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October 7, 2008

It's soup... Releasing Fear Of Failure Now is here

Hello my friend:

"Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!" is here.  And for a very
short time, it is at an introductory price... 25% off.

Over the last 8 years, we've developed a number of
remarkable personal development programs.  But none of them
works so directly on eliminating the worst negative power
of all.  A power so terrible that it can take the most
talented people and turn them into shells of what they
could be and deserve to be... fear of failure.

Each person reading this now was designed for greatness.


You were built to be able to create abundance in every
way.  Each one of us can be a catalyst for change and

Each of us can leave a never-ending, permanent stamp on
the world, making our lives meaningful in thousands of
ways.  Making the lives of others better in every way.

We are all built to be able to enjoy life, to laugh, to
sing, to jump for joy - daily... to be able to endure
losses and setbacks and get up from them stronger than
before, smarter than before, MORE capable than before...
not less.

But when we're young, most of us are given pain when we
venture out.  Our mistakes are harshly punished.  We figure
out somehow that our differences need to be hidden unless
we want to be ridiculed.

So we grow to fear all possible criticism, possible
embarrassment, potential loss.

And so most people stop taking chances.  Even ones that
have a good possibility of reward.

And we become like everyone else... afraid to stand out,
afraid of what people will think, afraid of losing what
little we have instead of going after better.
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And so I sit here writing this, humbled, knowing that this
new program, 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' even more
than any other program we've ever developed, will be the
one tool to open up people to their true potential.

This one is different.

Because to eliminate the fear of making mistakes and being
criticized for them is to be reborn.

Reborn into a life of no bounds, no limits, no ceiling on
what you can do and achieve and feel.

So I proudly (and I do mean PROUDLY) introduce and invite
you to get 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' here:
- http://thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp

There is no more negative power than fear...

No more debilitating, success-killing power in the world
than fear of failure.

So when you begin using this program, it can bring up your
fears and force you to look at them before you let them go.

That might sound a bit scary.

But I can tell you that when you've released them, one at
a time, you will want to shout.  You will want to scream
with ecstasy now that what you feared has been exposed for
what it was...

...A lie that said you weren't good enough, smart enough,
strong enough, fast enough or deserving enough.

Because you ARE enough.

And once you know it, not just logically, but to the core
of your being, that is the day everything changes.

So go learn about 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!'
- http://thinkrightnow.com/a/rfof.asp  here.

Get it now and save 25% before it goes up, where it will

And use it.

I can't wait to here about your experience with this

Today is the day you let go and become free.


Mike Brescia

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