your emails for a little while and had not really been putting much effort into reading them so I decided that would the start off doing something that wasn't work related. I would spend a few minutes reading your updates and stories. And what a great decision THAT was!

After a week of reading back on your emails I thought "I can do this too" and sent away for your "Unstoppable Motivation Now" program and have been listening to it at night as I go to sleep. It has only been a few weeks since I started this and all I can say now is that I feel great! I have begun a life outside work (which I must say I am enjoying immensely.) My productivity at work has increased - I am not working harder I am just working smarter now! My mind is clearer and I am definitely more focused and productive.

Best of all though I am having fun for the first time in ages and I am not held back by fears of being hurt or failing! I understand that the failures are a learning experience and I can use them rather than have them defeat me. I feel like a kid in a candy shop with so many opportunities open to me now. Things I could have done before but just never did.

Thank you so much! I was speaking to my Mum on the phone over the weekend and she asked me what had changed because I sounded so happy and had something other than work to talk about. I finally feel like I am LIVING my life instead of surviving it.

I wish you and your family and friends a fabulously Merry Christmas and a fun filled year ahead!

Love and hugs!
A very grateful Tracey, MO

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Hi Mike,

It is a pleasure to inform you of my success with the Unstoppable Motivation Now audio program. I have played the program just about every night while drifting off to sleep for approximately a month now and I am quite surprised by the very notable change in my thinking that has taken place.

I have always been productive at work but I had frequently been frustrated by a lack of motivation to get projects done at home. After the first few nights of listening to the program I noted an immediate feeling of increased energy and focus towards getting more things done...this intensified more after a few weeks. I've been working on projects until they are done instead of just beginning them and then dropping them soon thereafter. Now I can hardly wait for spring to get going on my outdoor projects.

I was skeptical that my change in thinking would be so dramatic. At first glace, your website seemed to me to promise more than could possibly be delivered by your products. Well, I admit, I was wrong. Affirmations work and their use in your product work very, very well. My motivation level was increased immediately and I perceive that it continues to do so. Whatever was holding me back is fading away fast.

Going forward, I plan to get an I Pod and load the program onto it and listen while I am working out. Also, it looks like I'll be participating in my first triathlon much sooner then expected. I'm more motivated to prepare for one and I'm getting my other projects done so I have more time to exercise.

Mike, thanks for developing an excellent product that truly delivers much more value than its price. I have had the opportunity to attend some excellent seminars taught by some of the "greats" that discussed motivation. Seminars are interesting and often end with attendees feeling empowered...but the power fades with time. Continuing to listen to your CD results in a feeling of empowerment that
continues to grow.

Good luck to you and thanks again.
James M, St. Louis



Hi Mike and co-workers,

I have to tell you this as it is so sad but joyful at the same time, and it relates to your program "Unstoppable Motivation". I purchased the program a little while ago, as I wanted most of the audio's that you had on offer but I thought that this general one would be a great place to start.

Since purchasing it, my brother contacted me out of the blue and let me know that he has inoperable cancer of the throat. I had been experiencing some changes in my thought processes as a result of listening to your CD regularly and my brother needed something to lift him, as a death sentence of three to six months does not make one happy.

I started playing the CD in the background on our visits and at first my brother did not have any reactions, however after about three visits, he commented that he felt much more calm and relaxed after our visits and as he knew why I was listening to messages, he did not bother about them being on in the background.

Later on, he and I started to record the messages that are at the bottom of the daily chapters. I selfishly wanted to hear his voice and he thought that he could use a project to keep himself busy that he would pick up and put down as he had the energy. I later found out that he was listening to these tapes each night whilst he slept. I have given him copies of the ones that I recorded and I have copies of the ones he recorded. In the last month I have seen a remarkable breakthrough in his manner and acceptance of his terrible disease.

He is no longer angry about the unfairness of life, which you might say is a general acceptance of the inevitable, and would have happened anyway. However there is more to it than that. He is almost the cherubic boy I grew up with. Not the angry young man who rebelled against the world. His paranoia, which he suffered from for over twenty years, seems to have abated and he sees the good in people that he never saw before. Together, we are looking at getting his affairs in order and this task which should be such a sad
one, is allowing us to explore the depths of our family's relationships and for my brother to forgive, where once he would have walked a thousand miles before doing any such thing.

I am also far more calm, accepting and tolerant of everyone. I have made huge inroads to organizing my life better and being a happier healthier person. I recently had a minor car accident and instead of being anxious at the roadside in 35 degree Celsius heat, I sat in the car with the air conditioning on listening to my CD and not worrying.

I also lost a small amount of money - less than $20.00 and usually this would have had me frantic with worry (I am a bit obsessive / compulsive in some areas) and this time I said, the money is such a small amount, I don't need to expend the energy searching and worrying.

My diet is healthier and I have written an exercise program and stuck it to the fridge, to assist me in getting fitter. These are things that I always talked about but never did. All of this seems to be baby steps, but we all know that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

I will keep up the motivation for me and assist my brother in any way I can, as I know that his peace of mind can assist us all at this time.

Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Jones, Queensland -Australia

Hi Mike!

I am very excited to report my improvements since listening to "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" I have been getting your newsletters for over a year and found them very helpful. You sent an e-mail talking about the program and it really motivated me to purchase it! Kudos to your writing skills!

I have been with a direct marketing company for 9 years. It truly is the career I want to have. I've had grand dreams of making it big for most of this time. I've planed on building my own unit and motivating others to succeed and being able to achieve more personal freedom. I have gone up and down with sales and not been very consistent. To be honest, I didn't really feel as though I could or deserved to achieve what I wanted. The first phrase on the CD really hit home! It says I do deserve the best life has to offer. You know what??!! I really do!!

I've been using "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" since November. I listen to the program while I am at my day job. So many of the phrases pop into my head during the day! There are times I don't feel like going home after working my day job and contacting my clients or doing something I know I should. There is a phrase on the CD that covers this too. So now, if I even think of procrastinating, I hear this little phrase in my head. The company I am working my way up in sets challenges for us to help us move up in our business. One challenge has been offered many times and I have never completed it. I've gotten excited and made a halfhearted attempt but never came close. We had to get 10 new appointments by a certain time. I DID IT!! (And with 1 extra!) The most exciting thing is, I didn't freak out and stop once I accomplished it! I've kept going.

I had been listening to 'Unstoppable Motivation Now' for a few days during the week. I felt a difference right away at home too. I accomplished so many things I'd wanted to do. Usually I make this huge list to accomplish on the weekends, get overwhelmed and don't bother to do even half of it! It felt great to get everything done. I didn't have to try to catch up during the week.

There is also a phrase on the CD speaking about making any job bearable. It makes me laugh - it's almost as if you knew my day job is wearing me down! That little phrase helps remind me I am a positive person. After all, I don't have to be in this spot forever!

The phrases in this program have made such a difference. I feel different. I work harder and don't have to push myself so hard to do what I know I should. Getting out of my day job should be enough of a motivator but I was really feeling stuck in a rut! I was starting to think about my age and being stuck in a job I'm not appreciated at for the rest of my life! It really was wearing me down. Thanks for helping me get out of my rut! I don't know that I've really conveyed how MUCH this program has helped me. It has made such a difference in the way I think. It really is a mindset-and such an easy way to get rid of problem areas! I am so happy I got it!

Carrie Brettingen - Onalaska, WI

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Hello Mike,

I began using the "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" program 6 weeks ago. To say that I'm satisfied with the purchase would be an understatement. I was a little skeptical before making the purchase and even more skeptical after I received it and listened to it the first couple of times. But things started to change quickly. Stressful situations started being easier to deal with. My desk stayed clean because the To Do list was getting done. My confidence level and belief in my ability to succeed has risen as well. The key for me has been the constant listening. I go to bed with this CD every night. It burns the right beliefs into my brain until it becomes second nature. I think this product would benefit anyone. Highly recommended!

Greg Mitchell, TX

Hi Mike,

I recently ordered your "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" I listened to it a few times and had a hard time staying with it as I am not comfortable sleeping with headphones on. So I put it in my car CD player but had to be careful since it seems to be geared towards meditation, and of course I had to be alert while driving. I was able to listen to it at lunch though, with my car parked in a local park.

I honestly didn't think it would work that well for me. I didn't like the 3 repetitions of the affirmations even though I agreed with almost all of them in theory. Even with my negative attitude, in less than one week I found myself confronting my husband on something that had been bothering me for some time and we had a good positive discussion! Also, taking action at work to correct a form that had several typos and the author was not correcting it and getting quotes from a new cleaning company since our old one's quality has been slipping despite repeated requests to correct issues. In addition, I've taken action to fix some damaged carpet that my boss had asked me to have repaired or replaced 2 months ago. I've also modified my exercise program to something that would not cause me PAIN. Lastly, I have finished a correspondence course I was working on.

Mary Tisland
Holland, MI



Dear Mike,

Your programs are just fantastic. I bought "Instant Invincibility" and later "Unstoppable Motivation" and Setting and Achieving Goals.

I listened to the CD's only in my car during my 3 hour round-trip commute to and from work, since I don't have much free time. I found that listening to them repeatedly was important because I started to memorize some of the stated principles of success and they started to become part of my thought process. I liked the affirmations because they put everything in order. The CD on goal setting clearly stated all the principles necessary to successfully create and carry out goals. Everything was very clear and comprehensive. I was able to memorize most of these principles and incorporate them into my activities at work, which helped me feel more confident, eliminated a lot of fear of certain challenges, and helped me to accomplish more.

I was brought up to feel inferior and lacking in ability. Even though I always knew this was not true and that I had some great talents, this upbringing gave me many doubts and made me interpret any failures as proof that I was less intelligent and talented than others, even though I have much proof to the contrary. Those doubts have really held me back in life. Now as a result of your programs, I am accomplishing one goal after another. I present myself better to the public, navigate through difficulties and come out with many little successes that really add up. I have been able to become more organized and disciplined, and it feels natural. I definitely feel the changes within myself. Other people have noticed and commented that there has been a big change within me. I am accomplishing so much; I am handling conflict with others very well in a win-win style, and I am not letting people take advantage of me as had happened many times in the past. I am suddenly able to stand up for myself, and I think it's because I know how valuable and worthy I am after listening to these CD's. They also make me feel that so much is possible.

One example of a goal I am achieving is to learn to play the violin late in life. I was studying recently with someone who was a pretty good teacher, then had to stop for almost 2 years because of a finger injury then right after that a shoulder injury. It is very hard to find a teacher so talented that they're able to teach an older adult well enough that the student can become an accomplished violinist. It is usually necessary to start studying at a young age. However, I was lucky enough (or mentally prepared enough that opportunities will now present themselves) to find (after going back when my injuries were better) one of the greatest teachers who had studied with the greatest violinists in Russia. Many have studied there in the best schools, but not everyone is as talented as this man was. After a couple of months of lessons he died. But this did not stop me. I now study with his son. The techniques taught to me by these new teachers have been so great that for the first time I really feel comfortable with the instrument. I have now played in an orchestra, and get paid for it! I have played solo performances and get paid for them! Everyone says that my sound and intonation is beautiful.

I never would have dreamed to actually achieve these goals, although I have wanted them all my life. It's a scary thing to do. Many people have told me I was wasting my time trying to take on an impossible goal and should be focusing on just working at my office job, making money, and taking care of the kids. My children have benefited from my "pie-in-the-sky" impractical dream; they encourage me on it, and have learned that you have to pursue what you love and that even the most difficult challenge is worth pursuing.

The CD's made by your company gave me the "unstoppable" confidence to forge ahead, and I am going to keep going and see how far it takes me. If not for your CD's I would not have had the stamina and motivation, certainly not the confidence to accomplish what I did with the violin.

The CD's are convenient and it is very easy and effortless to just sit back and listen. I felt I had a personal friend guiding and mentoring me, which is something I needed. You cannot always find this in life, and there it was - available, at an affordable price. I am really grateful for the opportunity to have this information easily available; it has completely changed my life.

I also let my husband listen to "Instant Invincibility" before going on a job that he was very afraid to do. He plays trombone, and performs but has not had much teaching experience. He had to make a one hour presentation to an auditorium of school children, teachers, and principal. He was very concerned he would not know what to do when he got there. It turned out to be a major success. He would not have been able to go and have the confidence to present himself if he had not listened to that CD. He said it helped him a lot. It reduced the panic and enabled him to concentrate on doing a good job.
I will be buying more CD's. It worked out best, as you advised, to work on only one CD at a time, or no more than 2. Sometimes I listened to one on the way to work and the other on the way home. For me, 2 months was a good amount of time to spend on each one. I am very impressed with the quality of the work Mike Brescia produces. He really cares more about people than making a ton of money.


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Hi Mike,

I've been listening to your Unstoppable Motivation Now! CD for 8 days.
Here's some feedback. I usually find it difficult to go to sleep with music on. Therefore, an hour before I turn in at night, I settle down in my favorite chair, put the headphones on, close my eyes, relax and listen to the CD. I also listen to it twice more during the day while at work with headphones on. I make no effort to pay attention to the affirmations or agree with them at any time.

Right from the time you emailed the affirmations to me, I read the entire set out loud thrice daily. I've also copy-pasted them into Think Right Now for Windows, and set the messages to flash every 4 seconds.

Here's some of what I've experienced so far.

I always had to struggle with procrastination and general lack of discipline. I did get work done, but only by gritting my teeth and forcing myself to do one thing after another. Result - I usually achieve much less than I know I can, with a lot of stress as a bonus.

In contrast, work seems to go much smoother now. There's a certain flow to it which was missing earlier. It's as if I'm doing all the right things at the right time, automatically.

Here's a simple example. Earlier, if I had completed a task at my desk and had 5 - 10 minutes of spare time before I had to get up and go elsewhere, I would usually waste those minutes aimlessly surfing the net or flipping though a newspaper.

Now, I use the time to actually get something done, even if it is only a very small portion of a project. The best thing is this happens without any struggle on my part. And this is just one out of several different ways my productivity has gone up.

I don't think I can describe all the improvements adequately, but it's a HUGE change for me. I've always wanted to be able to work effectively, but never could, till now.

My feelings about work have changed. I used to think about work with a sense of distaste. It's different now. I'm sure I have a long way to go still, but now I feel more positive when thinking about work.

Every now and then, I would get headaches while working. Perhaps it had to do with my internal struggle to get myself to work. Anyway, since I started listening to your CD, I have been headache-free.

Here's something I noticed last Sunday as I strolled along the beach. Normally, on such occasions, I would brood over problems related to work. I'd think about how I would enjoy life if only I could earn more, how I shouldn't have made a wrong decision regarding something, etc.

The net result was that I would mentally shut out my surroundings and not really enjoy the walk.

This time, in total contrast, I stood and drank in the sunset. No thoughts about past or present problems. Felt the wind, the sand and the water. I even smiled at a few strangers. This will probably sound silly to most folks, but for me, it represents a very positive change.

I notice that I'm making more eye contact with people now. Don't know how your CD managed to have this effect, but it did.

The really amazing thing is I've been listening to your CD for only 8 days. Wonder what's going to happen when I listen for 3 straight months? What will happen to my outlook and output? And further, what will happen over the next year when I will have ordered and
listened to many more CDs from you? I think I better start setting some big goals because I will actually achieve them!

It's as if a lifetime of junk is being blasted away and replaced by stuff so positive, it seems to have a life of its own. I feel better now than I did at anytime since I was a teenager!

A BIG thank you to you and your team!

Best regards,
Sanjeev Nair, India


Dear Mike,

I got into a bad relationship two years ago where my partner was a heavy drug user. Over two years I slowly watched myself use drugs for recreation. Then it became a daily habit.

My work suffered as I fell increasingly behind and started to miss important deadlines and meetings as I could not remember things. I also became very apathetic and I stopped taking courses that I used to enjoy to help advance my career. I have broken up and gotten back together with this man several times and each time is a vicious, drug-binge session and a blow to my self-image and ego. I became isolated and desperate but on the outside I still managed to maintain the impression that I was okay.

This is when I decided I needed to help myself. I sought out counseling but began to dislike the process. So, I decided to try something new. I had always received your newsletters and found them inspiring and insightful. So I thought if I built back my confidence and restored my motivation that my pursuit to be a better person would conquer my current lifestyle and habits. I was right...

I have been listening to your programs and making a conscious effort to take the process seriously. I have grown more as a person in the last month than I have in the last 2 years and I now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel my confidence and my old-self returning and I feel incredible.

You have saved me by helping me save myself and I will always be eternally grateful. The power of words is far reaching and I hope others have the opportunity to discover how such a simple and effective program can improve the quality of life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Nadia, Canada

Dear Mike and all others that work behind the scene,

Well, I have made it through the holidays. I normally abhor them. No money + no time = major stress. I have been consistently listening to your programs for a month now and there have been great changes.

Let me go back to the beginning. I had ordered your "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" program two years ago. I had listened to the program for, I'm guessing here, about two weeks and I was worse. I figured that there just wasn't any hope for me at all. I'd also try to diet and I'd gain 10-30 lbs. BUT I kept reading your newsletters. You had written about how sometimes our minds will get worse fighting change and that was me. You'll never know how glad I was to read that I wasn't abnormal. I ordered the Supreme Confidence Now! and Unstoppable Motivation Now! Programs. My next problem was which program to listen to first. I'd listen to one program for one week and then change off. Here again, your letters helped me out. A man wrote in saying how he downloaded the program into an IPOD and then listened to it anywhere he went. About two and half weeks ago, I did not have a clue to what an IPOD was, so I investigated and decided that was what I needed. So off I went, and found an inexpensive MP3 player (see, your programs are even helping me to stay current with the world). I have downloaded all three programs into it so I can now listen without bothering hubby or anyone else anywhere I go. It is great; I mainly listen to it at night while I'm falling asleep. Generally I don't hear it after the "Close your eyes" part. I am sleeping all night now and wake up ready for the new adventure of the day. In the morning, I get up and read 'Today Is Your Day to Win'.

The holiday still had the same amount of money to spend, the same amount of time, but I had very little stress involved. I was better organized, I had better ideas about gifts, and it was the first time that I have really enjoyed Christmas since I have become an adult. I don't procrastinate as much as I used to either. I also started exercising and eating healthier. Goals are such a wonderful thing to have.

I'm still a work in progress but what a wonderful progress! I have had many years of wrong thinking so it cannot change over night but the results I am seeing and feeling in myself are just wonderful. I am so very excited about this new adventure that we call life which I'm partaking in. It is a grand world that we live in.

Thank you again for making available to all of us who have thought poorly of ourselves for so many years, the right way to think and the right way to change.

Jean Stamps

Order Unstoppable Motivation Now!

Hi Mike,

I have been reading your newsletter daily for some time now with all of your success stories and I thought it was about time I shared my story with you. Firstly I will start off by saying I cherish the day I stumbled across your website while surfing the Internet. The automatic changes in my attitude and life direction have been amazing. I will bring us back 7 months ago - I had a problem with drugs. The main problem was with the abuse of anabolic steroids and I believe that all of the other problems grew off this one (4 year long) bad habit. I put so much worth on my physical appearance that I was abusing my mind and body, and worse the people around me including the ones I loved. It all came to a crashing halt when I was so emotionally shattered that I sold everything I owned and ran off to Amsterdam. After a week of taking drugs and a month of starvation I was deported. Shortly after my return, I came across Think Right Now and the web page convinced me to give it a go. I ordered I Love Exercising Now. At first I was a bit skeptical that the program was designed only for those looking to lose weight but after a week of listening to the tape every night I realised I was back in the gym every day, automatically without fail! I really enjoyed lifting weights naturally, and I had not been worried about my appearance or dreaming of a quick fix. My health was my first priority and persistence and patience seemed to be so natural.

Two months later I was doing so well with 'I Love Exercising Now' I had to grab hold of your new title 'Unstoppable Motivation Now' - The results were INSTANT and before I knew it my new goals were my life blood, my attitude and direction now seem so clear. I Will Not Fail!! All from just listening to, sorry not even listening to - just playing these tapes my life has taken such a turn for the better.

I'm physically and mentally in the best shape I have ever been, and I have to pass on my most sincere and gracious THANK YOU to Mr. Mike Brescia and the team at ThinkRightNow.com. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. As Mike would say I love you all.

Sayed Abdalla

Dear Mike,

I use your programs in a variety of ways - I use them at night when I go to bed, sometimes allowing the program to quietly repeat throughout the night. I also enjoy using the Think Right Now Programs when I am washing dishes or doing other general housework. I do this by playing the programs on a standard CD player and alternately using a Walkman CD player and headphones as I move throughout my home. I carry my pack of CD's when I leave the house and play them in my car as I drive or on my laptop computer when I'm at Starbucks or Borders. I have even used the headphone/Walkman options while taking long walks or shopping.

Initially I started with your "Freedom from Depression Now" program; the changes were subtle but undeniable. Just being able to awaken early in the morning with a desire to greet the day was a stunning change.

By the time I ordered the Unstoppable Motivation Now! , Financial Abundance Now! , and Supreme Confidence Now! programs, I was in need of much more.

Early last summer, I had over $2,000, credit cards, and car keys stolen from me. Checks bounced, creditors called, and I was struggling to keep an older vehicle running while looking for a way to miraculously produce $1,300 to replace the keys and security system to my newer vehicle. Boy was I overwhelmed. It was hard to think straight and figure out what to do. Who to pay first? So much to take care of, so little to go around. I began to stick my head in the ground so to speak and do nothing. Day after day passed, as I accomplished little to nothing, and the money problems mounted.

I am happy to report, that I am well on my way to digging out of my deep, dark pit. By listening to your programs, I have actually been able to grasp that I CAN accomplish great things, one step at a time. I DO have the time and energy to keep putting one step in front of the other and to keep making progress. I'm no longer a victim of my circumstances, but am in control of my own destiny. It's a great feeling to think that when I look back at all that I've been through, I'll be able to recognize that I'm the one who used my own God-given talents and abilities to make good decisions and turn my circumstances around. Everything I've needed has been at my disposal all along.

I am still digging out of the financial pit, but the worst is behind me. I was able to save my home from foreclosure and am moving forward to pay down the other bills, create new sources of income, and judiciously spend the money I already have.

I sometimes am able to listen to 2-3 different programs per day. Sometimes I pick one program and listen to it twice a day every other day. I don't have a set program, other than that I'm certain to continue my exposure to this positive and motivating material on a regular basis. Making strides financially provides tremendous levels of motivation and confidence.

I was particularly concerned at one point, because some of my daughters begin to mimic my behaviors - sleep patterns, lack of focus and motivation in caring for self or surroundings, disregard for deadlines and requests. I wanted to make changes in me so that I could be a better example and an encouragement to them. Thanks for making this possible.

Annette Yunker,Virginia




Your book and audio program have most certainly had a huge impact on my life and for that I am grateful. I was once a shy, self-conscious and angry person. I used to blame my problems on the world, God, everyone else but myself. In fact, I used to believe that I was "cursed." Not to say that I am 100% cured, but I definitely have a whole new perspective on life.

I no longer stay down when I fall. I get up and attempt again. I am no longer angry, I accept the things I cannot change and take the necessary steps to change what I can. My patience for other people has grown which has allowed me to strengthen and renew my relationships with my family and my fiancé. I have even restarted a company that I formed in 2004 which failed. Not that it's out of the woods yet but it is performing much better than it did the first time around and the outlook is positive. I'm not sure if I would have had the courage, the grit, the audacity to attempt self-employment again after being unsuccessful the first time. Even if I did, I'm not so sure I would handle the problems and failures as well as I have.

You've taught me to handle the problems as challenges. You've taught me to handle failures as stepping stones and not as rationale for giving up. The other day I was thinking about the major turning points in my life and I have to say that I ranked October 21, 2005, the day I received chapters 1 - 10 of your e-book, as the greatest turning point in my life. Mike, you have helped me improve every single area of my life. You have given me so much hope for the future. You have helped me define my purpose in life which is huge because I thought I had no purpose before. I have found my purpose in life and I love living it each and every day.

Thank you a million times for what you do and please continue with your great work. I have read all 99 chapters, most of them more than once. I will continue to read the chapters and listen to your tapes. I will be on the lookout for any new products you produce and I will be your biggest promoter.
Thanks again for all you do.

I love you too,
Joe Harker

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Hi Mike,

I am writing this because I have never felt so compelled to by another product. Let me start by saying nothing I have used has ever given me results before like I am getting now with 'Unstoppable Motivation' and 'Setting and Achieving Goals'. I have been an amateur musician for fifteen years. In that time I have never written a single song. I have always secretly wanted to be a prodigious writer, but every attempt left me frustrated and I resigned myself to being a side musician.

Well, for the past three weeks I have been using Unstoppable Motivation and Setting and Achieving Goals as a powerful cocktail while I am at work, listening at least once through per day, often twice. I not-so-secretly hate my corporate job and have always longed to fulfill my dreams of supporting myself and my family as an artist. Well, after fifteen years of not-writing a single song, I have written nine in the past three weeks. NINE! And they're damnably clever if I do say so myself. I carry my lyric notebook everywhere and I feel compelled to write on lunch, when I get home, when I wake up in the morning...even doodled some waiting for the elevator this morning. Any moment I can. I am so tapped into the muse right now. I hope it never goes away. I've recorded them on my PC and this weekend my band mates and I will begin tracking them in the studio.

Not only that but I have submitted several poems in the past week to various publications and I am twenty thousand words into writing a novel. I just find myself compelled to create now like I never felt before. I can't thank you enough for providing a product to help me tap my greatest potential. Talk about Unstoppable Motivation!

I just received your new release, I Am Organized Now, and I am listening to it as I write this. I am bursting with energy to create right now. Thank you so much, Mike! Keep it real!

Charles, NY


Hi Mike:

I've purposely waited to contact you. I wanted to let the process unfold naturally without looking for things to share. When I came across your site my gut said try this. I've tried a lot of stuff and my main challenge has been to stay motivated - across time and across whatever challenges that inevitably come up.

My field is psychology and I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out my thought processes and "motivations". Usually feeling like a puppy chasing its tail - going 'round and 'round. My inspiration or new idea would fade very quickly and I'd be back where I started from - I couldn't keep myself motivated, no matter what I did. Nothing really worked to take me to the level of what I want to achieve. If I can't do it for myself, how can I have true credibility with my clients? I ordered your programs. One of the ones I purchased was 'Unstoppable Motivation, Now'.

I've been listening to your program for over four weeks now. I listened in the morning and at bedtime, as well as during the day as much as possible. At first I did not notice a difference but then I noticed that I was developing more backbone - I didn't allow myself to slack off (I'm starting a new business - fulfilling my purpose and passion - had to compose brochure, letters of intro, my CV, etc). Before my attention span was short and I could always find other things to do that were more "important". I now keep to a schedule and ask myself "Is what I am doing bringing me closer to my goal?" I have pretty purple post-it notes everywhere with your sayings on them. What works especially well for me is "Nothing Works until I Do". I've also noticed that when doubts come in or I feel a little discouraged or overwhelmed, one of the affirmations from 'Unstoppable Motivation, Now' kicks in, almost automatically.

Example: I placed an ad in the paper for the services I offer. I haven't gotten the response I would like. In the past I would feel very discouraged and want to give up and say negative things to myself. Now I say "All I need is one call". "The more calls I get will lead me to the one call I want". "The more no's I get, the I closer I am to a yes". I also changed the wording of the ad the following week with help from a pro.

I seem to be able to deflect negativity from other people much more easily; I no longer take negative comments to heart - that's their opinion, not mine. Not much fazes me. I just keep going toward my goal like the energizer bunny. Please believe me when I say I am not exaggerating - this is a miracle for me. I feel much lighter and no longer feel as though I am carrying all the weight of my world on my shoulders. I have stopped worrying and know that I can deal with whatever comes up.

My tendency to give up quickly and let negative thoughts take over has changed. I can almost feel my mental processes stop now when the choice comes up for me - do I think positively or negatively about this? It almost feels like a millisecond, and I take the positive thinking pathway, not really a choice, it feels like it's the natural, normal path. I plan on putting your site information on my website. I forward your website whenever I can. I also can't wait to read the next E-book Chapter each day. It's so wonderful to open an e-mail and know that I will be reading only positive stuff.

My heartfelt thanks to you,
Bless you and your family.
Rae Barclay, Canada


I cannot thank you enough for the work that you are doing. You have chosen to take responsibility for counter-acting all of the negative, self-defeating beliefs that so many of us play over and over in our minds that lead ultimately to being far less than what we were made to be. This stuff is so essential, and I appreciate that you have not only seen that, but chose to do something about it as well.

I have been listening to your Unstoppable Motivation Now! Disc on and off for about 3 months now. As a 27 year old with ADD, I have struggled all my life with getting myself going. Whether it's just getting up in the morning when I intended to or all the way to really getting clear and engaging with a consistent life-course. Due to so many self-reinforced cycles of effort-failure-depression-crisis-effort, I had built up a massive and powerful body of beliefs that I would never become the person I have known I could be.

When I first listened to the disc, I must admit I was pretty turned off by the barrage of what seemed to me overly-rosy sentiments and beliefs and I used it less than I had planned. Fortunately, your daily emails kept coming nonetheless and I could only hear so many amazing stories before I had to face the fact that the problem was probably not with the disc!

I then uploaded the disc to my iPod and set up a "Great Night's Sleep" play list that included the Unstoppable Motivation Now! tracks several times, mixed in with some Hemi-Sync tracks designed to put the brain into a relaxed and receptive state. My wife and I have been listening to this play list while we sleep for just about two months now, and already we have begun to notice some amazing changes.

First off, we wake up more refreshed and clear, often with interesting dreams to report to one another. We have also begun to see success in our work-lives that we had been struggling to achieve before. It seemed that some invisible barriers to progress in those areas just seemed to fall away! For a long time, we had complained about the disorder in our home and it had just seemed like an overwhelming task. Since we began our nighttime listening, we have begun to see organizing our home not as one gigantic monster, but as small, incremental tasks that we can easily address and conquer. Just the way we walk and encounter each day feels different- life feels clearer and more inviting, and we are becoming more and more active in many areas instead of just reacting to life.

One last major area that opened up recently, was our decision to move to Korea in August to teach English! Since we met over three years ago, we have always talked about finding a way to get out of debt and move abroad. We came up with several plans, but always found a way to put it off or find reasons it wouldn't work. Often, we felt crushed by our debts and began to believe we would just get stuck living the less-than-ordinary life of which we have always dreamed. But just in the last three weeks, armed with our new, empowered perspective and increased energy, we have hatched and set in motion a realistic plan to get out of debt and depart- far sooner than we had ever dreamed we could! We are working through the TEFL certification course that we'll need to teach and have established some strong contacts over there that are helping us with job placement making more than we make now. Amazing. We feel like we have life by the horns for the first time, and it feels really good. Like an artist, we ARE making today (and the today's that follow) our greatest masterpiece!

Can't thank you enough,
J. Adam, TN



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I was waiting for big things to happen for me before writing you but decided instead to proclaim the victory path I'm on.

This past winter I was becoming despondent and praying daily for relief. I was not enjoying my job; I wasn't being considered for advertised positions; and I did not see any way out. I have eight years to go for a comfortable government retirement but knew I could not last another year in my cubicle.

I stumbled across your web site and ordered your program "Unstoppable Motivation Now" in the hopes of recovering my deteriorating confidence. I listened to it on the drive back and forth to work, (and still do).

Your program has helped clean out all the garbage in my head about being a loser. Now four months later, I am still in the same job, still not enjoying it, but something has changed. I have set a new course in my life and am studying for my real estate license. I have met with a local broker and set a course for a new, exciting career. I now have hope and am excited about the future.

Thanks for believing in me, Mike. Thanks for your daily encouragement.

Dick G, WA


The testimonies on your website seemed extraordinary, but plausible...not over the top. So finally, I bought a CD, courtesy of post-birthday money.

If memory serves me right, shipping took only a few days. I opened the CD, and listened to it that night, before retiring for bed. What I had expected to hear was Mike's voice on the CD. What I experienced instead was captivating instrumentals, melodic undertones, and a soothing female voice. The voiced phrases were not rapid-fire, but didactic sentences, with excellent annunciation and conversational rhythm. Each phrase was repeated thrice, having slightly different annunciation for comprehensive understanding.

I found myself agreeing with each motivation, and feeling, "yes, that is what I want to do!" This is what I found most helpful--that as I listened (and continue to listen) repeatedly, the phrases find more and more constructive agreement with my conscience. That week, my self-talk changed. I could hear myself re-uttering the phrases I'd been hearing on 'Unstoppable Motivation'. Each phrase seemed to sink in deeper and deeper.

Each time my mind retrieved the motivations, it would steel my determination to finish a project phase that I've been involved in for several months. While I can't say that I've become a multimillionaire by listening to the CD, I am a richer person. The deadlines are easier to meet, as I find myself motivated to collect my thoughts, focused on the task at hand "at any time and at any place." I meet with other like-minded individuals who are motivated to similar ends. I am not distracted by people who want me to finish lesser-important tasks. I am working at getting better on "finish everything I start". These are all phrases that I now see constructively incorporated into my life.

My best method has been to "immerse" myself in the recordings when first received, and then periodically dose myself during the week with either track 1 or 2. I don't listen to the "relaxation" tracks while driving, as I've already found them quite effective to induce sleep. I've put tracks 1 and 2 on MP3, and listen occasionally while running.

Thanks, Mike!

Mark Abraham, In

I own "I Love Exercising Now!"; "Eating for Excellent Health Now!"; "Real Self-Esteem Now!"; "Supreme Confidence Now!"; "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!"; "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!"; "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"; "Instant Diet Power"; "Instant Workout Power"; "Win Friends & Influence People Now!" and Think Right Now! for Windows. I listen to one of the programs every night. I have "Supreme Confidence Now!" and "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" in my car and Think Right Now! for Windows at work on the computer with the info from all of the above on it.

Where do I begin??? Looking at the list above you'd think I was a mess to start with, but I think it was curiosity that sold me on the first program. I knew from education and my own studies the power of affirmations and repetition. I would wake up in the morning feeling different. My life got better and better. I kept buying more programs. But how was it better? Well, I found myself answering people with lines from different programs or, more importantly, talking to myself with lines I had heard.

I can do anything I put my mind to.
I'm worthy of praise and rewards.
If I can dream it, I can do it.

And I started to believe it. So I tried new things and little by little I found myself getting excited about getting up the next day. I was happy all the time. People would comment about how "together" I was. When my son's girlfriend was having some problems she said she wanted to be more like me so I had you send her "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" Anyways it is hard to be specific because it seems to come so easy. I smile more. I look at situations and know I can make a positive impact. I've lost weight. I joined a gym and a wonderful yoga class.

I am happy with my life and I don't know what more any program could do. When I tell people how I listen every night, they seem skeptical. But people were skeptical of the telephone and television too at one time!

Linda Czerkies, NY

Dear Mike,

I have been a faithful user of your programs since 2002. I sent you my original story which is shown on the front page of your home page. I listened to "Eating for Excellent Health Now!" so much I wore it out. I have every single program you have.

When I am feeling down, I listen to "Infinite Joy Now!" When I need motivation, "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" I listen at night and CANNOT go to sleep without listening to a program. I was having some infection problems and listened to "I Am Healed Now!" and that alone sets me on the road to recovery.

I have lost weight; I have more abundance, gratitude, joy, money and peace since listening to your programs. I have referred people to your programs and they too have found success.

I am thoroughly convinced that working from the inside out approach is the way to success in life for any issue anyone may be dealing with. We start with number one and then push it into reality. Your programs are the instruments that till the fallow ground and make it ready to receive the good seed that produces good fruit in lives.

There are a lot of programs out there right now, but thinkrightnow.com is the way to work on those core beliefs that are not serving you. It gives you the material to challenge those negative aspects of ourselves and produce the positive thought patterns that will help all of us become the creative force of our own lives.

All the best,

Candice J. Kirt, NC

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