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September 19, 2008

Your problems are not too big

Hello my friend:

A few weeks ago, my son was playing Madden 08, and he's
destroying the computer version of the Kansas City Chiefs,

And he's bragging, "I'm really good at this game."

I had two things to impart to him.

First, "The computer is not as good as a real opponent
matching strategy with you.  You need to play someone
good to know how good you really are."

And second, "Even if you're playing against the computer
by yourself, you need to be playing and beating the best
teams to be able to say you're good.  Anyone can beat the
cellar dwellers."

He said they were too hard to beat.

I persisted.

So he played the Patriots, and got creamed.

He played the Colts.  Same result.

He didn't like it one bit.

But gradually, he started getting better. 

The games got closer.

Then he started to win.

And soon enough, he was annihilating the best teams.


Because now he was being tested.

His skills were being pushed and his brain responded.

He likes to win.

So he was forced to learn if he wanted to compete.

Same thing happened in his karate class, every time he
moved up to a new class, he struggled at first against more
experienced fighters.  Then he dominated.

This happens in every arena of life.

You take your lumps.  You fall down. 

And if you keep moving up to more difficult situations,
you become accustomed to the strain. 

You fail.  You learn. 

You get good.

One of the most foundational differences we see in our
work studying success-producing beliefs, thoughts,
attitudes and emotions is that top performers -- those who
consistently get what they want and who produce results --
they learn from their mistakes, and keep growing, where
they'll make even bigger mistakes... until they succeed.

Failure to them does NOT mean they are no good, stupid,
unworthy, untalented.
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To the people who are truly the best at anything, they've
learned that nothing is easy at first, but through trial
and error, they always get what they want.  So screwing up
is no big deal.

To the best, failing and criticism does not hurt.
Deadlines are fun.

They provide the challenge they crave.

When a person who is determined gets beat down, they love
it.  The pursuit of success is often more exciting than the
victory itself.

I know in all my previous sales positions in various
industries, I was never a "natural."  I failed as big and
as constant as any rookie even after I'd broken
unimaginable sales records.  Even when I had already proven
myself to be the very best in other industries.

Didn't matter.  I fell flat.

But absolutely nothing was going to stop me.

That was my attitude.  So, I became the best.

Failing just gave me motivation.  I was not going to be
less than the best I could be.

I looked around at the people who were doing well, and
there was no way I was going to let any one of them beat
me.  I told myself that if I can't do better than him or
him or her, I don't deserve to even be in this profession.

A challenge.  So I did what it took.  And smoked 'em all.

And it all came about because I lived every day as a game.

So when a business partner of mine was embezzling funds
and putting sales transactions into a private account
instead of the business account, I didn't fold.

It required massive action to get out of the hole I was in.

So... the next month was the biggest month I'd ever had.

No crying.  No pouting.  No folding my tent and going home.

Massive action.

My goal was more than to just survive.

It was to go way beyond where I'd been even before my
crooked partner stabbed me in the back.

The whole experience made me stronger because I saw what I
was capable of when the stakes were huge and I was backed
into a corner.

I just knew there was a way out.

And so my message to you and anyone you know who needs to
hear this, no matter how bleak your current situation may
seem, no matter if no answers seem forthcoming, no matter
if you are as low as you can go, there is a way to take
what has happened and use it to make you better in some
way, stronger in some way and to give you opportunities
that would not be there without having gone through the
hell you just endured.

In the world of martial arts, there's a saying that a
black belt is just a white belt who never quit.


Mike Brescia

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