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January 2, 2009

Pulling a Ben Roethlisberger

Hello my friend:

Happy New Year...

A couple days ago, a friend of my mine told me that her
brother got into an accident involving a motorcycle this
past Sunday (Dec. 28th)

He wasn't wearing a helmet.

So the cement curb got the better of the disagreement.

Luckily, he was only going about 10 miles per hour...
still plenty fast enough to give him severe enough neck and
head injuries to keep him in the hospital for the last
three days.  Any faster and he'd probably have been killed

He lives in a state where there is no helmet law.  Funny,
you can't smoke inside any building; you can't drive a car
without a seat belt.  But you can hurl yourself through any
open space with hundreds of people around, potentially, on
a gas-filled rocket-propelled bomb with absolutely no
protection at all. 

So just like our buddy, Steeler's quarterback Ben
Roethlisberger, who did a header into the windshield of a
moving car a couple years ago without a helmet on his head,
nearly losing said head, my friend's brother paid the price.

The encouraging thing is that my friend said the first
thing her brother said to her was that he knew he was an
idiot for not wearing a helmet and that he was lucky to
still be alive.

Her response?  "That's nice to hear."

She told me later, that while she was PO'd at him for his
stupidity, it would have been piling on and would not have
helped the matter one bit if she tore into him for his
idiot decision...

Because he took responsibility.  He said he was an idiot
for not being safe.  He said he'd never do such a damn fool
thing... ever. 

He was black and blue and hurting all over and regretting
what he did.

And that is the point here.

He made a mistake, he admitted it, and vowed never to do
it again... no justifying it.  No deflecting the blame.  No
pointing fingers.  No hiding from criticism.

The lesson here is not that you should wear helmet on a
motorcycle (I hope that's obvious)... no, the real lesson
is that when you make a mistake, fail at something, get
beaten in a competition, you must embrace that you did
wrong, accept responsibility and take the heat.

And I don't mean you should do this just to avoid
criticism and judgment (even thought that is a net result).

No.  What I mean is that on a deep level of mind, when you
accept responsibility for all your bad decisions and
errors, something happens in your mind and body... you
actually LEARN from those errors.  Truly learn from them.
As a result, you are many more times less likely to repeat

But what do most of us do in most situations where we've
lost something dear to us?  Blame someone else, of course.
Or blame some situation, bad luck or chalk it up to the
always deflating, "nothing ever goes right for me."

Truth is, most of our biggest problems and biggest
tragedies are avoidable if we only looked far enough ahead
and planned or did what we knew was right.  The human mind
is designed to do this.  But most choose not to.

So how can you make this incredibly valuable lesson stick
even though it's not a natural act... this doing what is
smart and valuable in most situations?  How can you put an
end to doing things in every area of your life that don't
serve your highest good, helping you to stop wasting time
and start winning big every day seemingly without any effort?

Here it is...

Learn to communicate with yourself that you are someone
who is smart and who does not make senseless mistakes or
errors.  Shut off the inner voice that tells you "Who
cares?  It doesn't matter anyhow what you do."

Turn the volume down on the devil inside that says, "Who
are you kidding?  Those people (who are not like you are
currently in some way) are not to be trusted.  They're
lucky.  They don't have your problems, etc." 

The little demon that is inside all of us wants us to stay
the same as we are.
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But when there is a habit we'd like to (or should) change
for our own good, that little voice creates conflict... it
drives us a bit crazy.  It makes us think, "Aw, I'll do
that next time... I'll get to it tomorrow... Nothing bad
will happen to me now... Just one won't hurt."

And before long, you own that habit, you've forged that
chain, and it's almost impossible to break.

What a growing number of people are realizing and learning
is that the little voice inside your head is your teacher,
your coach, your mentor, your swami, your guru.

That's right.

You are the most influential teacher in your life.

Because every action you take serves you a lesson that you
can ignore... or that you can use.

Every decision you make teaches you something... that you
ignore or that you listen to.

Every result you get shows you what to avoid or what to go
after in the future.

So your decisions, actions and results are... your guides
to being able to live your best, happiest most successful

And New Year lesson #1 is that you have the reigns.

You are in control.

You have the power to guide your life wherever you want it
to go.

You are doing it now.

Where you are now, basically, is where you've guided
yourself to be.  In every area of your life, it is your
decisions and actions/words that got you there.  Yes, other
people have a role, too.  But you are, by far, the greatest
influencer of your results.

Even as children, this is true for all of us.  Every day
provides us all with feedback we use to make immediate and
future decisions.

This is why neuro and behavioral scientists agree that we
all use less than 1% of the abilities our brains and minds

There is so much more.

And it starts and ends with what we say to ourselves, the
mental pictures we allow to enter our minds and the inner
feelings we feel about our surroundings.

So are you really getting results you want in all areas of


A couple?

If not, it can be simple to learn and install the thought,
belief and attitude patterns found in the people who do
consistently get great results, who feel emotionally
wonderful practically all the time, who are living purpose-
filled days... every day.

Installing these mental patterns can feel almost
effortless.  In many cases, it can be completely effortless.

Learn how here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com 

Get rid of the devil inside.  Shut him or her up.

When you do, you will experience some truly remarkable
things on your visit here... way better than you've seen up
till now.


Mike Brescia

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