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December 29, 2008

Be like the Miami Dolphins

Hello my friend:

How does a team go from 1-15 to 11-5 in the space of 12
months... that is the question.

The answer is ridiculously simple...

In the research study that culminated in the book, Good To
Great, head researcher Jim Collins discovered that great
companies made it their top priority to get great talent.

Because, as he says, money is a commodity, talent is not.

When Bill Parcells became the head of football operations
in Miami, the first thing he did was let everyone there
know that losing would not be tolerated.  He's won
everywhere he's been and Miami would be no different.  So
immediately he raised the standard from rotten to excellence.

The next thing he did was fire the head coach and a number
of others who presided over the 1-15 debacle and hired his
old offensive play-caller when Bill was the Big Ka-Tuna in
Dallas.  A disciple of discipline.

After that, he continued to do what all great companies
do... and what Collins calls, "getting the right people on
the bus."

Out with all those who weren't right for his plan and in
with those who were... 29 new players out of a 53 player

And so with new coaches, new front office staff, new
players and a new system for everyone to learn in a short
period of time, they still went from worst to first in 1

From 1 win to 11.  The biggest 1 season turn-around in NFL

Out with everyone who accepted failure, in with those who
would do whatever it took to win.

Once that was done, the next part was easy, because there
was no one to drag everyone else down.

And that, my friend, is how YOU are going to make future
changes easier and predictable in YOUR life.  And how you
are going to go from good (or bad) to great.

You see, wherever you need to improve, all you need to do
is to change your old belief systems and automatic, moment-
by-moment "unthinking" thought patterns.

Because what you do dictates what you get in your life.

And your thoughts and beliefs are what determine what you
do... and how well you do it.

All growth starts there... 

It starts inside your mind.

There is no other method I know of (and I've studied them
all) that gives the combination of speed, simplicity and
power like Think Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com


Using your own normal thought processes that are operating
constantly in your head (first-person present-tense
statements of belief), like thousands of others have, you
can quickly turn failure-producing, fear/anxiety-producing
and depression-producing habits into success oriented ones. 

And just like the Miami Dolphins, it can be swift.

By simply altering your core mental patterns that you and
every other person are controlled by, your emotions,
decisions, actions in every area of your life can be
elevated and improved...

...To give you the results you want.

You CAN raise your standards.

You CAN begin to believe in yourself.

You CAN continually amaze yourself.

You CAN get used to winning.

Once you get used to feeling powerful and confident, and
once you get used to winning and getting what you really
want on a regular basis, growing and improving and being
happy most of the time become wonderful habits.

Think about some area of your life that you want to

An area that you haven't been able to change.

Got it?
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financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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I guarantee that deep down you believe your current status
there is a condition... meaning that you probably believe
nothing will ever change, nothing could change and you
likely can't even imagine this aspect of your life getting
better.  I assure you that is what is going on in your
mind, even if you don't know it yourself.

And it's pure poppycock.

Detroit Lions mentality.

All you need to do to succeed massively (get desired
results) in any part of your life is to change your
habitual, unthinking, automatic thoughts about it and about

If you've never really made any major turnarounds in your
own life (only watched others do it), then I may sound like
a raving lunatic for even suggesting it.  I'm not...  See
our hundreds of success stories at
http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp if you want to
know what "change" is all about, and to see what is

If you are on medications for either physical or mental
challenges and think that's the only way to stay right,
understand that those are just beliefs.  Probably false,
fear-based, weakness-based beliefs.

You CAN change those, too.

Check out our success stories now:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp

Core mental patterns are like players on a team.

To get better, you train your players that can be taught.

And you get better players... and train them.

In your own life, your players are your core mental
patterns (beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions). 

You can't change your past, who your parents are, where
you were raised, your color, your height, etc.

But you can change what you accept as true about yourself.

It all starts with that.

Want better?

Want more?

Want it to be easier than it's been?

Then learn how to easily improve your mind's function.  A
good attitude can be installed (learned quickly).

Learn to change your core mental patterns with Think Right
Now Accelerated Success Conditioning.

With TRN, you won't need to bring in anyone to motivate
you and to discipline you like they had to do in Miami.

You'll be your own Director Of Life Operations.


Mike Brescia

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