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December 16, 2008

MNF, Fall Out Boy, the economy and 30% off

Hello my friend:

Oh, man.  Eagles 30, Browns 10, tonight.

But besides enjoying the demolition led by my Syracuse
boy Donovan McNabb, I heard during some of the highlight
breaks, bits of the new song ("I Don't Care") off the
upcoming 'Fall Out Boy' CD (Folie A Deux). The song
flat out rocks.

So in hearing it, I had to think about when the CD was
coming out.  And after checking their website, my memory
served me well... It's today. 

And so while I was on the website, I don't know why but I
clicked on the Q&A link for a quick gander at what off the
wall questions a punk/pop band might get from their fans.

It's a sad commentary that, when given their moment to ask
their idols anything, people come up with stuff like this.
One question to the bass player Pete Wentz was, does he
owns his own records and does he have them on his ipod.

Answer: Yes.  And he said he loses an ipod every month,

Response:  (paraphrased) Boy, I wish I could afford to
lose an ipod a month.

Now, that questioner was probably a teenager, based on the
phrasing of the question, but it did raise a point in my
mind... and it's that, with even without all the "fall out"
from the financial holocaust that's raging now, the average
working adult is a couple paychecks from financial ruin, if
it would take even that long.

Because I just heard that over the next 2-3 years, the
real estate mortgage defaults are going to climb
dramatically, with the rise of uniquely designed ARMs
(adjustable rate mortgages) that the greedy banks created
in order to suck people into special low cost mortgages of
say $800/mo, for example, only for them to explode to
$1,500/month or more within just a few years.

So considering the already high default rates now (before
many people have even seen their rates to up) and the
rising unemployment rates, the experts are basically
predicting even worse effects once these mortgages payments
start to soar for the people who own them, since so many
families are already living right up to their limits and

So once their mortgages double or worse, it's either off
to mommy and daddy's basement or double sleeping bags in
the Pathfinder.

Just like smoking (which everyone knows is bad) and eating
junk food, overeating, cheating on your spouse, telling
tall tales about your classmates and co-workers, gambling,
wasting time glued to the boobtube or vidiot games, etc.,
everyone knows that you need to save for a rainy day,
invest a portion of your income, take classes/courses in
order to upgrade your munnee-making skills...

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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...few do it.

Because it's not fun.  It's not sekksy.  It's what nerds
that don't have a life do.

Gotta have the latest cellphone, GPS, new car, fancy
jacuzzi, big screen, satelite movie package, surround
sound, blu-ray, gardener, Starbucks, Mickey Ds... even if
it means no investing or saving for the future.

It's all about getting what you want now.  Right now.
This minute.  You deserve it after all, right?

Well, my friend.

That's partly right.

But here's the real truth.

Yes, you should enjoy being alive.  Life is a gift.  You
do deserve it... Beyond the basic necessities of life, you
deserve what you earn and can pay for. 

Because all those hundreds of thousands of people who are
now out of their homes or who soon will be, due to poor
money management or the false belief that their employer
was strong and would never go away or would never can them
have (or are about to) lost all those things they "deserve"
to have in a perfect world that we don't live in.

The people who weather storms like this no matter what
their job status is the ones that think ahead, that plan,
that are ready when their job goes south.  Those people are
buying bargains when others are selling.

This Christmas is another perfect example.  Holiday sales
are up this year in the US even though unemployment is up
roughly 50% over this time last year.

Bobby's gotta have a GPS for the car he's living in.

To be able to weather any kind of financial storms
throughout your life, you need to think like the people who
have thrived during any economic situation.

Because when you think and believe as they do, you'll
automatically, naturally do the things they do with regards
to your career, your investments and your spending.

And instead of shrinking, your net worth will grow and
Grow and GROW.

'Financial Abundance Now!'
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is what I and thousands of other people around the world
use to program their minds for safely and surely growing
our net worths year in and year out.

Use this program, and you'll automatically become a smart
munnee magnet to attracts more of it through smart
decisions and wizardlike discipline and calm when others
are losing their dough every day through one stupid
decision after another.

Get it now and never worry about the decisions other
people are making with your future.  Because you'll be in
safe hands.


Mike Brescia

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