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March 11, 2009

How to vibrate without cords or batteries

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Hello my friend:

In continuing the promised avalanche of case studies/
success stories this week from users of Releasing Fear Of
Failure Now!, here is another great one.

Again, why the surge?

Two reasons.  First and foremost, Releasing Fear Of
Failure Now! is a beacon of light (nice imagery, huh?) for
people who have no idea what the word "potential" really
means.  Because if they did, and they understood what their
own potential was, they'd leap up out of bed each day, so
grateful for another day and the opportunities that awaited
them, literally vibrating from the energy that propelled
them through their day.

Releasing Fear Of Failure Now! can clear the fog, wipe out
stupid, ridiculous, choking, happiness-killing fears that
keep people small.  It is THAT remarkable, yes.

The second reason is because for such a miraculous, life-
altering tool it makes good sense to save 30% while you
can.  Right?

So, without further ado, here's John Pate.

Nice guy.  You'll like him...


I had it all, the money, the friends, connected to very
influential people, the expensive toys but I always felt
broke, worthless, basically fake inside and out.  I could
do everything and anything but for some reason it was short
lived.  I was basically done with trying, after 4 times of
having it all and mustering up the gusto to do it one more
time, I was done... and I am not a quitter!

What lead me to the point of trying to find a system to
improve my life was that I had literally lost everything
that mattered to me due to my low self esteem and it wasn't
the first time.  I knew I had to make some radical changes.
That is when I ran across Mike and his story which
resonated very deeply with me.  I finally had the answers I
was looking for, why was this still happening to me, it was
my programming, no matter how hard I made myself go, I was
fighting the most powerful source in the universe, ME...

I was one of the first people to get my hands on Release
Fear of Failure Now! http://thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp 

I received my copy of the new program on Dec. 15th 2008
and immediately opened it popped it into my computer to
download it to my IPOD. Now that is out of the way, this is
what has happened to date (5 weeks to be exact).

First off, I was wondering how much Release Fear of
Failure Now! would help.  After reading what this new
program was talking about, I thought to myself, you guys
are spying on me because a lot of what was being said that
I could document in my own life.  I have only been using
the other programs for 1-6 months respectively and saw
subtle changes but nothing like what I have seen from the
new program.

Since I own 2 IPod's (one for my side of the bed and one
for my wife, son and unborn child's side of the bed) I
decided not to change our setup, so I bought a regular boom
box to play Release Fear of Failure Now! CD so that I knew
for a fact along with all of my other programs going I
would get the benefit of at least 8 hours of continuous
play from Release Fear of Failure Now! at night.

What happened over the next four days had me wondering if
I should continue listening to the new program, all the
failure issues that I didn't have (LOL) started expressing
themselves very prominently in my life.  On Dec. 19th, 2008
we decided to take a vacation, even though I did not want
to do anything on vacation I could not see leaving my IPOD
as we were to be in the car for 10 hours.

Radical change was happening in the background outside of
my awareness.  When it was finally brought to my awareness
on Dec. 27th 08, everything that I had been saying I
wanted, new house, new car, new location, I realized that I
was too afraid to really pursue that dream.  But it gave me
the warm and fuzzy feelings to talk about it and try to
overlook the negative in my mind when I would dream of the
good life.

I would see the signals, signs and shoves but I was too
worried or fearful about the outcome.  Well, life has a
funny way of re-arranging itself to push its way into
existence.  All the stuff that I wanted could not come into
existence because the old me was still in the way or I was
scared to part with it.  Ok, enough background...
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

I was informed that the house that I was renting had been
sold and I had until Jan. 3rd, 09 to be out of the house
that was bad enough but on Jan. 2nd, 09 my truck (that I
just bought new tires and a water pump) was picked up at
8:30pm basically at this point my fear had turned to anger
and I noticed at that point my IPOD started playing Release
Fear of Failure Now! and I started listening to what was
being said:

Every challenge I face makes me stronger and wiser now

I know that all problems have solutions and I am great at
finding them

My growing confidence is pulling me in the direction of my

I use mistakes to teach me what I need to know to succeed

Whenever I need assistance, I ask for it

I see mistakes and setbacks as just temporary delays to my
ultimate success

The list goes on and on but as I listened, I for the first
time realized how I was doing everything in reverse.  I now
understand that the failure images that I was harboring
were playing out repeatedly, each negative cycle took about
2 years to play out and then I would have to start over

Since this looks like a negative, I should inform you that
for the first time in 17 years, I truly know what I want,
what it looks like, the whole nine yards.

Like magic, everything is rapidly lining up, I am
receiving direction and purpose that is leading me in a
positive direction and it feels natural and normal.

I have cut out all the people, places and things that were
holding me back and I am now attracting people that are
raising me up, appreciating me for who I am not what I can
do for them.

I know there is hope and I can clearly see. It is as
though the fog has lifted and I can see my path that I am
supposed to be on.  Opportunities are coming to me faster
and from unexpected places.  I truly feel grateful for what
I have and I have also seen that stuff does not make me, I
give the stuff value not the other way around and you know
what?  That feels GREAT!

I am truly blessed in every area of my life but I always
over-looked the joy, the people and things before.

I am truly grateful for finding Mike and his story, his
products have changed my life and I have the ability to
have my children listen to the programs their entire life
to give them an incredible jump in life. I know there are
more changes to come.

P.S. I have to plug Tranquil Sleep Now!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp
I bought it as a test for my (at the time) 8 month old,
who would not sleep through the night!  I figured we would
give it a try as nothing else was working. 5 days of him
listening all night, he slept 7 hours without waking (THANK
GOD) now he is 14 months old and is sleeping 12-13 hours so
I know the program worked.  I have since incorporated every
CD on the IPOD for him and my wife and the rate at which he
is learning is mind boggling.  My whole family is truly
seeing amazing results from your product.  You are a
wonderful, brilliant and giving man.

Thank you.


John Pate and Family


MB:  I keep telling people the same thing, John, but
everyone just rolls their eyes... Pffffft!

Well, I hate jumping on the Law of Attraction bandwagon,
so I won't.  I will only say that, when you are able to let
go of fear and just watch it sail away, there are hundreds
and even thousands of opportunities and exciting challenges
all around you that were just not even visible when fear is
allowed in.

When you eliminate concern about making mistakes, looking
foolish, and in losing things you think are so important
(but aren't), you are able to see what you were put on this
earth for. 

OK.  Done for now.

Don't let anyone make you feel like less than you are,

Mike Brescia

PS:  Get over to http://thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp right
now and get 'Releasing Fear Of Failure' right now.  And
save 30% before the price goes up on Friday. 
And if you already own it, follow the directions. Use it
and learn how easy it is to shrink your big bad fears and
worries that look so real.  Be 100 times bigger than they
are.  You can do it!  So, do it.

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