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December 13, 2008

Should Barack Obama be scared

Hello my friend:

Take a look at Barack Obama.

Nothing rattles him.  And with all the challenges he
faces, the question a lot of people are asking is, is he
stupid or does he truly believe he can achieve his
ambitious goals.

He seems to thrive on pressure to succeed and grow...
always up for bigger and bigger challenges.

I did a little study of him recently and frankly, I think
that we don't just have one new leader now... I believe
we've got a dozen or more.

Because unlike most other people at high levels of
leadership, he's not afraid to surround himself with other
brilliant people to learn from and give him advice.  He
doesn't seem to be intimidated by big egos with big
accomplishments who would be ready in a New York minute to
pounce on bad decisions.  No fear of failing.

He seems to be what Jim Collins calls a Level 5 Leader...
someone who does not have to have the final word on
everything, who does not go into meetings with his mind
already made up, always willing to learn more so that he
can make the wisest decision, because success -- not being
right -- is the goal.  No fear of success.  No giant ego
getting in the way.

He's been an achiever since he was a young person.

Doing things he's not supposed to do be able to do.  And
every time he achieves something, he sets a bigger, even
more challenging goal.  No fear of failure or success.

Half white, half black.  Never knew is father.  Raised
since he was 10 by his maternal grandparents.

Willing to go through the steps to reach the highest
levels, learning, working, growing, teaching, earning and
gaining trust and support, creating positive change
wherever her goes.  Columbia.  Harvard.  Law school
professor.  Senator.  On many boards of directors and
committees.  And an ability to persuade and gain consensus
without arrogance.

No matter what your politics are, you gotta like that in a

Perfect?  Of course not.  Show me a perfect man or a
perfect leader and I'll... well, just show me one first.

But not afraid of any challenge.

A seeker of challenges.

Unlimited goal achieving mindset.

And with the problems that face us all today, we are in
desperate need for leaders that are willing to stick their
necks out and find out what needs to be done to solve our
biggest problems.

The world needs hundreds of thousands of leaders that are
not afraid to rise up not for their own personal gain, but
for their family's gain, for the betterment of their team,
for their school, their company, their city, state and

For humanity's gain.

Living with purpose like that tends to give people fame.
And that scares a lot of people.
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It tends to make them a magnet for money, quite often.
And money makes people nervous. 

It adds responsibility.  It can create pressure to
perform, a la 'what have you done for me lately?'  Another
thing that stops most people cold.

To have a great life, I believe you gotta live a
meaningful life... one where you strive to be your best,
where you strive to matter.

And that means letting go of fear of the unknown.

The future is unknown to us all.

So if you can't predict the future, you might as well go
after it with a huge list of accomplishments you want to
achieve and wake up each day with determination.

No fear.

Only learning, growing, succeeding.

To make it matter that you were born.

You will be criticized.  You will fall down.  You will
suffer defeats, embarrassments, regrets.  You will make

So does any person who is president or manager or coach or
teacher of anything.

But like our new president, it cannot stop you from trying
to do your best.

And when bad things happen, you simply do what needs to be
done and keep moving forward.

Sound impossible?  Does this sound good for other people
but not possible for you?  Not hardly.  The motivations
that movers and shakers have can be learned and programmed
into almost anyone's mind.  Because we all have the same
basic wiring.  All human brains work essentially the same
way.  We all have the same parts.  It's all in how we use
what we have.  It's all in how we are trained to use our

If people with multiple personality disorder can move from
blue eyes to brown eyes to green eyes in seconds, and from
diabetic to non-diabetic in seconds with only the power of
their brains, you yourself can certainly learn to stop
being afraid of the changes that greater and greater
success would bring or of making mistakes for which you
would be criticized for.

Learn how it's possible to virtually eliminate useless
fear here.

Releasing Fear Of Failure Now
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Releasing Fear Of Success Now
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfos.asp

Develop the mental patterns that make letting go of fear
easy and you will be one powerful person, won't you?


Mike Brescia

PS:  If Obama can admit in his memoirs that he smoked pot
and did coke in high school and still get elected president
of the United States, free of any fear about what those
admissions would mean to a presidential candidacy, you can
blow past any and all fears you may have about the
learning, growth and change that greater success in any
area of your life would bring.  You just have to condition
your mind to eliminate those fears and misconceptions.

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