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October 15, 2008

The way to happiness

Hello my friend:

I woke up this morning. 

That was a good start.

And it got even better, fast...

Because I noticed that the first thought that came to me
was about one of the primary goals I wanted to achieve

Then in rapid fire succession - 2 to 5 seconds each - were
thoughts of two conference calls, then the party at the
house my wife Sherry is having tonight, then I thought
about the individual tasks that would make all the bigger
things happen without a hitch. This took about 30 seconds -
tops.  They exhilarated me.  And BTW, what I did the rest
of the day put an additional $500 a day in my pocket today.
And it will do so 365 days a year without having to do
another thing again... ever.

Then it occurred to me, beginning at about my 31st second
of consciousness, that the average person doesn't think
this way when they wake...

Or if they do think about all the major doings that are
supposed to happen when their eyes open in the morning, it
instantly causes negative stress. 

And they say to themselves things like, "Oh, no... Not
again... Just ten more minutes of sleep... Why me?"
Anxiety begins to grow.  And if they don't think about
something else fast, panic could be just around the corner,
waiting to put a choke hold on them.

So what results is that Joe Average hates
responsibilities.  Anything that could add to the unwanted
stress of greater responsibility is avoided.

And the search for what is most fun in the moment is on.
Reading newspapers or emails, surfing the internet, social
phone calls, IMing, etc.  Problems get bigger.  Time, and
opportunity... and life are wasted.

This is why people smoke too much, drink too much and eat
too much.  And why decisions that are obviously good for
them to make are never made.  The smartest actions are
never taken.

In fact, hundreds of addictive patterns are often brought
on by an escapism mindset.

So goals are never set, plans are never made, and
achievements are never achieved.

That would be cool if you are just out for a night of fun,
or are on vacation and you're along for the ride.

But to live every day going with the flow is THE recipe
for waking up in ten years finding out that you are the
same as you were tens years ago and that nothing else has
changed either. 

It is the recipe for health problems, financial problems,
social problems... ALL problems.

Having no clearly defined challenging goals every day is
not the way.

Growing is the way to happiness.

Having the mindset of a person who is constantly growing,
striving, achieving is the recipe for having a meaningful,
purposeful, happy life.

The happiest people you'll ever meet are almost always the
ones who've done the most, done things that matter, helped
more people, brought more enjoyment to others, created
more, done things better, faster and with less strain.
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When you read the statements in 'Setting and Achieving
Goals Now!',
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/goals.asp  
the first thing you'll be struck by is that if you were to
think these thoughts and these types of thoughts every hour
of every day, you would be on the path of massive growth.

Because every action anyone ever took began with a thought
and an emotion.

Every achievement has underlying beliefs that support it.

The way you do things comes from attitudes you have about
those things.

With a growth mindset, a change mindset, an achievement
mindset, you will be more active, more alive.
So 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now!' is a program that
will help you to be more alive.

Just writing a goal on paper doesn't mean you'll achieve it.

But having the moment by moment thoughts of a goal
achiever every day of the year will.

Just having a vision board won't ensure that you'll stick
with the complicated difficult projects till the end.

But seeing yourself as someone who does not quit what you
start will.

Just knowing what is at stake if you fail does not mean
that you still won't give up when the going gets tough.

But having the habit of using the images of both failure
and success to keep you motivated will.

'Setting and Achieving Goals Now!' gives you the mindset.

* No other mental training program is as simple.  None
targets the disempowering beliefs that make setting more
goals and achieving them like 'Setting and Achieving Goals
Now!' does.

It's the format.

It's the repetition of the right thought patterns.

It's how the mind works.

Use 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now!' and in a few
months, you will not recognize yourself.

Get it here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/goals.asp


Mike Brescia

PS:  I'll be sending a story that a young woman sent in
recently about 'Setting and Achieving Goals Now!' in the
next hour.  It was too detailed to add to this email.  So
be looking for that in a little while.

PPS:  'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' is hotter than hot
since its release last week.  The price is going up to its
normal level in just days.  So get it while it's hot at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp   


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