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February 20, 2009

Even therapists use Think Right Now on themselves

Hello my friend:

For many years I've talked about the mental disconnect of
knowing what to do and actually being able and willing to
do it.  Even experts in change methods find this tough,
because counselors are human, too.

Because no matter what you know, or think you know, this
old saying still holds true...

"To know and not do is NOT to know -- To DO is to know."

I found that true in college, where I tutored other
students in Calculus, Statistics, Accounting, Economics and
Psychology classes.  And the interesting thing was, in any
course I was tutoring while I was also taking that class
myself, the class was always much easier.

That is what the therapist (below) found out, too... when
you use Think Right Now programs yourself... you "know" by
doing, and thus you can teach, counsel and truly help other
people in a way that just wasn't possible before.  Because
they open your closed eyes to the path to attaining your
goals, like having a map with your route clearly filled out
for you.

Here's Marian's story:


Dear Mike,

 I have had a small therapy practice for a few years.  I
kept it small because I still worked part-time as a support
staff employee in a company.  At some point, I became too
stressed doing both.  Three years ago I decided to devote
myself to the work I loved most -- helping others in
counseling.  The office work, combined with Social
Security, (I am a senior!!) was just fine.  Then I had an
illness and other unexpected expenses came along and I did
not have an adequate emergency fund.  Debts piled up fast.
I realized that I kept myself in a "just getting by" mode
for my entire adult life.

When not depressed, I was panicked, anxious and worried.
But I was not moving to increase my income.  I was

Now, I am in therapy myself and I've gone to hundreds of
workshops and classes on change, empowerment and
transformation.  My bookshelves bulge with books on
abundance.  But I was sinking into despair. 

I "discovered" Think Right Now through a link.  I ordered
the two CD programs, Dissolving Panic & Anxiety
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/anxiety.asp 
and Freedom from Depression. 
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/depression.asp 

I was desperate.  I used one of them for an entire month
and would alternate with the other for a month.  I listened
before my morning meditation and again played them when I
went to sleep.  When I was reading e-mail and doing
household chores, I would play the CDs.

After a few months, I was feeling very positive.  The
depression lifted and I was really motivated to order
another program from the Think Right Now list. Financial
Abundance http://thinkrightnow.com/a/abundance.asp stood
out to me but my doubter came in as I thought it was
impossible to get out of debt and increase my income by
listening to a CD.  But I was feeling so positive I said,
"What the heck, give it a shot."  I have now been listening
to it for at least 4 months every morning and at night.  I
put my CD player on my bed and turn it on.  If I wake up in
the middle of the night and my worrywart mind starts going,
I just reach over and push the "on" button and feel so safe
and reassured, I go back to sleep. I listen to it during
the day as much as I can.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
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It was important for me to work with Depression and Panic
& Anxiety CDs when I felt financial abundance was
impossible.  I now recommend the programs to my therapy

I am not out of debt yet, but it is getting smaller. I
have a payment plan that works and I keep track of all my
expenses.  I am bartering with someone who will set up a
monthly spending plan program on my computer.  I am excited
and I know I am wealthy inside and that will keep showing
up in my life.  I have more clients and some clients who
were coming every other week decided to come weekly. 

I was invited to speak before two nonprofit organizations
about the work I do.  That came about from casual meetings
with individuals who were inspired by what I was sharing
with them about my work.  My self-confidence level grew and
it came across to others. 

I am beginning to write a book and know it will be a
success.  I entered a story telling contest for a $1000
prize.  I don't know if I will win that, but I had no
hesitation entering the contest with a joy of winning

I am no longer stuck in old beliefs about money -- that it
is love, that there is not enough for everyone, that it is
in opposition to spirituality.  Those negative beliefs have
dissolved.  Well, almost.  Some still arise, but not so
often and I consciously change those thoughts.  And I keep
listening to my Financial Abundance CD. 
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/anxiety.asp
It has become a good and trusted friend.


Marian Lewis


MB: It's true isn't it... when your own mental patterns
guide you in what can only be described as "truth," you
feel so empowered, no matter what challenges you have, no
matter what problems you face, no matter what mountains you
need to climb, you just look at it matter-of-factly and
figure out your options, make a plan and go about getting
it done without a lot of drama.

Boom.  Effectiveness.  Rational.  Calm.  Successful.

Choose effectiveness in life.

Choose Think Right Now to support everything you "know" so
you can start "doing" and thus, REALLY know.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com 

Make today fantastic,

Mike Brescia


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