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July 24, 2008

From miserable to ecstasy - like that

Hello my friend:

I just got out of a meeting, and at one point, the subject
of the weather came up... not typical meeting material, but
in our case this summer in Syracuse, it's rained a lot...
sometimes, and I'm not kidding, it has rained as many as 5
separate times.

Rain, sun, thunder and rain, clouds, rain, sun, thunder
and rain, sun, lightning and rain, clouds, blessed night...
and more rain.

But we all agreed that while we deal with clouds and rain
and snow in upstate New York, we're pretty safe, at
least... because generally, we have:

No tornadoes or hurricanes that'll blow our house down.
No earthquakes to know our house down.
No forest fires burning down hundreds of homes. 
No floods carrying our house away. 
No droughts. 
No prehistoric looking bugs that could carry you away.
No lizard-like creatures that... "Fluffy? Where are you?"
No snakes that could eat you whole.

Unlike Florida where, wherever there's water, chances are
excellent there's an alligator in it.  "Fluffy?"

The subject here is perspective.

When we develop Think Right Now Accelerated Behavior
Modification Programs, no matter what the subject, the
major goal is to help the user change their moment-by-
moment thoughts and core beliefs/assumptions... their

Because thoughts and beliefs determine decisions & actions.

A movie, for example, makes one person happy and excited,
but the same movie will make another person angry and
frustrated for wasting their money on such "crap."

Because their normal thoughts and belief systems going in
are completely different. 

So watching the exact same movie is a totally different
experience for each of them.

This is what makes self-help "how-to" books, tapes and
seminars in general completely ineffective.  Because
information alone usually goes in one ear and out the

If entire belief systems aren't altered at all, behaviors
can't change in the long-term.

This is why, for example, habits like smoking, alcoholism
and gambling are so difficult to break, even with
counseling.  Belief systems don't change big enough or fast
enough in counseling, most of the time.

This is why motivation is usually short-lived, if the goal
you are motivated to achieve is outside your normal comfort
zone or skill set.

So the discussion about loving rain and loving Upstate New
York is really about - in any situation - having the
perspective that it could always be worse... and that there
is always something you can notice that makes you feel
good... and that you must often alter your perspective on
things or you'll be miserable much of the time... which is
what most people are. 

And in the case of our proprietary Think Right Now
behavior modification method, for each program we create in
any subject area (skill), we look at the disempowering
beliefs, thoughts, attitudes AND the failure causing

Once we know all those, we can create new empowering
thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that create supportive
emotions/feelings that drive positive/productive actions.

And the cool thing is, using this simple method (I like to
call it a technology), all it takes oftentimes is simply
listening passively or consciously to an audio with
hundreds of affirming statements on them.  Or adding to it,
5 minutes worth of reading and/or 5 minutes worth of
writing a day.

Just a few minutes to being, doing and having what you
want in life.

No more frustration.  No more being stuck.  No more
staying in situations that aren't good for you.  No more
stagnancy.  No more indecision.  No more fear of the future.

It works.


Mike Brescia

PS:  The TRN method works so well, it can even help you
sleep better...

I ordered your program "Tranquil Sleep Now!"
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp
when I first received your e-mail announcing it. I am a
flight instructor and over the course of a normal week my
schedule moves around as I meet the needs of my students.
When I was younger this created no problems but as I have
gotten older every time my schedule shifts I was spending
multiple days adjusting.  After just a few days of
listening to your "Tranquil Sleep Now!" program when going
to bed I was sleeping more soundly and adjusting to
schedule changes faster.  The program has strengthened  my
belief in your products and I am continuing to use it.

Thank you very much,

Mike Volckmann

MB: Very cool, Mike!  Yes, even the simple act of sleeping
peacefully through the night is a behavior that can be
changed by altering your habitual thought patterns and

PPS:  'Tranquil Sleep Now!' is going up in price on
Wednesday, so if you have insomnia (you can't sleep) on a
fairly regular basis, toss the expensive, dangerous pills
and get on the 'Tranquil Sleep Now!' band wagon here
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp
and train your brain to put your concerns off until you
wake up!


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