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August 15, 2008

Your dreams make life worth living

Hello my friend:

Last night I watched the Olympic finals of the women's all-
round gymnastics competition where Nastia Luikin won by a
fairly comfortable margin, by gymnastics standards...

So no last-second superhuman heroics or gift scores by the
judges were needed.

And what I've learned about her was that the Olympic gold
medal was a dream of hers and her parents for about the
last 14 years.

A single dream. 

A mission fulfilled that will now lay the foundation for
the rest of her adult life.

That is the way it is with goals that you never give up on.

Not only do you usually achieve them, but in the process,
they change you.  They teach you how to achieve anything.

Without passion and unbreakable resolve to achieve juicy,
challenging, worthwhile goals, your destiny is to be
mediocre, less than average, someone used to not getting
what they want.

And not getting what you want becomes a habit...

Until... you stop wanting.  Stop dreaming.  Stop going
after the gold medals in life.

So how do you alter that fate and start getting your way
more and more and more...

Strangely enough, it's not by setting giant goals.

The average person will go through some exercise that says
write all your dreams down and "commit" to them.

And it's over before it even begins.

So instead, do what every gold medal winner in life does.

Take the goals, duties, jobs, tasks and responsibilities
that you have on a daily basis already and commit to doing
just those as well as you possibly can.

If it's getting to work on time, commit to that.

If it's losing three pounds this week, commit to it.

If you are a student, commit to reading the chapters due
next week.

And anything and everything that could possibly distract
you, ignore.  Be selfish when it comes to your

No one else will take the hit if you fail.

When it comes to getting done what must be done or
achieving some important task and finishing a job, make it
the most important thing.

This is motivation.

A focus on what you want and why.

It's not enough to just know why you should be doing
something... you have to keep your mind on it... or you
will magically, mystically forget. And that is when
temptation can grab you.

You must not just know logically what you'll lose if you
fail and what you'll get if you succeed...

Because staying with your duties till the end requires a
continual laser-like focus on why you need to keep going
and stay on task.

None of these people we're watching in Beijing --none of
them-- got where they are by being like most people.  Most
people move from one fleeting desire to the next like they
change their clothes... no purpose, no passion, no reason.
The average person, if they lost a day of their lives -- no
big deal.  If they lost a month, no big deal.  Because
nothing majorly important would have happened anyhow.

One of my major life goals is to make such a difference in
the lives of so many people that when I die, there will be
a huge gap that must be filled.
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You see, when you have the Olympian mindset, you wake up
every day with major objectives for that day and a passion
to go for it.

Motivation is always there.  Every hour.  Every minute.
Every second.

Real motivation is simply the habit of keeping your mind
on what you want and all the logical and emotional reasons

It gets built into you, this focus.

And when you have it, when you become someone who, when
you set goal, it's as good as done, you have the Olympian

It becomes automatic.

And when you do, your health goals become reality in short

No excuses.

When you want to learn something, you learn it.

No excuses.

Financial goals are achieved.

No excuses.

Your work becomes fulfilling.

You never mourn having responsibilities.

Because you are passionate about them, no matter what the
tasks are.

Motivation is simply focus... focus on what you want, when
you want it, on what you'll get and become when you achieve
it and on what you'll lose if you don't.

To get the gold medal mindset...

All you have to do is think constantly about the reasons
you should be doing (something that is good for you).  Make
them big and colorful and action-packed movies in your mind.

Get pictures and/or other reminders of what you want and
plaster them all over, or at least, keep them where you'll
see them all the time. 

Put them in your wallet or purse if you have to, but keep
them accessible.

But most importantly, burn the "WHY" of your goals and
dreams in your mind so that when the distractions and
temptations that will absolutely threaten to steal your
dreams from you, you will look at the distractions, critics
and hurdles and you'll laugh. 

Because they hold absolutely no sway over you at all.

So the gold medal is yours.

And no one will ever be able to take it away from you.


Mike Brescia

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