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March 10, 2009

'Releasing Fear Of Failure' ends man's depression

Hello my friend:

At the end of this week, the "introductory" 30% discount
on Releasing Fear Of Failure Now! is coming to an close.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp
After all the stunning feedback we've gotten on it, I can
say that with conviction, it is a bonafide home run.
Frankly, it's a grand slam home run.

With all the hiring, training and ORDERS! flying out of
here just for Great Taste No Pain
http://GreatTasteNoPain.com alone (Over 1,900 orders in
just the last 2 weeks), I haven't recently taken the time
to share with you any of the case studies/success stories
from people who've been using Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!

So for the next few days, until this Friday (the last day
of the 30% discount), I'm going to send a bunch of them to

And I'll warn you now... Some of these transformations are
shocking.  That is what thought, emotion and behavior
modification is all about... rapid, easy change.  The kind
of change you want and need.

So here goes with the first of many success stories this
week for Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp

If you thought only "failures" were afraid of failing,
you'll know better after you read this...


Dear Mike:
My background is that I received an engineering degree
from one of our nation's service academies, and an MBA from
one of the nation's top 10 business schools.  I have worked
in some of the highest levels of both the U.S. Government
and Fortune 100 companies.  Needless to say, that with such
a background, expectations were high, and I was my own
worst critic.
Due to a divorce after 10 years of marriage, and
subsequent life choices by my ex-wife, I dropped out of the
fast lane to rear my children with no help (financial or
otherwise) from anyone.  This was the start of a dark
period in which anxiety, depression, and extremely low self
esteem crept into my psyche.  Not because what I was doing
was not worthwhile, and in my mind absolutely necessary,
but there was a big exciting world that continued to move
forward without me, and I had yet to achieve the levels of
outward success that I believed was required by my
Fast forward seven years.  I returned to the big world of
commerce, only to be met by numerous disappointments and
failures.  Anxiety and depression had consumed most of my
thoughts.  I was prescribed just about every anti-
depression medication known to man except lithium with no
productive results.  This produced a hazy and lethargic
existence in which I either slept or growled at those
around me.  I realized that medication was not the answer. 
Over the past year I have had a multi-million $ investment
portfolio (split evenly between the stock market and real
estate investments) plunge to less than one-half of its
original value.  I've also lost my job.  While many would
roll their eyes at this situation based on my remaining
funds and the supposed potential for employment based on my
background and education, I truly believe that to whom much
is given, much is expected.....and thus I have again
miserably failed in being a responsible custodian of the
gifts that were previously received.
This situation obviously exacerbated the continued
downward spiral of anxiety, depression and low self esteem
from which I was unable to escape.  Knowing that medication
was not the answer, I had to find a way to change my way of
thinking, count my blessings, and begin believing in myself
to effect any sort of change.
Research into "power of positive thinking" programs, and
"optimist" organizations led me to Think Right Now
programs.  After several weeks of debating I took the leap
into the world of Think Right Now.......Wow!
I have purchased several TRN programs with very favorable
results; however, Releasing Fear of Failure
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp has had the
most profound effect and put me "back in the saddle".  I
feel more energized and optimistic about life, and things
are starting to happen.  I now have two multi-million $
real estate investment deals in progress (great time to be
a buyer) and am embarking on a new career about which I'm
extremely excited.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Many, many thanks to you and your team for what you do,
and the service that you provide.  TRN programs are truly a
blessing.  I have recommended that TRN programs to no less
than 20 of my friends, and have even bought programs for
Best Regards,
Jack, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


MB:  Thanks, Jack.  Yeah, I've seen this time and
again.... The thing about an education at even prestigious
schools and working at the most recognized firms is that,
when you get out away from the big safe-feeling
surroundings, when it's just you with no one to report to,
and no support from anyone else, it's just you.

Funny thing is, even though investments and real estate
deals are not work-related, when you feel a part of
something bigger, when you feel the security of a solid
employer, it gives confidence that can be borrowed from to
achieve big things in other arenas of life.

But when big blocks of your security are knocked out, when
marriages break up, when routines are turned upside down,
well... uncertainty can creep into the mind.

Doubts about who you really are and thoughts about
unworthiness can settle in for a good long spell. 

But when you have a system for keeping the communications
with yourself powerful and positive, the lows are never too
low and they never last for long.  Life is always a series
of ups and downs.  But when you are in complete control
over your mental images and have your internal guidance
system always aiming where you want it to go, nothing can
turn you around to get you confused about who you are and
why you are here.  So fear and a sense of gloom can never
take over.


Anxiety and depression feed on uncertainty and turmoil. 

So when life feels like a big toilet bowl, swirling all
around you, there is nothing you can do.  You can never let
it get to that point.  You must feel like you are on the
outside of that bowl looking in, separate from the current.
The only way to do that is to have a concrete system to get
in control and stay in control of your continual thoughts
and core beliefs about yourself and the situations going on
around you.  Otherwise, you are at the mercy of whatever is
going on "out there."

'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' gives you that system.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp

It's not voodoo. When you use it like instructed, you
simply get in mental step with how the most effective,
brave, courageous, confident people operate when they are
in the zone.

As you can see from Jack's story, even a high-priced
education, a high-powered job and millions of dollars in
investments can't give you total security.

That only comes from inside your mind.

If your world is a little or a lot scary right now, I
encourage you strongly to get and use 'Releasing Fear Of
Failure Now!'

It is a power-house that can change how you feel.

Feel strong,

Mike Brescia

PS:  And remember, Friday is the final day to get 30% off
on 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' 
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp
Get it now, and this time next week, you can be on your way.
PPS:  Keep in mind, too, that not only can you save 30%
now on 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' till Friday, but
'Releasing Fear Of SUCCESS Now!'
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfos.asp
 is also 30% off now, too. 
Today truly IS your day to win, for sure.

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- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
- http://www.instantinnerpower.com

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