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March 18, 2009

Not happy?  Examine your self-esteem

Hello my friend:

What do people want more than anything?

To be happy, of course.

Don't you?

Of course.  Everybody does. 

You don't have to be rich.  There are plenty of not-rich
happy folks.

You don't have to be gorgeous.  There are tons of average
and below average looking happy folks.

But still, not many people are.

Do this and see...

Call up or visit 5 friends that you see fairly regularly,
and say to them these words:

If on the phone, after you've talked for a few minutes,
say, "Hey, you sound a bit off, what's wrong?"  If they say
nothing, press on... "Hey, you can't fool me.  I've known
you too long.  What's up?"

If in person, just say the same thing basically, but say,
You LOOK a bit off" instead of "You SOUND off."

To say you may be shocked at what you hear will be an

I'd be willing to bet that, if you get them alone and
you've had a few minutes to get comfortable, no matter how
together and happy you think this person is, they'll start
to open up if they trust you at all.  You'll hear some
stuff you don't want to hear and didn't think you'd ever

But be careful.  Don't do this more than once with anyone
or they'll associate feeling bad to being around YOU!

What does this show?  It shows that those people, like
most people focus a LOT on what is wrong with them and
their lives, and all it takes is one question to get them
back to focusing on it. 

Don't worry.  If you didn't ask, they'd be thinking about
those things soon enough.

Try it on yourself, too.

Ask yourself the same questions.

And if you are honest with yourself, you will have quite a
time.  Not a good one.

What's this about?  It's about how we get what we pay
attention to.

When we mainly pay attention to what is wrong with us and
our lives, we attract more of the same.  Nothing will
change for the better.  But pay attention and be grateful
for what IS good, and you'll get more of THAT.  Simple
concept.  But hard for people to implement.

A primary cause for this rampant "unhappiness?"
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
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A primary one, we've discovered, is not noticing what is
right about yourself.  Everyone knows what isn't right...
their flaws, their weaknesses, but few people know and
focus on their strengths, the talents, their skills, their
blessings... what is right.

Because they don't acknowledge them.  They don't pay
attention to them.  And so they can't appreciate and be
grateful for them. 

This is how self-esteem plummets and stays down.

It can start from outside forces and from other people,
but it stays low from forces inside the mind.

The solution not only to raising self-esteem and becoming
much happier every day but also to attracting more of the
"outside" things that make you happy is to train your brain
to notice, reflect on and appreciate your strengths.

They are there.  But if you don't notice and think about
them regularly, they shrivel up and go away.

Talents, abilities, skills gone.

Goals and passion for adventure gone.

The finest training for turning the focus on strengths and
for creating high, healthy self-esteem and much happier
people is 'Real Self-Esteem Now!'
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/esteem.asp 

It uses the Suggestopedic, Accelerated Learning format to
burn into your mind and deep memory skills and abilities
you never dreamed you had.

It trains your mind to effortlessly focus on your
strengths.  It gets you to appreciate your enormous
abilities and the good points about you.

So regardless of your job, your financial situation, what
you look like, what part of town you're from, your age...
you can begin to build yourself up.

And when you get big enough and important enough in your
mind, anything is possible.

Be big,

Mike Brescia

PS: When life is so hard that even the good stuff doesn't
seem that good, it's rare for people to look at themselves
and admit that they are at fault for the way they feel.  If
this describes you, read this page and see if you feel
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/esteem.asp 

PPS: 'Releasing Fear Of Success Now!' is 30% off right
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Use it and be pulled physically and mentally toward those
juicy yet previously "scary" dreams and goals you've never
had the guts to go after.


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