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July 14, 2008

The ugly truth about getting what you want

Hello my friend:

OK. Here's the big bad ugly truth about succeeding at
anything... at getting your desired outcomes... at winning...

Ready?  It's called practice.

Ohhhh, no!  Not that!  Not practice!  Misery!

And it gets worse. Because you can do a thing for 10
years, 20 years, or even 50 years and not be very good at it.

Isn't that true?

So practice doesn't work?  See, that's why I hate practice!

Here's ugly truth #2:

If you hate practice, you don't know HOW to practice.

Sooooo, what is the key to getting good at anything fast
and loving practice?

It's finding what works and practicing ONLY those things.

In every discipline and every profession where winning and
success means money, you'll find psychologists, coaches and
trainers whose job it is to help the people involved in the
activities do their best.

In athletics, visualization and self-talk training help to
develop the self-image of a winner.  It helps to create
fast reflexes and quick, accurate decisions, where a single
action could mean success and could have milllllllleons of
dollars tied to it.  That's why Tiger Woods' net worth is
soon to climb to over 1 Billion Dollars, with a B.

In business... same thing.

Mental training keeps the best... the best.

Action orientation.
Taking responsibility.
Purposeful action, not just aimless activity.
Joy of the work.
Visualizing success, not failure.
Projecting outcomes.
Fading thoughts of mistakes and failure.
High standards.

The list of skills goes on.

The same is now true with every area of life and every
type of emotion...

With Think Right Now programs, http://ThinkRightNow.com
you can train yourself to feel many types of empowering
emotions.  You can train yourself to easily do (perform)
and love doing things that you can't do now and hate doing

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

It's just practice... practicing the right stuff...

So you won't be still bad at life by the time you hit 60.


Because to change the direction of your life on the
outside, it must change first on the inside.

And since mental training is where it has to start, start
with Think Right Now and follow the directions.

When you order any audio program from
- http://www.ThinkRightNow.com  on the "Thank You" page is
the manual.  So you can start reading it immediately.

And a couple days later, the scripts will be emailed to you.

Then a day, maybe a few later, the audios will arrive in
the mail.

And you will have your mental training tools and the
knowledge how to use them.

Look. If you are regularly feeling emotions like fear,
anxiety, depression, frustration, and you lack motivation
or confidence, you CAN change it.  It is not a "life
sentence" that you feel these emotions that make taking
appropriate action impossible.

Whatever your situation is, you have the ability inside
you to change it.  All you need is the right thoughts,
beliefs, attitudes and emotions.

That only comes from practice.

How ridiculous is it to think that a professional athlete
could become great at their sport if they didn't practice?

Crazy, right?

Well, it's the same with any other area of life.

From beliefs and thoughts spring attitudes.

From attitudes come feelings (emotions).

Emotions dictate what you will do or not do (action).

Actions bring results.

Results create new beliefs or strengthen existing ones.

This ain't rocket science, my friend.

Install the best type of beliefs and thoughts and you'll
get the best results.


Then, you'll grow with new, more empowering beliefs.

Then, anything is possible.

Go for it.


Mike Brescia

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sleeping pills?  Do you want your thoughts to shut off
along with the light switch? 
Tranquil Sleep Now was designed to train you to be able to
do that.  Simply by wanting to sleep, it will happen.  Just
as I discussed above, it just takes some conditioning...
some practicing the thought patterns found in those who
sleep easily, no matter how many responsibility they have
or how much pressure they are under.
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