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September 14, 2008

Giant discount ending

Hello my friend:

Quickie reminder:  The massive 40% discount on
'Unstoppable Motivation Now!'
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/motivation.asp
is still going on, but I do believe it's going to
be all over on Monday.

Which reminds me...

How many times have you thought or said these things?

-- "I want it so bad I can taste it."

-- "I'd do anything for (name a person or 'reward' you'd
   do anything for)."

-- "If I could get (reward), I'd be set."

-- "They're a great team, but we just wanted it more,
   that's why we won."

-- "I saw her and suddenly nothing else mattered."

-- "I've GOT to look good for my wedding."

-- "I've got to get this account.  It's late nights for me
   for the next couple months..."

-- "I don't care how many lawyers they have, they're not
   taking my kids away."

-- "If I mess this up, I'll never hear the end of it."

In each one of these cases, it was motivation, drive and
inspiration that made you do whatever it took to get what
you wanted.  No task was too big, no risk was too big, no
price was too high.

You did it.

Bottom line is, if you want something bad enough, if the
pain of loss is big enough, if the glory is big enough, if
they pleasure is extreme enough, if there's enough dough in
it, if there is something, anything that makes
accomplishing some goal an absolute must, then you don't
need anything else.  Just a big 'why.'

So, what if you could manufacture this kind of desire at

Well, I'll tell you...

You'd stop burning up huge chunks of your valuable time
(your life) doing stupid, low payoff stuff.

You'd think twice before you said the most damaging things.

You'd make a LOT fewer mistakes...

Because the thing you wanted... it matters to you.

Here's a good example:  When I was a Senior in high
school, I didn't care much about my grades.  So half way
through the final semester, I was told (and so were my
parents) that I was failing Health class.  And if I failed
it, I would not graduate.

So with only half a semester to go, and a failing mark so
far, I went to work.

Can you guess what happened?

Every bit of homework got done.

I got nothing but A's on every quiz.
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On every test I got an A.  I had a perfect 100 average the
last half.

Final grade: B

I was motivated.

Because the pain would have been too great if I failed.

I've thought about that a lot over the years.  It's a
great memory that reminds me that I can do whatever I
really want to do. 

Our brains have that ability to use failure and success to
teach us and make us better in the future than we are today.

So again the question, what if you could manufacture
motivation any time you wanted making it feel ridiculously
easy to do difficult things?

It's not difficult.

If you are older than 14, you've done it hundreds and
probably thousands of times already.  And you'll do it
hundreds and thousands more times before too many years go

The next question is, are you motivating yourself to do
lame stuff that doesn't have giant payoffs?  Or are you
putting nice big great movies in your mind of truly
exciting, glorious, fantastic victories that would get just
about anyone juiced?

It just takes the right method.

It just takes a little practice.

When the right mental pictures automatically leap into
your mind, if you learn to believe you're worth whatever
you can dream, if you let me train you to develop wanton
desire and unstoppable motivation (that you can't get by
reading a book), every single day of your life (until you
are just too darn old and rickety to go after it anymore)
can be a day that you would love to tell people about.

Each day can be a day to be proud of.

Every day you can be turned on about what's next.

Can you imagine?


If not, then it's because you don't know how the most
motivated people think, you don't know what they believe
about their time on Earth, and you don't share their
attitudes about accomplishment.

But imagine if you did!

That, my friend, is what 'Unstoppable Motivation Now'
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/motivation.asp  is all

Using the Suggestopedic, accelerated learning method that
our human brains respond so quickly to, you can "become" a
motivated person who instantly see the emotional Big Why in
any situation that makes logical sense to get going on.

It is structured to embed the primary mental habit
patterns of the most driven people into your mind.

What if you could launch yourself toward achieving the
biggest goals and dreams every day? 

That is what most of the people you see on the tube every
day can do

That is what those you listen to on the radio can do.

Same for people you read about.

And people whose words you read.

...The most successful business people, the best parents,
teachers and coaches, the best mates, the best athletes,
the greatest leaders in every field of endeavor...

They're driven.

Want more in life?  A lot more?

Then you must be driven to get it.

Nothing can light your fire like Unstoppable Motivation Now.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/motivation.asp  

And nothing is cooler than a 40% discount on such a
dynamic system.

Don't you agree?

Don't wait, don't hem and haw, don't ponder.

Your life and all those dreams you have are too important.


Mike Brescia

PS:  "Drive" yourself on over to
  - http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/motivation.asp  and SAVE
like never before!  40% off has NEVER been offered on
Unstoppable Motivation Now.  Get it now and SAVE!  Monday
looks like the end of the savings.


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