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October 27, 2008

No matter who wins the election...

Hello my friend:

Today is October 27th, 2008... and during these few hours
that make up today, you will be given the same amount of
time that billionaires have, the same amount of time that
leaders in every industry have... the same amount of time
the president has.

You have more control over what happens today in your life
than anyone else... that is true in most cases, unless
today is the day someone else decides your fate, based on
things you did on previous days...

In the U.S, we have an election coming up next week.  A
historic election... because there a lot of major issues at

But, hmmmmm...

It seems the same was true 4 years ago, and 8 years ago,
and 12 and 16...

40 years ago, there was lot at stake, too.

And 100 years ago.

In fact, all throughout history, there were always changes
happening... and all throughout history, there were always
financial winners and financial losers.

The winners won no matter who was in office, no matter
what industries rose or fell, no matter what new technology
developments occurred.

At all times, there are people who get richer, people who
get poorer and people who always seem to be skidding along,
always just one decision away from complete financial ruin.

It's times like these -- when financial markets are in
upheaval -- that simply expose the mistakes people have
been making all along.

Now, concerning this election or any other, for that
matter, I hope you don't believe that your whole future
rests on who becomes our next president.

Because, frankly, it doesn't matter... or it shouldn't

As history teaches us, the thing that matters most is what
you do today and tomorrow and...

Today for example, thousands of little boys and girls will
be born into poverty. 

They will have nothing. 

Their mothers have no great skills.  Their fathers will
end up leaving their moms never to return and never to help
them financially in any way.  And many of those children
will grow up to be career criminals, stealing what they
can, and selling drugs just to survive.

But a small percentage will break free of it.

And those kids will become more, do more and have more
than the 99.9% of the people who were born into relative
comfort or even into wealth.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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Because it doesn't matter who is at the top when you're at
the bottom.

All you can do, all you must do to make your financial
future rock solid, is take the right actions.

Every day.

Like the people who are truly financially secure.

There are hundreds of trainings and courses and mentors
who can teach you what to do.  And I'll be sharing many of
them with you over the coming weeks, months and years.

But in order to take fullest advantage of what they teach,
you must BE the kind of person who makes your financial
health important.

You must be that person from the inside.

Or it will never happen.

That is what 'Financial Abundance Now!' is about.

It is a training program that instills into you the
mindset of those who make their careers important, who
spend their money wisely and who make their money grow and
grow no matter what the markets are doing...

...regardless of who is in office
...regardless of whether it's raining or snowing
...regardless of whether the planet is heating up or cooling
...regardless of who their boss is
...regardless of what state or country they live in

Yes, it's true that some situations are better to be in
than others...

Some politicians will make it easier.  Some weather
patterns are more helpful than others.  Some industries are
rising while others are falling.  Some bosses help.  Some

And yes, it's easier to make it in some countries or
states than others.

That is why mindset is so important.

The right mind can wipe out all your disadvantages and
level the playing field for you.

You CAN be financially independent... secure...

You CAN be free.

No matter who wins next week... or ever.

It starts inside.

Learn how you can wipe out anyone's financial advantage
over you here: http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/financial.asp  


Mike Brescia

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