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July 1, 2009

Who the heck are you

Hello my friend:

For the last 22 years, I have studied every aspect of
business... buying, selling, marketing, branding, human
resources, hiring, firing, fast growth strategies,
positioning, advertising, PR, negotiating, you name it.

Some of the hottest areas in business research right now
is in positioning and branding... making your name and
products stand for something very specific in the minds of
your customers.  It's hot because when your name and your
products have an clear identity in people's minds, when you
are seen as an expert in some area, you own that position
and the business becomes more successful as a result.


Prestigious automobile... what do most people think of

Mercedes Benz.

Safe cars: Volvo
Fun to drive cars: BMW
Reliable cars: Toyota
Well engineered cars: Honda
Overnight delivery:  Federal Express
Adhesive bandages: Band-Aid
Tape: Scotch
Fast food: McDonald's
Vacuum cleaner's: Hoover
Facial Tissues: Kleenex
Copiers: Xerox

All these companies have and will continue to enjoy
remarkable success because of the time and energy they have
spent drumming into our minds these positions, specific
ways of thinking about their products.

But I didn't tell you this to give you a business lesson...


My REAL point is that all of us as individuals are brands.

And sure, it is important to each of us in many ways that
other people see us in a favorable light... nice, honest,
trustworthy, hard-working, etc.

But more important than how others see us is how we see
ourselves... how we 'brand' ourselves in our own minds.

Our research shows that the average person sees him or
herself as inadequate, unworthy, not good enough in
hundreds of ways for hundreds of different reasons.

As magnificent and as brilliant (compared to any other
species) as most people are, most people refuse to believe,
can't believe in their real genius, their unlimited
potential for accomplishment.

And that is why I beat the Think Right Now drum so loudly.

You are not going to reach your biggest goals in life by
taking a drug. 

All that does is teach you that you are weak. 

Because most drugs exist only to help make up for your
inability to do things correctly.  So in your mind, every
time you take a drug, your 'brand,' the way you see
yourself gets weaker and weaker.  Incapable of even the
most simple of habit changes.  Great self image, huh?

Sticking a patch on yourself is not just a total waste of
money, it's teaching you that you cannot control your own
impulses.  Every weak moment, every stupid mistake (that
you continually repeat) brands you in your own mind as a

And this is true even if there is some OTHER areas of life
where you shine. 

All these commercials for drugs you see and hear every
hour of every day are an attempt to brand us all as losers.
The drug companies are spending literal fortunes to brand
us all as sick, broken and incapable of doing anything
about it.

Don't buy in.  If you are reading this, you have abilities
that you cannot fathom, both mental and physical.

Just because you may not have used them in a while, or
that they only show up occasionally, or even if you have
never (according to you?) shown your true potential, does
not mean that it is not there.

You just need to start communicating these truths to

You need to "sell" yourself on yourself.

This is how top performers in every area of life become so
successful and so fulfilled.

Their self-talk persuades them of their greatness every
minute of every day.

Their empowering core beliefs about themselves creates top
performance every day.

Their empowering attitudes keep them going in the face of
every adversity, every challenge.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Every Think Right Now! behavior modification program is
designed to change your moment by moment thoughts, which
guide your core beliefs, which direct your attitudes, which
switch on can-do emotions.

Then, the appropriate actions in most situations become

Even fun.

But it is critical, if you want to change and grow, to
stop blaming everything and everyone around you for all
your problems.  There are plenty of people who have had it
worse that turned it all around.  So it is critical to stop
blaming your country, state and city for your problems.  It
doesn't help you.  There are probably thousands and maybe
milllleeeons of other people who are doing just fine in the
same system you live in. 

Your success and happiness is up to you. 

No one else.

If you want to start feeling better so you can make better
decisions and act like you want to act, we have some
incredibly effective behavior modification tools to help
you gently condition into your mind the thoughts and
beliefs found in the people you would like to be more like.

You can find them here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  

And once you have the ones that address your most pressing
issues, you have to use them.  Listen to them religiously
whenever possible and read the statements whenever
possible.  Feel their power.

Continual success in life cannot be had by just reading a

It comes from activity...

Activity proven to give whatever results are desired.

Read some case studies here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp  

I think you will agree that if you make an honest effort
with these tools, you will get where you want to go faster
and easier than anything you have ever heard of.

You need to literally 'advertise' TO yourself ABOUT

And Think Right Now Behavior Modification tools are the
most potent tools to help you do that.

If you don't advertise to yourself about yourself, nothing
will ever change.

Think about this... 

...Big companies keep advertising to you about their
products and because of the repetition, you begin to
believe their claims.

It is no different with your inner dialog going on every
waking moment and many sleeping ones.

To change, to grow, to reach your potential, you need to
sell yourself on yourself every hour of every day.

And if you don't know how to do that, Think Right Now.

- http://www.thinkrightnow.com did not become the most
traveled web site of its kind on Earth by accident.  It
happened because what we do works for thousands of people
all over the world and so they keep coming back for more.

I believe that our programs can work for you, too.

Use them and see.

I love you all,

Mike Brescia

P.S.  Think about this...  If you procrastinate doing a
lot of things that are good for you, isn't it true that you
DON'T think like the most successful people?  If you eat a
bunch of junk, isn't it true that you don't believe the
same things that very healthy people believe?  How do you
think anything will ever change?  Magic?  Do what makes
sense.  Use a Think Right Now! thought and behavior
modification program and witness real growth.

P.P.S. If you feel like putting off creating the best
version of yourself, remember that in just days, the 40%
off sale on End Procrastination Now (and 8 other world-
class programs) will be over.  So get on over to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/procrastination.asp
and change your life forever starting now.


If you send us a detailed success story/case study about
any of our Think Right Now! or Instant Inner Power audio
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simple. You only pick up the normal shipping & handling.
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To be clear about this, 'I love your programs, they've
helped me a lot.' doesn't count.

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