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September 10, 2008

Michael Phelps thinks right

Hello my friend:

Habit and behavior modification is one the most exciting
fields in the world right now.  Because work in labs around
the globe are showing how single thoughts can affect the
chemical composition of the body, the emotions those
thoughts produce, and thus, what decisions you are allowed
to make.

I say "allowed" because when your mind has pictures of
failure or when your thoughts allow for the possibility
that something won't work out, your muscles mystically,
magically make it many times more difficult for you to take
what might be a very natural action at any other time.

It's Crunch Time.  The pressure's on.  Win or go home.
For all the marbles.

The world of athletics, while uninteresting to some,
provides us behaviorists with a wonderful laboratory to
witness the words, the eye movements, facial expressions,
overall body language and performance of people as they are
experiencing highs and lows of intense competition.

It's all on display in vivid high definition.

Performance measurements are possible down to the tiniest

Under all various situations.

One player might be great with less pressure on in the
early stages of a match or game, but at the end, "when it
counts," with two minutes to go, putting for the
championship, triple match point... the ability to control
your mind in these moments is what separates winners from
the rest.

The right questions, affirmations and mental movies spell
victory, while the wrong ones mean certain defeat (or much
tougher victory).

That is part of the reason why many of us here at Think
Right Now are sports fans and enthusiasts...

Just before the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps did a

Here is what he said in the commercial:

"They say I should be afraid because every swimmer in the
water is out to get me... FEAR is good.  Fear is GOOD.
Fear IS good."

Just like I teach.

Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer ever, the greatest
Olympian ever and one of the greatest athletes in any
sport does what I teach my clients to do.

No, he's not my client.

But with our results turning around people who were
hopeless, being the catalyst for extraordinary achievement
and for the greatest of the great using a form of this
highly effective mental conditioning to do what no one in
history has ever done before, there's no denying that we
here at Think Right Now are on the cutting edge of personal
and professional development.

What we do in each of our Success Conditioning programs,
through Clearing/Releasing statements, disempowering
thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions are literally
conditioned out.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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And like Michael Phelps telling himself that feelings of
fear is good, that it's natural, that it can be used to
drive him to be the best, when you can "reframe" emotions
like fear, anger, jealousy, sadness and others to mean
something positive instead of something bad, you can grow
and become stronger and more capable and happier every day
of your life.

Life, then, becomes more than just tolerable.

It becomes a big adventure where you're thrilled and
excited about what might happen next, instead of afraid of
"what will happen to you."

It's just an outlook... a point of view.

But this outlook on life is difficult and often nearly
impossible to teach any other way than to condition it in
like how we do it with Think Right Now Accelerated Success
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  

Because what the human brain does is naturally try to
piece together meaning from experiences.

So when people, circumstances and our own results are not
so great, our brains give communicate what it thinks it all

And most times, it tells us things that make us feel
unworthy, less capable than what we really are, less smart
than we really are, less in hundreds of ways.

So look around you now, in your office, your home, your
car, your clothes, your friends... if what you see is
pretty darn average, mediocre, or worse, you've got a lot
of what we call "core failure patterns" conditioned in and
running the show.

That is why it's so important to do what we are teaching,
how we are teaching it.  Use the Think Right Now
Accelerated Success Conditioning and you literally cannot
fail to improve in any area of life you want. See why here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com

It is impossible to fail.

Your success is assured.


Mike Brescia

PS: Once again, I wanted to include a story sent in my a
client about their experience with Think Right Now
programs, but it's too darn long.  It's not often that
people send us stories like you see on so many sites on the
Internet today. "I love your products, they rock." Or, "I
think this is going to be just the thing that helps me." 

Okie Dokie.  Conversely, Think Right Now clients send real,
powerful, stories of growth that altered their lives. 
Yes, indeed.  They rock.

So be looking for that case study about Conquering Social
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