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March 17, 2009

Why am I such a %#*&!

Hello my friend:

Every day we get swamped with the same question:

"Why can't I do what I know I should do, why do I
feel so miserable?"

This is frustrating as hell to... probably 98.5%
of the population of the world.

Because think about it... if everyone did what they knew
was right and what they could and should do, everyone would
have 4% body fat, work a few hours OT yet feel energized,
keep our homes immaculate, make gourmet meals from scratch
every night, earn 7 figures or more (since we're so
effective at work), have hundreds of friends that would
each take a bullet for us if necessary, we'd never smoke or
take drugs of any kind, we'd have our own TV shows, make
Oscar caliber movies, vacation 6 times a year, give
millions of dollars away to charities...

Yeah, if we all did what we could and should do, all our
lives would be wonderful every day and, if we lost our jobs
for some crazy reason, we'd have our resume's typed and
sent out the very same day and we'd wow every prospective
employer we interviewed with and...

Come to think of it, we'd only need to meet with one,
because they'd beg for us to work for them in that
first interview and pay us whatever we wanted... because
we did and said everything perfectly, and they'd
instantly know that we were perfect for them...

We'd be perfect.  Everyone.

In a perfect world.  A fantasy world.

Whooooooooomp... back to reality.

No one's perfect.  Not you.  Not me.  Not anyone.

Everyone has major challenges, weaknesses, limitations,
faults, fears, enemies.  We all make mistakes, have bad
days, don't always say the right thing, we get upset, we
lack motivation to do what we should do...

And, we need to forgive ourselves.

Acknowledge our weaknesses.  Try to fix them, yes, but
understand that we'll never be, do or have ALL the things
our little minds want.

We need to forgive ourselves for being imperfect.

We are all human.

That does not mean that we should stop dreaming.

No.  Dreams should be big and bouncy and juicy.

Because life is meaningless without dreams and desires and
passions that drive us to excel.  After all, the world is
competitive and other people want what you want.

But when we don't get what we want, when other people talk
badly of us, when we are rejected, when we make the
stupidest mistakes, we need to forgive ourselves.

When we do, we can get up and keep going without slowing
down, while barely missing a stride.  Just a little mistake
after all... nothing to quit over.

People tell me that they're addicted to drugs, alcohol,
anti-depressants, gambling, smoke like chimneys and hate

"What should I do?" 

"Why can't I change?"

"Why am I such a %#*&!?"

Answer:  Low self-esteem.  Low expectations.

For many years I've studied the problems related to
poor/low self-esteem and we've charted where all of them
can originate... where the self-defeating beliefs and
attitudes come from.

And you know what?

I've concluded that it doesn't matter where they come from.

Because whether it was your parents told you that you were
worthless, the kids in the neighborhood or your spouse,
it's all the same to your mind.  It hurts.  It causes anger,
frustration, jealousy and revenge on the hot side.

On the cool side, it creates people who are quiet, mousy,
weepy and unmotivated to do much of anything meaningful.

So many people spend their lives sitting in a therapist's
chair crying and complaining about who did what to them and
how unfair life is (duh) and how their latest fiasco ruined
their lives...

And none of the blaming, and the complaining does anything
for the real problem, the low self-worth.

The source of the feelings doesn't matter.

All that matters is that low self-esteem--the feelings
that you aren't good enough, aren't worth much, will never
be much or don't deserve any more than you have right now--
is nothing more than electric signals in your brain...

Just thoughts.

False thoughts.  Wrong thoughts.

Those thoughts can change.
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financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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And the good news is that if and when they change and
start sounding like someone who has super-high, healthy
self-esteem, all those terrible emotions, stupid decisions
and rotten results that you're used to getting in one or
more areas of life start to fade away.

And they become replaced with emotions, decisions and
results that you want.

All you need to do is start communicating with yourself

You just need to be a better coach and friend to

"Come on, you can do it."
"Don't give up."
"Keep going."
"Show them what you can do."
"This is going to be easy."
"You deserve that opportunity.  Go after it."
"You can be the first one in your family to be worth a
million dollars."
"Walk by the chocolate."
"Get the job done now."

If we train you through our programs, you can do this
constantly.  And your results will change massively.

You just need to treat yourself as you would treat someone
you really liked and who you wanted to like you back."

"You look good."
"You really are smart."
"You have so many talents."
"What a nice job."
"I admire your determination."
"That was a great dinner you made."
"You are a nice person."

Does this sound stupid?

Does this seem too elementary, basic, simple?

Do your problems seem a hundred times more complex than
this... so complicated that nothing (except may a drink or
a pill) can fix it?

Do you sometimes feel hopeless?  Often?

Yeah, when problems seem big, hardly any solutions look
like solutions.  They are all, "Yeah, buts"

Well, I will tell you that I have personally been able to
turn people around who've been hanging on by a thread...
those whose lives have been hell since childhood, those who
have no education or skills, those who feel hopeless.

All just by giving them new mental scripts to embed in
their minds.  Yes, it is elementary.

Most people... nearly everyone want to believe that their
pain is legitimate, meaning that "anyone who went through
what I went through would feel the same way I do."

And it just isn’t so.

Our emotions and decisions come from how we represent
situations to ourselves, not the situations themselves.

What knocks one person out cold will inspire someone else
to create a victory for the ages.

What sends one woman running for a gallon of ice cream
will send another one to the health club.

It's all in the value you place on yourself.

No matter what happens to you, you can choose to rise up.

It's just in what you are used to.

You hear about professional sports franchises that have
struggled for years who "need to learn how to win."  That
means that they need to get used to the idea that they can
win a lot of games and that they can be champions.  Because
long-term success is not luck.  It's a cultivated mindset.

That is what you learn how to do when you use the Think
Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning process to teach
your brain that you can do what you need to do when it
needs to be done and that you are worth the effort.

If your routine has been to down a 6 pack a night, no
problem.  Just raise the standard in your mind about what
you are worth, and voila', no more getting numb after work
(or before).

Name nearly any problem a person could be in and I'll tell
you how poor or unhealthy self-esteem kick-started it all
off, and how easy it is to change it pretty darn fast.

Check out the program, 'Real Self-Esteem Now!' at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/esteem.asp and you'll get
to thinking that you might just have come across the Holy
Grail of personal development.

Because when you believe that you can handle just about
anything that comes your way, when you believe you are
worth the trouble, when you see yourself as way bigger than
any bad thing that could happen to you, when you believe
that even the greatest of rewards should be yours, then
coincidences will start to happen in your favor.

You will find strength and determination you never knew
could exist in anyone, let alone inside of you.

Give a look at 'Real Self-Esteem Now!' at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/esteem.asp

Think now about all those things you know you should do
but you won't.... those things that you can do, but don't.
And then look at a great solution that can help that.

Believe in you,

Mike Brescia

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