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July 5, 2009

Are you Independent or afraid for your future

Hello my friend:

July 4th in the US is the day we celebrate our
independence as a nation.  It literally is the birthday of
our country.

So happy birthday America.  I love ya.  I'm lucky to live
on your soil.

When the subject of being independent comes up, I always
am reminded of what it takes to be independent.

Today, in America, the government says that the average
household now spends 99% of what those home's breadwinners
earn in a year's time.  So on average, Americans have just
1% left over after we're done spending what we earn.

Just a decade ago, Americans saved 11% (spending only 89%
of what we earned).

The "I gotta have it now" mentality.

The "I deserve that big house now" thinking.

Clearly those soap operas about the rich, the commercials
showing the hip crowd with all the gadgets, the expensive
convenience foods and drinks on every corner are sucking
the financial security right out of the average person's
life savings.

And there are no "yeah buts" that make any sense.  Because
it was only a few years ago that the average household had
that 11% yearly cushion.

The only thing that changed was our attitudes about money
and what we needed to have Right Now.

It was our collective consciousness that changed, not the
overall cost of goods and services, not the unemployment

The economic meltdown was predictable.

Because you can't have a 1% financial cushion and expect
to make it long-term.  Too many people crossed over into
the red.

Heck, in any area of life, you can't make it when you're
teetering on the brink of failure every second.

A great example is in sports.  Teams that are leading at
half-time, after three quarters and after the 8th inning
usually win the game.

Because coming back from big deficits is difficult.

It's usually too draining to complete the comeback and win.

In daily life it's the same.

Coming from way behind is too difficult if success has not
been made a habit.

So your goal in life must be to get ahead ASAP and stay
there.  Or you'll get blindsided by inevitable corrections
in the world's economy.

Our research on the most successful people and the most
successful organizations showed consistently that that the
winners did what it took to win from the beginning.  They
prepare.  They did not come back from huge deficits.

Rags to riches stories do exist, yes indeed...

But in those rare instances, at the center of them were
people who always believed, who prepared, who never ever
gave up and who consistently took focused, massive action
to reach their ultimate objectives.

In the case of America, we are independent because huge
numbers of people were willing to risk even death in order
to reach their objective of independence and freedom.

Today as much as or more than any other time in history,
leadership, a sense of purpose, financial responsibility,
time management, and a "do it now" attitude (not a "get it
now" attitude) is what it will take to be independent and
in control of your destiny.  Owning the coolest toys,
biggest screens, water-front vacation homes and the latest
fashions often are, paradoxically, indicators not of wealth
but of poverty.  Remember 99% obligated?  You need a
cushion for when you fall.  Because life is always cycles.
Ups and downs.

It seems that the values that historically have moved
people toward financial abundance have been abandoned...
for get rich quick and immediate gratification.  Both cost
plenty.  Right?

A thousand years from now the attitudes and habits that
have always worked to create security and long-term wealth
will still be the ones that create success in every arena
of life.

Do you know who Warren Buffet is?  The greatest investor
who ever lived.  He's now worth in the neighborhood of $40
billion. Google him.
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His strategy?  Invest in what he knows and invest in what
has historically been winners.  He invests in nothing that
doesn't have a lengthy successful track record.  Guess who
didn't get hurt when the Internet bubble burst in 2000?
Right.  Warren Buffett.

Want independence?

Think like history's greatest successes.

That is what we do at Think Right Now International.

We compile the beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions and
actions of the greatest successes (in every area of life)
and put them into the Suggestopedic format so that you can
use them to install the first-person mental patterns of
winners into your mind.

I invite you to use our accelerated behavior modification
method to quickly create the habits that will get you where
you want to be faster than any other way I know of.

Because lifelong success comes from habits.

If you are teetering on financial disaster, if you are
emotionally shaky, if you can't motivate yourself to do
what you should do and must do, worrying won't do help you,
hoping won't do any good, crying about your woes will
ensure that your problems will stay your problems...

Right thought that leads to right action WILL do it.

And that IS what you want.

Click here and I promise that you will have some "Aha!
moments:  http://www.thinkrightnow.com

At the bottom of that page, you'll see a big coupon.
Click inside it and you'll be able to take advantage of
something very cool.

Independence is in your future.  I see it.

Liberty to you,

Mike Brescia

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