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Financial Abundance Now!
Success Stories

15 years ago, following some naive decisions, I was living under a bridge at the age of 19. Then there came a disastrous job after a disastrous relationship. Money (or rather, the lack of) issues really made almost my whole experience of life a bitter one. It was a cycle of abject misery for the most part, and I don't mind telling you I made virtually everyone I knew miserable too.

I have tried so many different self help programs and have seen the quality of my life slowly improve over the last 10 years. I now live in a flat in the most expensive borough in London, England, with my beautiful wife, doing work I enjoy for my own business. I'm not going to pretend it's been easy. I now regularly win awards for excellence in my field. I am generally happier, barely worry and feel very confident most of the time. I am also set to embark on an adventure working in an entirely different field!

So what? You may well ask. Well, I have tried an awful lot of financial improvement programs, and I reckon that the "Financial Abundance Now!" program is up there with the best. It's packed with common sense thinking patterns. I started using it maybe a year ago. The changes have been subtle, but add them up over a year and now I am making a darn sight more than I was a year ago, and I feel this is just the beginning. Now, the thoughts occur naturally, like they are common to me... which they are now, of course!
This month alone, I have made over £6,000, compared to living on benefits just a few months ago. It's been a struggle, but it seems to be getting simpler and easier now. I am able to support my wife, go on holidays, and plan for the things I really want to experience in life.

If you are serious about improving your financial situation, this cannot hurt you.

Joe Sowrey

Hi Mike,

My name is Stanley Ferguson. I own "Setting and Achieving Goals Now!" and "Financial Abundance Now!" "Setting and Achieving Goals Now!" was my first experience with your programs. Since then I've made some serious changes. See, I'm a business man by nature, but I've always been too nervous to really follow through with any of my plans. Since I've found your program, I took that huge step - with confidence- and bought into a franchise. I'm so excited because I have not experienced the "type" of nervousness that I've experienced in the past.

Let me expand. In the past I would start out with a great idea, but shortly afterwards I would get overwhelmed with negative thoughts about the worst things. Soon after that I would forget my ideas and lose all motivation. But with your program I am shocked at my thought process. I've been into my new franchise for about six months and I have not quit. I'm still moving forward with a full head of steam and I am so happy and surprised. Thank you greatly. I feel good and as situations arise I handle them with the most upbeat attitude. Before I would've given up and talked myself down, but never again. I describe myself as the "Former Lion in the Cage." I'm free to conquer. The only thing on this earth that I really want to master and dominate is the world of business. I will succeed. Thank you and God Bless...

Stanley Ferguson, Alaska


Selling is a part of my job and I hate selling. Achieving my target was a big task for me. I started listening to the "Accelerated Sales Success Now!" program and the last eight months have brought a big change in my attitude towards selling and fantastic improvement in exceeding my targets. Now I never think about my targets and I am confident that I surely surpass them - month after month. I stopped selling - I offer my products to my customers by simply establishing an emotional connection with my customers. No more pressure - what a big relief. Thanks to the Think Right Now! program.

I migrated from India with my wife and two daughters to New Zealand almost seven years ago. It was hard for me to adjust to the new environment. The first four years were very difficult. I had no stable job and a meager income; I never had more than couple of hundred dollars in my bank account. My desire was to have my own place to live, a reliable car, and the ability to send kids to coaching to pursue their hobbies. Then I started listening to the "Financial Abundance Now!" program almost eight months ago. We play this CD before we hit the bed - don't know what happens; after playing both discs my CD player automatically stops. We set a target amount and started saving the money for buying a home. Even before achieving the target, a great offer came our way and we grabbed it. It's amazing how the whole situation has changed and we are getting the good things that we were only dreaming of.

I play the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" program while driving back home from work. I believe the affirmations in this program help me stay focused on my goals and achieving my goals. I have been listening to this program for almost nine months. Without my knowledge, I started focusing on what I wanted to achieve in my life. Earlier it used to be a rudderless journey. I developed the habit of establishing friendships with enterprising and successful people. I have improved confidence in myself and in the future. I am spending less time watching television and I have joined swimming and badminton classes - giving more importance to health. Now I am more energetic, I can go an extra mile. Now I have a willingness to try rather than simply giving up or procrastinate and am receiving recognition from the top management. While listening to the affirmations on the program, each sentence brings a smile to my face. It makes me feel that yes I can do this, that's a good idea, how about implementing that?

We were very skeptical initially, but now we consider that subscribing to the programs was a wonderful decision made by us. We feel that it's an investment for our prosperity and future.

Sudesh, New Zealand

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Hello Mike,

I'd like to tell you about my money concerns and how Think Right Now has helped. I was raised by parents who constantly struggled with money issues and consequently, I developed some very negative thought patterns about money. I started to do some study on money mental conditioning and did learn a lot about it. But, boy those mental patterns are insidious! Then recently I found myself a single parent, which really put me in a tight spot financially. I got busy using a lot of the techniques I'd learned, but with limited success.

When I added "Financial Abundance Now!" to my routine by listening to it in the car and/or at night, I found it helped me get to the point where I am making real progress in building my business. My motivation is up, and I am seeing many more opportunities and following through on them successfully. I have used it for about three months now, sometimes regularly and sometimes not. It's funny how we humans are about things like that, but I just keep going back and it does work. I know as I improve my habit of using the tape, I will also see more progress.

I see the light at the end of this tunnel and I'm happy to be able to recommend the tapes to others. Excuse me while I go exercise while listening!

Gerri Ratigan

I use both "Financial Abundance Now!" and "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" daily. I also purchased "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!" for a friend who absolutely loves it. At night I go to sleep with one of my "Financial Abundance Now!" programs playing on the stereo. I use the "Setting & Achieving Goals Now!" program daily as an affirmations tool while driving in my car. I also use them for background affirmations while working on the computer or running.

I have used these programs for almost 60 days. I have to admit; I bought them over a year ago, listened once and continued with my same frustrating patterns. The benefits only came after I listened consistently for about 20 days or so. I have always believed I have been operating below my potential and had a hard time feeling prosperous and confident. Now, I am setting and achieving goals on a DAILY basis. I literally found myself thinking what was on the programs and my actions have started changing as if on auto-pilot. It's quite exhilarating.

In the last month alone I started my own fitness consulting company and am already starting to reap the financial benefits. I feel more focused and confident than ever. I am looking forward to adding the "Unstoppable Motivation Now!" program to my collection soon!

Philip Bruley, BILTA Fitness Consulting


I use your programs in a variety of ways - I use them at night when I go to bed, sometimes allowing the program to quietly repeat throughout the night. I also enjoy using the Think Right Now Programs when I am washing dishes or doing other general housework while playing the programs on a standard CD player and alternately sometimes using a Walkman CD player and headphones as I move throughout my home. I carry my pack of CD's when I leave the house and play them in my car as I drive or on my laptop computer when I'm at Starbucks or Borders. I have even used the headphone/Walkman options while taking long walks or shopping.

Initially I started with your "Freedom From Depression Now" program, the changes were subtle but undeniable. Just being able to awaken early in the morning with a desire to greet the day was a stunning change, as I related in a previous e-mail..

But by the time I ordered the Unstoppable Motivation Now! , Financial Abundance Now! , and Supreme Confidence Now! programs, I was in need of much more.

Early last summer, I had over $2,000, credit cards, and car keys stolen from me. Checks bounced, creditors called, and I was struggling to keep an older vehicle running while looking for a way to miraculously produce $1,300 to replace the keys and security system to my newer vehicle. Boy was I overwhelmed. It was hard to think straight and figure out what to do. Who to pay first? So much to take care of, so little to go around. I began to stick my head in the ground so to speak and do nothing. Day after day past, as I accomplished little to nothing, and the money problems mounted.

I am happy to report, that I am well on my way to digging out of my deep, dark pit. By listening to your programs, I have actually been able to grasp that I CAN accomplish great things, one step at a time. I DO have the time and energy to keep putting one step in front of the other and to keep making progress. I am no longer a victim of my circumstances, but am in control of my own destiny. It's a great feeling to think that when I look back at all that I've been through, I'll be able to recognize that I'm the one who used my own God-given talents and abilities to make good decisions and turn my circumstances around. Everything I've needed has been at my disposal all along.

I am still digging out of the financial pit, but the worst is behind me. I was able to save my home from foreclosure and am moving forward to pay down the other bills, create new sources of income, and judiciously spend the money I already have.

I sometimes am able to listen to 2-3 different programs per day. Sometimes I pick one program and listen to it twice a day every other day. I don't have a set program, other than that I'm certain to continue my exposure to this positive and motivating material on a regular basis. I find that the programs overlap tremendously - each program is effective in lifting the fog of depression. Making strides financially provides tremendous levels of motivation and confidence.

I was particularly concerned at one point, because I some my daughters begin to mimic my behaviors - sleep patterns, lack of focus and motivation in caring for self or surroundings, disregard for deadlines and requests. I wanted to make changes in me so that I could be a better example and an encouragement to them. Thanks for making this possible.

Annette Yunker, Virginia

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These programs truly do, "reshape" one's perspective to a more positive outlook. The Financial Abundance Now! Program has brought a great deal of positive change for me. Most of the changes have been very gradual, but is has been a profound degree of change, the most important kind of changes that are required in order to support a permanent change. I have come a very long way from where I used to be, I make more money now than I ever have, and that is the truth.

I now live in a place and location that I absolutely love that I never before thought that I would actually be able to afford. I now own a vehicle, so I have my own transportation, and I make more money than I ever have before in my life. I have been able to pay for doctor visits that I was desperately in need of. I know that I still have so very far to go in my journey, and toward reaching my goals. But I am confident that the, "Financial Abundance Now!" program is what has enabled me to get out of the rut I was once in (and had been in my entire life, until I discovered the program) and move forward to a brighter future.

I'm not sure of any other way to fully describe the changes that have been created within me and my life by this program other than to say that I feel like a totally different person. I've opened up so much more to life, and my relationship with money has began a wonderful and amazing healing journey that my heart has longed for, for such a very long time. So, I'm not sure how else to explain it other than I, "just changed". I didn't do much else differently. I just took Mike's advice and kept pressing the play button. I listened to the program faithfully almost every night for several months. I continue to listen to the program on repeat every night while I'm sleeping, even while working and doing other daily activities on my computer.

Growing up in such crushing poverty and lack created many negative beliefs and voids in my life and my way of thinking. When I look back on the condition of my life and mindset, my entire way of thinking, how it used to be, the imagery shows a bewildered, troubled, exhausted, and downright blackened way of looking at money, and the world in general. But these programs...... it's like they are shining a positive, brilliant light into even the darkest, most broken down corners of your mind and way of thinking. My experience with these programs have caused me to feel a greater sense of personal freedom than I ever have before. I feel more whole and complete than I ever have before. It's as if the light of these positive statements literally illuminate every dark spot and every void within your way of thinking. These programs, they bring healing to a wounded way of thinking and restore your mind to the positive place that it would be naturally had the negative ideas never been etched into your mind.

The changes it has created for me are on a massive scale and it has helped me so very much that I have recommended Think Right Now to many friends, relatives, and even people I've just met. You'd think I was a personal spokesperson for Think Right Now I've recommended these programs to so many people :)

I choose the wordage, "changes on a massive scale" because not only do I have evidence of these changes in my experience of life on the outside, but the changes within have been so profound that I truly feel like a whole new person. I feel that the positive statements on these programs have helped to restore me closer to being who I am meant to be, without the negative mindsets holding me back from my full potential. The programs have helped me to become more of who I really am. I am completely convinced that these programs are responsible for the profound degree of positive change in my life.

If it weren't for this program, I might still be just as stuck as I used to be. I am confident that the massive changes in my way of thinking are a result of this program. It's well worth every dime, several times over.

Thank you for creating these programs because they truly are life-changing and they have changed my life in more positive ways than I could ever express.

Christa, OH


About four weeks ago I started using your product "Financial Abundance Now" program. I have been playing it on continuous play most nights and two to four times during the day.

One morning after hearing it through the night in my sleep I woke up with the idea of how I could save about £100.00 a month (approx: $200.00) and with the deep feeling and motivation to open a savings account to do this.

This may not sound very spectacular but I have saved almost nothing in my life. My attitude has always been what's the point of saving on a low income? I have tended to (unsuccessfully I might add) go for get rich quick schemes.

Therefore this is nothing but a minor miracle for me - especially the fact that this transformation occurred in my sleep. It's as if the belief systems of a lifetime have been altered overnight. (I'd like to add that this happened in my first week of listening). I am now firmly committed to saving and building my financial base patiently and not hoping for the 'big break'. I've also found that I'm not spending money on unnecessary things which is also covered on the program.

Many thanks and blessings to you Mike!

Sarju, London


Hi there,

My name is Lindy the first Think Right Now program I used was "Financial Abundance Now". I ordered your programs about five months ago feeling optimistic that this could improve a new business I had started seven months prior to ordering. I listened to the program in my car (four mornings a week on the way to work) and I put it on my ipod and listened many nights (about four to six nights per week) as I was going to sleep.

After two months I noticed a significant increase in my finances and for the first time all year I paid my self for the first time. This was Jan 06, I slowed down on my listening for a whole month and the next month was a bit slow financially. Determined to make this March month a success I turned the programs on the first week and after three nights (about 1-2hrs usually asleep) unexpected income started to pour in and by the end of the first week I had met my overhead for the next month. Wow that was a first. Then I didn't listen for about a week and I decided I wanted to create an extra $3,000 before the month was over, so I listened again for only three days again and had the next two weeks explode and I created over my goal, $7500. This was above and beyond what I set out to create. Wow if I would listen to these things everyday I just know I'd be a millionaire in a short amount of time!

Lindy Johnson, TX


Dear Mike Brescia:

Let me thank you for your programs!!! They are a godsend!!! I have ordered "Freedom from Depression Now!", "Real Self Esteem Now!" and "Financial Abundance Now!" and have been using them religiously. Wow... they are dynamite for the mind. I am a board certified hypnotherapist from New York and moved to Colorado to take my profession (game) to the next level..,

I have seen major improvements in myself since utilizing your technology such as:
a) I've eliminated blaming self and others for the lack of success and progress in my life
b) Said good bye to the shame others game
c) See the source of my compulsive addictive behavior and corrected it.
d) I have increased awareness of mood swings, frustrations and fears and have made adjustments in my internal and external attitude.
e) By increasing focus, visualization and the proper level of acceptance to financial abundance, I am able to recognize opportunities more readily and execute my plans.

Thanking you again for everything!

Sincerely yours,
Ronnie Dozier

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