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December 27, 2008

It's harder than Chinese arithmetic

Hello my friend:

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar situation or had to
make decisions fast and you... didn't know what to do... so
you stumbled or hesitantly went ahead, scared as hell that
your decision wouldn't work out?

Ever have a stack of things on your to-do list for the
day... you've prioritized it, you knew which ones were the
most important - most valuable to you - yet you still
worked on the least important one first?  And the 2nd least
important one after that?

Many behavioral studies show that we humans do that for a
few reasons.

A primary one is the fear of failing - and getting rid of
fear, for most people is the hardest thing they'll ever
attempt.  Because fear feels like a condition, something
that is real, concrete... instead of the temporary emotion
that it really is.

It feels terrible because failing has many faces...

Loss of reputation, money, possession, love, and respect
Are just a few things people fear losing. 

Loss of security that any of those things give is feared.
Loss of the self image you hold of yourself as someone who
achieves a specific level of performance - and so if you
tried something and it didn't work out so well... well,
your whole self image could take quite a hit.

Because for most people, fear of losing something
important is almost always a greater motivator that the
desire for gaining a thing or a feeling you don't now have.

The risk is quite often too great to chance it.

Imagine what you could achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly
and yearly basis if all the things that the people you wish
you were like were in your own bag of habits.

Even if you think you are adventurous, fearless...
I guarantee you aren't fearless.

Because have no doubt that the most successful people in
every area of life, in every field of business, in every
sport, in every endeavor... all of them have very little
fear of failing.  Risks, if anything, get them even more
excited to go for it. 

When you win big in life - no matter what the situation,
it is accompanied by risks... risks of losing something,
possibly something of great value to you.

To change your status in life, whether it be health, love
or money, the bottom line is, you must fall in love with

You must lose the fear of losing.

Or, you must grow accustom to "feeling the fear and doing
it anyway."

That's a nice sentiment, but it's the rare person who can
consistently live being scared of falling on their arse and
still hit top performance on a daily basis.  Because to
fear failing, you must keep a picture of it in your mind.
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And the law of attraction says that what you think about
expands in your life... so thinking about and putting
pictures of what failing would look like and keeping them
there actually creates what you are trying to avoid.

So I personally prefer losing the fear.

I have studied many published works on fear, fearing
failure, procrastination, motivation and confidence.

I've talked to many thought leaders about these issues.

And no one has come up with a plan or a method any better
to help people eliminate this pattern of fearing failure
than we have at Think Right Now International.

In Releasing Fear Of Failure Now,
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp  
we've employed Lozanov's Suggestopedic method of
accelerated learning to install into the mind and memory of
the user the most critically important thought and belief
patterns found in people who simply don't fear the
consequences of making mistakes and of being denied what
they want.

It does not slow them down.

The people who achieve the most, who get the most, who
become the most in their short time on this Earth are those
who see what they want and who do whatever it takes to get

The belief systems we uncovered in those people are what
we put into Releasing Fear Of Failure Now.

One incredibly empowering belief after another, in the way
your mind needs to hear it in order to make the biggest
difference is what you get in Releasing Fear Of Failure

While you sleep, eat, work, work out, watch T.V., drive,
play games, talk on the phone... you can use it anywhere,
consciously listening, reading and writing, or
unconsciously listening.

However you use it and the powerful belief scripts, it
will positively change you.

It will change you quicker and easier than anything else
under the sun.  Because it is structured how your mind
needs those thoughts structured in order to accept the new
beliefs without rejecting them as our minds tend to do when
asked to change.

Not this time.

Fearing the consequences of failing will not stop you any
longer... not as long as you are conditioned to think like
the people who are most resistant to fearing failure and
all it's manifestations.

Fear not, Releasing Fear Of Failure Now is powerful.

Get it here and save 30% on it right now before the
introductory pricing is over.  And it will be over in the
next few days.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp

If you own it already, use it.  No excuses.  Fear sucks.

Get the most out of yourself.  Your fears can be tossed.

Honest to goodness.  Cross my heart.

Just because you may feel afraid in some or many
situations does not mean that you have to be, or that you
should be or that you always be.  It's just a set of
emotions based on most usually, false beliefs.

Use Releasing Fear Of Failure Now and you can toss them.

Be liberated.


Mike Brescia

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