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December 23, 2008

The more you succeed, the more you'll see this

Hello my friend:

One of the most difficult parts of becoming more
successful in life... any area of life really-- from your
studies, to career, to social success, to financial, all
areas -- is that the better you get, the more gets thrown
on your plate.

Because achievers get noticed.  You want more of how
you're feeling when you're succeeding.

So succeeding or being accomplished, to many, becomes a
double edged sword.  If you quit, you're a quitter.  And if
you continue to grow and excel, you could become
overwhelmed and, voila', you feel like a failure even
though you're not.

Happens to everyone in some way at some time.

And so each of us finds our place that we feel most

And we settle in... for life.

Just like a vehicle stuck in the mud.

The more you try to move, the deeper you get.

So it's way easier to stay where you are at.

Being disorganized is one of the major reasons for people
feeling stuck.

Because the more that gets thrown at you, the more
organized you have to be.  And I've seen people get in
giant arguments because one person was supposed to do some
task (in addition to many others, of course), it didn't get
done, and so when it's pointed out, explosion...

"I'm just one person!  What do you expect?!"

And the more this happens to them, or to their friends,
the more they're convinced that just staying small is the
way to go, because doing more only gets you in trouble,
makes you feel bad about yourself, gets you criticized,
makes you angry at life.

Better to just stay quiet, not raise your hand, give no
suggestions, answer no questions, be average, be like
everyone else.

That, my friend, is what being disorganized on any level
can and does lead to.

The answer for a growing number of people is to learn both
the conscious and unconscious thought and belief systems of
people who are extremely organized.

Because when you structure your thoughts, your life and
your surroundings, you can get two times, three times, even
tens times as much done as most other people... often
without even breaking a sweat.

Work, then, becomes play, and you get to play more often.

Imagine if you never had to hunt for your keys again.

Imagine you had a place for everything and it was always

Imagine that you were able to get everything done on time,
on schedule and on budget, because you were able to plan
for all those "unexpected" problems and delays that
everyone else forgets about.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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When your mind is organized, that is what happens.

You don't forget questions that you are supposed to ask.

Your kids, your direct reports, your students... all on
track because you are on track.

Imagine nothing falling through the cracks in your life.

That is how it is when you are organized.

Stress goes down.  Productivity goes up.

Fun is life.

Check out 'I Am Organized Now!' at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/organized.asp 

For the next couple days it's 30% off.

Think of how much being 10% more organized would be worth
to you.

Imagine 20%.

I would mean a LOT.

To your organized 2009, and beyond.


Mike Brescia

PS:  Not only can you get 'I Am Organized Now' at 30% off,
but you can actually get everything at
http://thinkrightnow.com and
http://instantinnerpower.com at 30% off for the next few
Go for it NOW.

PPS:  Here is what Nicky found out about 'I Am Organized

Dear Mike,
Your TRN CD, "I Am Organized Now" has transformed my life.
When I first started listening, I burst out laughing at the
absurdity of it all. There is affirmation that says, "I am
now known as the neat one in the family." At the time,
nothing could have been farther from the truth. However,
I'm happy to report that something magical happened as I
continued listening to your CD.

I slowly and gradually felt prompted to pick up after
myself. It is now an automatic behavior, like breathing.

It is as if your CD conditioned and programmed me to be
the person that I've always wanted to be. Yes, this CD has
launched me light years ahead-- disorganization has always
been a part of my life, but now everything has changed.

I eventually hired a housekeeper to clean my house once a
month. Previously, I thought that I couldn't afford someone-
- but really my fears were grounded in a "lack" mentality.

This mixed up attitude also melted away as a result of
listening to "I Am Organized Now." Another exciting thing
is that it gradually became easier to organize my thoughts
on paper. Your affirmations permeated every aspect of my
being, and suddenly problems like messiness, disorder,
procrastination and despair-- all melted away.

I'm a writer, and I had papers all over the floor of my
office, printed documents cluttering my desk, etc. Another
problem is that I have trouble starting and finishing
projects, because my ideas are all over the place, and then
I get discouraged and give up.

Funny, how I feel so much more optimistic and upbeat now.
I no longer feel held back by disorganization. Thank you so
much for this powerful CD. Now I'm organized, I feel like I
can conquer the world, and make all my dreams a reality,
one small step at a time.
All the best,

Nicky Vanvalkenburgh

* MB:  It might be difficult or even impossible to imagine
that you could change a habit so all encompassing as "being
disorganized" and pretty quickly just CHANGE.  Just like
Nicky found out, it is possible, it can be done, it can
happen to you.  And it's very cool when it does.  Get 'I Am
Organized Now' and save 30% off for the next few days only
at:  http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/organized.asp 


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