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September 25, 2008

It's easy - it's fun - I do it - I love it

Hello my friend:

As I was deciding what to eat for breakfast, it hit me
that what the average person does these days, when faced
with the question of what to eat at any meal, is to eat
whatever tastes the best, regardless of the long-term

Every time.  Whatever tastes best is what they eat.

And you know what that can make a person look like, feel
like, what their energy level is, and how they feel about

But to be honest, this is not just food choices where this

When we humans are faced with decisions concerning what to
do in any given situation, we often default to what is
easiest, what is most fun, what they enjoy doing most,
given all the potential options.


We avoid difficult tasks.

We don't do what we judge as not fun (for us).

And if we're forced to do things we're not familiar with,
we often dislike it... on purpose.  Because change is
difficult, as we all know.

We do what is easy.  And what is easy is what we've
"always" done.  Whether it's good for us or not.

Because habits rule. 

So almost everyone alive, over time, will continue to
become more and more like they truly see themselves to be
right now.  And as a result, they become robot-like,
predictable, rigid, "stubborn" as some people call it.

"That's just how I am" is a common belief and saying .

Well, if you want to grow, to be, do and have more, you
have to be different than you are now.  Not to say you
aren't terrific the way you are.  But if you want to grow,
you need to be "different."

So here is what goes on in the mind of YOU when you are
doing something --anything-- that you love to do, and do a

It goes like this...

"This is fun."
"This is easy."
"I do it a lot."
"I love doing it."

You see, our research shows that for anything you do
frequently and are pretty practiced at, you communicate to
yourself with these exact words.

An example...

Let's say you eat a lot of hamburgers.

Your inner self-talk about hamburgers, in part would go
like this:

"Eating hamburgers is fun."
"Eating a hamburger is easy, just pull up to the drive-
thru and in 2 minutes flat, 'I'm lovin it.'"
"I eat a lot of hamburgers."
"I love hamburgers."
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Or how about drawing cartoons...

Here is the frequent inner dialog (either conscious or
unconscious) of someone who draws a lot of cartoons.

"Drawing cartoons is fun."
"Cartooning is easy for me."
"I draw cartoons every day."
"I love drawing cartoons."

You see, for every skill or habit you have, I guarantee
that these 4 phrases are constantly or frequently going on
in both your conscious and unconscious mind.

It's just how our minds work.

Now, for things we are not good at, things we don't like,
things we perceive to be difficult, we don't say those
things to ourselves.

You can plug anything that you are not good at, don't do,
don't like to do, or that you think is difficult.

I'll use prospecting for new business (making "cold-calls
to people you've never met for the purpose of selling them
products or services.)

If this sends shivers down your spine, your beliefs and
attitudes would go something like this:

"Making cold-calls is torture."
"Cold-calling is very difficult.
"I don't do much cold-calling."
"I hate calling on new prospective customers."

And... what happens?

Right.  You don't do prospect, you don't sell much, you
waste most of your time, your income is in the toilet.  And
you have fights about money.  You feel like a nothing.

So if you want to start changing your actions and your
habits and, most importantly, your emotions which drive
your decisions and actions, you absolutely positively must
alter your beliefs about the things you must to do get what
you want and to where you want to do.  If you elevate your
constant stream of inner thoughts about the things you must
do, you are on track.

And as long as you are facing and moving in the right
direction (no matter how slow you might be traveling), you
are eventually going to get to your goal/destination.

You can do this with everything.

You can do this with every area of life or skill set.

Any habit you want to break and any habit you want to
filtered through these 4 statements:

"It's easy"  (or "It's difficult/hard")
"It's fun"  (or "It's boring, torture, lame, etc.")
"I do it"  (or "I don't do it much/ever")
"I love it"  (or "I dislike, hate, abhor it")

If you do this with some area or skill that you don't do
well in or you just don't do at all, you will find that you
will always be on the negative end of this examination.

No worries.

We've been a part of many miraculous changes in people's
lives by simply helping them internalize these seemingly
small changes in what they believe and how they experience
the situations and actions they'd need to take in order to
achieve particular goals/objectives.

It seems too simple.

Too easy.

But trust me, it is EASY.  It is FUN.

And if you DO IT, you'll LOVE IT.

And you will be change and grow fast.  You'll be on track.

You can do this simple change strategy on your own and can
be very effective at it.

Or you could speed up the skill and attitude growth by
multiples by using the ones we've developed for 24 skill
areas at: http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp

Using audio (hearing and speech), kinesthetic (writing)
and visual (reading) together, like I show you in the TRN
manual, changes in emotions, attitudes and actions/habits
can come so fast it will make your head spin.

Join the crowd.

Make reaching ALL your goals in life easy, fun and


Mike Brescia

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