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February 19, 2009

IQ, talent, looks, connections mean nothing

Hello my friend:

There are billions of good, smart, talented, generous,
supportive people in the world.

But this planet can be a tough place to live, even for the
best of them.  It can be cruel.  It can be competitive.  It
can be unforgiving.

I have worked with many brilliant people who, in spite of
their talents and skills, struggled with their
responsibilities and who are watched their once-clear
dreams get pushed aside in their focus on just meeting
their daily challenges.

So when it comes to setting their sights higher, I've
heard a lot of "Yeah, but..."

"Yeah, I'd like to do that, try that, have that, become
that, but..."

And then they'd finish with a belief that shows they don't
think they have what it takes to do what they really want
to do.

AAAAAAA!  (btw, that was a whiny, grating buzzer sound)

An extremely common reason for most people's low self-
valuation can be found all around us...

When you see on TV and in magazines, images of the most
beautiful people, the average person then judges themselves
to be "less than."

When you hear about breakthroughs in science and medicine
and the brilliant men and women who develop them, it is
common for people to think of themselves as not very

When driving through the neighborhoods of the rich and
famous, the standard response is to believe that those
people are special and better than everyone else and more

I hear it every day.

And it continues...

When people watch top athletes performing incredible feats
of strength, skill and determination, they make them
heroes, and the worshippers think of themselves to be less
than their heroes.  This is a natural reaction.

When we witness a child on TV winning a national spelling
bee, parents everywhere lower their expectations for their
own child, just "knowing" that he or she is not nearly as
smart as that other child.  And treats them that way.

When a person from a "broken" home watches or hears about
families that are close, loving and truly supportive of one
another, and who do things for each other no matter how
much effort is required, it's common to envy, and be
jealous of those people and even to dislike them.  "Lucky

So when you add it all up, you aren't attractive enough,
not rich enough, not talented enough, not popular enough,
not smart enough, not connected enough, and never will be...

...good enough.

It's not true, but when you believe a thing to be true,
it's true.

This is what human minds do... we generalize.  When you
generalize like this, you are focusing on weaknesses and
not strengths... comparing yourself to the most successful,
accomplished people. 

This is always dangerous to our self-esteem...

But what we usually fail to remember is that the most
accomplished among us are usually only great at one thing.
They are not superhuman.  They just got focused on getting
good at one thing... their passion. 

Like athletes.  The majority of pro athletes suffer
serious problems after their playing days are over.  They
are just regular people that used to have one particular
skill or talent that they developed.

Very wealthy people often suffer from terrible health
problems because they too often don't focus enough on
taking care of their health, only on business or doing the
one thing that makes the money.
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Very famous people often hate the fame, the hero worship
and their lack of privacy.  It drives many into drugs,
alcohol and too often, early deaths.

The very smartest people often feel so alone because they
are very different than most everyone else.

And those with the closest, most supportive families quite
often can't succeed in life unless they are surrounded by
their families.  They become crippled without them.

And so few apparently "successful" people are actually
happy.  Few have healthy self-images.  Very few of the most
blessed among us believe they are worthy of the gifts life
has bestowed upon them.

But you know who some of the happiest people I've ever met

People with developmental difficulties.

Right, people with Downs Syndrome and similar challenges.

Why is this?  In working with thousands of people over the
last 8 years to rapidly change their inner mental and outer
physical habits, I've come to believe it's because their
minds are not overburdened with judging themselves or other

So by not being burdened by worry, they are happier.

By not being weighed down by self-consciousness, they
often like themselves a lot more than even the most
brilliant, talented, attractive people who seem to have it

A friend of mine has a son with Down Syndrome with
moderate developmental problems... His father says that he
is the happiest child out of his 5 children.  Whenever
anyone around him is down or upset for any reason, this
boy, now 13, always comes over and tells them that
everything is going to be OK.  And he usually gives them a
hug while he keeps repeating that everything is going to be

Even though kids like this have every reason to feel
cheated by life, most of them stay focused on what they CAN
do instead of what they cannot.

They think about what they do have, not what they don't.

And so they're happy.

Just a mental pattern that anyone can develop.

Now obviously, they are the way they are because of their
extra chromosome, but whatever the reason, it's what they
focus on --just like everyone else -- that makes them feel
how they do emotionally.

When I get clients taking in the right thought and
attitudes via listening, writing and reading, their
automatic mental habit patterns change quickly.  And it is
these simple things, when turned around, that can take even
the most depressed, fearful, anxious, cynical, angry people
and completely change them.

That just blows people away how they grow.

Because intellectually, it's hard to comprehend such fast,
sweeping changes in how you feel and act.

It doesn't compute for most people.

Because they just "know" it won't work.

They start out with a Think Right Now program believing
that the way they feel is justified.  The typical person
begins thinking that there is no hope for them in feeling
differently or in acting differently. 

They often say, "Anyone would feel how I do in the same
situation."  So it just knocks them over when doing
something like writing 10-15 statements, reading them and
listening to them for a few minutes during the day and
listening while they sleep could have any effect on their
lifelong habitual ways of thinking.

And so when it does, it's like when you watch a David
Blaine magic trick, and you say, "No way!  How did he do

This is what is possible, just doing what amounts to
"tricking" your mind into believing what you want it to

Something doesn't have to be true right now for you to
believe it, right?  Of course.

If you have an average 100 IQ, for example, and you tell
yourself all day long that you are brilliant, is that
wrong?  No, of course not.  Because when you begin to
believe it, you'll start reaching more of your potential.
And I'll take a less talented overachiever over an
unmotivated super-genius every day of the week.

It's all in what you believe that makes all the difference.

Think Right Now programs are the simplest, easiest way to
change unsupportive thought patterns, attitudes and habits
you could possibly use to get where you want to go.

Get them, use them. And get what you want fast.
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To your massive success and happiness,

Mike Brescia

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